Text to speech

Do I get to play with text to speech if this works correctly wow lazy Mr. Taiper must and I mean must enunciate his words you know why AutoCorrect it’s evil evil I say but it’s kind of fun having a fancy

I get to enjoy the adventures of Philip marvel at or listen and see who galaxy express 999 on YouTube  pretend I actually know how to use this machine which of course I did not and please note that while I have to speak clearly and of course it translates nicely is long as I annunciate all the words it does not employ Grammarly because well I never do anyway and therefore you note the problem and the lack of periods even Myers at all these

AutoCorrect still shows up as a kind of notice so blah I can’t win who could anyway but it’s still kind of fun as I’m here ooo!



I have on loan:

Frank Herbert’s DUNE


Previously finishing all I will bother with of

E.L. Doctorow’s COLLECTED STORIES (short stories)

Dave Eggar’s THE CIRCLE

David Mitchell’s CLOUD ATLAS

(doctorow got read more of if you keep count/score)

I’m suddenly dreaming not just of sugar substitue for oleo scchrum  but butter for butter cookies/hammantashen…. and PELMENI (always pelmeni, did i mention I like cabbage Pelmeni but despite the proper authentic cheese one? buh LICK! no to sweet cheese outside of shut it! Cheese cake danishes oh just hush it already!


I nearly made controlled b.p. cholesterol is acceptable/good .  I am thus 102 from my highest weight at 134 down this season 9 pounds and the rest of the news is minor slippage being in a way too good with the diet and pills and the water for the hot weather but not including the salt/sodium as my potassium level is BAD to begin with but further exascerbated by a general lessening of sodium….i.e. drink, whee and or sweat more water away it takes some salts with it.  this means I get to remind you that it isn’t just being good but balanced!  I survived making a lot of good choices and traveling about the country but obviously did far too good a job at saying NO. shame on me.  now note the cookie salvation/salivation and figure out which sugar plums metaphorically are dancing vision like in my head? 😉

just in case…

Hamentaschen and Mishloach Manos (Purim gift baskets)

and that pelmeni?

for those of you aware of reality, this means i’m more likely to suffer between taco bell vs wendy’s and taco bell being closer likely wins out over any of that salad nonsense 😉 heheh even if i want a toastada…shhhhh… I know such too is a salad…. or will i break down and sonic  for a corn dog? 😀

(yes, still librarying it about town)




Currently at a nice shady library somewhere about far too long a walk ft benning.  internet’s fuzzy about my house.  yay internet yay library!  you know all that in the way of a smile. oh and despite mean georgia heat, I can still manage a few miles 😀 yay.  however, as you might notice with living a borrowed existance, it comes with the limitations therewith – I’m not on for hours.  I’m thus leaving a note “back in “five minutes” type of thing. 😉

yes, I can manage heat of the dallas, I can manage  heat of the august Georgia too I do suggest pacing and water 😉 I bet the smarter of you …you know which of you is the bright crayons in the box! why this is so. 😀  I can point out that this means a LOT of break and water  yesterday I was dead a mile in and ended up two rides pitiful looking.  I am glad for those yay too but 😉 the idea is managing without a woeful look 😉  but don’t forget it’s not just ONE tool this life.  woeful works 😀


out and in again…

in a way even if I am not officially home yet, I’m home already.  I have a little atlanta-ing to attend to like a simple errand.  I have zipped otherwise pell mell about the land some and thus have been out and now I’m in again…

NOLA, Shreveport are the main town’s stayed in however I got a peek at baton rouge and alexandria as well, Louisianna.  I saw the truth that if heaven is a place on earth, Texarkana  says so only by contrast!  also I technically saw little rock which is around some shadowy corners in the night… It may have been a dream that one but texarkana was not – it was a fine double rubber sheeter.  Thank you Arkansas!  Acorss the line into Texas, some more of the oddity that Texas has a scenery other than flat dry and hot is East texas Greenville saw the cops escourt a passenger ran afoul of his seat buddy… why is still unclear but not the response…a shuttlin back to a main stop town and whatever the wait for another ride out awaits those who run afoul of being bus capably social and or behaved…. mt pleasant was indeed.  Dallas has a Lake? well I’ll be!  Texas was there to african cuisine as I had listed a location on a college paper ten years later I got to visit… haha on me I didn’t like what I got much.  Maybe it was Memphis was a night stop but still had a feel to it – nashville I’d been to already and I met a friend in chattanooga for lunch and took them hotel pamphlets into my suitcase! 😉 and such was fairly pretty tennessee.  and thus atlanta to get after a bit of on the ground opinion, a hair cut I think and or a tour of awwriter’s apartment… nope not the raisin in the sun one this one is the gone with the wind one…silly me!  I still could use a ghost story of success. 😉  we’ll see.


now as to the spirituality of this adventure, I did and didn’t plan.  I rolled into towns with no information sometimes not even the areacode to begin hunting and pecking up a cab to the best choice a cabbie milking fares could invent!  I saw usery.  I saw a little kindness.  I obviously avoided being the big target somewhat and thus stayed safer – yes I kid you not, I hadn’t left the area too soon when instead of me the cabbie in nola gets robbed.  oh I met the kindly homeless smelled evry ratty odor of a scheme and still managed only slight cigarette loss and or minor change IF I felt like it.  I honestly felt I had some choice! 😀    I stayed in some serious fancy and overpriced at any priced toilets would be the word coming to mind.  I managed y best at impromptu all across the basic South blind lost clueless more often than not and forced to notice that if i learned one thing all trip – past the mechanical “I can” which duh, I did already train hopping bus surviving no clue no map o prizes seemingly anywhere but oo the dark alley…nope not. that way 😉  I mean I can do mechanically a lot.  however, Its far more desperate out there.  it’s sometimes a buzzing wail of voice as if a swarm of mosquitos of can you help me out?  cigarettes are far easier to lose than one’s wallet or life. just a wee hint. 😀


yet I tread the last of my details.  I dread the last moment toward the doom of it’s now over.  the party saw dawn.  it in fact seems to have only been a diversion for a few prescious instants the last ten some days.  I found the magic of lousiana food in a tourist area by golly how rude.  I found out I had it far better all along.  I might in fact been  chasing the wind.



(I suppose the last detail – the 30 some pages of notes on it with a few more in directions/scratch notes…. I ought punish SOMEONE with… I’m not going to bother posting it.  the why is simple, I might want friends or employment! 😀 later in life 😀 )

((as to my few crappy phone pictures… I can’t do anything about them til I’m home as to my luck with borrowed computers and cables.  I’m sure to share a one or two soon enough… maybe.))

thanks to:


trolly stop NOLA

St Vincent Hostel NOLA

The Quisby NOLA

Popeye’s NOLA Wendy’s NOLA

St Charles Tavern NOLA

“New Image” NOLA – French Quarter

Walgreens NOLA

the LIBRARY Nola

the “trolly” itself NOLA

Riverland FCU for shared branch banking NOLA

Samstown Shreveport:

Smokin Joes

The Library

the bus station gift shop


Tabo BELL Texarkana and a few shadetrees and signs on the way


Omni hotel Dallas

that cabbie at the Dalaas greyhound for NOT bilking me a fare for a two block walk that way.

Dalaas Library

Enchiladas Dallas

Pizza Ht at the greyhound dallas

Murphy’s Ristorante/ lounge for still existing 10 years later happy birthday 30 next year!

the blue line DART Dallas

7-11 Dallas

Resource One FCU so I could have actual cash! thanks for shared branch banking


that giftshop in memphis bus station for the fleece so I could not freezee to death and finally sleep some!


staybridge hamiton place chattanooga

firebox grill chattanooga

ocharlies restaurant

shell station for the double chocolate muffin mmmm

the mall for absolutely having NOTHING BASTARDS!

bestbuy chattanooga for having NOTHING I wont call names as that saved me lots of money 😀

Arby’s Chattanooga

Walgreens Chattanooga


peachtree mall atlanta’s firehouse subs

inn at the peachtrees atlanta formerly bestwestern

bp gas station for well 😀 you know… smelly coffin nails of the tobacco kind.

just so you do not forget it takes an inordinate amount of things to happen and I’m sure I left a few cabbies out for which I am sorry but I’m not listing people at this time 🙂




Choo Choo!

In Chattanooga Tennesee til Monday A.M. primarily to say hello to one of the newer internet pals, but also so I am aware of something my current life and associations is naware of… that there is another direction NORTH versus that of going southerly all the time in weekending about.   I wont really get more than a booklet on the area attractions available…. I mean it takes me 2 hours to go at the speed of rocks and other usually stationary objects may over take me speeds to go crow flies one mile.  one measely highway exit’s worth.  eek.  of

I’m irononed up some kind of pretty for later’s luncheon.  I have my letter to my met along the way written and now an envelop to get it signed sealed and soon enough delivered.  I’ve bugged MOM recently enough to not feel a complete sinner of a son.    Heck, I’ve even rescued my second cup of coffee! 😉



yes my notebook oof deep dark secrets of blogs is 30 pages long double-sided notebook scrawl.  I’m about 2two to three pages a day in spare time summing up what strikes my fancies.

five foot tall cactus

pretty in texas

not so pretty in texas

decade long journey’s  fail at fine food

gambling like a young adult fool is now dull and expensive even at 3 dollars

why did we lose that fellow in Greenville to the flashing rush of police?

Shreveport wasn’t the magic in lousiana counterpoints of food

nola had a magic sandwich but otherwise a passible real rux which is delightful compared to tinned campbells

the trolley was a delight, the yellow dart train blue line smelled of piss but I did in fact make it it to my next arduousness of my first serious fail with goodgle directions ever saying it’s  right there! when in fact it’s a mile away and a nightmare to get to – add to which I cant read street signs or at least shouldn’t in a live traffic lane…oops 😉  someone named Josh is a tad slow sometimes 😀  honk honk.


or you get the idea, nola was cheap, shreve port decent, dallas outrageous, here in choo choo town its elevated average but weekend rate yikes.  you know stuff like that


the real things I did and deep dark secrets mother must be saved along with my reputation from public admission ;).  I may in fact never share the real journey at all.  how greedy and rude of me!



My notebook’s getting inky

again, I haven’t really time to really share the magic of now not NOLA but Shreveport, LA of which I am at 423 Texas street shreve memorial library enjoying my kill me some time before being fist in Texarkana AR then Dallas TX by nightfall.


I seem to com on this journey of VACATION! to see I may have a mistaken notion or two of what is in fact out there.  shhh, don’t tell ANY ONE! this could be misunderstood as an admission of WRONGNESS which could have huge implications or require deniability …



NOLA briefly.

The Big Squishy: Morning

What a FINE time to get lost!

Pole star: a bowl of Grits

I haven’t long to enjoy library guest computering time but yay for some!

no one in this town agrees on red beans and rice.  best ideas sincerely offered not quasi tourist traps, Red’s Chinese Food. for the ?? Kung Pao Salami?  if I wanted some voodoo, the bbq joint is on the corner of st Charles with one vote good red beans and rice at least.  I will shock zilch no one managing not to foodie heaven! run around eat til I puke and burp with Buddhist blissful glee, I went instead to popeyes and Wendy’s.. I wan’t something filling/small rb/r and a side salad with a sexy orange something dressing 😉  I did get a seafood gumbo.  put up a tent with a rolly cart you’ve a bar it NOLA around here drinking heaven, not really excited for the sips.  I have tried some thing new.

anyways more enough later, I want to find a banking institution.

(your watch word is UPTOWN as in it’s safer.. Trolley because it’s kitchy fun and Hostel because if you need to singly travel inexpensively and can stand humans, there are nice options and horrendous novelesqque worthy  older one’s.)


poetic or pratfall?

past decision ‘s spilt milk

cry cry, baby! -she blinks, “why?”

what future have YOU built?


What adventure awaits me?  i wonder as I see to my last day at this current job so that I may have the time after what i came this way for, adventuring forward.  obviously balance is less than easy when one’s sweeping up crumbs and lucky for even that, but while i’m surely grateful,I did achieve my halving of debt and enough to try after something more ME.  so, tick tick to click off an honorable exit whether or not it’s percieved as such matters little, I honored the commitment of scheduled accountability. it’s now MY turn shortly 😀 lets hope such isn’t a draw a card in some game go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.” ala yipee “monopoly! 😉


I’m curious, now that all the dreaming towards something happened and it’s time to go see nearly, what lies in store?  I’m rather tired in a way now. the magic is at a lower ebb.  however, the little things can still delight can they not?  a good soup just right for the moment? or snack meal etc.  I’m sure there’s recipe theivin’ aplenty to achieve!


speaking of which wait till the last offering gets its post up  😉 no not me posting, but I’ll try and get it through/linked.  a corny casserole —  😀  wait for it.  😀


there’s also a crab pasta salad courtesy of mr food floating about the rare tv time I spent walking past one

a neato do up blog on stuffed zucchini blossoms with quinoa out there.


i obviously write poetry so perhaps i can have a briefer do up sharing the theived delights with you! 😀


however i’m curious after the creole. not so much the cajun and such means as much as it’s easy to hope after a proper po’ boy ala new orleans magic…you know cajun conjuring?  get aliterative with me now!  you know i’m most interested in the also rans of life, like something beets perhaps not a particularly favorite food of mine sure, but surely someone other than the slovs can do something with them! – come on arcadia!

and yes, odd as it sounds i’m not aiming for spicey at all even if i like some.  I’m aiming for a different kind of magic. not a BAM! alakaZAM but thoughtful.  such is what *I* mean about the differences creole vs catch me a critter fry up cajun contrivance.  I mean the stolen voodoo of the meaning not the true meaning.  I think there might be very actually little difference in a creole pot of red beans and rice and a cajun pot of red beans and rice 😉  bless me for a fine meal either way! 😉


i say all this knowing there’s some whispers that new orleans can sometimes chicory root up their coffee which can make it distinctive! but we all know a stretch when we see one 😉  the magic is buying that it was MEANT to be that way!  come on, believe with me in the LIE  oh you know it believe the fairy tales. 😀  dream with me as I amlikely to et touffe again I am NOT fond of head on seafood or this fascination of zombiism where by i enjoy sucking the brains out of crustations.  flat out gives me the willies as i know someone of your accquaintance here who is just a big sissy foodie – i don’t like liver of any kind.  I will suffer a cod liver oil gel for health’s ake but ew if it bursts!  I don’t much care for lamb even a gyro is funny business sometimes!  I’m not keen on mushrooms though i will consume some of them.  i mean lets face it right there I’m an apostate to the foodie world.  BAM! POOF.  now lets really do it evil, I am not big on sea food either as i lived landlocked much of my life and thus fish came breaded  stick or filet your choice so long as it was frozen 😉  ooooo lol.  shake your head with me as now i have to watch intake as in avoid beef pork/sodium for religious lol no health reasons so here i enter a land of adventure hobbled agaain!  this outght be some kind of keystone cops adventurin’

yes, once upon a time, this was colorado, the then mecca of movies not hollywood BOOO! 😉 but none the same, slap sticks. as i’ve to hit me some bricks and get to another bout of dishes – exciting!…well i hope not.  then wind up work.