Booze pudding


I made mine mine last year in joy of you can not get nutmilk to set with instant pudding? Oh you can but it won’t stay set.

following anothers general guide set resulted in egg nog.  Complete ruin on the form but not a complete waste…. that would mean something went splat. 😉




Hoot & a holler

Ahmed’s Apple Refresh

or in Tampa,FL,USA

oceanic market at I-275 & Tampa Street

it is not David rio tea’s Fuji apple tea but I’m sure pleased.  It’s southern sweet tea.

it is something of legend, sweet tea.

its a bit of warm water (if stovetop special, heat water add sugar  dissolve then brew tea strong and pour over ice— if sun tea, warm water so you can dissolve the sugar then sun it til brewed nicely…. but in this case that sugar is dissolved not added later and psychology Sayeth it matters… but probably doesn’t.

this presents a minor issue when I haven’t ice enough to fill a pitcher then glasses too. So add ice then water while tea brews this gets real cold and is better than nothing.

warnings. If able let tea cool as much as possible as from hot to instant cold it can go cloudy.


its not diabetic friendly- sugar and oddly the dissolve sugar in then brew thing is the same with different sweeteners.

lil twist on the typical


Sanity, schmanity :P

I keep forgetting… don’t you so mu ch as utter one Michael Macdonald note! To say I believe and thank you and joy and 💩
( you’re curious- Michael Macdonald solo work from the doobie bros. Sa was him with a hit with- I keep forgetting we’re not in love anymore- which later was sampled by warren g as regulators! Mount up… if you smoke like I smoke then your high like every day… yada)
Songs for you lazier

Michael macdonald’s ‘I keep forgettin’ (we’re not in
Love anymore)

Warren g ‘s “regulate”

I care deeply egotistically about place/value sure – I admit stupid constructs of thought. I care deeply I am even afraid oo terror I may not matter. Fucking sue me for being human. But don’t forget at the end of it is I love you . I love you despite silence. Asinine as in against my world spins around only me wishes. I love you for who I know you to have chosen to be. Don’t forget the thank you and the joy. Forever present even if my current luck sucks deservedly so.

Ah the best part of this is looking a right ass talking to myself. I know you’ll read it but you don’t have to but smile secretly. Just as I hope I have my investments I wish to offer the same. Just as I’m not five and this is real life we may never meet again – total tragedy really-all I asked for was your soul because I m greedy. Evil weak as water perhaps. Feather for cowardice if you know your British and why that slimes! Native American indigenous people’s proud heritage of a feather is for bravery… oooo I’m so beggin’ To be his subject. Crap – no pretty British gals now, crap! Crap crap!

And I’m probably right – brits can be biased

Which brings the book update of brain soup. ( in case you don’t think I write enough, I maintain two blogs actually)

– if ever I had faith issues reading the delineation of common belief paradigms, ugh I’m saddened as the mystery turns to stone with my heart and hopes. Oh I’ll read the truth supposed and shone. I’m just a touch sad if it plays out there’s no magic left, no power. And ye thought I’m not one but to vague it up? Ha!


And it’s broccoli!

Cupboard stores said? I didn’t buy that pizza nor have I gone shopping lately!
So with a lid it’s time to rice a roni . Vermicelli mixed with rice and some bullion equals voila! Tres magnifque. Actually, despite the sarcasm, ricearoni is actually good especially with toasty browned vermicelli.

Tonight is the shuffleboard league. Tomorrow off. Rare tomorrow too.

So little things.


As I clasp precious-ed steel
About my love’s hand warm, that truth
That truth can’t but reveal

Forgive me if I’m maudlin sounding. I’m just reminded of what’s in store for times to come. The freezer’s light’s our. I have flown a whirlwind of voodoo spinning I’m not quite well. I just pulled the load of my cleaning rags from the dryer… double lint! But dang near white. I have an entire bag of frozen fries. I’m rather fucking rich. But that’s gaslight. I put it to its paces and here I go month two! Clawing ahead. I remember once you came sans ring and other times most with the cold hard lump of choices encircled a prairie wagon train under attack.

What can I do but boil the corn pile tamale or bake brown altar-Ed right fries – dreaming of green chili? What can I do but hope monday is in fact Thursday of sacrifice not of family time but bs at a fleecing for some kind of future (must attend to trying after school attempt five) I didn’t count on!? It circles just as hard as the sad face trying to say I know what you want…no.

I just emptied the last of my then hopes into the bigger bin. It’s ok. I have no reason still to own tools chasing yet one more.

To say I don’t think upon you each day would be a lie. Yet it’s months now. I probably slowly regain me a life.



Carbs are t’blame
From Carly Simon ‘s
You’re so vain

Waddling through the party
Feeling sexy! Yeah, not!
Arm flab visibly to the thigh!
Gorgeous just like a splotch!
Oo cute eyes don’t leer
Do my looks make that stomach pitter plop?
All eyes say I’m the boat anchor
Pity me the boat anchor ‘cause

Carbs are t’blame
No no junk food boo who, boo hoo, boo who
Carbs are t’blame oh the shame!
Keto through keto through

I was was svelte just a lifetime ago
Picture porn I do believe
Ate and drank every dang thing
I look at a calorie gain a pound and scream
But salvation keto and raising above
70 to go then I’m 17
Now to bulletproof the coffee Butter in my coffee? ‘Cause

Carbs are t’blame
No no junk food boo who, boo hoo, boo who
Carbs are t’blame oh the shame!
Keto through keto through

Brooks of Shawshank redemption said
Get busy livin or get busy dyin’
So I stopped the insanity! Bought two ultra blenders
Week one down 2 lbs and bankruptcy to come
Say diet in this house and it’s a crime
Hot brown and fried and a case of whiskey amends. Whisky amends

Carbs are t’blame
No no junk food boo who, boo hoo, boo who
Carbs are t’blame – oh the shame!
Keto through keto through

I am not on a ketogenic diet.
I do attempt to abide by a lower sodium restricted diet a lower phosphorus intake diet and whether I want to or not! A monitored potassium intake diet atop these directly advised things no beef or pork. Watch out for cholesterol too… I initially did well with tossing half the carbs out like half a bun of only chicken sandwiches and began inhaling candy choc bars which while awful dietary are calories and showed initial success which stalled. This is why I have never gone keto. If I showed longer success, I may have just bowed to the religion. I don’t need to lose weight I’m within greens on BMI at 5”825 inches tall at 155 pounds yet more recently 146 which is underweight. Short summation is, my troubles aren’t yours! But ain’t it fun! FUN! To want that more?

Are you kidding? No. Not always! It can be more than an 8 second burn out. But this (foooooood) is a love? Yes! But sometimes it’s just not new. Nor fun just frustrating. So? Better ideas and for the explorative of my soul… let’s return that joy!

170? Calories Per half cup serving.
323 for a 1/8 pie sized slice of standard pumpkin pie

Basing this against not a direct comparison of actual products!!!!!!!! I had to approximate using any old pumpkin spice ice cream vs a frozen section store pie!!!!!!

But there’s you’re reveal

Now to blather as I like!

American thanksgiving is beginning to loom as is a season of candies and outright oink to that trough. To me! This means pumpkin pie. Warm cold who cares get your own.

But how can I have my pie and eat it too!?

Hee hee haha har.

Are You done reading how that dessert parlor offers for this season cinnamon whiskey infused pumpkin pie ice cream?

I can’t gauruntee its half the impact this idea of ice cream vs pie and whether anyone with a heart for those of us who like sweets yet are caloric ally challenged might want that pie and to eat it too.

I know neither is on the acceptable menu of gruel and punishment because all our challenges ya diabetics are our own fat lazy fault according to pop culture. I’m not fat, I’m underweight but yada.

But let’s try to explore part two before the it’s impssi life is a doom and failure sets in….

Now 360 but I promised 323! Shhhh pie is what it is and recipes change
54g carbs

By simple comparison
Coke soda is 12oz 150cal 39g carbs and instant sugar suicide yet shhhhhhhh

I switched to diet soda long ago

Now the worst metabolisms ever we’re 900 -1400 calories per day for maintaining I’ve seen but I’m not that tv special on indigenous folk. I also don’t subscribe to the 3600 calories or more a day active outdoorsman bunch!

I calculated I get 1400/1500 calories a day and must walk not run 3 miles a day eat more occasionally as needed but generally that – I am not you.

I calculated 10 something years ago becoming insulin dependent that my med combo sustained with me 1600 calories a day that’s it’s limit.

Without meds I would have to walk 5 hours a day every day forever to maintain work off that kind of glucose sugar fuel input from whatever source it becomes sugar allllll of it!even the health food. I tested that theory working 3 day’s a week at Walmart pushing carts in blizzards and sun freezing temps for six weeks and my numbers lessened not improved

I stopped the vast intake of beef and pork and bread some closer to a ketogenic diet and this meat 8 candy bars at 250 calories each a 500 hundred cal sandwich nuked 200 cal bun half tossed yada and whoever else I could scrounge and on gas station food improved to rebound!

But the point is

Ice cream label,179837/

170 became 230


Now really ice cream is a holiday salvation at? 29g per serving

The point isn’t the safety as these aren’t



If you want a ghost of Christmas present? Go lightly into your good night

Remember, carbs –
coke 39g is a suicide
29 of 39 is pushing the envelopes

But 54 is a miniball of doom



From this movie, “the rocket”
Visible around one minute twenty-five seconds into this trailer

I caught it on Hulu plus trial up in oak creak co. in between food o-Rama tv binging or dreaming of the next trip to the circle-R gastro-pub.

In case you need a refresher?
James brown himself promoting Miso ramen

No not pumpkin spice
“Memoirs of a geisha”
Book by Arthur Goulding or movie


Sorry, some of the why is a spoiler!!!


One more night…. in a nowhereville flinging boogers at culture.

The first night was Asia night followed by an immunity soup that later became burgers and what fun it is to gather. It shall be Mexican night. And simplicity seems to be the watch word yet I still doggedly believe it should be about stretching into new territory. This said, taco bar… ugh. I mean I make a wicked adobada pork and a darn fine spicy chicken taco filling. I’ve heard of fish tacos even! But if it’s more veggie centric or leaning… not the usual fare in any even…. Hmn just what kind of thorny issues am I asking for?

Yes, folks, that’s just booger flinging at culture there sourcing nyc for Mexican fare. The recipe is good appearing and tastey sounding too.

It’s authentic! Lupe’s recipe! Yes it’s a tired joke but so often authenticity is racist sounding in that only someone of a culture can be authentic or do authentic things. But seriously that’s some serious salsa salad whatever!

And thus to simplify my life I have a neato in mind and a sketch going and if desperate! And also damn kind then cruel….😇😁😁

Mean streak – a mango habenero sauce of sweetness and yet zing
1%er – a trip southward… you know ‘where’

As this is a taco bar, you’ll note no call for green chili.
As this is a taco bar, you’ll see no call for Pueblo stew
As this is a taco bar, camarones la diabla is also not quite on as it’s entree ish not taco
As this is a taco bar, less is more and thus simplicity will find honor
As this is a taco bar the sopes, Mexican pintos and cactus, tostadas, huaraches, burritos, chili rellenos, Mexican hamburgers, stuffed sopapilla,fish Veracruz and etc are just not the day!

And yes, I will fondly think on a kitch cookbook to soak beers in this and like remember Smokey and the bandit… because as it’s a taco bar oh heck no! A social event!!!

I want to go to the ballllll


One night in… a no name unauthentic town being happy about ruining culture forever!

Edited to show results:

It’s on! Asia night. Really? Likely. So as I thought of the Yahtzee neighbor being of a pan-culture she doesn’t cook the food of much, it’s Asia night!

Cue Styx music rewritten as it’s not ‘ those long nights, impossible odds, keeping my eye to the keyhole… if it takes all that to be just who I am – I’m gonna be a blue collar man!’ As??
‘ take those long knives, oo possible grub! With love in each stir or fold. That’s all it takes – believe in thee if you would -dinner on, ma’am!’

Now I’m sure to think this is worth the courses! From soup, salad , appetizer, entree, dessert

Ma’am hates! Raspberries! Yikes! That is hilariously awful my first oo yummy went bawhoosh! Swirl swirl gurgle.

Veggies didn’t get shot down excepting Lima beans and gross feet Brussels sprouts. Batting ohh for two now 😉

Enchiladas are a skill of ma’am’s
Hubs is allllll over culinary wizardry
They’ve a lot of kitchen aids I thus may not have to buy
Ma’am enjoyed sushi out- hubs doesn’t believe sushi is easier it actually isn’t but maki CAN be fun and thus for an example they’ve a mat— that’s two bucks I don’t have to spend! (Or more)
They plan to ‘turd’ Monday (laze around) and Tuesday/Wednesday are out.

Now! That’s my intel.
If one can fold/roll an enchilada one can attempt egg rolls/spring rolls
Raspberries ruin the sweet/fruity side’s stuff like simpler sorbet/pallet cleansers tween courses – Bahahaha
And the fun of this is not! Authentic
You read that right
Not authentic
I like food possible and thus we’re going to try stuff we know don’t know etc and have fun! (‘Bleep’ it)
While discussing Brussels cabbage is. Allowed they both just disdain Brussels.

Low hanging fruit is a brand of wine inexpensive they like but oddly whites and reds are my attending friends choice (I myself believe in spicy and white wine but know a limit on my friend’s acceptable heat index. And my cousin’s rose for the rest of us- just mix a glass of red and white together trick hee hee (who cares as much after 2 glasses of wine?)

Now I really disdain deep fat or even pan in heavier oil frying scary stuff! I’m not glorious with seafood yet I can manage some simpler things. Obviously I would like to have a good experience reinforcing another to extend skills simply for fun against a reputed cook of a hubs also enjoying that I too can manage the iron!

Now what the devil to make?
What do you want for Asia night?

Spring rolls
Hot/sour or wonton soup (I’m tempted so tempted to veg out here more and if she can wonton soup welllllll! Let’s just hot pot!
Udon noodle chilled salad? (Pasta salad folks)
((Remember my friend also disdains truly hot temperature food too so I’m trying to accommodate tastes too now 😉 ))
Tea is grand! Oh how Asia! Coffee crowd -hmph
No raspberries -hmph

Yahtzee should be involved
Something vegetarian because just about all the time we try stuff we should make room for what isn’t a skill but still a joy…

I’m trying to avoid just dim sum because it’s fattening

My friend truly is more veggie centric and I personally try to limit some types of foods/minerals (sodium phosphorus beef and pork etc…).

So here’s what I know-
I’m not over the moon about mushrooms
Superfood salad is a kale tomato dish. Stir fry greens if approached carefully is both tricky enough for me especially cooking with others not to have salad but also not stewed greens but Asian esque tender-crisp! So maybe trying a stir fry of that? Or is it ??

(Sag aloo or an Indian potato chilies dish)

(Kale/tomatoes if prettied)

Spring roll ideas are colorful! But is it typical or trying the usual a new way?

Semi typical shrimp spring roll)

(Purple cabbage versus fancier foreign typical)

Now soup!
I adore hot/sour invitee makes wonton. I happen to love pelmeni but while this too is ‘Asian ‘ I use the word to convey. Chinese Japanese Korean Vietnamese Thai stuff snubbing the rest as either beyond my tastes or beyond my skills entirely… big huggggge weeny! I am!

So soup
(Sizzling rice soup which can more so meet what either of us cooking knows yet extend our skills!)

Miso soup
Hot sour soup

So you have the salad as a spring roll
A soup

Fruit kebabs? That’d be cute 😀

Chilled or specifically picnic not hot vegetation main
Like kale/tomatoes? With a pasta salad

Udon being buckwheat
Kale butter some sorta Smokey with tomatoes so realistically coffee is an option !! Which seems more likely? Kenyan’s BlackBerry/lemony or Guatemala’s appley almost toast? Or try a peppery more so Thai? Either ways the smarter of you smell booze infused cream coming I hope 🙃🤪

And oddly I expect shooter desserts because no one has room anyways!

Well? Your take?



Spring rolls with pomegranate sauce
Hot and sour soup
Chicken and zucchini stir fry with perfect rice
Lo mein
Wine… lotsa wine

(While one can claim this is lies!, I did win at the Yahtzee 1816 on ‘triple Yahtze’ 2 of three Yahtzee against all three Yahtzee yet 1700 even so yes folks strategy counts)


I love you

Why on earth it matters
Is the wonder, that big magic
Where this leads is that guess

I edged the planters out front and made both lunches of that needed and one who could use one and drank my wine. I’m not 100% of the 50 gallons lawn leaf litter. I got to create smiles. I dream of eggplant Parmesan

The magic is lost of course. I haven’t been to this place in so long (12 years ) that I can’t even find it. Yet memory persists that never ever did I have a better old American tastes of the 70’s in Italian eggplant parm /mozzarella. On a hogue would be any better (FairPlay Colorado or “South Park” like that cartoon) but is it really? Road trip through time to the best of now chasing magic !!

Of course I’m stuck in Florida making occasional green chili pots. Pissin’ and moaning I’m somewhere 3lse! And I’m out of wine…

Pinot Gris just won’t do with eye-talian

I badly want a pizza at least. Damn it.

The front is half weeded and edged. Seriously! I’m like hungry. Do you understand? The season finally shifted. It’s nicer a moment in mornings/nights. I’m so bad off – I could make a pan of middle in white wine cream if I suddenly hit the wrong section of the store. I could just as easily tandor chef chicken masala but I might take out two. I still want eggplant parm. Spicy. Eff your pasta.