The picture below is the amazon available  make your own tune music box  for a one off or hobby fun thing it sure beats the custom muTsic box price of nearly $9,000 dollars not including required Liscensing of a still legally copyrighted tune…NOT EVEN JOKING.. 
this is an old fashioned “disc” style maker out of the USA – feel free to set your sights on the 13k mega model.
picture of make-your-own music box, hand crank, paper punch hobby with LINK – refills and praxoniscope bundle midpage.

Kikkerland Make Your Own Music Box Kit        

            by                 Kikkerland    
                                                                                                           41 customer reviews        

Price: $17.00                 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25. Details                         
                                In Stock.                             
                                    Sold by GeeksHive, Inc. and Fulfilled by Amazon.             Gift-wrap available.    
  • Play any song you wish
  • Paper strip refills also available
17 new from $11.90                             2 used from $9.99
the following is the tun ce you liked
carpenters- top of the world (*1972)
Yes, I can research up popcorn machine supplies AND cute music box tunes from before I hit ground and I’m midway through as most of you’ve  heard of turning work activities into a greeting card… office depot offers 4.6 cards with envelope for double nickels- single sided print and I’m hoping for 80 cents double dided (sided, sorry got carried away with alliteration) with envelop.
for those of you who abhore computer jargon, this means I deal with files like pictures of the art, so far Microsoft paint saved as jpegs and rotated so I shouldn’t have issues later and wordpad to transcribe the texts to copy into text boxes on paint to mock up or make a scratch copy of a greeting card which is folded on the left so the 2nd half of the paper page is the first thing you see.  then the text of insides is like any other book.  this process while slow and chunky is enough to have a printed idea –  now I had to get an office suit as they’re far more powerful with borders indentations and margines and sizing pictures to do this right and save it as a file office joints can print from.I don’t get to have them embossed or hot-stamped as I haven’t the time….. that’s to say raise the letters or have them reflect in shiny metal brights the words or edges.  but you can bet your boots I checked into it.
now imagine me on my day off at god’s knows the a.m. printing margin setups then researching the printing costs of pretty cards.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

10 replies on “Researching”

So then, you’re creating those musical greeting cards? Those are fun! I really like funny cards. I just bought a birthday card with three kids on it. The following captions are above each child: ” My mommy said love me.” My mommy said God made me.” My mommy said I came from a fifth of Jack and a snowstorm.”

the first song I heard of the band was “song for whoever” which has a flair of anwe like that of Fleetwood mac’s “songbird” I like piano….and 80’s music. just like while I like a touch of the metal I like 80’s hair metal balads more..ooops…so I would like sonata arctica…. the first song I heard of them was paid in full. all the way “hard” but I’m more likely to replay Tallulah or shy from them which are softy ballads. I overheard the beautiful south via mr music, and looked up foreign metal one day on Wikipedia after seeing a polish sword scene . I have a lot of things like that where I would watch akira kurosawa movies or other art house offerings like “the finnish, the man without a past or la jettee *yuck. or look up things like adreas wollenveider orodd things like dj dizzy of the dulcimer. I mean that’s a pretty song to me. here’s another on the type of instrument – mbira – or perhaps you’ll like this now OLD revver ..get your jap – an (on)

The first number reminds me of when our organist sets it to bells, and plays a number that is not deemed “religious”. It’s a unique sound. The second number almost lost me till the fella picked up the tempo and began singing. Beautiful. You lost me on the third number. I just listened to a dark metal song about unrequited love……it’s heavy.

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