haiga, haibun something celestial…

Celestial Somehow?
Java Jumpin’ and Jive-dreaming
lest we’ve darkness to pout.

It was bantered about over boulettes – the vision of a Java Jump and Jive . where ye skip the booze and spray away – deodorize them dancing’ shoes! sage seemed appropriate perhaps potatoes and some carrot. it was something to do! some place to conjure – to bring about joy not b.s. divisions about how my flavor god was the only to savor. how did that recipe go? I guess I’ll find out again deja vu… but it’s first….
happy birthday to you.

(I really am hoping you remember lol)

photo: – king bolette pac northwest


Plant Symbolism – A Guide To The Spiritual Meaning Of Plants – H through P

etymology – Celestial, from Latin, “heaven”

Linkage to create your own or participate in a blame game:

hodge podge of notes as created to bore the crap out of you and such????

(aw shucks for the SKIP)





two things were in play at work: a gas island crisis! – ooooo; anda question of advancement correctly.  the CRISIS and you’d agree if it were yours, was a dead battery oops no start and a simple jump attempt FAIL! The Question of advancement is somewhat a snarler- I don’t know! save i know i am asking for an opinion I expect to trust upon what is a judgement call on maintainance/safety of machinery – understand i know in advance it is NOT a problem! it is only BECOMING a problem and it is to judgement whether it is in to be in cue for prioritization- how much is too much cracking of a “rubber” gas pump hose” now if you haven’t guessed it, i work at a gs / petrol station with a fairly substantial liquor and other convenience items trade.  I am not five, if i feel given the training video extravaganza i endured, i am empowered! to shut it down and ask questions in a timely manner – or in the case of a breakdown/dead battery, ask politely they do not jump the thing with live electricty next to a leaky often highly suspect of leakages gas pump – pardon me for being a complete sissy who just as easily would happily toss a live cherried cigarette into a pool of gas knowing the likliest resut is that the liquid gas would extinguish the cigarette yet if there were enough activational energy it could ignite any vaporous gas kablooey!  which is actually FAR less but not entirely UNLIKELY…  do i properly understand risk and or maintainance of this operation I am responsible within? –  catch on that the answer is not only NO but help? rolls eyes! *heavenward()

alright, the busted battery was  helpful other souls offered a jump the bustee asked ME if okay I simply asked we push the vehicle away from the gas pump directly lol I mean call me snarky when not a day goes by there that i cant smell spilled gasoline/fuel – I’d rather not have an incident. — so I helped push the car forward out of the gas pumps and his helpful soul tried to jump it and it failed it lacked a cell there just wasn’t enough juice.  I offered that the boss guy has a jump box and would likely be back from his class  and another offered to get the batter out and the gent down the way and back with a new on… again we pushed the vehicle this time entirely from the gas island 100 away to a drive up recycle trailer/dumpster thing out of the way.  my logic was simple – I usually had a gas delivery coming and didn’t want a cluster at my gas island  and i couldouldn’t push it 20 feet to that block my gas delivery area…dang it!  I am. lazy – do not get me wrong, I am but that would cause ME no end of hassle and work.   hence the option chosen.  — the  battery bunch boogied to it and back for success and i offered a soda for my smile and while i actually wanted one that instant, said no thanks as I don’t do the help thing for profit I do it because thats what i’m there for.  I wonder if i’m a flippin’ idiot sometimes dense to the give and take of this world and the need of making a living via what and who i offer out… anyways the gas truck rolls up after the guy leaves -just in case you wondered, yes, i know the routines somewhat there 😉    I feel pleased that while being a know-nothing, i can and am in direct control as i would have hoped to convey. yay for that and i do get some results.


now I have been two days in a row wiping down my gas pumps sixteen dispensing pump stations from eight duel pumps.  wayne devision of d something inc. and they’re annoying old.

similar enough in looks to this above that you can have a clue

wayne – ovation fueling system. –

now, note that the fueling hose nozzle is on the right and hangs the hose high enough up to let gravity do it’s thing.  the hose doesn’t touch the ground. yet the  part closest to it is going to recieve the most flexiings  it is outside and does crack / wear.

my connections are steel not brass as shown above. but you see a nice shiny smooth black hose…right?  in a perfect world, this is all you’d ever see.  we do not live in a perfect world.  cracks and pitting occure and yet being legally blind, I have to irritatingly take the hour a pump cleaning it  to be thurough enough to inspect this stuff plus offer you my customers a place where you wont catch a fungus coming to do your daily duties. gas pumps are not snooth and thus every crack is a grease grime laden hell 😉 yada yada be grateful i have a job… moving along… the point is how much is too much and thus a hazard to my business responsibility nevermind your safety which is afterall a bonus not letting you blow yourself up and sue us… or not be around to return to give us your money 😀  – so i had to…. as i’m empowered to do so – i’m not five, shut the pump down by tagging and bagging it appropriate to proceedure and alerting customers at a distance with a traffic cone — I’m telling you’ this is excitemen less stuff!

now the interplay of this is simple- my place has at most times 20 customers forever coming and going there isn’t a minute to waste! with anything. this is a store where 3-5 people work and i as my part am a bit of a odds and ends to the customer train choo chooing through.  it is not important one pump is down of sixteen.  nor two. we’ve had one to three down consistantly for 2 months straight.  this is a constant battle of maitenance and such.  so when i ask that I get a double check on a judgement for MY personal learning curve, i’m either a nervouse nancy or this literally CAN wait.  problem is and i have gently mentioned this, I have written detailed accounts and demonstrated the problem and sometimes solutions to them only to forget them and wait three weeks to it to be repaired an i not learn squat about moving forward in knowlege or station with proven demonstrated care and ability. – so pardon me if i amp things up to be slightly more important /priority as i do not like being a good boy pat pat let the real people get to work now or thanks someone got boss i don’t need advancement in my life nor demonstrate skill and drive oh no. 😉  whichever way you wish to view me and priority – I am there and i am not get blocked out from being effective even at being a bottom of the pile job description even to this job i already served notice i leave.  unfortunately i’m just anal this way i want to know, i know this means fire… i’m trying for it to be a controled burn not a statewide forrest fire!  or a balance


and thus, I have two pumps down and both are in fact still down because the wear IS excessive and i actually guess correctly that about 4 hairs is more than a scratch and thus  if on bending widens further it will be shut down eventually but immediately shut downaboe is anything in the sixteenths and if i can get a coin to stick in a crack i failed altogether my checks.. or someone has – that pissed me off who let the machine get coin pinchinching edges cracks in a live fueling station hose and called it safe so the blind guy has to spot the maintenance of 3 of just my shift and 4 adittional management personell?  I can’t possibly see better than you lot do i like care or more appropriately care about what i do as i don’t have so much i have that luxury?  i don’t know but thats piss poor this is not a time where i wish to hero of maintainance.

but the outcome was i terrier dog incarnate had me an ankle to bite and i was in fact going to be undeterred from getting that learned how much is too much… the judgement call.    it took 3 hours to get that achieved as it took hounding the boss to get that.  i’ve similarly asked after what is considered to spec and knowing too this is a conflictive thing changing from person to person was amused no one provides clear demonstrated reliable information on what is and is NOT acceptable consistantly on what wont pass muster.  this changes with moods.  it’s rather quite amusing.


or in that sense i do not understand why i gain more praise doing less and being a complete ass – today was load day i cleaned gas pumps shut two down.  I stocked like six boxes to save someone a freezer trip and gotade 2 of sixteen wells filled as that was the stock we had to replenish.  or was a complete wastrel of life – obviously right. and probably did more to save the place than usual. – whilst being lazier yet still.  i do not. understand this.  but such is my a-typical day. being a lazy hero of the gas island universe….where i can be a legend at least in my own mind… you already know what fumes i consume 😉


Solicited and Un-solicited

I was visiting Callaway Gardens and various tourist traps of Harris Country Georgia.  It has a neat lil puddle lake/beach with supesoft cigar ashtray worthy sand prettiness…. robin lake beach.  a nifty buttterfly conservatory with obligator picture your face as part f the sign type signs…you know holes deliberate face witdth in?  forever country and nothing quite conjurs country like  dolomite stoneweares or aprons that say ” how can you not love someone who makes you toast?”  you will not survive a splashing  of country washing over you… it is plain impossible – so sinche out the belt as here comes your chance to discover your sweet tooth all over again! (and again) and don’t forget to smilenow, ye hear?)

well, I was walking to the overlook passing sis who said it’s a jip.  someone of her accquaintance was doing some unsolicited forest watering as I had to bulldozeonward to the glor….


overlook strolling

look mommy it’s a tourist!

who’s overlooking?



and now for something different, what what?? yep nope. more haiku.  this time courtesy of


utilizing STRAMGE and TEARS



ever find it strange?

how easily it ‘s to be

with tears dried – time’s change.

In this last case I know the words mean something else to others but who hasn’t had that moment when it may have been anguish somewhat before but the decicion to be different like a catepillar…gag…. to a butterfly… remember where i was??  I watched the movie…I will moon in june butterfly style  for a bit…it’s unavoidable as effin’ cobbler to the diabetic. but I laughed a lil inside as knew i was  making change and questions based on that knowledge lol it was the wonder and such of hearing them answered when in a way i no longer needed them to be.  exactly as predicted 😉  there are times i swear if it’s painful I’m psychic. I can dream in movie color to the exact word what will be….of course all my dreams come true in realities like that only with opposite choices made to conclude the scenes but that’s me dreamin it to be.    that doesn’t mean i didn’t buy a smile of creamy prailines fudge now.  I can still smile even if not everything goes quite right 😉   and i laid waste to that hot mustard bowl  which really wasn’t very hot but ahhh to feel the hot champ! 😀 shhh til the real steal bellies show up anyways…



You know you have …. Issues …. when:

you feel like you walked into the blue oyster bar in police academy movies  because you listened to your kindly friends online wax poetic about this magic mythical RELIEF they’ve found and you listen to them and feel like you’re the next reality star on prison casual s showers – no lube, no courtesy reach around. raped by an lion’s mint box.  oh no.  I haven’t any “ussues”   but, i do smell minty right at the moment and feel I’m justifyably worth the quarter 😉


for the record, biofreeze is a menthol active ingredient spray for pain relief and doesn’t lie! about it’s 360 field of application at all oh no protect yourself from over spray!- and enjoy the magic of relief from MINOR aches and pains 😉  it’s 12 buck or so at walmarts and if you care for your momma or loved one and it’s helpful, god bless and get it!  it’s one less mega pill and a LITTLE relief.  I thank that washington lady with a hero hubs for the info.


I do still feel a bit stupid and used as any minty trollip though.


messy stuff.

just because i’m clumbsy!….

it’s hot where i live and the i’m sick of it’s are in full swing and now the reall challenges of togetherness begin.  do YOU have what it takes to stfu for harmony’s sake?…. um, lemme get back to you on that i atop feeling minty have a fine essence of gun poder temper too.  this is beginning to sound like a cigarette …menthol of course!… used to light off a black cat exploding in your hand destroying your hearing for an hour and smarting your hand a right good one too.  oh no, I don’t have any issues prior or post coming. nope. none.


I can’t get a positive sounding initial take on any internet  tarot readings….WANH… it’s like Im in bad hell with only snarky fortunes for me!  wannnnnh.  issues… like mints I’m enough to water your eyes? 😉



I have wine.  I have wine to share.  i am not drunk nor snoring yet past filling your glass semi-antisocial.  would you mind terribly if I share anyways?….the wine not the whine… you already hear that  talk about value added life’s made forever! reading material?


if it makes you feel any the bit better, I’ve managed 3 wasp stings no nasty bug clearance total worthless annoyance to the universe hero worship me!….starts taped applause….admits he steal that from doug naylor and rob grant’s red dwarf bbc television. 😀  talk about absorbed…. 😉  remember the wine… want more yet?


it’s a missouri rose. screw top special.  truly high class! 😀 okay maybe not but it’s at least glass.


awaits the tomatoes of your loving acknowledgement. xx oo !


lets get the show on the road!

alright, i admit i don’t know stuff.  I want something.  And, you’re gonna help me!

warning:  when i don’t know stuff i have a difficult time trying to ask questions to get after the answers.  this can get LONG.

the goal: reasonably presentable, on the road dining experience.

I make purple soup which is stock in sousvide type hotwater bath strainged/filtered stock with pan-fried seasfood and bits pretty.  it should go with wine –  and if done right will lead to breakfast also which has to be similarly “easy” yet semi  fancy seeming so champagne cocktail with coddled egg and toast.  yes, breakfast in bed.



it is easy enough to crock pot hold enough water that is brought to temp bia an electric kettle.  however crockpots don’t wow at fancy ever  and i haven’t sussed the frypan issue.

chafing dishes i have heard of but i admit i’m new to a fancier life.  also cheap!  and ever so picky about being cpace  conscious.  yes you can pop a can of sterno fuel and place it under a chafing dish and it’s hot for a long long time…but tricky here, is there one allowing more than enough proximety to flash fry/sautee things?  that’s inexpensive?  i mean a honker chafing dish for a family cassserol isunder twenty-five usd which is doable sterno sold seperately…alcohol gel fuel with or without brand name now i’m again cheap!.  i don’t see anything for a fry option which is anything less than ten times as much to start with. that is more than the entire budget allow!


I know of electric skillets and have also heard of ‘hot plates” too however i toss in the caviot that coordination or symetry is vastly important.  fancy is about a bit of elegance like that.  some of this is pure show as in what’s fancy about a twenty something chafing dish? it’s not spendy !  but it tends to LOOK spendy. 😀  there is nothing quite like tableside to your time not some silly cook’s where you have elegance  ON DEMAND.


so I am aware i may eat costs making symetry.  I can remind people it’s easy to electroplate chrome plastic/thin metals easily enough to make things coordinate and or look matched.  however custom things mean spendiness which is worth avoiding 😉 …cheap.  but tools are tools


now purple soup.

this is max’s restaurant’s red cabbage consume with pickle weed and scallops.  it is not mine nor have i had this there- i had to make my own and let’s skip for now that my picture taking luck didn’t hold nor it come out exactly this fancy pretty 😀 it was darn fine and  I enjoyed the sensation of the new… it was also nearly bland which that i can still remember it, means it at least didn’t suck 😀  I don’t have a source for pickleweed, I had to substitute capers.    i am NOT afraid.


now to make this you cook for about an hour at 140F in a boilin bag cabbage with water and light seasonings.  if you have a vaccuum sealer this can mean sousvide proper cooking i do not and thus had to gently set a bag in the water and the open end outside the pot.  the pot can be a crockpot for on the road purposes!  the time it takes a crockpot to bring water to temperature is ridiculousness so an electric kettle is a wise tool.  porcdelain egg coddlers can also cook gently in hot hot hot water hotter than holding temp that is for a delight of a simpler egg breakfast still fairly fancy appearing. once the soup stock is cooked it is strained and i advise filtering it for MY NEXT try so as to get closer to this pretty picture!  now it’s time to show mine



rogue bump ugh! you try to pretty things then last second your pretty gets to take a tumble and i’m hungry dang it!  this version purple soup is carrot shallot capers and water cestnut slices with scallops  this is a rare time them capers have a use outside a salad or collecting mold in your refrigerator. 😉


now i don’t know about you but I can’t do a 200 chafing stand and pan for tableside prep – too spendy. so what i’d like your ideas on is how to in a matched way either find a rack to fit this pot so i can put my soup in it’s squeezy bottles and hold to temp while frying up the in it goodies and prepare  a purply poof of magic before your eyes.

so smaller say eight inch frypan ish type thing? or am i neglecting using my brain and just george foreman a pile of stuff put it in a mini crock or  whatever  within the water bath at hand and truly assemble tableside not prepare tableside there is a limit now to what i can carry!  and no, i’ve like used a george foreman grill like once in my lifetime i just don’t think of this stuff!

anyways pictures.


the latter requires a rack so one has less fishing to do for the squeezy bottles.


I don’t use electric skillets or george foreman grills enough to know dwaddle about them but i know that they do not look like this chafing dish above nor instantly coordinate!  so coordinating is importantant

next there is some items like fancy japanese mushrooms  and or capers that while not needing the chilled plate atop crushed ice treatment, if you live in this world long enough you realize it’s sometimes about looks.  purely looks so do you know of a matching the chaing dish trey with plates enough to fit inside it four or five would be nice  with clear lids! that is about the home size cookie sheet  cut in half longways ish sized??

this differs from a ramiken/bowl on a tray for japanese sauces as i said i need ice under it!

electric kettles i can find,

packing a bit of table wear /service also managable.

now for a trick of tricks!  fancy is having a rolling waiste high butler’s cart where the tiers are butler’s trays style breakfat in be platform tables for one.  I have less idea how to magic that act up.

and with the wine. a buket similar  face palm for saying it this way but to a trash can fill with ice yet coordinates and matches others the tableside of this.  it’s just pointless to not pack along wine.   a cloth can be found for table pretty with matching napkinry

something like this begs candles too.  but perhaps a different colour napkin as well hmn 😉

anyways. this is the crap i think of, if you can add to it so it’s a completable thing at reasonable budgeting then i’m jazzed!  i warn that outside of sterno, i can’t just charcoal grill even in a tiny box within a hotel/motel type room as the smoke alarms would put up a fuss.  so 😀  everyone thinking caps on.  mission purple plodding down the road!


oh and if you know a good mineraly savignon blanc, super dry reisling or at least  not hardly sweet pinot gris i need hear about… i’m also listening.  yes i know i can just chill the sweeter stuff more thuroughly to cut the sweetness budget friendly now 😉


or you can tell me to drink my tea and shhh it.


Poodle Symbolism

Generosity is giving more than you can – however is pride not allowing you to receive all that you need? Be aware that your ego may just be sabotaging your heart.
to generate you own?
at least i still conjur as a DOG.. heh.  last knickname was a different yip yapper.
which reminds me i should let the sunbathing senorita ms canine in…
and thus I’m here not to talk about spirit guide so much but spiritual.
yes, one of these
a boysenberry malted…as in milkshake for you millenials out there.
it isn’t JUST an icecream… it’s a sumptuousness like no other.  a malt twangs like no ice cream can.
while it is American in origin, a Londoner created this priceless bit of Americana.
remember, while not necessarily scholarly, wiki easily settles all bets as “plausible” at least if dubious. 😉
what a lovely name that is, no wonder malteds when largely out of fashion!   not a family friendly entendre that fellow’s name!
for me this means the evil nestle corporation via Carnation malted milk with smuckers brand boysenberry syrup with Great Value Milk and Ft Benning’s water supply for ice combine for a whirly wonderbar of woo hoo! for me.  thick and tastey it is mmmmmmm.
rather spiritual some…BABY FOOD, isn’t it?  such is what malt milk is.. ;0 or at least started out as.
sometimes one has to remember to smile 😉 this is one more of my little arsenal tricks.  is it really really suprising that it isn’t the anything but massively sweet thatreally makes this tastey? no, but can i at least enjoy slinging some grade a whiff your way??
“free smells” – jimmy john’s gorurmet sandwiches sign.
and now:? back to your regular youtube is back.  I must puff and putt myself together for work.  good news, i have a friday off coming next week 🙂  we’ll see if this is permanant or not.

A River Runs Through It…

Punning as i am on movie titles as i went shopping this morening for adventure, I got a river of booze coming.  your life raft of making sure I do not swim alone is appreciated.

I know christmas or holiday stuff is a LONG longlong way out still but i have a minor bit of means extra NOW so it’s now or..never.


I don’t know about you and your travels but i enjoyed investigating things like Smoke hill Vineyards of Kansas…for wine…are you serious???  yes, yes i am.  Ienjoyed looking into the discovery of catawba wine which for those who do not know, is singularly both fun as in inexpensive sorta sometimes and table special as in not overtly fancy at all.  however it does have one benefit hidden within it… catawba…the same red snack grape in the grocery store is as a wine perfect at shadowing the point where spice takes hold of your mouth and threatens a dark alley rumble that will likely contnue all the way through you… it shadows that note as in to say hides some of it.  out of sight smiles of brightness can continue onwards as out of sight?  …..out of mind.


well when i got to finally try it, I also tried some from stone hill winery of herman missouri a swift trip later.  I considered my favorite michigan winery St julian but was thinking after a taste profile that was dryier than Michigan lending a diabetic notes’ offerings.  so stone hill it was of hermann missouri.  – yes first this Kansas Talk and now MNISERY….MISSOURI? for wine?  well yeah actually Missouri probably saved France once upon a time as we too grow grape and thus have plants thus if theirs blight we can help get something in place for them… the world shouldn’t be without WINE.  is this TRUE?  probably i don’t care so no reference for YOU.

I thus with other offering have some catawba coming.

why then is this not the end of it and whoo carrrres about my shopping list anyways??  YOU do.  tourism is jobs people want and cash they need for easier and enjoyable at least work to live.  😀  even if your town is not going to rival the hooty folk any timne soon!   so what.

maybe you want to watch some grapes grow and stir a vat of booze instead of shovel sha poo poo or schlep some heavy junk to and from one corner of the universe and back.

andnow back to …parody coming I know it…..

Boooze River, ne’er brighter was your smile

a waking dream this while – ’til day

yes bartender, stir or shake your shake

just keep ’em flowing  copisously my way…


okay enough mnaking fun of Moon river and now back to the point. touring if not always in grand style, getting out and having fun.   Cartawba offers this  in that if you pay careful attention to what i said, it literally takes away the spicey note of hot foods to some degree.  SOME!  if you’re expecting to win the atomic lava wings eating championship and you know you’re a sissy wuss, the wine will not save you?!  if you’d like some wine is . romance with some backyard bbq?  come to the bottle!

now obviously i had to just special order at rape rate my stuff from out of state…right?  now I got mine in the six dollars and change a bottle with multiple bottles purchased discounts from

seriously, asside from the minor hassle of having to enter my name choose to be on a mailing list and or join a wine club… it isn’t that hard to click add to basket!  it is not available to everyone’s location i am sorry but you may try your luck.  I had that issue come up with my next purchase set where i got allll the way to pay for it screen and kicked out as it’s not available for shipment to my location?? are you freaking kidding me?? dang.  so promptly went out and got it somewhere where they lie better on their paperwork thabn that place!!! 😀   anyways do keep in mind some states prohibit shipping of booze to some degree to them and the cost for international orders and their customs may be beyond this company or any.  i don’t know i like my choice. I hope you too have a fun experience.


so a case including the above with a dry rose for mr has to have chicken mainly dietary reasons and some birthday action in a hopefully great white… that’s that.

now apple brandy.  i got some for the first time in twenty years it seems! woot!  some stuff i likely can’t open til the holidays as someone seriouslyly doesn’t need the stuff but oo lala, i LIKE apple brandy as in “applejack” not sewer water siren strong white lightning please gawd don’t. stay down awful made from apples satan fuel …not everything is good to me if you can’t tell.  I have picked “emons” so.  lets hope the novia scotian calvados is a tip my hat to Canada, along with my…burp..hat to norway…france..neworleans for the bitters and probably california for the vermouth….  i also got the stuff to get after a drink known as a ‘norwegian woods” which includes apple brandy  as in apple cider. brandy not apple flavor bullcrap.  yes my nose is at high tilt stay away birds on a mission i don’t need the doo dooing as you fly away target achieved!    apple brandy aquavit or whichever way you’d like it spelt, chartreuse sweet vermouth, and bitters … outght be an evil enough spcy apply sorta thing!    hot damn is chartreuse expensibe  but i did get a fancy yellow vep type- which means i can 😉 make a whole lot of spiked fancy french-ed up hot chocolates   screaming insensibly in higschool french…Jaune Chaud!  Jaune Chaud!! yellow hot,  yellow hot.

or the idea given 😉


the linie aquavit, jaune vep chartreuse, boulard xo calvados come with a taster of hennessey black so i can demonstrate that apple jack is in fact NOT brandy at all yet far smoother than say a bicardi belting. rum.


and thus if you wish to chase a czech egg, visit kansas and the made from scratch eatery next to my humble liquor store of exploration of finding smokey hill vineyard’s pink lady and it was good beatt out stone hill anyways but I have a reason to compromise in that i wanted a; the discount and be something smokey hill didn’t offer which is a wicked ice white in effect or late harvest…stuff went to raisins on the vine sweeter than all get out cojmparitively  if you know wine any and this is a vignoles not some german i can’t pronounce even if the winery is german and the town too very german.  and far fancier   take tour the link to it’s above or a picture of that big egg and a notation for made from scratch….

Wilson, KS – Worlds Largest Hand-Painted Czech Egg

Roadside America280 × 373Search by image

Worlds Largest Hand-Painted Czech Egg

Extra Credit if you hit up,  sorry doesn’t ship out of missouri – thus doesn’t list his excelling pecan wine or jalepeno murder either but 😉 here it is… get MOVING!  go jelly legs the miswest!


I still am haunted by hearing action music for hole-digging in Kansas…it was a horrying life experience that  science channel preview on history channel 2  oi i’s been ten years and it still hurts!  but fire up the music and get a move on! here?



fact checking

I went to account classes at Vocational schooling whilst in highschool – whish is a good thing as that allowed me to erase the semester of geometry i didn’t take! 😉 )  I often still have a black pen….etc etc . ad nausium.

however if you doubt me – i just spent a good hour fact checking my paychecks.  as this company has shift’s one two and three differentials and. holiday pay within those 3 as well for six so far and overtime!  exciting stuff I know!  the long and short of it is? oh there is. a shift differencial.  i advise one to be very cynacle instantly as  only on true federal holidays does one get much from it- pennies count but are you actually going to believe i should be suddenly wowed at making typically 3 dollars which doesn’t buy even a pack of smokes more and is obviously subject to taxation so after taxes actually doesn’t buy a sandwich a single on as ours are 2.99 and 3 minus 19% withholdings appropriate for me/my bracket is… well it’s close. to a sandwich but you might want to work a second holiday or two ;).. but in all fairness, i do see i get paid double to work holidays of the federal legal kind with appropriate shift bonuses atop it and all.


or, as you can see, i wanted to know what i paid to work the junk shifts.  I’m not dumb i have some everyone tends sometime in life to get junk of some kind better it be livable for one junk 😀 lol  but laugh with me as I can’t even look forward to a  sandwich extra if i apply the old model of out of the blue/holiday splurgings…. hahaha.  but i learned long ago I can mention this cynacly to some and most forget that i’m equally grateful as it was this or NO job. and thus 😉 hint. 😀 would you like fries with that?…said with a smile that just drips 😀


all in the way you see it

I should put up a big picture of All brand Laundry detergent! just for the PUN of it….  but perception is the name of this bunch of bloviations following.

I set out in hopes of shiny love-and snaps fingers that did not come out as planned me you the rest of the world moving on swiftly as geology blah blah.  now in that i found out i could buy a real home!  SWEET! I applied and househunted selecting a shot and had the usual bog of paperwork and or delays…blah moving along.  Ieven worried at the end of that process for now that it might have happened! woot! but as sometimes occurs ;0 it did not and such is…cliche time… for the best. 😉  (blah, moving along.)  so I chose to pause and whilst paying off high balance debts to save toward this the correct way s and thus have a better shot….next time.  (the first jerkwad that brings up correctly a bird in hand is worth TWO in the bush is going to get cactus powder all in their underwear drawer and other such highly pointed “” wishes and or feelings out of me.)  I really do wish you didn’t have to have this paragraph either as it is exposition and thus somewhat deuce boring… so 😉  blah?  moving on?  you may already have but finally so shall I!


I just paid the offical last pennies zeroing out my largest balance as i was unaware of the two moment coming where there is?  more owed than what’s shown! oo. thrill.  so paying those interests to date and the then whole expected to make that month based on how interest is legally calculated, i paid it truly off!-  I know this seems silly but i had and have the same available now as i did? 3 weeks ago excepting now i have also zero owed on that big account and …

Offered some realistic insight via a simulation of choices what to expect…. which is my choice was in fact guttless and probably foolish to boot, i could have risked more… thanks karma!  i feel like a winner now.  anyways blah moving on… the point is i can and have made moves not to slash the big balances left all at once as the overall and i mean that of all balances each and all high count not just oneh igh most paid off- which still, is a ding on the credit 😉 as if i did nothing! despite doing so much!  so I paid towards lower my remining towo as such ultimately gives me a chance to pay them both closer to zero and  then off also preserving much of my not quite enough to achieve all points of progress instantly.means.

or after fifteen years one more credit card I still have a few spells left to go to magically overnight be some quite kind of sucess!  however, i do work on it and as intelligently as i know how to- and by actually doing not hoping too.  none of this selena i’ll be dreaming of you tonight til tomorrow’ which never comes cuss my life!  I think I got the words quite wrong there but 😀 i tend to do that.  on purpose.

now, perception says it feels like i just achieved some computer clicks and whee yet another week til payday not quite but feeling it lesser of the tickened wallet…. or i’ll be celebrating life with a wallet wide empty- anyone for some tea, a kindly pal sent me some 🙂  i made a mean for your diet chili dog.  I am actually fairly happy ;D    but the point is perception

it may not seem like i did mucdh of anything at all but in reality i moved forward increasing my chances despite how it also can look like I seriously lummxed them toally up too!  this is okay!  i really will survive with a smile and a wink.  i do the best i know how to.  not everything works out according to hoyle for me.  but in a way i’m free to jaunt down the street tomorrow for nothing but ug another wipe out of a walk it’s hot and steamy here and saturday’s strole made sunday suck i was dehydrated as all get out and off on sugar too. yikes –  swimm that poool1   it’s called walking not in memphis ten feet off a buelle street that is but utterly exhausted.    so that tea is likely not beer which any smart soul knows this boy doesn’t need at all!  but 😉

perception.  it’s alll in a wink and smiled bit of happiness.   I’m yet again a few clicks closer. not just to magic likely not dreams come true but all along the way a bit more useful each and every day.