A Hexin’ we Will Go

Take two of the following things

a Pelmeni pan/form.

*note the very hexagonal form 😛  HEX

And, now a game called Catan;

*note the hexagonal motif here as well.

Now, I have to ask you  is this a Rush tune, Roll The Bones or Road Of bones?, after the Pelmeni’s origins?

or, (extremely long intro)

If you are Clueless to Pelmeni?

If you are Clueless to Road of Bones

If you are Clueless to Catan

If you Can not understand the deep hex note point here:  I’m the oldest player thus by biblical joke – the first shall be last, go first…this is quite the HEX – there is not one game I’ve came in above dead last 😀  CUSS!

Anyways, I hope you leave here thinking delicious dumplings andenjoyable diversions…or to be fair, CAH TAN should c sound as SAH TAN *SATAN  such evil luck it is. 😛  up for a beer *yes, still dry, dag nabbit- so make mine oh no frill or thrills O’Doull’s  😛 *  and let’s shovel up a bowl of Pelmenis and you go first at SATAN. 😛  A Hexin’ We will go…in you best Christmas is DEAD warbles now!!  Ahexin’ We Will Go, A Hexin’ We Will GO -I’ll rob everything you need lucky seven whoopie!  A hexin’ We Will GO. 😛




Because I just woke up – therefor am finding it harder than usual to LIE.
1. Who are you named after? – Apparently Mom threw the book my way picking both oOld Testament AND New testament names to ensure Pork consumption and faith would follow.

2. Last time you cried? – I’m not writing Poetry so I can not admit to this without plucking a nose hair by Male Laws.

3. Do you like your handwriting? – Once in a while I believe my mirror-said lies, so yeah.

4. What is your favorite lunch meat? – I feel compelled by higher powers to remind you all it is supposed to be L U N C H E O N – just as Deli is Delicatessen and so said with a nose approaching a tilt of haughtiness that places me in danger of sniffing bird poop from the sky,  duh, Corned Beef…. followed by Hard Salami.

5. Do you have kids? – no.

6. Do you use sarcasm? – if looks could kill….

7. Do you still have your tonsils? – Yes

8. Would you bungee jump? – I’m  a stick in the mud as exciting goes but not because i was actually exciting.

9. What is your favorite kind of cereal? – Frosted Mini Wheats

10. Do you untie your shoes when you take your shoes off? – This another one of those look at my heels questions – if I am stylish and mooning you because my pants are appropriately draping my shoes, you can’t tell.  You’d have other things to inspect.

11. Do you think you’re strong? – There are more plausible ways to inflate my ego.

12. What is your favorite ice cream? – Pistachio

13. What is the first thing you notice about someone? – There are more plausible ways to deflate my ego.

14. Football or Baseball? – By experiences, basketball is far more fun to endure in a stadium/arena than football yet basketball fails to convey the  deep seeded joy or devastation of football upon television viewing– when considering  either, it’s really not whether one is better it’s who gives a crap to cheer during it so as to make the company and experience meaningful.

15. What is the least favorite thing you like about yourself? – Mac Davis queued… “Oh Lord, It’s hard to be humble, when you’re perfect in every way… i can’t wait to look in the mirror ’cause I get better looking each day.”

16. What color pants are you wearing? – shorts

17. Last thing you ate? – Apple pie with vanilla ice cream

18. What are you listening to right now? – Computer hard drive spin and various other hvac of the house noises.

19. If you were an animal, what would you be? – The last time I was likened to an animal, it was a Coyote.

20. Favorite smell? – Gasoline vapors on a Winter’s day

21. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? – My Mother.

22. Favorite sport to watch on TV? I don’t do sports or tv. – Australian Rules Football

23. Hair color? – Platinum now just ordinary Blonde…does sarcastic primp primp gesture…

24. Eye color? – Blue


26. Scary movies or happy? – Happy…thus my datability just went down?.

27. Last movie you watched? – “Watership Down.”

28. What color shirt are you wearing? – Overly reflective of the Sun just like me!

29. Favorite Holiday? – When do we eat?

30. Wine or beer? – How come no one mentions Greyhounds?  Grapefruit juice and GIN??  In reality I like many wines and beers tending towards semi dry whites in wines ands sweeter reds and Stouts in beers as its difficult to get a good red as in amber malts beer.  Also in reality I’ve a dry policy going method acting I hope NOT for what a desert feels like but whatever, I still like it…. beer and wine even if we’re not speaking to each other lately.

From but via Facebook…   She makes purdy paintings

oh, and the answers are mine… even if we share a like for pistachio ice cream.


You are my Sunshine

Courtesy dictates i must kindly say, “Thanks” to an old PUNK

Why? because he sent Brightness my way.  Thanks!

RULES.  Get Prattling on so I can pounce! upon some other unsuspecting soul and arm-twist, triple dog dare, or whatever achieves some participation within this Scheme.

My Questions, near as i can tell.:

How Did “AlmondCoffeed” Start

What are my goals (for this site) going forward?

Whom Do i have to thank for “AlmondCoffeed?”

Almond Coffeed begins at the Death of for me. Xanga is a diffe3rent Social network that chose to migrate here into WordPress and yet remain a community unto itself for those still part of that… I as here principally because ONE person then another was coming hereto cool their heels from the hot interactions.  I came thinking another blog from scratch! whee!….splat.  but, people show up if one is slightly more huggable than a cactus….and one looks under a rock or two as in to say hello to others.

Goals *badges* I don’t need no stinking Goals!  Of Course i’m Lying!  I hope to continue to me about this place and see if this can be slightly more positive a moment or so of standing out than farting in church – which i highly recomend against – such is typically embarrassing.  I do wish you to smile.  I have no qualms about being slightly rude about trying to extort one either.

Who do I have to thank for AlmondCoffeed? –  Quite simply  put, ME because I’m feeling horrendously selfish and I did, in fact, do all this clicking to be here….. What lovely attitude isn’t it?  I would not be here if it weren’t for my First nominee – whom is well worth threatening with inventive hugs suggestive but polite.

Why You? because you are, my comment section and why I migrated here.:)   it is a fun number of years  inventing hugs you should have and yet, I can’t say i’ve met you either… so you get the Pink Elephant hug today  or if you would prefer, the Pink Panther hug…is it really a hug or is it all in YOUR imagination? 😀

Little Mermaid – why you and why here?  You clicked Like once upon a time on this Frrog in his pajamas as it’s holiday season – just perfect pajama season.  I laugh thinking of you… now now, you are quite funny – this is not insult season!   You share your hopes be it for employment or  a finger shake at that…OOO!… guests who used all your good shampoo!

While my raisins kick in, Dru….  even with the worst of Earthly Sugar crashes …don’t worry, they abate, you still brighten my day.  along with the hassle of being questioned, i offer you  because you posted a picture of nuns tossin snow…i.e. having fun, Having had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Nevaar, I offer you  a shot at yet more spirit :D.  I know Denver isn’t Gin but not everything in life is Gin.


We all meet in varying ways, but what is a way you delight in who you think others are?  I e. I like gin as does Dru – I like seedy jokes as does C, and sharing a laugh or trading them with Little Mermaid.  Yes, still dry  by the way so i can be here longer… if I regret anything this life it’ll be my good behavior – henry david thoreau if you like butchered quotes.

I’m awaiting supplies then a shopping trip for ingredients so I can make a fancy loking seafood-y cabbage soup.  What project or goal of more than a single step do you look forward to?


you dnt need to answer the questions.  You don’t have to play.  but i hope you do..  save time  and blow up my comment box 😀  i’m greedy. 😀


amusing hints?


Your session timed out

= – the “” job you applied for has closed, subtle hint perhaps i don’t work there? or automatic 3 week closure? hmn

fine I’ll see about travelin’… about?  figures that the main attraction aside from sitting a buss for days to snap crackle and pop is? not reopening til spring of 2017 – Miami space transit planetarium is being remodeled all new/cool. – and aside from trying after expat Cuban food? uh I’m starting to want to run away from whatever is called “fun” 😉 thank you Stephen Fry for that abuse of your lines.
I’m getting the subtle hint I’m supposed to do an Abraham and be saying “here I am” (Miriam the ladies name means of all things, Sadness – hell of a stupid fact for a rhyme care to go listen to that Enigma now?) to the voices or something.  I ain’t supposed to be or can not easily by others choices be places hmn.  what’s the universe up to?p.s. if you’re bored,I have sifted my lift of the books I’ve read and can still remember  reading.  I have a wimpy 233 listed


Jazz – Closet

I start the day with aerosol cream for an improper coffee.  I Find anything BUT what I started looking for.  I may or may not be the wiser for the day, but here is something musical to go with the dark chocolate and cherries coffee atop aerosol cream…

Aerosol Cream, Darn that Dream.


Placeholder for Dave McKenna – Darn That Dream.

C Jam Blues – Oscar Peterson arrives – you’re welcome to look that up for yourself… but lingering in the key of C / see, you’ll get O.P. demo=ing on D.C’s (dick Cavett)

Placeholder  Oscar Peterson, Piano lesson Dick  Cavett show

now, by way of counterpoint, smooth jazz.  there’s nothing wrong with a slowwww jammmm which is “jazzy” not necessarily being actual jazz or maybe it is – for the time being, this is fun with music not foot attack by dropped dictionary.

Placeholder for Peter Kater, Rooftops

I was after something train-y as in railroad train but having failed initially to find it we’ll just have to move forward not into something snappy from the above sappy smooth jazz but stepping…as in waltz

placeholder for George Winston Give me your hand / la Valse

Valse / Waltz in case you were thinking i always misspell everything – which i do sometimes on purpose… such is dissonance  and we shall ravel.. in it.

dissonance in this case means not the mishmash of sounds so much as the concept of cultural Jazz here being entirely French and predating a bunch of American offerings.  if some of the tones seem Debussy-esque, please note they fell out as friends as one can expect when one helps Debussy’s ex wife get an income to survive on after he left her for another 😉  or jazz pokes a head up through the lusciousness of pre jazz other sounds more classical.

but speaking of again technical dissonance – stylistically, a rag…ragtime is NOT fast…EVER.  but  if you’ll remember Oscar Peterson – technically gifted and practiced was good and sneaky dad decided to play for his gifted boy, the following – Art Tatum’s Tiger Rag – which should illustrate that like the genre rag, this rag or rap on  music is up.  Oscar obviously returned to playing piano after being shown some are just damned good too – but remember, he quit school to pursue music at 14 …consider what that means then or now, one best be damn good 😉  but, watch that you’ll be seeing some 32nd notes the underlined three times ink stuff. – an abomination in ragtime – such technical precision.

Placeholder for Art Tatum, Tiger Rag (With Sheet Music)




Whoops.  One rule toast.  Timely is not.  Here’s a story though.

let’s call it…. Prat-writing.  Prat, can refer to say a pratfall or a prat as in silly ass in Brittish or perhaps just a lil sarcasm to the Dutch roots of the word to mean clever…when it just may not be anything close to clever.  I Startied Work.

My day must begin at fall out late- I had to obtain a card to have my own access on base.  I arrived to the place the last served before lunch cutoff.  Please understand this is lucky and I’m thrilled.  but…yeah, that about the word butt.  ever feel like one? it’s all great until you are the last in line and its past time …you’re about to leave with a try again.  no matter what your moment is hosed in that you wisely brought the duds to go to work and have to kill 2 hours again as there isn’t enough time now.  However, you’d have been a butt if you forced your way in cue above Grandmom who could barely walk  who technically was 2 people behind you in line to her arrival position.  this is the likeliest reason i can think of i was served not sent away – try again.    now, please understand the place is 30 days backed up in appointments …imagine a dmv wait like this.  this is precisely what i was after, an i.d. card.  you probably don’t know it is the only point left to attempting to work- freer entry and exit from where i live which is a military base wherein i am not the serving soldier-but a tag-a=loong.  I already know i picked a tough job that may not have any reward at all to it.

Lunch was bland.  a tad watery versus saucy.  it is sadly on par with all the rest of the chinese offerings around here and a value.   “good”

Highlights before you think i am angling only for a cliff to ropeless repel from are- i got the perfume to add to a nice art deco like or refurbished actual perfume bottle.  lights when i can await light to change the bulb again. and soda.  it really is a treat to have coke zero with the chocolate syrup as a chocolate coke – I can not manage the sugar version but this one most certainly bubbled up my spirits which is a fancy saying not meaning actual spirits.

I arrive early to work.  I am sorta polite but here’s the test can i contribute and?  today is a fine day to hear in actions?…..

no. not really.

a runny nose helps mean i cant prep food and this was determined by an annoying wasted attempt to do so..  this leaves me to dishes and then ancillary aids.


I beat feet to the systane bottle to help my irritable eyes not overflow my nose to no job- it sorta helps. lets hope it helps helps tomorrow or caput.  literally.

now before you go thinking the pig on rollerskates first day is all suicidally tragic, consider some points.  I am due back saturday 11a.  the place sold six items/orders in three hours of which i saw – thus tragic i may be but sales didn’t allow me more torture today :D.

did i mention the whole cart of dirty trays returned one foot from where they were to end up from all about the place to hit a crack and fly everywhere clakity ass that sure helped me look sauve!?  i did now.

The assanine cabby wouldn’t drive to pick me up where i was and made me walk across the entire lot to where they park….only took cash – made sure to emphasize this on a highway …and second bright move of the day was to have gotten said cash in advance for that very purpose.  the cab cost is about8-9 dollars each way and the job pays 8 an hour and my hours flux – so, not being a hero, high priced torture and conveyances and general gloom of sunshine are the current and very dry story points for you.

it’s ten slices peperoni atop the personal pan pizza.  the dough is indented the suce ladle about an eight cup or so of sauce to about  one 3/4 cup of grated cheese gently packed.  this is lovely to know as i was right about the sopes and spare homemade pizzas thing earlier and i should still get me that hamburger mold of silicon as that means make and bake. or. if i were canned tuna saturday, i have a pass and learned something.  i am hired so providing they don’t catch me behaving poorly just clumsy so far ill suited to  it – i’m in que  or already managed all the wins i ever needed to….save steady side money.

this story is meaning to remind you of how to be happy.

you may take this as a chance to laugh i had a glorious clattering of reality and you didn’t? you may take this to mean your job fit may be better than mine this instant.  You can take this to mean you are not alone in life as it can suck anywhere  har ahr.  You can take this to mean Hot shit, I suck at everything except getting fired immediately! whee@  more money for me! woot.

now to enjoy whatever i had for lunch poupourri my room.  hmph.


and.  😉 smile.  you’d be wrong to think i’ve had this to say as even a remote contender for a lousy  day.  smile because 😉 I can!  Welcome to my job, I will be pleased to help you…okay, perhaps not with food prep this actual day but i care that you’re here so hug.


educational q-tips

I’m mid lesson one of two on coffee.  yes, how bleeding perfect to give mr memory another irritation to all lesson in stuff you’ll never remember EVER thereby making it instant bore you to death with trivia time.  poor you.  happy me.  I swear he said correcto honest and it’s corretta.  same thing different languages an espresso with a splash of liqueur.  but the q-tips must come out as my ears just don’t work like they used to… probably a convenient excuse about how i’m going to reword all your favorit song as if i’m stuck til infinity creating someone’s hell 😀  poor you.  happy me.

of course i’m dry at the moment as in no correttas or correctos for me and yes i want one after over a month minus them.  I start new job monday and have this as a diversion  along with a million other qtips to insert into my ears to see if I heard whoever likely important to me or living life had something to say….

I did thus sort out according to lesson but not deffinition:

a latte is still an esspresso i was under the impression is was coffee instead of espresso- flunk.

they differ in size and a latte would be “less frothy”  pisser I hate being wrong

I’m also a bit sad the steaming process is a bit of a joke turning milk to micro foam. however i have a better was of patting my brain on the back so to metaphorically speak when i find that i actually do froth my milk rather well within the tools i have.

hot milk as in not steam-foamed but just as warm milk is a component of a vaiety of drinks.

there are 57 cups of espresso per pound of coffee which differs from the 35-50 I see of a pound being around 3 12 pot pots  3 x 12 cup pots of coffee .  so while nothing is without usage, I need a better measurement on coffee as in this doesn’t make sense weak water coffee ou get less than espresso?  I’ll check but something doesn’t quite jive.


why coffee?  well, I figure I have to make better java.  I wont find reheating pizzahut a grandness of food adventure more likely  not because i hate food but fast food hardly is food.  I can’t easily spot the differences in done well or unacceptably and i never will be fast/ time is money skill is sqiftness… but, cash handling and rising to the challenge?  good.  next one in x months ish is a coffee house or taco bll with luck obviously you’ll see what it really is.  taco bell is speed flung food.. the action for folding a burrito is in fact the same as that of a spring/eggrol both of which are tasty things.  making money in food liking food makes it feel professional when it likely is laughable to others but oh well, not everyone will support all my b.s. 😀

I need a notebook as believe it or not this is a time when every word heard was instruction I am not used to such deliberateness.  I  paid probably better attention than most and swill retain this learning a long time as I’m typing it down used.  but I must do more me thinks.  this is dry reading as in 😀 instructional.