Monday Madness

Bison steaks arrived. Better have a good recipe

Sois vides steak. I don’t have a magic app on my phone or a sois vides system so screwed! But I do have a pot of hot water and ziplocks!

So hot water it is 25 mins to 1.5 hour perfect to temp and it holds and seated done because we love it seared. Admit it

Baked potato
Which is boiled spud and oven

Or test kitchen the better way to tater?

I have bacon so gb/bacon


Not exytavegant.

Hopefully tasty and one hand easy yet extraordinary.

Okay, I’ve a plan.



11/04/04 -nowish or fifteen I. Social media…fifteen more as I was witnessing on a bbs fifteen before social media.

Pictures were not click-bait easy. One initially had to code the insertions if worse host pictures or whatever elsewhere. I remember the not automatic fifteen ago. I also rember the openness. I remember conversations! Granted many a soul cheated this for whatever gain or scheme. A couple strippers fundraised poof. I don’t live where you’ll know. I click like but never interact. I never say niceties. Poof! It’s fast how
… What Convo? Yay my post being specific and go away!

Fifteen before I counted login screen characters loading to forum areas where I even once had a jw lil bible thump-a’roo take on someone’s whatever they said. I still hear the occassion Al echo in atm machines where that setting of approval you hear the connection sounds. I remember empire a bbs text game was alllll the rage of your time wasting…. And being put out my gift of an old dos laptop came with leather goddesses of lesbos or whatever risque text adult game.

Say it in Bible or latex.

Now it’s different and you get far less for a quarter. Cell phones because everyone made fine use of no trace despite tv proof you could nevermind movies of drug purchase ala street Hustler’s via payphones. Now you can look up criminal and credit history to date…yet you still have tv where you can air the grieves about Mr and Mrs tan-line cheaterbate… Heh once in my history married brother borrowed my credit with permission but labeled me married when he was but it never have been thus it fifteen years says I am now. Hahahaha. I think I might have noticed.

I remember visiting one but due to her barely legal just turned insisted she have her mom at one gathering so momma wouldn’t worry….as much….gal turned out to be miseries to get on with … Let no good deed go unpunished!.

Heck I remember when tv wasn’t 24 hours!

You got ripped off mail-order music buying. Everyone fixed the prices.

But you sat down inside a pizzahut. Dad got a beer. Mom got her salad bar. More often the pizza was good.


Stolen life

The fire crackles
As the sips are sipped stolen
The elsewhere cancelled.

The most important light lately is the notion eggplant tomato jam. Not a sauce or salsa yet not quite raspberry preserves either. Just the right kinda simple on toast or gnnochi. Seems also the glory of a b l t, or fancy chef pants steak sandwich of meltingly perfect steak on s.okey toasty grand bread.

The perfect steak, the best steak, steak sandwich Gordon Ramsey after tomato salsa web recipe thus amped blt then see Gordon’s with effectively damn near same thing as prep goes of garnish/top. But the idea comes from researching American harvest eatery brunch 2019, eggplant tomato jammed gnnochi $10 with basil gremolata brunch plate… Part of town wow everywhere maybe but the same is different it’s really there! Denny’s hashhouse be as big as a house feeling they’re yummy but oof the weight of those french toasts balp in the belly and 13 a person ish unless the luck holds you want the special and! Its a discount… Or is it the same 10/tax and coffee with that brunch at fancy town? Choice exists joy too. Here there ahh. Do you allow that try that hope? Oh sure the drawback is light eats fancy sometimes im starved so maybe gobble a dollar my tray on the way? I know fancy town can get fancy priced fasst and a 10 plate can mean an app a second adult bevvie joys waiting dessert lingering at cost suddenly 10 and coffee is 16 in red beers or bloody Mary’s 10 breakfast 3 coffee 10 a fiend/friend and two 5 slices desserts yummy cake and with tip a ten to fifteen outting now is sixty bucks. Martha white is a dollar a muffin mix bring the whole tray! Unguiltily hoggggg out to fancy joint on 250 calories a muffin ish yes a dollar bag a person 1200 calories of moist chocolate choc chip muffin heaven or a complete breakfast before you get there hell bring a plate worth of bacon makes it better too. And now fir 5 bucks it’s still 15 a head with a small tip and youve left room to doggy vag home a taste. You dont owe anyone anything. If you don’t cook get a sausage biscuit at maƧdonads for a buck. Same notion. Dollar coffee too.

I saw it 7.16/8.32 phone dies so cant shut 8.40 alarm as it wasdesperatethat moment to update then its 9.26. 9.40 alarm ntsebut i should get moving. Guests warm fresh coffee. 1053 left i needed 1105 ride. I could make busses but two ten minute oppinions given kills that. Call in. Almost guilty but who do i owe but me and i alerted those who must or do actually care. So shall i enjoy the stolen freedom?

While I must take more time for me in general, who do I owe? I can just as easily see steak sandwich “wishes” and eggplant tomato jam gnnochi plates “dreams” (“campaign wishes, caviar dreams” – tagline of TV’s lifestyles of the rich and famous) remain fantasy as I went in fact zero nowhere and it is actually okay. Others notified. Just it’s not wood stacked/tarped ready to go, it’s tarp narrowed wood gone scrap aplenty but now snowed all over cold out why do *I* always have to rescue the bullshit of not planning ahead *ever*. Today off as planned usual day in the life snags of ride EVAP and the door to shop cold drag wide open yet it snowed so what other wood ll come vwhat ride cwhy notbe tired facing an extra stomp extra early? Or who do I owe but how many fuck it’s do I have?

Perfect time to run out of smokes.

Perfect time to know again it’s wish others well when I fought like hell for what became rejection. And not be angry. Yet accept the mood and smile

Raises coffee. Some of you understand. Oh believe you me big surprise if all the moments collapse in outright bankruptcy opportunity and you’ll wish well something comes as you pick a different church thanine of the unwashed as what shine hath I got? Heheheh.

Have you ever dwelled in the town oh well?
Dreams the only fools gold to make gold, to sell
Watching every word every belief
Turn out a lie yet I sit where I’ve a seat
Hearing the laughter and life’s others yell.


In silly observation…

Danishes cheese. Fluffy cheese cream cheese, sour cream, vanilla.
Vanilla ice… Worry to your mother. Ahhh how cheesy he became.

Coffee two gluggs good . Sunrise. Bible group two. Words on law! Not silly but serious.. but joy too in balance even if I make a face.



As Moon illumines yore
Wolf at footstool dream yelping hares
You’re taiga heart sips the tea
Siberian -taiga via Google image search
Taiga – subartctic pine forest…waterlogs so think riverside/streamside

Yore – because believe it or not me vocabulary looks words up as I rust so much more half remembering knowing as I feel…shit what was it?!

Wolf /hare. No, not because you can’t think German Shepherd and rabbit/bunny on a meadow – in fact I rather don’t even care if your tea is coffee.

But those of you not the but remember a time long before that instant it’s full alit in nostalgic replay as you now aren’t that figure and perhaps dream of that wow of wonders lived then over the ashes memory now with tea… “Black pine: from the High Mountains!” (Mulan, Disney 1996)((tea, Chinese inherently, but black pine… BLACK is oxidized tea brewing deep Amber and PINE is a curious offer in tea of a pine smoked ‘country’ rural offer of pine smoked Black tea. It’s “Lapsang su Chong”. But

For actual location, but if one reads on the magic there’s value more than likely this book that tea 1989 1990 book, gevalia to understand joy culinary but in coffee and then as words or visions linger, 1981 book by 1993 Josh read and while later editions are okay and we gotta have the latest … ‘a Tea lovers treasury’. Which offered reputable purveyors still in business circa my times and now! Wow. black teas – Lapsang su Chong. Where my first experience came. Hukwa later learn what different tween those and understanding dawn’s. Learn that teavana I’ll visit and Colorado USA never carried either Lapsang or hukwa but at Petersburg Florida teavana did a lapseng woohoo! But unlike gloriajean coffees I the shopping malls of the nighties now bloody gone nearly, every time dick and hairy or Tom has a hairy wee wee my English rudeness for commonplace irritations the magic gets explained ruining everything like hey kids santa is the spirit you breathe alive into the season…totally ruins things commonality… Truth is chameleon that way… But unlike gloriajean coffee shops having wow bleands of flavored beans you once a special time might enjoy along with discovering before char sluts oops Starbucks coffee was everywhere.. teavana just is like a bigger liquor store of o4dinary tea…. The magic is lacking in teavana from my first visit having found the magic of tea without them and my then favorite was lapang su Chong and neither hukwa or lapsange we’re there nor anything smoked and only a smokey maybe Keenan that wasnt smokey and toothy priced… It literally took ten years before I stumbled on them again elsewhere happy they rightfully carried MY tea!
Now I usually get twinnings brand Lapsang suchong at a favorite Japanese market – pacific merchantile a Denver Colorado downtown market in a Japanese enclave of an apartment highrise a market and a Buddhist monastary. “Sakura square”. The reasons are fair as tea loose I a fuss and bother and even 2019 sees me with few places selling Lapsang su Chong tea…. Or claiming tea experience have any knowledge of what it Eve is yet fennimore Cooper wrote of it 100 fucking years before your company’s founder’s grandmother was born. Know nothing loser chump company jerks not carrying my tea hmph.

Search my wuyi china
It is not ‘high mountains’ from Mula lol that’s be more like Everest but why wouldn’t Disney name drop versus get the geographic of Mulan right? China. Oooooo.

Even Josh knows next to squat about China. But i know fortune cookies are American as apple pie. I know general tso’s chicken is also not authentic “Chinese” in a geographic world sense – Hong Kong but from British times- and its exposure to our menus is 1970’s nyc, USA. I like some versions all American of course perish the authentic in my soul hmph. Although oddly enough I like something authentic of China. Chicken in fermented black bean sauce.

My first exposure to China wow o wow Likely here with grandmom of the Canadian trick of jacking orange juice in the freezer with the glass to get at a sweet heart of orange juice. It took twenty minutes to vaguely conjur the word middlebelt and looking through the photos it has serving dishes like a raised platter for an oversized candle but it might not be the joint. I got sweet and sour pork. I can not have pork very often if at all anymore. This grandmom had tea cups
You’ll see quickly when I was early ebay era and time for inheritance days that collection seemed a fortune but later antiques roadshow would be shown to insured value terminology list a price unlikely ever to be had. But hit the links and replace your cherished memories collections…bit toothy, watch out. But specific memories sometimes are important. That link I have that cup but mom holds rightfully the collection… Funny she’d never share she liked the idea only but had her own ideas teacup style and didn’t want the collection when it was time but near twenty years later uses it daily now that it’s diluted with her choices styles.

In 1989-1993 I read the books above but mostly anything and everything Kurt Vonnegut. I did smoke one cigarette in that era one. But learning Vonnegut was pall malls and later acquiring the habit I found those Pall Mall non filters. Yeesh. But dad in his wisdom through my pack away and I avoided the habit til just before my legal alcohol age. That and Jim kjelgaard dog books. I was a cat owner another ten years then various siblings pets because I was on the system and might have got a poor persons discount…turns out one paid actually more for services if by pennies as my luck worked out every time and pet…. And they all died seriously right after the expense incurred, jerks. Doggie plastic surgery… Burried at clear Creek Park in a rock pile tomb now pretty scenery. Fix doggie who barked like Satan at only disabled people and ethnic cops…jerk…ran into traffic after knee job healed but bill came. But I found smokes is the point

Diamond matches “penny” (wood). Wal-Mart 97 cents boxes eight.
Smoker friendly brand cigarettes. 4.60-5.35 a pack 2019 red 100’s

There’s nothing like that sulphured first draw of a matchlit smoke

There’s something yum in a sourdough slice lightly roasted and topped with smoked salmon (you could say lox but lox is slightly different)

You can remember bordain’s hangovers then Murray’s for smoked sturgeon now like a 70$ breakfast if not 130 sturgeon alone for the fancy stuff. I’m like smoked salmon or kippered herring in a tin. Budget!!! man!

Just like my last romance’s…I’m single as the saw the budget. Love really does mean something…surrrrrrrre.

But Murray’s
Murray’s Sturgeon Shop

2429 Broadway, New York, NY 10024
(212) 724-2650
I read it in a book somewhere ;). And just like the carnegy deli I hit NYC with macdonalds cheeseburger money and now I can’t conceive of eating a half pound corned beef or pastrami the right way sandwich or 160 smoked fish breakfasts. But once for a second these youthful dreams came. If you read Murray’s menu it got me to Jewish noodle pudding. That sounds neat to pursue. I may. I may not. I’ve spaghetti still desperately to make like tonight or that’ll spoil.


And i can’t afford sin either.

But such is late night authenticity. The wolf mix yowls on and off very pattern clearly to dreaming outloud even if it sounds painful dying dog o m g . The pattern says dreaming. Again animal tests unwell so likely is on that count. Can’t walk well or unassisted so again is in FINE shape… But patterns. There’s still peace for her and thus good living still. I watch. I’m not whack em instant they’ve any health trial. I fit my philosophy as it’s given outward. But I like fake things and claim them authentic. I likely am a hypocrite.

taiga of your heart
calls with wisps steam up from tea
your yesters whispers

(It’s maybe blather vomit but it’s researched šŸ˜‰ tell me if the Convo caught your conversation — or to define hypocrite… The teas are twinnings earl grey, Bigelow’s constant comment ((cinnamon black tea)) and I’m not reading dostoevski and the tea ain’t from either a proper British kettle job nor a Russian samovar. I couldn’t spell you’re I heard it in my mind but just never really use that word. I thus start at 11:39pm not midnight.
I’m in Colorado dreaming lapsang dreams and as you could see taiga isn’t Colorado nor am I in the mountain forests still not taiga….nor is mt wuyi in taiga country either just as Mulan as any Disneys is hips history for popularity and while I did have salmon on toast


There just is something to mystique and authentic. There really is. And oh I am authentic in myself but I’m not quite sure I’ll ever be popular authentic … And believe you me I was disappointed I couldn’t find my cream cheese and lol yeah right…I’m using matches not for authentic cigs nope…. I know I might be so bank funds challenged to decline on a lighter replacement…. Hahahaha. But yes we can talk capers. That’d have aided… But I haven’t really power cooked in a decade. I flat out quit last time here as everyone snubbed it even when I paid. As other experiences called. So like my understanding love counts meaning counts… True but sometimes only in memories or just to me. Authentic or mystique…. Tough but that.

Are you authentic. Careful, by definition yes…. Hahahaha. Does your taiga heart feel the moon? Oh shhh dog.)


Likely Suspect

Theres 3 pounds ground burger in my lower fridge drawer. It’s the fourth full day there. It’s likely knowing my luck suspect. It shouldn’t be ruined. It should be just fine. I don’t know. Ramen if I’m wrong.

Allspice if extent here is the principal spice of swedish meatballs. We’re talking Uber simple meatballs of the toast it dry ruin it dust in a baggy sourdough bread… Meat mince (read above it may fail). Salt allspice perhaps onion or garlice powder… Lazy cooking powders no longer are the alakezam! Bam! Magic in this new age of never frozen always fresh but always x.95 cost who can afford it? And I’ve cream and butter enough to make,y meatballs boil some noodles…buttered… And finish simple swedish meatballs. I can in theory freeze lunch action freezer perpetual stuffed extra full and the meat is today if it lasted. If I have allspice

Allspice is a pepper-like spice with a Spanish name. Pimento. You mean like the pepper stuffed in green olives? Yes. Such is the vaugeries of names. Neat. Devil balls. Hahaha. Anything pepper in five minutes becomes of the devil. Hahaha. If my food is innocent of taint. If.

I’m thinking this. I should finish some dishes and get after it but I’m quite lazy on my day off. I know the risk it’s ruined or I haven’t spaces to freeze off the projects. I’ve tea to procrastinate.

I’ve only spaghetti and I’m careful Leary I don’t get 2 loads I made them plus a sink present of a heavenly third round of dishes gift… Laziness!

And the is it good or will I be pray shopping up more goodies. And don’t worry. It’s fed either way. The point is that can I count on proper extended food handling. There’s a point to this. Mince is fully seeled. It’s never hit 50 plus fare height long and thus properly handled from store and stored. But if it lasts less booo. Fridge should store stuff. It wasn’t manager special old thus. Hmn Gamble. But one gambled to know my range of luck. With backups.

Swedish versus spaghetti Italian type because I don’t necessarily have my mini muffin tin from mom’s. We’ll see if I’ve tools. I may. But I never made pan fried Italian type meatballs so if I get what I expect, I have to boil step meatballs in stock so they burn char for flavor and I know no other way. Swedish style balls is no stock/boil step but you make a pan gravy with a splash of cream…balls versus cut steak is the differences tween beef stroganoff. But…
I procrastinate.



Awoke to power pet doggie -oh she’s I’ll has tested for cancer twice and has difficulty stand sitting…. So when I mean difficulty be I mean you’ll have to carry her to daily duties difficulty sitting standing…. I’m not kidding. However, I do know sucker ploy’s and don’t let this wolf hybrid fool you as shell sucker you big time into attention. Mostly you smile as what does it much matter, there’s joy even in the duplicity.

You’ll think it’s pain and surely there’s plenty discomfort s yet the joy isn’t an hour petting to ease what little you can for a ‘good girl’s. Nope. It’s a potty trip to no yelping whining. Hahaha.

She won’t really eat. So it meat or nothing. Have caught the really but not entirely? This girl even sick and I watch the multiple tacking not choke hacking dummy dog drinking I mean actual vomiting. There is zero doubt Wolfie Abigail isn’t well. But I’m very sure she’s not going out without some proper princess treatment. Do you concur?

Principal other issues are labored breathing that even in non moaning moments is unsound.

Now for a sweety who isn’t eating and all dogs eye your food… You know this or they stole it…. And they might zap you anyways. Well sweety who won’t really eat ate the whole double chilidog. Licking the plate.

Oh she’ll not be around forever. But it’s a joy to even be hustled by a legit Ill doggie. Someone is gonna milk it. Milk a man in the moon worth of cheese.

The smell in this situation is far nicer to nostrils than dried urine ala bus trip home.

That’s my smiles…don’t believe for a second I didn’t smile chilidogs comin’ myself. But my smile was to help bring some joy to the current god-pooch master passed in a car wreck a bit back. I’d like a bit even if I know I mean to milk it too.


8 minutes sane

I got the hyperventilation of oo home renovation! Squared away. I did the dishes twice….and put them away.

Insights thrusting forth
Detritus invites us thus
To fly high on course.

Ugh. 12 and that makes no sense Eve if the rhyme works.

At least the chilidogs we’re good and I did the disheƟ after getting home renovation fantasies I’ll bee years after. Out of my system enough…. It took three months to put in an outlet I simply enough with help wired up 3 feet duplicated. This latest is a project!! Hahahahaha.

I’ll collect trash liners tomorrow…after dialysis. I mean I have to shop beforehand as I got time only to cross the street before it goes dark at 410. I did the cross after shopping… I don’t want that. One spot is unavoidable. But thats it.

Catch some groove.
Keep sane on the possible. I e not 50k correct spec renovations or 10k embarrassments…. Do the dishes and shut up.


Stella got her groove- mines still not around the Goodwill.

Day three of brothers.
Dolly Parton, brothers Johnson, dj dizzy and Emily, yoshida brothers,Dan folgelberg?!, Stanley Clarke. Bleep! Nothing is grooving! Not even the beachboys!!!


There’s you my YouTube depth. I’m trying! It’s like I’m poking around the basement at someone’s grandmother forgetten’s house for a groove.

I made my first actual anything food here. Disgustingly good chilidogs/ likely enough indigestion. You’re proof I’m male. I’m cheap. I’m one handed and that space of grocery storage is outright brazen theft. This place lacks organization and storage.

We’re talking:
Wolf no bean chili (Texas red)
Frito lay snack jaleno cheese dip/sauce
Hebrew national bun length Frank’s
Wonder bread on special white hotdog buns.
Paper plates but with a printĀ”!
Too many paper towels… I made a huge mess two glurps one one the fllooor how??? Of course no dog trying to lick it up when you need one.

This approximates mine but mine were 3x more chili sloppy and I far too hungry to wait pictures.

To his is a few pictures to illustrate ideas so youve less to read.

The firebox with a refrigerator white behind it serves 4 adults including me. That’s too small for how it’s used. Ooo the fires are warm not like a Florida USA sunshine even if I technically get more sunshine in Colorado USA but still. Warm fire oo. The first picture shows a built in shelf area that is as about a refrigerator worth of space if you had the space to the floor. The 3rd pictorial view is what’s behind this shelf which is a junk workroom but not correctly insulated to the world so I can’t but have a proper construction and! Insulation!! As I want a quarter inch 10mm water line from where the dishwasher isn’t to a boxed in new refrigerator area so that a: I have a fridge that’s the biggest I can have afford. B: a little ice/water. This leaves where the fridge now to be a that space as a stand up freezer. Why? Guys don’t cook they pull out of freezers and reheat cook. The current set up is like space for one split with four. As you can see bachelor living at it’s most horrible… Space aplenty but lacking utilization of what’s present. But while cheaper solutions to what I can think of exist, I’m gonna Yammer this forward. Anything will help. It’s about a year 14 months project money used appliances and affordable handyman cost to achieve a replacement bigger fridge dishwasher and stand up freezer with building a pantry proper with correct electrical and the ducted insulated waterline for moving a fridge and using old space for freezer. So as I can save a small kitty of money to ask after permission and financing! From landlord who’ll have rebuild the sink too. There’s a reason no dishwasher is there it leaked into the room downstairs. That’s the plan but never! Ever! Try talking without money in hand!!!! Nothing will get done! Ugh waiting! But that’s the plan. Top fridge bottom freezer type bigger fridge if possible as it’s extra large pizza box sized space or party tray with vegetables o m g – a vegetable!!! Yet I know as tragic to real nutrition as this sounds more food will exit a microwave around here or reheated from the freezer to oven.

I’m one handed as I can’t grip or carry more than 6 pounds by doctors orders ever with using that arm for dialysis. I can’t likely build it myself which frustrates. I sucked at building anyways so forcing patience is a blessing and getting pro help is a good idea. But frustrating is costs time to save and…..I can’t believe there’s no vision around here! Ugh. I’ve no groove and I’ve more groove than this!!!

Help me find music I can enjoy?

If you’ve ideas on better serving four adult males in America and cost effective ideas or hazzards to look out for… Here’s your chance. Yes Angie’s list. But not until I’ve that refrigerator space money in hand am I calling the landlord. I just have heard too many fucking no’s. Even moving the existing fridge means addressing sink reconstruction thus fixing neglected maintenance. And leaves prepared room for a freezer and as allowed upgrading appliances…or lol getting that dishwasher replaced.

Heres some better pictures of the situation…

To put in a header beam means spaces. Count on 14 inches enclosed in sheetrock painted. The top of the built in fridge current cabinet area is about 74/75 inches or plenty tall for a modern fridge they’re 70/72 for mammoth tall ones… I still need width or 4 inches either side of machine hence the loss of one more stud but this is a load bearing wall hence the header. Now look at my ceiling and you see I have limited space to ensure a header and to include a say sliding glass door I have the width not the height. This is why I’m not stupid – it’s easy to custom fit a new door not a prebuilt sliding glass door just a dumb door. It’s easy to SAY engineer a been but it’s building permit and another 6k risked to even think of it. It’s also stupid to begin hoping for this without realizing it’s going to be a challenge as all homes can be. I don’t need 20k in hand or to feel defeated before trying nor expect now. But I do need real money. Real labor and real expectations and contracts/quotes before trying to get a yes.

Look for yourselves.

Oh and that bottom shelf. Half of that one crisper for of twois all the space in shelfing food plus fridge food I get – I literally am stealing space at that so I can have male fast food fuck veggies as I haven’t room even for canned veg. It cost 150 for this much. I’m pulling teeth and living hella rich at 5his pace for HOTDOGS. Tostadas salad and tuna sandwiches add bacon I will get a dozen eggs when I’ve room left when…. That’s why I say it’s careful how I approach an add a fridge. 5 k for a closet yes. But if it’s a rebuild the house at 12k cheap 19k right everyone gets paid one guy for nothing as is America usual then it’s lottery dreams for a simple damn project.

Or door yes, sliding glass appropriate but it’s heigth is 2 inches from current ceiling or no header in a load bearing wall. Moving a header into the next course of construction is asking 6k more in cost atop timing7k now at minimum not including 6k in appliappliances. A sliding glass door is 600 it’s not bad and duh putting in a header means a new door. Thus thinking ahead so it happens not is dreamed of but at 300 a month…this is not a 3 year dream cost it’s 6-7 not a small project but a major chance at not necessary for a landlord nor cost effective and thus getting up the how to make it far cheaper still right and people still profit correctly yet I get mine??? That’s the ticket! Yet still not make it look cheap. Like same door gross versus sliding glass light? French doors out can’t afford it same thing open concept to a non correctly insulated sunroom I’m not rebuilding add 20k more oh hell no because it gets into low fourties in sun room I can’t risk freezing a water line flood. Thinking ahead is key. Not going broke over paying key. Not giving up because it just isn’t simple is key but keystone is not living like this on hotdogs happily. Fuck this. And I like hotdogs.

Edit 2

Okay I’ve 8 feet now a fridge and not a sliding glass door but half of one but one more nasty post between these.

No big deal nor is having a double door sition or a windowed door. Nor 20k recon instructions project. But a header beam is a reality as is doors not an easy modern sliding glass but cheaper and custom sized too doors not majorly but this is not 7 ft egress sized house so it’s custom. And thus it’s toothy still and no small thing to remove a wall and or even ONE stud. Not cheap at all!

4×6 damn it damn it damn it. 3i could see not six. But the current sized door will fit maybe one Inc taller with correct trim. That adds 6 square feet more glass spaced window x 2 of light. And proper egress to the deck for a party not a trip and die in a impromptu worksho like it is but room to walk 4 feet wide safely.

It’s still 1800 for a fridge closet with heattape and insulated access possible conduit waterline inside chase plus about the same in a cupboard space to the right of fridge box above that counter between existing wall cupboard upper. This way storage isn’t wholely lost. And proper space is made for desired additional fridge….without losing my mind with a load eating wall in a small home.

1200 custom solid core doeescwith window top.

1500 4×6 steel I beam 3 posts
600 intervening spaces left wall
600 addition material
45×50 and 60×50 per week minimum
labor – 5200 a week is two guys. Realistilly it’s 6k a week and these two can hire under the table likely the third helper a yes man daylaborer and what is 2 days prep one day demo one day clean up prep two days staging jacking bracing two to three days one paid no work for delivery fail -. Two days to install and 1 more for paid help not working for inspection. 3 days to redo the bullshit required to meet inspection. Two days to do one days work on installing two doors and a built closet paying additionally for an electrician to run 12 feet of romax and install 5 dollar circuit breaker or 1500 bucks half day for him… Who will wreck a construction day. Plus install a 5 amp plug for heat tape as nothing ever is simple so two circuits hahaha yes I’ve room in my circuitbox….2500

Plumber to reconstruct trap plumbing plus whirly garbage disposal and dishwasher access electrician to make sure existo

plus 20 x15 their pay which 40×15 for day labor moving workshop out cleanup demo and move workshop back in minimum charge and I six hours being dead lazy for two half crippled idiot half drunk to move and tarp workshop I’ve done it twice. But people are lazier than I drunker than I and greedier still…so double 600 or 40×30 hours two guys up… Already tabulated right above…
But 6k *2 workman plus one helper third which is really 7k as that’s more than current rate but overtime allotted which is real week plus half Saturday most I’d get out of anyone. 2 1 1 3 2 fails 2 box up 2 other trades which are half day them plus a comeback plumber complete day on relating project 2 day clean up with trim guy flooring patch or replace one more 13 days plus 5 off is 18 of 2.5 time 7k is 17k add 2 for supplimentary labor moving and clean up add 2 k I insurance and real boy tools like construction dumpster and staging Jack’s tarps rental or otherwise. Add 3×100 x 3 weeks motel for house occupants minus a kitchen partial outrages water and electricity or 4k plus 1500 in partial dog kennel ing be that’s
18k labor, 2k auxiliary labor, 1 k gotta get it tools, 2 insurance overage, 4k materials 27k 3k is a nice taste of insurances toward overage and it’s still 6k in appliances delivered and hauled off 6k in motelling folk and animals correctly just enough to survive or a simple project is really 50k

So right is costed.

To drop the current shelf utilizing specs to floor. PL snuck in conduit and real electrical plus heat tape the thing as insurance is 1000 at best in material 1 guy 20 hours 25×20 500 right. Double that cash1000 right? Fridge 800 used delivered same for upright freezer 1500 for maintainanced sink and cheapo dishwasher… 17 months 300 gone don’t begin til 18 is in hand. Lol plus 3 til inconvenience motel kennel is adequately acheived!. Voila make more like a 7k projects not 50 some!. Plenty of room for it to be a nightmare of lost friends only in it for a quick buck but enough to get it done between 3 people paid and it only costing twice as much as predicted. Hahaha. Even fancy ideas cost a mint done super squak cheap.


St Elsewhere

I just read after the house i wish I had…it had a presence.

I tried to recapture that in music… Flunk-aroo.

I tried getting up a bit of what a pump organ can do. Crowded house has a digital pipe not pump organ in don’t dream it’s over. Brothers Johnson has something more compatible with a pump organ capabilities in strawberry letter oh I forget the number.

I’m zipped up inside as I’m cold! But I pay to be here and i know not yet on cranking everything to the walk naked or melt levels as that’s a cost.

I’ve investigated a one handable pie semi homemade. Just a pinch shows a lemon meringue pie. I’m fresh from Florida September and before. I’m this seeing not sugarplum fairies but key lime not lemon. I mean it’s not beyond to juice limes versus lemons and do this pie limed not lemons. Pie crusts at the appropriate store section as I can’t rolling pin nothing one handed. Just a second on links. I bring this up having not hammentachen cookies knowing I might not pie this way either. The point is feeling the currents dessert. The point is joy. But remember it costs and passion is a poison if not pursued carefully. I mean iade coffee and all I dreamed of coffee for here and I got up that? Understand that is I did store coffee mostly tea flavoured milks chocolatings etc and my first pot here was a correct strength gevalia espresso. It chocolates like I’d throw up …strong coffee can wobble my tummy. So far no puke. Whee. But understand I can taste reality and it’s not vision flavoured. So to link and remember it’s a great idea but I’ve little to waste on non vision flavoured pursuits.
Theres 3 main recipe all similar. This covers lemon filling as a cook and serve pudding which can thus be lime not lemon.
Limeade recipe in case you didn’t work the food court corndog purveyor and couldn’t beach up a whale let alone a drink.

Oo I can turn on the heat! I’m 45 and for the second think I can afford my life. I’m laughing as should you. Hahaha you know I forgot next month as that’s required