blather with picture links 2

I got the couch, the end tables, the 2 4-drawer dressers – leaving the coffee table, the4pack with stand standard wood tv trays. the 1 or 2 gallon recycled paint – black from green scene as it’s 2x bucks versus sixty something a gallon otherwise 30 on discount, call the sears repair people as my washer is already fixed…. I’ll also need to get a bed going soon but I keep getting the notion I’ll have to have two… whatever, but best of all is this blather with pictures #2! wherein I went to the computer superstore. 

32 gb solid state sandisk brand hard driver

3 us\b hub not powered hub HUB, to extend my usb on the raspberry pi,

dvd – r  blacks 25 pack. 16x or just a pack of cheapies.

proper fitting raspberry pi case.

this is to fix my old laptop which the young man expects is 65 total to put windows 7, and a dual bootable ubuntu to the drive. thus as it’s solid state vibrations shouldn’t be a problem but better than this it’s 3x faster load or about 15-20 seconds versus a minute.  why toss a workable machine?  it still pisses me off that it’s 500 and counting on a cheap laptop but whatever I paid for it might wish to enjoy MY property.

the raspberry pi computer has a case that is allows it to hand from the rear of a television.  I need only a functioning OS which is hopefully able to run the silverlight or NETFLIX access or hulu or etc.  this weighs next to nothing compared even with my laptop. this leaves me free to leave a working machine for internetting interesting  educational information.  I have to leave it free to NOT be foul naughtiness capable or lock log such shite that’s MY responsibility ;). 

I’d love to not LUG crap everywhere.

so  – now for a tomato beer. 🙂


blather with pictures….liniks

at ninty-nine something pretax, this is not quite a five foot long sofa sleeper slash futon.  the current offering is leather look shiny vinyl which is one more factor why I watch it and a twin.  why?”: I’m the limit flat with out pillow thus do not under estimate the lack of length / confort factor as in I’m serious about not offering too much comfort .  I note that the vinyl is also purposefull, do you know how much dog hair I have to get after… it’s like a daily attack from hair hooligans mated with dust bunnies from hell… vinyle like shiny lether which i cant afford is repairable either with a strip of duct tape and or those liquid lether kits.  I’m not saying it’ll look nice forever just that it’ll wipe cleaner and faster than a sofa forever sat on and dog-haired to death of the fabrique far tireder loolking than the maintainer! 

now that we’ve an overcast sky threatening rain and no one home with a vehicles free, let’s discuss the next irritant, new couch means what about the old couch?  here we go another dumpster talk  now again it’s annoying to consider another bout of dumpster-tossing as I h ave to pay full this time as there isn’t any more housefund free for such a project.  and how annoying is it to see the finalizing price tag on upgrading from one level to another and snobbishly knowing it’s k-mart sheek no less.   all said it’s 1500 in appliances to have just upgraded one place to have a dishwasher.  it’s going to be 600 in throwing everyone’s bullshit away/donating whatever is still left donatable. and worse, knowing right up front most of what’s doin is just having an internal fit about not storing yet more trash or stuff I cant clean or carry but with just a little more twist my arm of guilt did actuall cost about as much as the step down technically in furniture values I’m making in favor of stuff that’s easier to maintain with one long hair cat and one perpetual fuzz ball which by technicality is a light shedding canine!    stuff that with wood floors I can move to get after the lurking hair of the dust that bite me.  not kidding this is a lot of work and expense mainly because someone else chose for me and left it in favore of what a hassle to take this piece of shit.  I always did dislike the tash having to be my main chore in this life but it seems it’s a circular life thing heheheheheh and I’m just NO, I’m mad as hell and I wont take it no more!  I’m not everyone’s dumpyard and aww I’m sorry I can live knowing I can’t move anything as  it’s  really this simple I’m left often considering the small car move with furniture? oi.  I have elderrly movers often and thus thrill I b est be after stuff I can carry … I know this seems far reaching and not very thrifty now, but my brother cant lift 30 or more pounds safely with anyone else.  my sister lives finally on the far side of the moon and thus mom is elderly. my main big friend diving is a sports car owner so lol. the nice neiborguy cant actually lift safely as he’s a progfound life ooccurance injury but has a mini truck. so this leaves mom with a car with a fold down back seat and mom is finally last generations retirement age…hmn probably not a wise plan to let her help mich.  so because it’s alllll this raging bs of thought  I’ll just say it’s time to knick a ride and go buy it because it’s a good deal and get that dumpster rental going on my big payday and laugh lol.  the only opinion mattering is mine with my money.  I lwant more reasonable things not for just ascetics but easier disposal and or removal lol.  wrong? probably wasteful twice probably but bugger that, wait til you move next and appreciate the less arduous nature of nicer lighter things.  plus I get a laugh out of the made in vietnam box origins lol…. didn’t we boycott them and cuba excepting cigars?  we might have one this or that ultimate battle but we surely lost the war of ideology.  just as I know I’ll not win the support of blowing cash, but I’ll win that war on not having things I cant use clean or move appropriately.  this world is all about looks and function , such costs people wag about that if it’s not easily absorbed but such is how it goes have and do.  or cry and people say shut up get a job.


now the chairs problem is amusing as I expect a recliner and a simpler chair ottoman to round out proper seating for four.  it’s a one bedroom appartment four is pleanty.    tI have a little two shelf hang on a stud media stuffs and a tv hanger to place on what has to be painted… the wall to this furniture black  that ‘is the aestetic point to the splash wall to save serious space  of my entry and and get rid of old word set a 36″ tube television upon it … I meant this space waste is retarded.  this leaves only my shelf to be fully assemble into the nearly double shelf it was meant to be and tie said to the wall by means of proper anchoring. and thus have enough touch up paint to pull this down and or repair some scratchies.  it’s actually fairly neutral as color schemes go and not to hard to alter to another’s choices.  within a cheap budget.  thus we’re talking arm chair recliners I am oscilating between the glider type with ottoman which ultimately will need a pillow or two in the long term longevity  but are light and easy wipe.  versus a reclining chair  which with side and accent tables looks better than a full on reclinerlounger which bespeaks ultimate comfort and get the hell off it dog…it’s mine!  the reason for this oscilationg is that chairs gliders are light yes but can look chintzy fast especially if one needs a throwpillow armada to consider getting comfortable after two sittings… throw pillows invite naughty doggin.  moster recliners bespeak the same  in cost between accent throw pillows and such yet are cumbersome to move and because of the arms are just a perfect fit for a curling up dog doggin it about the house.  I know this seems odd but my brother’s dog and the roommates dog live pretty much at my house I will always be the animal magnet damn it.  this is all fine but for the only one affordable consideration and if dogs get comfy they spring up and bark at the window or do what kid’s do, jump on mom and dad’s bed til they kill the bed or themselves…due to my sight and comfort this placement would require me to leave it by the window that is the main play window for the dog who would thus more powerfully abuse it more places…he just doesn’t care!  what a dog.  this is where the chintz is usefull because go ahead knock the chair over barking like a devil at the nice oldlady or skteboard kid… teach your dog arse to not like my house for that purpose… cruel aint I?

the end table is up for grabs but the coffee table is a must as I know things get set down. and a floor full of beer to be tipped over just is dumb as I don’t want to clean that constantly up and howl at the dog who doesn’t care.

so here’s some links to the ideas.

the coffee table must have layers for liquids to be entirely away from expensive electronics atop it or just more space for pizza. the wicker boxes seem to add fast hiding but also reinforce the black and tan look and colorscheme of the house as proposed.

chair two is a fine simple reading chair with recline  i like.

the “number one” chair idea one  as who doesn’t  have that male dream of jus t the right chair. and that dickish voiced, “get out of my chair” saying because hey I’m KING of this joint.

option type number one chair version two.  this is what I mean by having a way of looking chintz over time especially if it requires an armada of throw pillows to be comfy.  I like it best but it just doesn’t scream useful reading lounge chair like chair number two not option two chair number two as I’d need two chairs.

well if I get off my ass and go buying this lol I’ll own it.  if not I’ll miss the sale and get nothing done but a long winded first good apartment furnityre blog 😉



my computer is due for me to buy the harddrive after i said no freaking more! tomorrow as a different type of drive, a solidstate one which is less prone to touchy mc no-work0no-more problems should be lessened.  I know, why fine nomenclature!  Ihave a paint house project of a splashwall which while now is dumb to try as in everything tells me I’m choosing in a way with long ter consequences 😉 yet, I must, it’s core to my dreams.  I just tested my arrived thought it wouldn’t raspberry pi computer….I am upfront not able to run a variety of internet dealy-bobs critical to my personal experience, but they’re not entirely unresolvable..  What is to follow is more on these topics Undead as is my love affairs and “minor” projects.


By Minor Projectss I mean simply I am a steward of my health and my last appearance at judgement day was damnation again with 2xx over 12x something bp and i felt as usual fine if pushing it a touch.  i.e. I was a bit tired and reading wasn’t particularly easy…yet before you scream check your sugar, that wasn’t really off.  the jury of my own opinion versus medical science is coming tomorrow.  my last a1c or three month basic window on sugars was 16 and I was dying for energy hated my job and life and was sick twice through that period… this last period I showed 134 mg/dl sugars AFTER the fullest impact of eating 3 hrs in was at hand and prior to this check I hadn’t seen a one hundred anything unless I was crashing violently praying a few kindly words like I love you as in me and you’ll be all right…again with the the fine words of literary impact… to get myself through a bath door open so finding me wouldn’t be even a challenge.  so as i say, I don’t expect 7’s or under which is reasonably controlled, but i do think i ‘d earned at least 10’s which is significant proof of my sugar resolve so to speak which hadn’t entirely failed by blood-draw.  of course I had about a cherynoble of a perspective breakdown serving up slow braised ribs which was me snappish and then later despondant of hope – where are you nearest cliff?  this is easily explained by I started up my meds in prep for doctoring.  one is levothyroxine or thyroid hormone and when that is low to non-existant – ooo cliff come to me baby.   proof it’s not i did wrong however I feel is a simple logic test of whether i invent my guilt or it’s previous to the feeling.  I was well after this feeling before I figured my love affair I would hope do not test that hope against reality please, was useless 3 years down the drowning swirly.  interesting non-me proof is that while I’ve legit concerns on that subject, i am cared for and about…perhaps not to my fantasy’s delight, but proovably so.  However the point of minor as in impact i can make is the point.  I can’t do very much about failing kidneys other than to enjoy the life i choose with mine and hope i’ve proven i can borrow another’s.  Ican not stem the flow so far of diabetes/age.  this doesn’t mean I haven’t seen another gain, by eating peanuts I swear! bible stacks! I reversed overnight instantly the sugar problem but lol unfortunately it didn’t last.  I’m only a week into needing 12 hours of rest so that’s why i think I’ve a prayer at that 10’s a1c.  maybe.


work?  well if you follow, I work on charming 3 year olds… cranky old fuckers three year olds.  i cuss on deliberate purpose.  they’re bored and pissed, they must choose against this as otherwise i sing and dance only so much.  I have not made it in to make a flag of pipecleaners and I’ve til monday to reveal this demonstrations to see it highlighted in our july puplic party things.  nevermind the actual activity is opening through mid july… timing is my line of work.  maybe this idea is just that kind of neat.  i’ll find out when i arrive to see nothing scheduled for it nor anything more done on it to know it’s place is the usual you’re so CREATOVE! which in passive agreesive is stop thinking idiot you’re not any good at it.


I’ve my east facing wall of my place to paint as a splash wall in my main space and my bedroom  as well entirely black of with art of a silhoette dutones stop humming kenny g immediately! type of approach.  I plann on procurring the two not one sofas sleeper/futon letherette style affairs tomorrow along with two 4 draw 3 ftt high dressers also motor oile coffee colored.  these all only the problem of disposing of my current couch as in here weeee go ooo dumpster  here wee go.  as if this is the first time! heh. not. and I did point out the great health evaporated and thus I’m back to normal… too damn tired to do much for long…ically storong enought to pedle up a very steep hill without stoppping even at turtle pace.  I’m ready to put this splash wall up with the japanese flag on this eastern wall in black and tan…beer reference….cant be helped even if I didn’t actually like it.. black is the boldest I’ll be allowed in a two tone scheme.  this with matching letherette furniture is for to allow a wash cloth wipe down of pet yuck and hairs to allow me a shot at a cleaner home when I cant nuclear bomb the pets out of my life fucky you yuou disgusting creatures with no human cleanliness standards! habits.  don’t get me wrong I bought my cat food today.. I was sad i did it late making kitty suffer a delay… but I tried a petco mbut happy I’m hystop in and was surprisedx they don’t carry that brand. then got mean and drunk making ribs so didn’t walk for not just my safety but other’s peace and my laziness to the walgreens in time…not becasusecause I well….forgot.  what a surprise I’m not a mental allstar on sauce.




other than this, not much is new as per usual.  I oscilate between the lower ebb of health facing just in time the worst of my work season this year. 😉  I follow the idiom that you have shit to do…you do not have pity from anyonawww I’mmm sooo sorry but wait till you try calling ie so get to work… oh they’ll all say n sick before their vacation.  just watch how fast you’re fucking up their lives how rude. lazy liar is the words not aww poor sick baby 😀  I actually funnily legitimately am.  I’m hos until I’m there who cares and even then what a grandstanding jackass I’d bunwell again now. but hmphpitalizably e purposefully lying up some ill health for to get out of work.


well anyways, you can see the touch of the blues remains haunting but never you fear, I did something over due.   I bought a coffee maker.  I haven’t had more that one day’s coffee real style in a long time as that fucking cool but useless waste of a mr coffee as in bargain brand keurig broke months ago.  I chose not to get the silly ass warranty.  yet another bargain I bought! 😀 😉  and don’t you worry, I will get over myself.  wether I get a date or love affair or wife or none of the above.  it seems just being a bit of a selfish assshole isn’t a stand out color of my    peacocky plumage so vastly different from anyone else also looking to charm. so 😀  lets see if I get the houseing, the job the lifestyle, the better luck in the kitchen back and then be thuroughly astounded girls get enough lying tjbu;;sjoteru tp biu ,u mpt sp s[ecoa;;u mew bramd therewith.  but,

in any even, I’m undead. as in not dead but not exactly at full living vibrancy.


bait and switch part whatever…

so it’s dark and nasty out.  I’m hungry. there is things to make but as is usual, I’m in a grab’n’go mode.  I’ve a rare gift of cash in hand and start the agony of decision…what to holler after?  I choose Chinese as that just sounds delightful after passing it on the holler with I swear I carry a card saying I cant see – what the hell is your excuse, Driver?… only to find it a different day.  and? I can’t bring myself to call.  I mean REALLY….how to fall flat dead before the goal line.

There goes a plate of the finest hot eggrolls to munch.  there goes the sumptuous Hot and Sour Soup. Definitely no chicken and black pepper sauce.  And Twice cooked Pork is but a dream.  I feel like I should be stoned with stale cream cheese wontons.  BOOOO!

So instead of popping open another can of ye old suds, I did something drastic by way of salvation.  I gathered up things I’d had other plans for and put the whomp on them in a jar. 

oddly, despite knowing it’ll be good….eventually…I am not starting out jumping up and down touting my culinary brilliance.  this one is purely on faith that what voodoo I doo will come out good for me and you.

8 lbs rack babyback ribs nearly thawed.

2lbs yellow raisens

sambal oelek about 6oz

3 caps of Japanese soy

2 tablespoons dry mince relatively fresh garlic.

41 drops of aromatic bitters.

2.75 pints of Guiness…some jerk left last nights can in the fridge

20 oz. water

8oz can tomato sauce.

Pepper -fresh ground to taste

350 F preheated oven, covered for well more than half the cooking time.


I blended the sauce of red pepper, yelow raisens, yellow garlic, black bitters and dark black soy into the tomato sauce…. this is pours over the soyed and peppered ribs with beer poured alongside and water to make some form of level.  this is tented in foil and place into the preheated oven.  as the ribs are icy thawing and the temp’s low, this might take upwards of an hour to come to a slow boil in the oven but remember this is down”” about 7-8 tonight so I’m in no particular hurry.  Hell, I might even paint the sauce/braise onto these and grill them for to say they’re grilled.


what would you call them?

sweet beer, sweet raisens, bitter bitters, bitter hoppy tones beer,  red yelow and black… hmn that last is a current german flag.  guess we just sorted out the Done up Duetsch ribs.  marinated grilled asparagus if I don’t lazy up with a splash of the braise into the packet gravy with insta-mash ala far too much garlic if this makes proper meal status.

tomato raisen is a base for steak sauce…for the record.  as this is pork not beef, I’m not remotely concerned about the fflavors melding later versus upfront.  and let’s just hope I don’t take my sadness from the no more beer out on the glug of wine. 😉


sweep the house? get yelled at.

I sweep the house and I get yelled at.  why, why din;t I call the repair person over a $125 washer?  because, it’s $60   or more of my money if i CALL- to what, put + $175 into a $125 machine?  f- that.  especially since3 it’s not capable of washing what is being washed queen sized blacket/comforters thruough.  nevermind obviousnesses I live with idiot males who would never know how to do their woman’s work if they paid cash for it.  they do not want to know.  they  do not want to read a manual.  my washer is sitting with standing water six months perchased fairly new broken because it isn’t a shovel and start machine.  I  just investigated a shovevel and start machine it’s 1400 dollars delivered 5 year warranty.  however, I haven’t any reason to expect to provide thise  under the current lack of respect.  but  why didn’t I call over yoiur pice of shit not adequate machine on my dime whoopie maybe I’ll be reimbursed soon enouygh for it??  I’m buying a poroper washer as I bought a proper stove.  I’m not playing this better fuck me over later cheap ass games.  I will reinburse the launderers upon reciept of spent money and basic taxi agreements. that is it. f this cheap ass noise. this place promises premium living and that is what it  is getting.




this is a small diagram with no hope for you to get to read the materials list and such of an idea to make a flag of rings from dyed pipe-cleaners. this design uses the legal ratios as set forth from within the bounds of simplicity of materials and skills to have some fun. once size of ring is set – mine is approximately 2inch rings I can as you can develop the methodology of finals dimensions which for me is 26 x 50 height to length. there are approximately 70 blue rings 10 x 14, 140/2 70. and 7 of the stripes of which 4 are red and 3 white are thus shortened from full fly length of 25 rings down to 15 rings… thus 60 red rings and 45 white. the six remaining full length stripes 3 red 3 white are thus zdding 150 total more rings 75 red and 75 white. thus 135 rings will be dyed cherry koolaid red, and 70 koolaid blue-razz. pipe cleaners total 70,60,45,75,75 is 325 two inch rings. or 32 a packet eleven packets pipecleaners in this area 1.69 a packet $18, one packet red koolaid and one packet blue ~ $1 set of chopsticks free with story to chinese place or grab set with dinner, flieclamp to hold chopsticks together to allow the less dextrous to twist together ring gratis with great story to office manager or ~ $2 a pack at office place of which you’ll give remaining to happier office manager 😉 empty tube of toilet tissue roll for form… ~ $1 discard tp. this can employ many for short bursts who’ve no idea or interest in the grand outcome but are bored enough to help. this tests dexterity and sequence. the tail ends can be tucked into the circle later as can the rings be undone to interlock them into final design which may be beyond 3 year old capacities… thus handled by the program runner. if toilet tissue tube is too short for anchoring, use paper towel tube which can be held by persons legs or helper – it is also roughly a dollar. Joshua Seyfarth Activities Assistant 2014


Pi – Eyed

I bought my replacement system.  Computer.  I bought a Raspberry Pi.  it didn’t cost no $35 bucks.  It Cost $159,xx  WHY?  Because I had very little to make it work. 

The following is the system and something about WHY:

raspberry pie model b. $36.90 – the heart and soul of what I get computer bits-wise.

Gun stock – laser-cut case.  -$10  Birchwood stained old and allows this card to last more than 5 minutes.

Rii ? Wireless Keyboard with trackpad. $18? – because I want to sit more than two feet away using monitor on wall but for the blind if you ever thing bigger is all that’s required, you’re wrong. 

Black: Powered usb hub 2.4amp across two things and overall 35 watts.  – I need the multiple outlets to charge my phone and run the computer and perhaps have room to run things. $14

Black retractable usb 3:1 cords…  – you should note that the mini / micro usb a/b and apple (not required) :   micro / mini a/ is the computer’s power and a variety of phones and cameras as well as a printer or two.  X3 $9

Articulated /tilting wall mount 88/lbs – $25 – this hangs either the 47 inch tv I bought last year or the 32 earlier this year to the wall.  I may swipe MY tv back and have the refuge home have the good stuff…but I am due out november back to a regular room so whatever.  it hangs MOST mid-siZed flatscreens.

Wall mount twin black shelf.  this leaves room for the puter and the probably rest of basic electronics. $29

usb wireless doo hickey $9.  this is good for a/b/g/n meaning it should work on the system in place, and; is good in linux, windows and mac so should work.

black 6 ft hdmi cable $5 – to see what I got!

there is a bugger of a $5 shipping overcharge when allllll should be above the $35 limit BUT I wont sign up for amazon prime just yet and thus, boo, I pay more and may wait a whole month for ALL my bits.


this leaves me to get my splash wall painted black.  hang the shelf and tv.  move the electric from behind my stove to run a plug for kitchenry and a proper over range microwave…black….for to have a nightlight.  to have a stinky fumes fan… and finally a microwave popcorn option in MY space… $175 splash wall with paints…. maybe I can sneak in the sunroom too. $85 plus a good beer and materials for the moving of the outlet floodgetr level behind stove in MIL MY place to facilitate microwave and plug in gadgets – done by licensed electrician.  and $255 for built in microwave with 3 year warranty.  this denies the need for a safety measure of a stop block for the sunroom entry to MIL which should be an Extra good beer and materieals or $15.

this allows me to upgrade my current space to USABLE. and also leave room to get the major next project of buildinding out the bump-out of the main home to be a refrigerator bay with refrigerator…with ICE MAKER DAMN IT. in black which is in keeping with what I can afford and move the symetry and functionaity of my home…. with transferable warranty if we don’t want to try towards rent to own…. or if we do, 5 years to get it paid and have garunteed working NEW good looking affordable… 😉 stuff.  the fridge progect is 1700 fridge/ 300 ice-marker’s / box redo install.  and unfortunately, about 800 in warranty/delivery. 

now, I don’t want MY place to suffer but if it gets no attention its a personal letdown.  if I blow every cent on the main house well I’m stuck in a shit-hole by comparison.  I wish to

washer, front loading with delivery/warranty/pedistal matching dryer = $2400, as well so as to get comforter cleaning 2x loads otherwise done.  

I also wish a common black fridge and electric range WITH self cleaning AND convection fan! for MIL space MY current space within the home. 800 fridge, 600 range 200 delivered/ 400 insured over time.

these are my HOPES within the reality I haven’t that means just yet nor thesed means to pay out if not immediately reinbursed.   I know, yes, I know; I’ve this coming as it’s rediculous to assume I’ll stay in fearful poverty because of just that FEAR.  But, common sense over time says I’ll be working this job madly til february  with no vacation no hope for love or sex or nothing ME that isn’t stolen or appropriated for others if I madly follow this thread of course.  so,  I wait.  I dream.  just like you.


well well

Linux mint 17 now boots from usb with wireless and basic videocodec (the non free ones required for old stored movies/clips) it required the annoyance of avlinux first oddly as such came with a working usb key making utility.  so all that foul whining about damnthat debian seem a tad overblownn.  the remains are tranfering old/new clips for work activities and permanant installation to hard drive so I can have my key for raspberry pipurchasing.  I am not good even, but I am determined and just lucky enough not to have given up. go me.




I did up the let-down of puroosing subjects in a bit more critical depth and now for the pulses I also was fingering just the right ideas to do up.

I have an interest in some orange lentils.  I have noted that they’re outer skin removed black pulses or dahl and are likely to be a tad more given to falling into a mush/puree on cooking which is fine for stew.  I also have some typical blue/green kind and a hamhock package.

epicurious offers up the idea curried but not the fancier kind so much but “simpler” which youll note doesn’t seem so simple when the ingredient list is as long as it is.

  • 1 medium onion, finely chopped
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1 tablespoon finely chopped peeled fresh ginger
  • 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground coriander
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 (2 1/2-inch) fresh jalapeño or serrano chile, finely chopped, including seeds
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 1/2 cups dried red lentils (10 oz)
  • 1 (13- to 14-oz) can unsweetened coconut milk
  • 1 lb zucchini (2 medium), cut into 1/4-inch dice
  • 1 cup loosely packed fresh cilantro sprigs
  • Accompaniment: white rice


the advantage of this offering is simple enough, I bought the coconut milk and have cilantro aplenty ala the garden.  I’m sure to have corriader and and cumin dry spice etc pretty much the list minus the tumeric and zucchini. and perhaps the ginger.

the other idea is a simpler soup/stew  of ham hock onion soy worcestershire sauce lentil and s and p.  I lack the stock bones presently of beef origin but have soon enough a rack of baby back ribs which can have the bones cooked  to falling out of the meat easy enough I’ve done that 🙂  then bake off and boil again for even more delightful uses.

as I pointed out earlier, I’m a bit thin on enthusiasm for either dish at this instant present.  probably because I didn’t spot the lentils with potato idea I thought should be out there, learned the black is the orange/red lentil ultimately lol just as brown rice is white rice too 😀 and this pall of a feeling there isn’t anything new under the sun…. I should point out ironically it’s overcast at the moment…as is my mood.

the phone charges but it’s now so late in the day I doubt that probably works from home lady biller of my doctor is open as it’s suspcious she returns no calls after 2:30p school days which it is summer so I still hope.  but lol, woo ie, I had so much more hope for today than the sour stomach I got with the rare coffee of a pot brewed up not instant.  I saw the dawn as I was remembering the poetic feel of the day before only to feel almost mocking it and the entire day as disney pap.  and bummed out I neglect the rum in the morning coffee which turns out to be a good thing considering the outcome of the coffee experience would have been far more tragic with the addition of the alcohol blues…but still, damn it, it sounded good and then turned out to fizzle… that’s so far how today goes.  that’s just my finger on the pulse of it.

in some justified notion of fairness I enjoyed plenty of time with my favorite internet chase, I did get to reading and investigating many things I’d not known or forgotten and did find out stuff I didn’t know.  I also enjoyed plenty of day-dreamy visions that could have led to stains….you can take it for granted I mean 😉 recipe investigation… but I bet you wont buy that for a new york minute.


the boring puroosals

I’m further investigating as in well past topical to semi-factual and/or provable fact upon these two subject sets:


colonial economy.

Here is why it is not elevating – and thus boring – Its grand fun to here scandal…gossip…and get no further than the stain of wine go sip impolies…. FOR SHAME! on whoev er…  it is not fun to weigh and decide fate and or justice. which implies obligation or duty to be damned careful or fully grey about right/good and wrong/bad whenmuch goo comes of inherantly rotten themes/paths/choices.  

FreeMasonry… liken it’s later membership to that of guilds or trade unions and skip the notions of ritual long divorced from any actual religiousity in particular.  is it common for a trade union to boost its offerings to betterment?  no, it”s somewhat vital to the point.  Why am I picking thus on masons? I have “the brotherhood” by Stephen Knight is it? on lazy thumb-through and we’re on the crime of common scale of abuse of local influence generally not the high profile yahoo.  I consider again the advice I was given to join a professional society upon leaving college which is to mean degreed which doesn’t at present seem likely or upon gain a stable job which possibility for advancement…otherwise known as a career…which I seem to have and I’m simply interested in the mechanics of a choice with a fundamental impact…putting my efforts or good fortunes towards any one source of favoritism .  I’m far more interested in Lionism than freemasonry even if there is some room for my connecting in a hospitally sort of way to shriners – I fit the underlying cause of Lionism and have more of a life impact within their spheres due to being blind not burn.  but liken this feeling of a larger network wanted to something as simple as a pragmatic reason to returning to active public faith in any “religion” – as to be fair it’s six of one or a half dozen of the other. formal secular unionism seems pathetic outmoded and weak at present.

I know at my core heart I’m only of such use and promotion as I relate to my own use and that to others.  thus interestingly I’m favored to be of use and offer short term for me ways to turn a buck for others and or replace myself in the long term now which satisf\ies my honour of commitment a part of a new world of use / value to me of me.  I can actually be counted upon far more than before. I’m dumb enough to try to behave without cynacism and truly believe in this awesome responsibility stuff.  okay, I’m a little cynacle.


the other color to this search of information is not surprisingly blue as in seemingly opposite of the red of conservatism in the way of indigo’s blue liberism.  is it true that eliza lucas helped make indigo a cash crop of south carolina not quite surpassing rice but an indispensable part of our nation’s history?… why yes. yes she did   it isn’t a surprise that both dyes red and blue are principally available from the americas after eliza did her green-thumbing.  the red isn’t red or red lake 40 as in the stuff of m and m’s candy colorants it is however red #4 and thus in use for cosmetics and even food – best example I can find is coloring soy based sushi wrappers pinkish/red… it is no bueno to jewish and muslim dietary law thus eliminates wide=spread marketing to those cultures thus about 1/3 of the world… business folk tend to try to keep markets open not close them….

but again having looked this stuff up it’s not as commonly found in food this ew you’re eating crushed bugs!   nor is this supposed fantasy that because of one person eliza lucas do we have to thank for our nation’s boys in the blue versus them mangy red coats.  such is far too simple just as is the story given a hundred years after the fact that betsy ross was our original flag maker when at best she may have simpllified only the six pointed star down to that of an easier five-pointed one….at best mind you…that’s if she touched our early flags as a creator at all…its very obvious she made flags – don’t get that poortion of the facts wrong!   but in general the price of commodities gets tedious over time… be that tobacco prices which went to pot…well not entirely to marijuanna but largely didn’t rise much from the civil war from the records I’ve seen but the civil war does bring out one neat point that one of the later acts of abraham lincon was to make of removing english made wool bunting to be used in our flags of the usa….it’s rather amusing to think for nearly a hundred years even our flag was english derived….yet we were so proudly independant 😉  but moving along

not much of this is very newsworthy that oh wow the masons might exert inflence and nepotistic tendencies.  nor is it surprising that indigo which is a blue pigment is similar to woad which is also a more old world pigment of the same family- and holy jeez neeto the indigo family is like legumes  that include in family that of green beans! which are a nourishing thing for soil.  I’m not spotting anything ground breakingly earth-shattering, just heh, whoopie. I’m not surprised some souther states  not state state;s colleges have blue uniforms. wooooooowie fantastic stuff that.  so is wow you can make our flag out of naturally derived colors of red from conchineal bugs powdered and indigo’s blue denim blue….and gee golly how well I know the influence of how great our family in the past turns out not likely to be on inspection…I’m used to the feeling of let down by trumped up claims….hence how boring the masons might be good for some but in horrid reality not really good for all the masses but a weeknight reason to escape home and work for fraternity with a better purpose than plain old pubbin’ it….business.  with drinks aplenty…oh god did i see an elks party and even a masonic one or two and nevermind I have and didn’t then have any clue to the significance of them but wow did the booze pour in copious rivers.    


why the big interest in southern colonial trade or pro groups especially?  duh, I have to fill tiime at work with credible crap of a fluff nature but dismissive as it can be serious, I would like the occassional bombshell.  today so far hasn’t produced a holy wow past sarcastic proportions.