math junk

stats for things… remember stats can be made to say anything

I put out now 97 posts with this one since prompts began it’s been 26 days so this means more than an average of three a day. you were previously seeing me post maybe 2 posts a week not anything so much by the day.

I achieved a goal in that i looked up and utilized  notions current on atrtribution of works not mine… okay still a sinner but i also

shined up some offerings as in spell-checked and edited.. considering my not so usual visitors commented/appeared.. so condier me happy I can shine up as well as on.


I think statistics show me that i still pick a good picture 😉  okay, some might whine and say I am interesting in print too.

I didn’t mail my christmas cards yet as i’m a sinner

I did not find a post office but i changed my address online

I managed not to blow all my efforts moving – meaning it’s the end of the month and i have money…lucky me.

I have found in this roughly month:

edelweise – a fine german restaraunte and bar.  happy hour half liters are 3 bucks but frankly i like their rolls and soup and most importantly their potato salad which is american as in yellow but has quite a vinegar smack to it which i failed to duplicate putting in mango vinegar to one of my pick ups.

my mexican outting includes arceo’s mexican and some place I can’t place the name something super by the king soopers on academy/and drennan… the margaritas over best beans going leaves arceos in my happy belly lead, but super something or other’s has a tangy not hot tangy enchilada sauce that’s pleasing to say the least and sis likes their fix it how you like it salsa/condiments bar.. i haven’t fixed my good glasses since they broke mid month screw snaps not came loose drat…well anyways i can not see nearly as well so buffets and condiment array bars suck balls it’s a jumble of what the hell is it?  but i like that sour cream and guac are NOT extra  and my tamale was good but the relleno busted my fork  heh.  plastic wear here folks but lol none the samee.


chinese tastes are still china dol for the lead as last evening’s also haha super buffet wasn’t much of notes.


dickeys, taco bell i have as you can tell visited other locales


I’m not perfectly situated to the busses but,

I dig hit bingo to play it for a change and lost  drat but the company of one who whooped out the dictionary on me right away with neophyte to bingo..and the other sat crocheting thinking we started later than we did despite the hot evidence otherwise ;)…she helped this crocheter, to keep me from missing one of my numbers which was kind…..sis of course said i should have chatted them uop more… picking the older of the two to indicate i missed the chance at a half gummer…i wish i can tell you we hit the booze in the lot or something but no alas left field can happen….un aided.  it was of course this or bowling  I wanted a shot at more money so bingo was my vote we all lost 😉

so, seeing the other places versus this one shows we one out afterall huge.  I thus have to say such is the humany math stuff. save that i don’t know if I’ll chase more work just yet. I survived nicely not doing so.


67, 70 – turpentine til last call. w16sh’s end.

pirates, foil, needle, turpentine, wigs, garden gnome


  • orchard, denial, ember, last call, insomnia, pigeons.



before winter’s last ember

insomnia leaves one time to remember

a time of pirates foiling the law

yes childhood and all that denial

that all your life memory can’t damper


so now it’s turpentine til last call

fighting like hell for something to show for it all

needling out pigeon poop from the garden gnome

so vagabonds aren’t the inhabitors of this home


maybe o’er there an orchard and there sheep for my wig??

of course that don’t bloody well rhyme  but can you dig?


I leave you to all the prompt, be enthralled.


w16sh, 63,65 & 68 tea time?

Well, perhaps He simply sends you here to share a cup of tea with an old man.

secretion, ambulance, dahlia, gale, Job, tassles


contains a line from a movie starring Anthony Hopkins.


you’d think it as great as any cup canbut no ‘t’aint plant secretion but sprayed from a candon’t  worry my dahlia, it not time to call the amblancemuch of modern life is not longer left to  botany’s chancejust toss you cup and your tassles as we brave the gales such is our job and we shall trevail to pravil this saleand  as to what it may all mean… perhaps it’s a sham?”maybe he sent you here to have a cup of tea with an old man.”


w16sh, 61,62 fly to the angels.




so you’re fishing from your favorite bar?

damsel or dragon fly? who’ll end up in your cart

A healthy bird would always seem to be energetic and with intermittent eating sessions.

but grant concession to the sessions I’d rather just hint rather than mention

but a dragon fly was an ass brether from the start.


just imagine with me over a plate of okra

how the best of this world unfolds before ya

we chase our true love’s first kiss or tonights new trist

but we bathe in alcohol driving towards organ danations bliss

you’d be DONE son, they’ll stick a fork in ya.


but how do you tell your damsels from your dragons?

you should know this is balderdash and shannanigans

you know a damsel from her wide set eyes you’ll prize

but the butt breather has hers all wide not set like a fly’s

you know it’s bjust tastes so catch as catch one can.


but before you choose well who you carter

or you’ll find naught but a fur trader

ready she’ll be only to eat you alive

humming something circles of of life

so be a bigger fish leaping to take her.


you’ll end up only in a yard holly hocked

and minding your manners to avoid getting socked

because okra is relate to that vine

you treated to one too many wines

pretending you were some big whopper.


yes dragon fl=ies deliciously gross as this is, do in early stages breath through their ass… fish like both kinds, damsels or dragons and both are predatory critters the flies and the fish.  I’m not southerned up just right so so much for my meter being of schmarm tonight.  but if you’ll grant me , yes, okra comes of the same family as holly hock and yet one’s ornamental not food…just like some of us are…sy it ain’t true.




w16sh 64,66 & 69 – it is written in the stars.

hula dancer, subway, harpoon, faith, Moscato

beautician, spaceship, hot dogs, Fig Newtons, The Grateful Dead




there is an alchemy to the sixties wherein significant change came.  you could no longer stand sholder to shoulder so easily dismissing your fellows as it was obvious that time was changin’…as dylan of corse sang.  it was a time when little thing came into being that really would begin to effect your lives until your adult years – but there they were created none the same.  waiting.  I do find it odd that with every innovation came a faster and faster wearing out of it’s interests – we landed on the moon to end the decade yet watch the second landing on the moon dramatically no longer begin to matter – doubt anyone knows it was the sea of not tranquility but sea of storms – both being in the northern hemisphere but one east and one west… or that the russians put the first woman into space before we gave all our woman the right to vote.  I know music was changing, in that louis armstrong put out the last jazz standard to top achart- yet ONE man over here hated it so whoops wouldn’t promote it thus it took 20 years or so for it to be the true hit/standard it was… a rare time as idiom goes what the son wishes to forget the grandson wishes to remember isn’t exactly true 😉  medications like valium and birth control blew up our worlds even if they exist these days, they’re long o’er shadowed or antiquated from the free love they sparked or hey chill the blank out take a pill or a chill pill.  bond girls blew up the screens.  icons of music still grace our airwaves five years later in daily rotation as nothing before was as relevant.  rock and roll had come… not just groovey blues but rock and roll.  you can’t have grandad’s beers without begging the cheap section of the store carries them – yes go ahead, find me a hamm’s i can liquor barn englewood… but i haven’t gotten a stroh’s since oh eight whether they’re offered or not and coors in a deal saw pabst finish honouring theirs of ending the american heritage of carling’s black label beer which by the way was the first beer i ever had – just a sip mind….the silver bullet wasn’t even a detroit band really or just barely let alone a beer of the nation or a popular hollywood thematic film.  moscato might have existed but america hadn’t busted the french of the wine snob thing and wouldn’t for nearly another decade…but times were a changin.  so was beers… subway wasn’t hot either public transit or the sandwich shop – but at least the public transit existed so paul simon could lyricize, the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenament halls – sound of silence.  times were a changin./dylan…but I suppose what’s best of all is the studio system you heard of as hollywood farted away in the breeze and lucielle ball yes, I love lucy of the fifties was a studio chief of the sixties as star trek landed and so many other esilu productions or studios made shows make it to our lives even today. yes, a woman studio executive.  someone set fictional fire to a bra….oh wait era isn’t from this time as much. 😀  what’s most important to me of this time is the last of hollywood as a rule stopped making black and whites as did tv finally start the migration to color television filming….no, not everyone could own such a luxury…even i in the eighties stole time under a blanket to watch in black and white the black adder till dad stopped that nonsense as it wasn’t family ruling age appropriate…mom was sick of me ingesting sarcastic imput… so out went john bynar’s bizzare too which was age inappropriate ;)too.  no more benny hill which wouldn’t pass a pg 13 test of that time either….even if it is now.  but that’s like forever later.  kevlar which protects cowboys at rodeos and is available for soldiers and cops was barely invented 30 years before the genes for natural fibers were chased to later be replicated nearly fourty years after the fact in a sheep’s milk…spider silk mazzerella anyone?…now that’s string cheese!.. but our modern obsession later of video games and the foundations of mircro chips for micro processors in the first place would see invention.  so would the modern automation of airline booking which is soo fast you cant believe the prices i’ll bet but it fully automates in sixty four….add electronic fuel injection automobiles and an atm your eighties had to have rocked hard.. or a cd? dexadrines for weightloss which worked even if you needed a valium when on meth amphetamine when you went crazy 😉  but jerry garcia kept your 80 70’s and 90’s and some of the 00’s alive- jim and the grateful dead… only bands tried to tour bus before ala bb king who actually did work a 365 day year…surprise he had less luck staying married? nah  divorce begins, inflation takes over, the promise is of course left to a mortuary’s beautician to display for final viewing… but it began then.  space ships were in high form but the b movies became b television that lasted.  hotdogs remained popular but people learned again of the hamburger at macdonalds which even my mom still wows about from memory along with the elegance of go get some kentucky fried chicken when visiting her better off maybe relatives making one hell of a show for her memory anyways… dave thmas came of his own though  so did catherine zeta jones grace us too.  however this storry doesn’t save for music harpoon anything prior to it and even social considerations had decades to go before they were more historically evaluated… but you can chomp a fig newton now as you could have then.  you could have seen the rise of the projects only to see them blasted by nuclear bombs of discontent nowadays but the programs had barely began  in 64,66 or shown any evidence of history by 69… however curiously, 1968 not numbered here shows with an overlay of 1995’s consumer index which means look shit like this up for yourselves, that money went no further yet went far farther than now then in 68 as the heros of the movements died rfk or mlk to riots everywhere that a year later at alta mont the hippeies could see evidence the social life of before had began to die…awaiting only cocain and disco as proof….rather a bridge over troubled waters, eh?  anyways faith elvis and a hula dancer should tell you that no good thing ever dies.

come alive with me

listening to yesterday

for all of today.

yesterday before I came

the winds had begun to change.

ps. the first cd usa was dire straight’s brothers in arms of 1985… not the first of all time, mind, just the first commercially made in the usa… born in the usa – springsteen probably beat it out… but then again, I didn’t get an atm card well into the 90’s either 😉


69, 66, 64 revisioning… notes w16

it bored me all through dinner and bingo that I don’t CARE about the beatles enough to focus so heavily on them, hippies, counter this whichever.   so: other associations ala my numbers then words.  route sixty-six here as a tv show i never ever heard of.  beers of 64 as I seriously ain’t feeling a beatles tie-in 😀 oakland oaks and the ABA efi or sometimes just an i electronic fuel injection, 1966  non dairy creamer in 1962 or the first atm 1969 are far sexier things but 😉  odd however about the cd and nutra sweet  65 yet not brought to any prominance in that era knowing your kid’s ‘ll see the last of nutrsweet soon enough as it’s well into it’s phase out.

so beer,  now cars heh


babes… beer cars and babes… aren’t I the beautician? 😀 of the moment.  completely high brow…with my dreams of lowenbrau.


from sixty four exploding on our scene the beatles but done in 1969 also offers some amusement as would the less timeline precise beach boys.


tv when from black and white to color during this era but again not precisely and one of the last films made in black and white  is a favorite  king rat george segal. butchassidy and the sundancy kid and bond was going in sixty four. or something… lyndon john fpigjt in civil rights, a variety of social programs but amped up vietnam so watching people fully vote  to civil and social movements peeter out or become uglier from sixty four to sixty nine is another theme  there is video game consoles in 1966 the micro processor in 1969 and surely something computery on 64…† there you go airlines fully automate the process in 1964


69,66 & 64 note theme.


hula dancer, subway, harpoon, faith, Moscato

beautician, spaceship, hot dogs, Fig Newtons, The Grateful Dead



from the standpoints of social progress or just progress, 64,  violence regaurding the civil rights movement towards a truer measure of humanity for ethnic  folk in this case black and what a silly term ethnic as if i’m not ethnic my own self?  … anyways the war in vietnam while never a true war in the sense congress declared it – is no longer a situation but an action . the beatles storm our musical ears… as you don’t hear it initially louis armstrong’s it’s a wonderful world  but a few years later is that signal jazz is over yet, long live jazz as this song ultimately is far more popular a generation later than it was at it’s time.  but the point is hits, and they poured and pourd between sixty four and sixty nine and of course later too, but there was a time when it seemed it’d catch on the new social movement… these years stand to this… yet visit the rolling stones altamont and the age of the hippy was over or at least finally uglied.


basically history says such numbers goes from us walking upon the moon backwards to the beattles becoming and ending as that band within this time.

vietnam become escalated and fivisive- yet sees no end by this time




last call for alchemy: w16shnotes end


  • alchemy
  • orchard, denial, ember, last call, insomnia, pigeons.

alchemy while the precursor to our modern word chemistry which in all holiness means science… whereas alchemy took to mean chasing panaceas of gettin hold of the gold via whichever get rich midas touch scheme.  it has some word twist ability in that it can mean also the study of the black earth… please of course instantly think of black sands which are very low in golds but can contain it and thus:


oregon beach black gold sand search…  the study of the black earth…alchemy.  – it used to mean any garden but now means fruit garden so 😀 oo lala la.  a field of tomatoes… or a wall along the dining room means… orchard 😀   i good and well coud make my yard all saucy… or bask in the bliss of toasted triple decker club sammiches 😀

denial – what is that, a river in egypt??  someone already made use of the haha DAMN! 😀  okay, de nial  i know de mean not so lets actually look up the word and avoid being a turd…  lame lookup actually.

while I’ll get no scholarly link to this lol ember and embarass/remember  don’t combine depite being similar sounding words and interestingly leave quite a lot to burn.  ambarass to burn with shame or remember to have a small ignited thought that burns…i’ve heard well both used this life.    however yes ember means small burning thing.  so you can of course say mmommma alit with the raging fires bring daughter ember along… it was an exciting time even if oh oops, we burned the place down… 😀

last call, in american liquor law – there is a point by which no more can be sold that business day- thus before this time, last calls are given.  same thing could be said before the close of a retail day  last call! people.  however the term is alcohol laden in connotation.  interestingly enough my irish pal said once…last call?  what’s that?  the bar owner simply closes up shop outside allowing no one else in and stops charging for booze and the party simply rolls til he wants to go home.  what last call? 😀

insomnia -interest how it’s an IN  and somnia/ somnilant  in or within sleep is a poor way to translate meanings but none the same insomnia to mean inability to sleep.

pigeon – a gullable person… be this a clay pigeon for firearms entertainments/practice… or stool pigeon for someone being led down the garden path… which as we read above would have been orchard path earlier 😉  however  one can see that pigeons mate for life and share responsibilities and are quite clean and capable of getting places well… or believe for yourself if you’re a carrier of antacids to dupe the pigeons into dying for dinner or calling your love with the hope you can have  you and yours a set of pigeons 🙂    but as i say idiom is well deivided good and bad about the bird –  but it would stand to reason that if a carrier say of messages pigeon was the prospects of high officials or kings, these birds would gain idiom either way depending on how much you were into your monarch at the time… and why are they  as in kings/royalty known as butterflies?  thats mcdumb.





referring to w16sh, 65, 66, & 67


  • botany
  • beautician, spaceship, hot dogs, Fig Newtons, The Grateful Dead
  • pirates, foil, needle, turpentine, wigs, garden gnome

botany or the study of plants is likely to come up with foil or more properly FOILIEs  which will lead to spaceships of awesome statrek i ness named botany bay which is  the sydney australia harbour and other ships through time.  spaceships… well the star trek has that but space station… that’s a business name of a small mountain town where pot plants outnumber the population so the gas station calls itself – the space station.  you can get fig newtons there and hot dogs.  hot dogs are of course interestingly very much bolgna esque or chorizo esque in that both use very odd parts to make something meat but more like maybe and yet they are good so very very good – excepting nitrates are used to keep them pink to redder, this nitrate action is similar to one sucking down gun powder which for males while fun is a great way to get impotent and stay that way as it affects blood pressure which magically is part of the raise the flag and salute, fig newtons… why not so suspect as hot dogs for fouling up paradise in a one sided way, they are most likely the original fruit of the tree of knowledge versus apples which didn’t then grow in eden of biblical areas.  figs seem to not become fertized until a parasitic wasp takes care of that for them or fig, how to each treyfa insects 😀 ucky.

;irates, i remember a kindly lass who was my boss back in the early me days- her name was jolea kitchen, she sewed herself up the perfect…shut up i never could see enough to be picky… pirate pants and was evil accurate to my sixth grade teacher with the perfect “rise and shine!” when i learned lack of sleep and caffeine bombs aka mt dew wouldn’t save me.. i know this because that leads to a needle and insulin 😉  but what i didn’t know was bromated vegetable oil or ester of wood rosin/resin  this is specifically to hold the essential oil just below the waterline of pop so that when it seperates lol it’s impossible to tell.. bromine fucks with iodine intake and thus trashes one’s thyroid… and also is  in a different bromine substance part of how bakers make perfect buns buns…remember the hotdogs above…ding…tye in.  potassium bromate more so than mono sodium glutamate which go ahead and try to find not in beef jerky…it can be done but it isn’t all that easy to… well, everyone laughed about the meat because macdonalds did use textured vegetable protein which by it’s very nature means it’s no long 100% pure beef no matter what it tastes like… tvp or textured vegetable…soy… protein is disgusting in it’s orangish form and smells?… fish food.  which it likely is. 😀  however in meats it puts quite a tooth to the burger and studies show people love it more until they hear it’s in there.  but ms kitchen, alas i have no idea what time does to people i haven’t seen her nor heard of her in 24 years.  but she makes me smile even if i have to get proper sleep as i don’t get the cheater motor oil salvation coffee chance.


garden gnome – well, they seem inoffensive bbut make it to horror movies too often 😀 this makes me wonder if they’re not realy chuggin turpentine doin foilies and listening way too much to the grateful dead….and unaware that buffy and hildigaurd are really kip and henry… bosom buddies/ tom hanks + peter scolari…others…  abc 82



notes 61 -64 w16sh.


  • fur trader, damsel fly, okra, true love’s kiss, organ donation
  • Contains a line from a pet care manual.
  • secretion, ambulance, dahlia, gale, Job, tassles
  • hula dancer, subway, harpoon, faith, Moscato

okra and organ donation

damsel fly and the damned fur trader’s sly

and true love’s kiss.


pet care manualll…. hmn, mis peroxide and baking soda to get off skunk spray… some bleaching can occur.

trade of material possessions for sex.  — fur trader. (urban dictionary)  sperate eyes… 😉

all time and for now you’ll be having seperate eyes. – seperate LIVES is a stephen bishop song made famous by phil collins and marilyn martin  I believe for the movie white nights but that part i’m not so sure of.

okra –

note how close this RED okra is to a dangerous seeming chili  pepper.

true love’s kiss – disney bullshit/sanitation

organ donation – well, this is going to delve into organ transplant somehow 😉 so – interesting how this brings up the line it’s no skin off my nose…idiom… 😉

secretion –  get your rap on… serious rhymes available.

ambulance – oddly there is nothing much standoutish about the word as it’s in use throughout time more as a concept rather than a tag word we’d use for the actions of aid.  or as a specific vehicle type.   / job.  yes, i watched far far far too many steam car vids to not remember the company i’d know only as a decent brand typically of a sewing machine… did in fact make steam and other kinds of cars/trucks.  the reasons for their scarcity isn’t that they weren’t made well oh no, they were made very well with hardened steel unlike many  lesser metals of the time so when war came in 1914, yep, many whites past the useful life were recycled for the war effort.  obviously a lot survive.  now obviously for this time frame…now… the only reason steam gets unique is that it barely had it’s turn of the century times/records broken i.e. over 140mph in the early nineteen hundred to a britishtest in the 2–‘s that may or may not be contested in the early 200’s…the first was a stanley steamer driven by a founding partner/twin  later to wreck and be killed… we know stanley steamers not as the automobile but a carpet cleaning service.  doble not double abner dough bull doble put the condenser coil to steamers and also a wicked steam generator that wasn’t a tea kettle but a far less intensive of heat/time smaller tube in a wicked hotter fire for very fast heat up…and with his e type not jaguar he predated them folk by 25 ish years, put to the road an early retractable hard top convertable.  but as you never so much see steam save as a circusy stunt, it’s safe to say steam pretty much dies with one last nail in the coffin for it, the electric starter motor for the tin lizzy petrol thingy for fords and other autos too…by bye steam. why wait 2- seconds with a contraption a hundred and some years old that few could afford that hissed and clicked versus roared and rumbled?  baker automobiles tried organizing in the mid to later twenties to try in pueblo colorado my current state of residence but failed quickly… bessler bought out doble… they went no where fast and aside from a couple of one offs in the sixties seventies, steam was long long dead despite interest…however, here’s an oddity, the 1965 law enacted for the first interstate highway speed limit which was fifty five mph was sold to be for gasoline savings… odd that the crisis for gas was many years away as was even pollution control and i believe even seat belts weren’t all that strictly used  even if preston tucker made them standard on his the last of any independant man trying to bust into automobile manufacture…for his torpedo….  i’m not really even a steam buff nor cur buff.  but there you are.  a sewing machine stitcher now with a stretcher for stitching you up.

dahlias come to us with cortez and conquest and are the mexican national flower of 1963 and forward.  elizabeth short or the “black dalia” was murdered and found mid january 1947 cut in pieces..- dahlias are pretty, black is darkness but oddly the nickname wasn’t accurate to ms short’s life but only her as a sensation in death best as can be shown – interestingly she got the boot from california for underage drinking and instead of going home to her mother in massechusettes, she returned to florida and her beau to be who pretty much bought the farm in ww2 but why california? her dad estranged for a time because of the depression/lack of money failure moved there without the family and appologized for leaving and thus short gravitated there mainly for health concerns but didn’t get along with him.  dahlias didn’t grow very well outside of prize royal or intensive gardens so aren’t the aztec food source reborn.


gale or strong wind isn’t very pinnable to origins words.. but gol or gal… hmn  galling I know and gala i’ve heard of, I wonder if they connect while I’m not going to defend this one to the nth degree as legit meanings gale gala connect… but oh lord that’s  brings a weird twist to the phrase let’s blow this joint to mean ditch a lame party perhaps even an exclusive party…to be legit sarcasm… gale means blow and connects with  😉 gala to mean party… job / lump 😀

tassles – fringe now, toss of small cords then.

faith, 2. belief that is not based on proof:  so even saying i have faith only says to others i’m even more ignorantly stupid and devout but dumb…. this wasn’t the original definition of faith but as it saw wider use  as in i have faith in someone in a seccular sense, it is and was accurate but now taints the whole meaning to make it legally dismissable entirely.

hula – otherwise what it means to be hawaiian… not everything hawaiian just an aspect of it.

subway – asside froma popular sanwich shop chain – a subway as in under ground / sub and way to mean transit but mainly railway.. first london 1863 begun in 1860 so while the brits wouldn’t have minded the csa or the american south  – politically they were more interested in getting the tube.

harpoon – be it clasp  hook snake or grasped… it is a tool.

moscato from muscat musky / seductive… wine.