Choc milk ( 😉 ) hot Italian chicken! Sausage 390f fourty-five minutes (just about right ooo! I’m so used to burning everything I like getting it right) four bean salad

Well? Boring church. Hahaha no it wasn’t that bad ! I enjoyed the dry jokes about stock market advice! The deftness shown responding to a muddled question (there’s no oversight in occurring in government? I am sure that’s sorta the statement not question but it was shown some times action is slow but it can come ! Example given was the Florida school shooting restarting interest in law proposed from a Texas incident that momentum had stalled.

I may catch another thing now til Friday


Some things I got some just pretty – it took ages to yay!!!! I found a spinach pasta!! (Not rotini)

I thought the taters were colorful but got normal smaller reds and a single whopper russet for gnocchi maybe

I had a ball making microwave bacon both 700 watt machines 5:35 (five wasn’t all the way crisp). Tuna add bacon if not a jimmyjohns heh I did squeeze the tuna salad


I’m reminded of a line – excuses are a sign of weakness… I go to a diplomacy outting… I set up a joke of it doesn’t matter and I’m smiling! I ask after a wok that really took some cleaning to be usable and how did it work nnnh…. you left it oily i work! It doesn’t matter….. oh my! Hahahaha it does matter it took a half hour with Brillo to clean what oil left on things then reused on a stove it burns on. Then all is grimey chunky gross lol. 40 hours in that kitchen

Just an example

A minimal organization 2 boxes steel wool everything actually washed rewashed wipe after each cook – the ones saying they’re clean are the dirtiest so far …

Bitter housewife bahahahaha no not the point!!

It’s coming together!! That’s the point it wasn’t there on move in and it’s beginning to be usable!!


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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