Oh, my, God. Becky, look at her butt
It is so big, she looks like
One of those rap guys’ girlfriends.
But, ya know, who understands those rap guys?
They only talk to her, because,
She looks like a total prostitute, ‘kay?
I mean, her butt, is just so big
I can’t believe it’s just so round, it’s like out there
I mean gross, look
She’s just so, black

oh my LORD, Tommy, there went the doughnut hut

lets call him tiny, what you think?

do you think he ate his girlfriend?

the latest talk show to avoid explains those guys

we only eat it. ’cause it’s good.

wooooo hooo! some ghetto gourmet!

we’ll all be tinys wait and see.

waddlin’ up for another round after round

YUCK but it’s soo yum

slopped on white buns.

as you can see I sit herethinking how to rerwite the hits to be something more in keeping with food as sex.  I may return here to the delicious rewrite of things that go on or …:D .. in buns later.

I’m rather sure the opening line is

I like white bread and I’ll soon be double wide.

but the inspiration of wimpy coffee is fading.


up up and away.

as I pointed out, it had a fine red cabbage duck roll.  but the proprietor also runs a toco stand that after 3 trips here previously, I got to go.

this may sound odd but I rarely get fish tacos  today’s was mahi….fish. and one shrimp one too.  the fish had the danny cash MEAN STREAK mango hotsauce which is sweet with a hint of heat.   the shrimp got the danny cash whatever it is in western spannish the day of the dead.

there was another wave with the puppies I like the weeny runt of the litter, she’s gray with a white collar of hair and speckles.  the was belly rubs and lap pets which is my favorite – why, think whatever a puppy does the adult at 100 lbs for run  will be 😀    tuxedo mostly black with a white tie of hair at his collar came up for some play and that was when runt was rolled over so to be fair so to speak, he went bowling too 😀 😀  all of the monsters love toes now.

I went for a walk with mom and pop pooches here

of course it’s rained in coastal mopin fiesta thrillingness but lol I’ve gotten a weekend off.  I’m not this instant dead broke. I’ve hit the doctor’s with returns on 6.11 non fasting and 6.18 fasting.    i should be in stride with knowing the new one at work   and you bet I’d think of work on a vacation 😀 why not? I can smile now 😀



who’s the new lady?
Candi, something (one) you can’t have
delish entendre.

the details of my last moments are:
I arrived to one planning to move to assisted living and made the I’m sorry for your loss face 😀
normally I never get to let people in from a nontypical entrance today I did and it wasn’t wrong excepting that he was to help along my buddy who passed…of course that parts always wrong.
I had a reminder of my religious background and I still now as didn’t understand then that I just don’t fit it to any uplifting of my soul. I’m damned enough in my time. I could use a lil direction towards positivity not well…religion. however, I will visit a church for to prove until the end of ime that there is change’s room…just like my food tastes change in that I like beets and never did before. live is still out…don’t even.
its raining and seems to give my garden a chance.
I saww the accountant’s delight in forms that are actually worth a poop! Hallelujah.

would anyone like to explain why I work 30-ish hours for two weeks when they have hired a director? I truly believe someone remembers and or has long ears the people she’s known before this she being big boss. I also see I am well liked and yet certain things like creating a filedex of compliance forms isn’t a strength nor within my duties. so I may have hours extra 🙂 or the other outcome can seedily be I’m being given a turnkey operation as the making of it isn’t for me.

today is something artsie and doughnuts.


Picture It.

This upcoming month’s duty schedule met my eyes. My fancy name badge with new title landed in my hands. This is slated to begin next week.

Protocol tips:
there is no “i” in my language.
as my financial circumstances differ, I have a system wherein I can obtain both clearance and cash towards department needfuls.
I needn’t worry over most of my worries as much of this is made both turn key for me and or not to be my responsibility.

remaining miscellany:
will I get a door key?
will I be able to show others that I have done my listening so as to aid them in their offerings?
What the devil to do about that garden?

I guess, true to my pattern of form, I will look this over tomorrow again and begin library ideas for MY schedule. I will also have to visit thursday to finish my tuberculosis screening check and again the library. Hopefully, I will also figure into the picture somewhere 😀 but I want a beer.

could be this can also earn me a raise as I’m due for review with a month’s proof of duties when I actually can not so easily be replaced at present 😉 (not to mention the reality I cover this time someone who won’t be being paid so there is a shot at cost savings….)



Why me?
for no reason I’m up at 3am. around 3:30 my cat comes catterwallin’ over to this side of the house, not to say hello to me, to call the other house kitty to crack of dawn birdie.’ Why not me? *easy answer is I suck at birdie.’

it’s still too early to run a load of wash I went to bed too early to do.

one roommate gets in wish something and tells me some of the story. apparently the comedy club night didn’t happen and something LESS pleasant did. I may have been alerted to this fact if I was shocked by the attire/hours of arrival…but I”m not… somethings escape my notice. I hope however he’ll visit the comedy club next time instead of finding a innocent , I’m sure, way of being escorted home by the authorities in his skivvies. That part did NOT escape my notice.

Cup of Tea, anyone?


Listing to the right

The doctors visit is scheduled:
it’s a prochoice place apparently gaining a wider practice – yet it is odd as a male to essentially visit an abortion clinic for general care…. funny name too, Healthy Futures.
(life can be stranger than fiction) 2pm Friday 5.22 @ 300 e. Hamden ave ste. 240bring insurance and I.D.

I made chicken cacciatore. Baked done, then sauced around and opened some more so it just might be fall apart tender. I really should boil up some pasta *veggie red spaghetti as I’ll be schnookered as I couldn’t find a single spinach green kind that trip shopping.

My boss is leaving, as I mentioned in a previous blog, thus 5.18 I get a new badge of interim Director. I should get a key to my door and if it can be duplicated my forms cabinet key in addition to the closet key I have already. What I really do not expect is to actually be “director” as some key tasks might not be allowed my opinions…but we shall see if I can EARN the actual fancy title. initially I have about 34/35 hrs a week.


change taking place

= boss is resigning (62, this place 3 yr just under)
= as a big nicety, I get my holiday after all
= I hope she knows I mean thank you.

I may have to mind shop in June, that I can. do.
I wouldn’t mind an interim director badge even if I can not long hold her job. refer to the language above, mind shop – that I can do.

I’m 40.5
I feel like my legs are immersed in a pool of water to the waist or knees depending on the day
my last fasting sugar is 35x I honestly needed only what I got
I haven’t the energy to last for years as I’ve only the energy for weeks.
I walked 4x miles in the last 2 weeks, as you can tell, it hasn’t changed much past instant emergency.

my new microwave is up above the stove
this means the outlet I wired working is complete.
it cost me about 50 and 45 for microwave not including the parts $6 need returning *lunch for the effort

my house is a mess but I have scrap wood and tools to scrap patch my ceiling fixtures to undo my maintaince.

there is no faster way than facts to present this

hope is I can get an occasional day off in the next few month I expect to continue on working.
zeroed out is possible
great credit won’t happen as I just was terminated from my insurance drug plan which means I can not get another til it’s paid plus til next enrollment beginning october-december. I also will get a black mark with a collection losing me about a year to repair.

that’s the news and I am out of here.



the golden gate by Vikram something blew cold I couldn’t see how it was building before how will it end had me skipping into a mud puddle of the dance of a personal ad by the ex gal trying her own hand turning out to see the affair of him temporarily finding another for that one to pick his friend for her marriageable lover only after some weird trust test out by her brother. oh of course the originating lover dies most tragic as if by magic.

the new kitchen gal and nice cook on their break invaded my room to be….boystrous. the opening salvo of their riotous time *don’t you dare think I didn’t smile* was had I read fifty shades of grey… nope, I say. I think there were a few cutes. I did manage to complete my paperwork but I doubt I escaped without blushing.

I LOST (damn it) at scrabble by 32 points to avoid basking robin’s 41 flavors but I did get a strawberry sunday on the way home to grieve in. a llll because FI as in seper fiddles isn’t a word. if it were i would have closed the 90+ point turn that obviously I didn’t recover from. to add to this misery, I LOST at crazy 8’s at work too )LOL)

I succeeded in my hop to gain if not more people, more varied folks this opening week of split shift.

I’m enjoying my beer and ignoring the midweek transcription of poetic odes for the moment if not for a spell…I’m lamenting I left the erma bombeck book at mom’s picking the other listed above…what a dud.

tomorrow is to put up my outlet as I’ve help finally. I await the week’s review too.

sure, I hear more than I’m saying and neglecting describing all of what I was seeing…it’s good practice. hugs


All Endings Mark.

No, not a soiled underwear post nor a call out 😀

April’s showers end
with a good book’s pages turning’
and some toastadas.

I can I suppose rush to botch an electrical job, but as those are expensive and I’m tired…. nah. I began my first new day of Split shifting my job to people different in my activities but about the same low responses. while that may sound like two failures and the same old whining, I’d like to show it is better than that.

to lose my last calendar day of the 3 year period and to fail so to speak to do a last minute technical job that isn’t particularly hard but rather important it’s correct… is NOT a failure as to do it wrong is surely many many of them! I can just as easily sway I about made it and get to my goulash errand soon. I am alive and I haven’t been so irredeemably foolish always. that is a plus.

I can say it’s a complete failure I switch to not more hours/money but even further down the list of screwed to split shift work…. I could. but Please understand I want my job and I’m rather serious about making clear progressive sacrifices to make the most of honoring our shown needs met, not whined and complained over. I may not be liked by anyone who matters nor may i be rewarded for doing what I know in my best estimates *which can be wrong* that what I try after is a good gamble to make the most of a certain ethic – working and hard after what I have to keep it and build on it. sure, the obvious has happened I didn’t hit one out of the park first day, yet that’s unfair to a point, I had different than typical people present and longer than ever. this is a one off sign sure but room exists to grow it.

sure, i have a pickle of a situation, it’s neither easy nor rewarding at the moment. sure, there is room to show a tad more grace. but as is usual, I’m fairly sure I’m just smart enough to give myself some chances I used to never have but instant quit and failure proven by default then. all endings of easy times or good ones even hard ones and bad ones are but beginnings so marked. I aim to begin to fulfill as much as I said I would do and

have another puff in lieu of being a tad too poor tonight for beer. 😀