Still no big cookery.

So you get math!

Poooooor you.


I did make a spaghetti it was the veg kind simple dimple. But rope thick spaghetti of real stuff not ronzoni ruins dinner.  I do not care for faked flour noodles.  I e I am not a fan of corn zucchini yuckitini shaped slop.  You can’t say I love only wheat flour noodle as I do like mung bean jelly clear noodle I like rice noodles…  I’m just not big on everything.  I deplore spaghetti squash.


Math was threatened.


134.6 million square miles is the ocean surfaces combined.

Oceans absorb heat.  Water vapor absorbs heat.  Between 0.5 Watts and 1.0 Watts per square meter heat.

Heat is tricky as it must radiate away but the more material between it and radiation away is gonna stall that.

Heat exchanged can move heat here or there.  Removing some material via being closer to space also can help.


Silly ridiculous fannnntastic lunacy now and math… Sayeth.

Where do we need less radiating back heat?  Deserts.  Sahara is a desert and shading it could being it being back a Forest…

It’s x kilometers square ocean area.  ✓134.6 square root times roughly 1.6 kilometers to miles.

This times .75 watts a square meter.

Converting to btu’s is that result of energy absorbed by 3.41.  a shitty 10*12 room cooled a/c unit puts out 5000 btu’s cooling power.

Dividing 5000 into total absorbed energy or for simplicity and man’s true limits power make that one tenth the total ocean absorbed energy and a change seems possible although fantastic and futuristic but possible.


Sr 134600000 11601…

11600 x 1.6  18560

Rounding convenience

18560 * 18560 (250 million ish)

X 3.41 (889 million ish)

One tenth (88.9 million )

88.9 million  / 5000 (17, 780)

The capacity of a/c is heat exchanger but taking not air but ocean heat from and later concentrating this to make a fat cloud.


Geography says there’s jet streams to consider as there is where warm waters are.

About Morocco in the Atlantic is that one warm current convergence with a Jetstream point.

Now that heat is combined to superheated steam so as to make this fat cloud rise into the heavens so to speak… stratosphere. Above normal weather. Far less material to block heat radiating away into space plus shading more heat getting to surface needing to radiate.


Drawback is you risk absorbing more sunshine heat that doesn’t necessarily radiate away…water is a “greenhouse” effective “gas”. As it doesn’t just dissapate as rain.

But 4% water vapor is about saturation of air holding water vapor.  7.48 gallons is a square foot of water. 8.3 pounds per gallon allows gallons water if one wants to know how fat the clound which is oh 250 square feet by 55000 ft high… A little cloud island. Heh. That volume multiplied by 7.48 and result reduced 96% gives gallons water. How hot can heat exchanger manage and how much extra heat to super heat steam then how hot how high can it go issues exist here.


Can this cloud made be seeded to rain away?  If not, can it go away?  If not one has worsened the problem not improved it.


But 17780 ac power cooling the point where USA’s hurricanes come from isn’t all that dumb.  Nor is fostering Sahara to become it’s original Forrest becoming mega food and Africa wealth ain’t dumb. Nor is fostering more food in our ocean.

Sahara is “sand” not soil so betonite clay at 10%per a depth requiring holding x weight for instance a wet weight Jeep or landrover is 4inches minimum a fully loaded semi tractor trailer 12inches both far more than trees and grasses.  Clay isn’t soil but support… So veggies matters must be rotted in.

But a cloud that shades as in too hot burns away and water which without nothing grows…. And weight bearing areas and infrastructure possible…roads… And over time grass first to forest later there’s timber to Tucker….food.  money and survival… Plunder.  For “free”   in temperature that’s tolerable.

Too much hope of climate alterations can lead to an ice age as colder means slower but cools the earth and not right away do clouds sink and rain it out restoring balance.  But restore the green and Sahara doesn’t elevate our heat index.. chill the ocean and extra joyous hurricanes lessen.  And elevate food growth within it.

Oh and if the middle East gets lippy…park a fat cloud over them.  Cool the thinks inappropriate name of groups and cools them off.


She’s a cloud🎶

That hangs above my world

And I find myself walking in the rain….

Gino vanelli – living inside myself.


References are a tad hard to place not because I didn’t look this up, but because this is a topical thought.  Atop that, Saharan terraforming just as extra high clouds do not necessarily drop heat index… I don’t know every mechanism…thus this can be more easily done scholarly-like when someone cares to. Bentonite clay is alll over Colorado and Wyoming misbehaving in our structural supporting Earth’s.  Big cheap work to move ten percent of an area a little area restablized reclaimed…or thirty years work to grow back a Forest in growth high and old enough to harvest.  Shipped from Texan points to Africa yada… None is impossible just is it going to do good or bad?

I do get bored.














In dreams

Ahh hearing Roy Orbison croon “in dreams” but this is cross-linking between sites.


I needed a copy pad to leave a comment to the ex hope of long ago to delight in the silliness of ‘our’ times now.

Otherwise you’ll see how much is tied up up in going from know-nothing to making money gold fever action! Gold panning.  Oh boy I’m ‘digging’ this fresh green zeal of trickling water and nature  fullest beauty of scenes as if they were perfume.

. Making nothing as I run right out of energy mid step with 1/3 of a mile to the bus or ride home…having made zilch.  Zilch.  Weeks in a row.  Hahahaha.  High hopes indeed.  I must be Rocky mountain high Colorado (John Denver)


I can’t cook like my former self either. I mean egads making oily gross comparing my old self attitude versus now I won’t eat otherwise and I’m largely one handed grateful anything comes but more so that I’m a few layers down cooking what others want in food…shit! Have I been a snob.


Anyways. Dreamtimestarmanjones came about to save the even older last xanga version me, starmanjones, as I’d just been informed I was done with my then hopes purdy pal.  Ahhhhh the ocean that is emotions those times. And me a zillion years ago….

This given post is a year in over two years required volunteering in order to get a job! I began calling bingo.  I for a day was department director.  I’m going to get the notice the new landlord is upping rents 1/3 as my roommate soon must lose both income and health and return to his family in Ireland….  I’d go from here through a train of new romance cyanide later or in advance?

But that’s then and this is gold panning mostly but still cooking and hoping.  And 😉 the one oh one of promotion… Showing I exist.  Cross-linking.


Recreational Gold Panning.

Clear Creek; Golden Colorado

$3, for the local to it’s west end with transfer.  The street seen is Golden’s Washington which two more east is “Ford” this is where it be turned from Washington to 10th and breaks and returns to Denver.  We’re 4 blocks west on the creak you see end of park.

Coors or Molson Miller Coors brewing company Coors light silver bullet is 13th and Ford.  10 out of area and 5 in area based on i.d. with 3 8oz samples free and often a commemerative glass.

Gold Panning is allowed  – be warned it’s not highly lucrative in my experience. No major mechanical device. Gold Panning means bucket shovel pan… I’m not sure I wasn’t cheating bringing a manual sluice box.

Where else?


Beer sucked dry down the alley.  Because. Yeah I’m poor at present giving it a go.  Bussing.  Picnic.  So?  It’s peaceful creekside.


Friday grateful s

The fourth moon of my ensconcement here in Layton logan land Englewood Colorado saw the utilities (my rent, with help) caught up.

That might not be much but it portends.  Oo fancy words…blame tea….and j l Borges…  It portends a better view to the future. I can not get out heavily recreational gold mining as tools even simple ones must still wait.  It’s still death pale thin.  However as portends means to hint, the worst is done.  There is room to rob Peter to pay paul. Now.  There is ways to make happen that weren’t.

The solidifying support still sees the proove it’s as a mild snarl of ideas is mom’s forever what’s these “play” ideas futures?  I’m like but I need more of a living that so far hasn’t come!  Cooooommmmmmmmmme on recreational gold mining, pan out! (Oh the pun) as part time nothing is is the death utter death of any free time and not enough recompense however fair, towards the effort.  Yet wait wait wait budget says.

Chicken not cooked sprinkled in McCormick garlic Chipotle season but very lightly salted paprika is a flunk. Add boring but creamy havarti and no taste exists for tasting the point of food.

Tea exists as does A sis given trip to talking book library.  (Yes, blind with a restricted arm for dialysis access also necessatating the doom of half my week treating to be alive, the absolute shifting mountain growing and sliding down of debts…life is challenges still but there’s a few of the old tastes literature and yet blah blah blah goes the machine as it’s hard to gain a foothold of interests currently). Little things tea and books.  But thank you!! For without it’s emptier.


Thus, careful thinking it’s easy just adjusting the badnesses away of food taste vs nutritional goals.  It’s got pitfalls.

Careful thinking the old way when it completely is left dead to yesterday’s.  There must now be change however unhinged I am…yet the challenges remain insisting attention.


And a year remains still looking thin.  My upcoming interested parties seem determined to ask a mountain to fall on them versus make dollar one.  I ain’t done it yet I can’t afford every fancy  tool and the tastey picnic grab bag to make this a silly jaunt Saturday type of galavanting aimlessnof outcomes around.  Yet I know it’s not in abandoned mines…that’s begging mountains to smile a lil oops snuffing me out.  Or a lil rock rocp and months of medical oops there went that!  I’m even sure ludricous clawing in barren uncomfortable spots will acheive near nothing painfully if I don’t get some tools and some investing outtings right. Yet everyone looks at the months already spent and what achieved thus…huge support.  Rightfully so actually just like love wow what achieved what love.!.  How this is fought is patient vision.

And unlike many weekly food boxes come.  Nothing like what I’d want in acheiving forwards returned yet it’s all that’s there making what hay I may.  I can get by.  I can say on my secret if needed time it’s worth a season to fight forth some brightness now to repay over time.  I can consolidate the few dollars towards a monthly non destructive chances.  I can by virtue of seeming unfair delay defeats wait some of the worst attempts latest maybe to some sensibility even if the delay seems a punishment.  I can wry smile I held a dream of yesterday hoping for a real tomorrow.  Grateful if because it’s Friday.  Slurp.  Yummy tea.  Insomnia. Still six weeks to go.  It’s really eight. Just to see firsts never my forte firsts come in. But once past the doddles steps, footings. Like a June wedding isn’t but furtive sashays say over champagne in late December….ushering in our hoped reforms that next year.  Time is what it is and what of it will come is built now.


Will it be sense?  Grating or grateful?

And both challenge and adventure await.  Damned awful poetry plunked pestilent ly in that river.


Will I have made a search for what’s at my very feet to be a simplified expression of my oomph ethics to collect it?  Or must every goblin have his fun first when I’m but to be a dwarf on my business?  Now that ease is again a rock will I get to benefit for why I bothered to struggle? Others already have. Do I get mine?




Wednesday Woohoo!

Whiling. Away wonderous moments library.  I can’t quite get to a specific subject just edgings around it.  It’s okay.


It seems I already know more than enough.


Considering fancified shopping but too stuck out blocks from and have to carry it’s from anyplace goable.

I should make a pan of chicken enchiladas gather my smokes and pay the rent equivalent before money oopses…and check collect a corned beef as such is the month…. But I’m more into should I find a hot dog cart.


It’s for instance.., possible to hit up the good shop for paprika thus fannnnnnnncy smoked tomato soup.  But it’s an annoying hour to the close to here shop.  Just as it’s about fourty minutes to the big big liquor store thus allll the grab a special jugs hooch.


Oh well I guess it’s a puff and maybe next time.


I mean sure 6 bucks a bottle on special marsala.  Sure. But I’m not out for marsala.  I’m not out for non Osbourne Amontillado Sherry but that’s horizon but not actually easily found or on special.


I’m just in that mood.  It’s not quite right.  So fooey but a tad sad as I’m so close and today isssssss go explore day.