third circle. (120 x 3 = 360)

my Passover wine is bottled…oh boy though as it wasn’t mixed down with juice it’s pucker power!  I worked my Tuesday finally maybe boss got her “day off.”  Thursday half day and Saturday cometh for this check cycle.  …Thursday however is the last day of this month/calendar of events.

I won at checkers very convincingly just as the gals were cheering that other feller on.  naughty me for winning crushingly that particular game.  I tend to lose the first…call it courtesy but it’s really I suck sliped on a banana peel. 


the last test of the wine came out fairly sweet when it was all pucker power earlier.  did I mention I came home to my wine bottled? sweet ;)… well maybe.


this check pays off the loav and my physical rent or the second round of pay up double.. call me nice but the end analysis of sis moving was essentiall 6 weeks on the house plus a freezer.   this is because I can not hand direct cash persay but I would hope she notices she cover the correct month and month in reserve of moving so as to be business square whether the relationship lasts or not.  in that way it’s the best gift I can think of to help…to make it easier.  the logic is sound but the choice is for it to be acted upon or even appreciated which is not my choice.  so enough of that….save that this plus the fight to get a month ahead when all the utilities are a month in advance  is the uphill of three rents to be ontime the fourth being the magic ahead.  of course there is a hope! that after cleaning the room formerly mine will rent very swiftly leaving me  and the house 1.5 rents ahead  plus deposit or 2 rents really  or to blow my little hopes through the stratosphere of achievement…. that would leave my house nearly an entire physical month’s rent or my half paid. plus utilities 2 months paid forward or tantalizingly close to a true homerun of financial security with the knowledge that if that happens I did so with literally no help whatever..not true but so it feels like such… when people don’t jump to our goals.

my wine this weekend may be mom’s for wine spritzers as I made my own wine would ya look and drink some of that?


thus I have stretching  off every loan I’;ve gotten this decade early.  I will haveairfare to visit my internet love affair. thus I have achieved or can hope to realistically everything I needed to happen….a minor bit of or major really bit of fiscal prudence and leveraging it, ….maybe wisely… made wine, …and most helpful of all managed 120 days employed as of Sunday’s end.


tuesday’s twin thought-lines.

It Must be Poetry…it’s confusing.

Metaphors, like jokes, are better left unexplained.

What’ the hell does Cumaean Syble mean…shoot, I just sorted that out with an explanation.

I’ve took to paying rent and or utilities ahead… a project to leave me hopefully….ahead!   it loy hav e chosen welloks like I may have chosen better than any other potential way to focus my efforts.


some days…..

here I am morning ponderin

what a devilish joy this med has me fartin

it takes just one comforter plump

and the musical air smelleth of a lump

yes, t’is only me who was dutch-ovened.



misguided shopping ideas.

deja  vu returns as it want to do.  I am trying to maximize the feeling so typical to my times in life0 to make the most of the show of what we’ve done with our….you know, mid-life crisis?  I’m considering things like financial safety and stability and a comfortable nicely displayed home and nice chances at memory making.  on the home front, I have one dog tornado and cat scratch devastation so if you think for a minute that any old choice will do,  wrong.

this is the best picture of size and function of  side chairs, obviously 2 grand plus is beyond the budget but trust me if you pull a search for African watchman’s chairs – you will have difficulty seeing these as comfortable because they look like they’re mostly six inches off the ground…..noooooo Bueno!  now think for a moment that this is fine as a choice but think past this to an additional function…. above waisty peg point for easy coat hanging?  who hasn’t used any surface wrong like a dining table for all the mail not to eat on?  …etc.  well anyways I have a hand shaped green chair…so wood grains off a wood floor and two of these type of chairs…lends function and art to the room… plus as is typical in my house 2-3 years later when it’s annoyed someone’s style long enough wood burns 😉 

again not this one but heh, I have a hand chair to lend folks a hand? PUN?  why not an elephant in the room?

that’s a simpler version…

Leather sofa’s used to be beyond many’s means as they were 3 times an already investy spendy price for furniture.  no necessarily so anymore.  Okay first I know everyone is screaming to interrupt that if it’s not expensive it isn’t…it’s cheap.  Okay, I am.  but I saw a nice and affordable couch

I mean I want a nice splashy color but honestly nowadays the easiest sin a person can make is to mismatch colors. symmetry is so easily spotted.  plus and I mean PLUS it’s so easily spotted. so

simpler lines bolder tones but still within the neutral type tones.


 the corner is big enough for a game of cards or lol actually eating at or a small spread too high for little dog to nip at well.  high bar stools. 


now this all means I have more of an open feel yet seating for all but wait, this one I liked.


now this means I have ottomans, I have seating for the house plus guest/s none of it lacks a shot at being durable enough  wood or leather now…   and it is achievable financially perhaps




You start with …you know, a trigger?

next we have…directions to success

and then we’ve what’s to come of it.

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the fire is going again courtesy of Englishman Jason

the pretty red electric kettle bubbled up tea.

dirty stove glass has four corners of fires.

the apple cider tea has it’s spice and almond milk


I keep nodding in and out today making cards

I am dreaming of her now and then as to say on  and off is …

There is so many cobwebs trying to remember 20 years ago

She’s so bouncing in personality.


I want to keep saying it anything for its echo

and now in words each moment needs only a stir





The picture below is the amazon available  make your own tune music box  for a one off or hobby fun thing it sure beats the custom muTsic box price of nearly $9,000 dollars not including required Liscensing of a still legally copyrighted tune…NOT EVEN JOKING.. 
this is an old fashioned “disc” style maker out of the USA – feel free to set your sights on the 13k mega model.
picture of make-your-own music box, hand crank, paper punch hobby with LINK – refills and praxoniscope bundle midpage.

Kikkerland Make Your Own Music Box Kit        

            by                 Kikkerland    
                                                                                                           41 customer reviews        

Price: $17.00                 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25. Details                         
                                In Stock.                             
                                    Sold by GeeksHive, Inc. and Fulfilled by Amazon.             Gift-wrap available.    
  • Play any song you wish
  • Paper strip refills also available
17 new from $11.90                             2 used from $9.99
the following is the tun ce you liked
carpenters- top of the world (*1972)
Yes, I can research up popcorn machine supplies AND cute music box tunes from before I hit ground and I’m midway through as most of you’ve  heard of turning work activities into a greeting card… office depot offers 4.6 cards with envelope for double nickels- single sided print and I’m hoping for 80 cents double dided (sided, sorry got carried away with alliteration) with envelop.
for those of you who abhore computer jargon, this means I deal with files like pictures of the art, so far Microsoft paint saved as jpegs and rotated so I shouldn’t have issues later and wordpad to transcribe the texts to copy into text boxes on paint to mock up or make a scratch copy of a greeting card which is folded on the left so the 2nd half of the paper page is the first thing you see.  then the text of insides is like any other book.  this process while slow and chunky is enough to have a printed idea –  now I had to get an office suit as they’re far more powerful with borders indentations and margines and sizing pictures to do this right and save it as a file office joints can print from.I don’t get to have them embossed or hot-stamped as I haven’t the time….. that’s to say raise the letters or have them reflect in shiny metal brights the words or edges.  but you can bet your boots I checked into it.
now imagine me on my day off at god’s knows the a.m. printing margin setups then researching the printing costs of pretty cards.

someone just HAD to post pictures of swans so…as killing and grilling swans is illegal there….

Truckin’ got my chips cashed in
Keep truckin’, like the do-dah man
Together, more or less in line just keep truckin’ on
….grateful dead or dead grateful…?

Duckin’ and there’s a duck or two
lil’ boy caught in pictures watchin too
play hour or war clouds a’brewin for pecking time.

Duck in orange sauce after bake and brine
goose in maple blackberry might be divine’
flour ’em up and fry ’em  for their schemes
naughty  me yell’s here dinner dinner and beams

most of these birds bite squawk and doopity-doop
ready to get me back for thinking lunch
one of these days they’ll get me but how bout brunch?
smug til goose gets me butt-bit.

Duckin’ maybe a goose or two
bread crumbs tossing  like hansel meybe graetle too
go ahead cluck, honk or quack a bit, fools

Camera flash is shinin’ on the scenes
oh don’t stop being cute one snap more please
but inevitably it occurs to me
birdie birdie is on the menu tonight.

One less in the yard this time
wasn’t dinner so kind of divine?
roasted crisp and downed with wine
nope I’m guilty but felt no shame.

duckin’ …nope goose! away I run
aren’t the old games some kind of fun?
take pictures and swap recipes sliced tfor topping buns
just pick one and let it simmer on

watch what comes out the deli window
maybe yours was with a bit of mayonaise sin
maybe my manners here are abhorrant
but I saw you dinner, YUM.

roasted blessed with a bourbon sauce
simmered with stock soy and broccoli
deli sliced beyond paper thin
I’ll have you bird with rice pasta or bread

honk echoes the images of yester when
it was fun and games til hunger pains set in
shoot one down trim and pluck all around
then let it be …ovened crisp as can be

watch what comes out the deli window
maybe yours was with a bit of mayonaise sin
maybe my manners here are abhorrant

duckin’  goose goose! I’m almost safe
uh oh youre close but come on feet it aint long
home, SAFE! sittin’  I won my game.
chased me some birds and them recipes without shame

duckin and a goose goose too
duckin and a goose goose too
duckin’ quck honkity honk

CREAM sauce for duckin’
capers and cluckin on
peach glaze goose is gone
come here dinner dinner youre BON

a bellisian one said it has elements of “i’m walking, yes walking…fat’s domino.,



I really went shopping.


I got this season’s winter coat a rather thin yet medium weight chocolate fleece lined coat courtesy of sears and NordicTrack. this is a coat with gloves and ear band to amp up the hood and the bummer only is black was my only color choice .  I then got the paper wares and something drinkable around here and dish soap….exciting stuff there lol.  but the prize outing was purchasing sis a deep freeze – I chose an upright clause based on the fact her shoulder hurts she uses it to slice meats and veg for a living and if I could and god bless me I can I figure it’s better upright than stoop-lifting…nevermind the obvious that it’s flat out easier to find things.

afterwards was wow the furniture store I like.  I left without anything 😉  well a card to remember the nicer sales fellow.

I saw a circular coffee table with leather fit in under pie-wedge stools.  and that leather or don’t bother couches are 350 plus tax and perhaps delivery.

if you want to know about the paper products which you do.  do you know that 12 oz dixie foam cups with lids.  do you know I may be thrilled more about foam cups than a freezer?  I’m not they equally thrill.


are we there yet

the usual fluttering things hit my mind and stomac because this check determines whether it’s big instant forward, little instant forward or grueling effort….financial choices wise…mental effort.  someone clear the armchair and let’s find the pipe tobacky.  I cant cash it til Friday of course but now I’m steelier after abstract things.  so in the spirit of childish things lets deflower the actual flower not the bambi movie skunk or pretty girls…just the flower head’s petals I’ll make my dreams, I’ll make my dreams sooner.. I’ll make my dreams..

What is it I even care about?  I mean I have a whim posted on how to make up a core stereo for audiophile pleasures. it’s seven paychecks.  I have a travel dream and the fullest extend of it is – smoking camels in key largo (yes, I know Bogart did it ’43 in fact Casablanca…but also passed of cancer) then beaching on both the gulf and the Atlantic followed by meeting nearly two handfuls of people in person most for the first time and the only pinchers are timing- that’s appearing to be two paychecks for travel alone and it’s ancillaries and two for accommodation and normal fun .  I have this grinding need to pay everything ahead on utilities witch literally is rent to me that’s two paychecks and finally I have bills like many so I have one last check todays perhaps to pay off the whole year’s fun and yet I must live too so can it be the extra to keep me from scrounging?  but the balance problem is focusing each day at a time then each check is my last so I push harder to learn my way and remain safe within growing at my job and humbly so.  thus if you count that’s six months which I don’t even haveas I have two months then a meeting to see if and how much I lose to ssdi repayment and whether I get to keep my job at all which I will two months anyways maybe three so as to lay up enough against thinner times.

I’m not unhappy to pay back “x” or need to be careful with “y” a nd not shit on the gods for making me learn “z” the depth of thanks for a shallower gift perhaps because “x” is the law and we follow them and cuss ’em if need be but be gracious. “y”  or why is who I am by choices and mine have expanded this year…. but realizing this power with what I wants not wow I bought good beer and expensive cheese I’m a versed gouramond.  I’d like some stuff! to look like I worked half a year and made quite a lot out of it. learning patience  is frustrating.  but remember too that I haven’t forgotten I doubled my financial powers and am financially ahead on the curve with the utilities which are my rent paid forward so I have a literal safety month before Christmas and perhaps the actual cash rent portion for the four people split you know what would happen if someone moved out.  a safety net before I’m fourty which is a long way away… but not that long this birthday is 39.  I too suffer from what I should be doings or havings like any coming up into old farty birthdays.  the assessment years 😉


so yes you cn see it’s POSSIBLE but feels like a carrot charming bunnies.  but it is mainly a question of are wethere yet?