RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #138 Secret&Burn

a dancing foot itch

burns to tap out it’s secret

or just scratch me, PLEASE!

The picture:

Clip Art – Happy Foot Character. Fotosearch – Search Clipart, Illustration Posters, Drawings


If you wish to play along….

My eye-turner inspiration to play along…

RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #138 Secret&Burn






Im getting glasses.  if you want to wade through the selections and minutie…

but The HOPE is this comes out about 1/2 or so off…. tuesday is the appointment for the eyedoc.,


“Lindt Creation Pistachio Dark chocolate” aka, dark chocolate pistachio excellence bar

Shipment Total:

this is because it was 5.00 plust  the rest shipping from about the globe. heh. now?  (shh and wanh I got what i wanted afterall it’s currently unavailable still lol- but there is an alternate) ((also unavailable))  ((((lol)))


but i sneak in my spots as in I want specific things and the universe saves room for me… 😉  think on how much more special i am to get the last avilable or something at their price not MINEE? 😉  it’s worth trying…


(blogoquent) Contrarian.


The Short Version of that link is, “Describe life in a sentence!”  uh, a haiku can be a sentence.    lets see if I’m about to cuss.

while you puff in the night the sun’s up here

🙂. bam! a “life” in a sentence

to hold my heart out

but it means something! to me!

but as is won’t be.


a haiku after it.

today is as now actually time to go towards the diet things collecting.  I want rice so as to start saving my soul.  Rice, simple yet prized as luxuries go.  It’s amusing  to think, if I’m right, I’m about to step into the unknown and win in a way if I give up- paradoxically.


Why fight what I can’t win ever out against?  I don’t choose; I only influence.  Todays influence is a chase after less air as I race like a wind to make sure I get out there.  (Again, paradox.)


isn’t it amusing


the rebel against it

zagging while we most zig zig,

suffers those paradoxes?


Video Killed The Radio Star

bogeymen and scenes

haunt like memories unmade

video training day

above is two cards i HELPED make.  I ran the art days and the poetry day and held a chat with one with a story to tell.  I am responsible for the story as presented as a poem as i don’t know shorthand notation so I had to compress this story as told into a poem .  i had it’s author edit this to her satisfaction.  thus, i knew about what directions to expect/explore. 😉  but again, this isn’t MINE.  save the idea to combine.  – dana foulks my then neighbor did the actual graphic design work to make this pretty and get it printed – which was such a neat thing to share, an actual card.  obviously I can not do this well here so you get the pdf chance to view. it.

the current creative cards are adult coloring post cards which remind me i so had to work at enthusiasm 😉 I am just NOT rembrant.

other progress is i wish to diet this season so as to see just maybe if i can’t isolate  some troublesome food and or absorbtion issues to whoop so Diabetes away from so much of festering and or pestering ME!  this is a goal/attempt.  this is not garunteed.  I expect to “clense.”  as i can not alternately feed intake nutrition, I have to hope gentle works as i can’t skip the entire system.  I hope to rice reset/calories then yogurt for conjuring a different arrangement of flora…. if only slightly.  the slowly swap a few shots/days at different foods to test whether they bother me directly with minimal other influences.  after some notes on outcome I hope to combine far more vegetarian only options not because i’m a veg-freak, no.  but, i hope to still honor that i have some dietary restrictions to honour and still achieve nutrition.  I suspect chicken is not digesting pleasantly for me being in public.  I suspect i’v ehad an on and off slight gastro intestinal bleed as i now all too well that ‘odor” and if attached around discomfort, this could go a seriously long way in explaining why i have such murderious difficult with sugar control numbers, i have 1/3 of normal numbers vitamin d…a factor directly in sugar uptake/insulin working.

all of my plans can change poof as i have a completely different set of hopes and goals to compound this or desires that don’t make me focus on this boring diet junk and passing time “creatively”  – I do however expect to cleanse  if it works I get 2 solid weeks of information and a choice to sugger the ignomy of a trip home with every food I love but a diet to maintain…bugger!    however if i see intense results or whispers saying extend the effort, at least til blood work, I have?  a realistic shot at ?  multiple paths.



this isn’t my day at work but it’s worth returning to work for a moment to mention i still vastly suffer in communication or understanding others lol.  I took up all that work to retrain and it turned out not to be the class i needed but ones i retook repassed and are nearly a waste of effort save i remember the lessons better!   lol. and  no offense i’m serious, if you need something of me and it’s to improve my effectiveness i don’t wish to baulk .  i do.  I don’t wish to.  I’m working on that.


coincidentally, I took emergency fuel response and it wouldn’t load just as we actually had a gas pump hose break at work me at home.  no wonder nothing got done today on the punch list of duties to my job person prior.  no wonder.

I am behind scedule to my timing but, I sense i’m doing the best i could to let luck find me ready.  I had a feeling there was a reason i Georgia’ed which was it was  a complete change towards more of what i needed even if it was hardly what i wanted.  I felt constrained here or nearly nothing else of a safe secure looking option.  I chose.  it might have been a huge blessing or? huger still.  I can only choose within what i logically have options with so 😀 lol here i am.  even if I’m not abraham of the bible. 😉  little further into the stories! 😀

but it is either piddly projects and diet or that and a shift to a different direction.  somewhere between the first week and the 3rd I started smoking 23 years ago.  i’t time perhaps to change…. yet again.  or, maybe not yet, i don’t feel like i have to do anything just should fill my time so as to not float uselessly adrift.


plus it would surely be a blessing to ease diabetes and it’s intended kidney crunch for me which would like be nice to face health restoring some if only to not being a nagger.  if you connect smoking and ill health lol you’d be typical about now but shhh, if i don’t feel set up to fail, i might succeed. my house is otherwise non smoking.  i have built in support!.


it’s not what i dreamed in life but, there it is, a feeling in the background of excitement.  I have a trip coming up I have a job and a shot at no more debt  for a small moment lol.. I would be utterly shocked if it really worked out i could be debt free in may or early.  but lol glasses and a computer replacement fun and clothes updates would sure notch a dent to that! swiftly lol life isn’t static time is important so is timing and mines actually off, but, 🙂 such is the best i have had going  on multiple fronts in quite some time.


i guess it did help to read rising steam again by terry pratchett. lol mine is doing that.






is how I first heard the tune as it was always my cd flat scratched on the counter and this or TLC in the box…TLC got taken out…permenantly…ain’t I the Asshole? or? from the composer alone?

or if you would like a diff’rence upon the same theme, perhaps this

Sentimental Seventies Slusher

Bob Welch remake of his “Sentimental Lady”  above with Fleetwood Mac Version below which is when it first came to be.

Where Was I back then?

There! splattered in experience

courting a diff’rence.

It’s February’s Valentine’s Day.  happy Valentines to ya.  I’m not feeling the together but it’s not whee, celebrating  valentines with a wallet wide empty, but a day for soup.  it’s also a fine day for tour down amnesia lane … it’s different….still seemingly the same… but like visiting home or the once home after a billion years away… it’s not the same.

this means peach mission…heh I live in a peach state – might as well have a peach mission 😀  and collect some milk and other  turkey product – like a kielbasa would add to the split pea I plan after.

Oh and because I have a perfectly developed sense of sarcasm, 😀  Here’s some Rosiness for those of you wanting humor…black, like Licorice….the best kind! 😀  a Parody.  yes oh god now I’ve poem deliberately and hidden and worse now want to  share my sun shining joy of  bliss…seriously, I am in reality bubbling with happiness…buut that’s the best way ever to be lying… telling you the truth not a soul alive would believe. 😉

The Carpenters, Top of the World

the darkeners – flopped chasin a pearl.


what a malaise hath befallen me
gloom grey is about all I see
no sun up high, joy is but a sigh
don’t be surprised if I scream.

nothing of hope is to be
aw what a generalized pot of pity
your logic was clear, I need more than you, Dear.
Your sun’s setting and I’ve a new dream

I just flopped chasing a pearl
what’s to say but Excretion!
and the I bounce as I’ve  been lost
from your shove  and kicked while down to let out a frown
I’ve flopped chasing a pearl

Something in stillness says regain
it’s quite okay if you’re “that Lame”
the best picture I got was turning colors on their head , the lot
reminding me perspective just a tease.

I have a night sky of wishes
change won’t haunt me down this vicious
but today we will careen about separate scenes
as we share no current dreams

I just flopped chasing a pearl
what’s to say but Excretion!
and the I bounce as I’ve  been lost
from your shove  and kicked while down to let out a frown
I’ve flopped chasing a pearl

I just flopped chasing a pearl
what’s to say but Excretion!
and the I bounce as I’ve  been lost
from your shove  and kicked while down to let out a frown
I’ve flopped chasing a pearl

Now this amuses me to no end as a: it’s memory lane day, my previous boss happened to like this song a bunch.  Obviously it’s valentines day and I’m like effin’ single so gee figure that mood out, but in reality I have a nice bit of news.  upcoming job has senior peoples of above me vacationing… I get the extra dough in a timely shot to rock the esteem at work thing.  not to mention possibly pay half out instead of a third on a debt as such is my major thinking…along with ten million projects to explore here and on the alter ego dreamtime me.  I can’t say I did much more than write a hello a year was it ago? that got answered out of the blue.  No.  None of that leap from zero to hero crap.  a Hello.  The salvation is only to bring about a smile.  To make it easier to change… no, not lose, change.  I’ve been after that for some time.  Making the miracle in real time in real life as in mine appear one practical step and a few ridiculous dreams that cant possibly every come true that do.


but, one has to have a sarcastic moment on valentine’s day if one’s single.  it’s some effin’ law 😉 hahahaha…not.


Daily Haiku Challenge

Lavish – #DailyHaikuChallenge

such is the Origination.

Such is the Inspiration…

o and I together are?

OI! 😉

Get your Aussie On

Oi!  you wanker, you wombat

gonna stay here here long?


Of course i haven’t anyone in mind to name call… pity.  but if’n you don’t know what a wanker or a wombat is, go ask you an Aussie and odds are you’ll enjoy a laugh.  who doesn’t like teaching you all the cusses we shouldn’t in life 😀

I am not Aussie or kiwi.  Honky from ye ole Detroit yet more truthfully Denver.

now to go color!



Icy Boil

a tear to my rest

wait JUST a blank cursed minute!

bahaha! Smart ONE.

rushed  breezes touching

all the bells toning “I’m done!”

the morning checklists

towards the dreaming

peach fritter tantalizing

…and a bag for eager.


Lane Southern Orchards 

Address: 50 Lane Rd, Fort Valley, GA 31030
the middle shows a s and s. k. (with an “a” smashed into the lazy s.) base branch middle tree and where right branch  the lower crosses the first tree for the k.  now i do have a pal with initials i happen to be thinking of as i purposefully was walking that way to the orchard looking for shapes not quite wholly “there” too..  heh.  so, s.k.  hello you were thought of .
Life only a frown?
grow up. group. and get down!
make the you. resound
across the orchard lawn
i see you reaching for the sky
each goal gain before long.
before big spring’s bloom
coffee calls fritter swimmin’
despite the sky’s gloom

girl atop donkey
stand for SOMEthing…humors hint
nope, I won’t waste my money.

talk to me Tostada!
lucky numbered plate with chicken!
por favor, De Nada.

God’s one Word Memo
“NOoooo(oh)” a lll the way home said Wind
the question? UNKNOWN.

heh, editing time comes and i haven’t anything to add or change at the moment so 🙂 that was my day.  tourist trap out of season for a fairly good peach fritter and then home to get murdered at yahtzee and then to work.



Today is the day!

snagging appointment line pause

then the adventuring.


online illustrator program that is free!

I have a cutesy idea I was getting so gung ho about then started into the minutiae of it and it caved in on my like a sand cave/tomb.  here is a salvage early of same said not as a viable business with label but a cutesy gift or special day announcement.  Commemorative wedding hot sauce?  i know that could work but I’m reminded of The New (now OLD) Red Green Show where Harold asks the experts what women want and the jerks come up with no socket sets and world peace….and a new vcr.


I must shower. I’m paused from pieing til the home is inspected which means if they’re early I’m golden and leave if not I’m hosed waiting all morning and would need a ride or risk a 3/4 afternoon start waste of my whole day to begin my day at dinner.

but shower tick tock. 😀 make a bed first 😀 gotten get but

Plant Symbolism – A Guide To The Spiritual Meaning Of Plants – Q through Z

peach vanilla comes to mind but it could blackberry whatever I can get my hands on. 😀

peach mango mmeringue pie for visual point of MMMM


Sweatin’ n ‘Vettin’

The Morning Chai darkens

the waters dyeing in spices

my smile is glowing

’bout thirty-eight trav’ling

DOG dashes!  mission Momma’s lap.

wind finds wet, I go BRR!

{I laugh at thirty-eight as in I always say “SPECIAL!” { .38 Special is both a firearm and BAND with a cheater’s tune, “A Heart Needs a Second Chance} with it in my head, but literally exit thirty eight ish I can’t quite reliably read them and yes I live on the border symmetrically at “1” and was roughly 90 ish (Miles/Minutes) to reel off.. oh if it had only been ninety-nine bottles or miles of beer!}


I went to a Korean Spa last evening for some sweating.  I enjoyed my dumplings gently fried although I probably shouldn’t have as I’m not allowed beef and pork and it was one of those maybe. 😉  I had to get chicken wings to top that which claimed mild, hot and spicy and thus I would hope in typical American this means go one level hotter than you normally would and get just about right on the spiciness….which differs from New Mexico America where it the other way around they go one notch higher than the words where mild is medium hot is excruciating and if they say to avoid it? woo ey.  I enjoyed how the rooms were peaceful near library quiet for relaxing and how the patrons still! talk too much.  I enjoyed the saunas, steam room, hot tub but not the cold tub, walking upstairs to the smoking area feeling like I’m five walking the wrong way at the mall.  the gym is here as well but why lie, you know why I went that way 😉  I did however manage to knock my last puff straight into the toilet with my lighter just before so I was stuck exploring then returning for a bit of cash so I could ask politely for one prepared for no, costs or yes here and thus my thanks.  do you know how troublesome it is for me? to ask? for anything? ug.  and picture menus… I’m blind! oi!  yes there was American subtitles and someone else read them for me. and yes again it was a gold plated bitch to walk into a crowded room with people sprawled all over in the gloom to find my spot to so spraw too.  yes, it was Korean so on the rug in pretty rooms – I liked the salt crystal room the most as it was the warmest.  where is this mall of heaven?  Atlanta’s JeJu.  it has a virtual tour.  you wont feel the size correctly here but might float some and here’s a link coming

you can click the “home” link at the top right to get the splash…scroll down and you’ll have the option of walking the entire way through the facility.


{the was a slipping of hands off position to type so it was cussing for you bleeped by me as i forget already what I meant to say} I have months while whatever is is before I may see either a fly back towards or that  maybe not.  I have some goals that also are months in the making.  But most of all, I have to NOT wait.  NOW! is my time to live – to not do so only wastes time.  So I vetted (how idea vetted as in checked out /explored) while I sweated all the little things I could afford or had wanted to do to fill in the wait to bigger dreams.  I have from the previous blog a lucky look up of white chicken chili – thank you righteousbruin!  I went to the H-Mart before leaving Atlanta on a mission to find a different vinegar than the usual white distilled or apple cider with a side of red wine balsamic if I’m lucky.  I found a liter of brown rice vinegar.  Rice vinegar is the stuff of heinz with their tomatoes which is why their ketchup is so sweetly distinctive.  their kind of tomatoes and a strange use of vinegar /s.  I haven’t smelled it and will shortly collecting my cold now chai oops.  which will reheat a la nuclear wave easily and cashew milk so I get a little caloric intake to go with ooo! i spotted bread in this house! woot! I can make some toast! mmmmm.  Or, I’m next day off out for fruit for that vinegar and flour to make a pie crust or if i’m smart a pie crust already made as I can. do it I have done it, but i live in a world where it’s not cheaper to do that myself  spending 3 cents in time to save one cent off the cost…I am a product of my. Time where it isn’t a lifestyle  of forgetting me in my choices… Previously it’d have been you just live that way or starve but such isnt’ the modern world persay.  There is choice.  This adds to the mission to make a meatloaf/ball in foods I can have beef pork are out and fowl not foul fowl isn’t.  So, turkey bacon is going to end up somewhere in a meatball I just know it!  I hope I find something schwarma like for chicken as I would like to offer the new approach called it’s necessary for me but you might like it as you know i would hate to live boring.  I have movies to catch books to read.  i have in short a life to fill.  It wont be ‘tomorrow’ just yet before I know the bills pay off and the savings to restart spending and yet not lose this effort now are a bit away.  Soon enough the months go by and relationships return if they’re meant to or are waved to their sweet by and by as they were but a short scene for a time…i .e. I’ll see if the wedding occurs – if I get my friend back or better than that occurs..

And, remind me to eat some beats or iron rich things.  I show a lifetime history of just enough  which was for Colorado and now Georgia, what?  I don’t make enough blood actually.  I never have and mines bigger than it should be in microscopic terms.  While I can’t fix the latter I can gobble so beets and iron foods so as to pretend I’m contributing to the overall health.  I would be but lol.  Or, I would be trying as that would not help my cause chasing anemia.  I don’t need another trouble. 😀  but after 3 months four away from colorado’s altitude, I don’t produce the same amount of blood for there and thus for here interestingly i finally show low on red and whites/etc  it’s NOT abnormal, but i forgot there were details of place I’d see change.

Such was sweatin and vettin’ the ideas for now.  the fleeting ideas came too and I may get to them.  But the point is not at expense of the goals.  I wait enough in life for those.


atreus revisited

OMG CRINGE!  I was elsewhere before also known as. 😉 hahaha.  there’s an idea, effects speakers one arca phonograph of a 20’s vintage style and a 30’s era german…yes the no no kind, radio.  I ought consider that along with the rest of the whimsey in sounds.

The Second link is actually what i went hunting for.  atreus.  it stands out as important as it is a corbel dome….I literally felt like going camping to make one and it was all fun til i couldn’t find the potential bail money….snaps fingers!… you know much of life must be illegal 😉

anyways this isn’t just ideas but sharing them so, help me rhonda yeah, get her out of my heart!  no i want to know your take on good alternatives as i have dietary restrictions against beef and pork which give me a positive chance to learn in life a bit more of the clues.  I like chicken schwarma, I do not adore strictly formed chicken/turkey mince/burger by themselves and?  I like to think I have a shot at silver wraped chicken too with this idea  – but i’m aming for a meatball i can have in marinara with glee.  sis made a tollerable one but i’m not saying that.  i’m practicing asking if you want to brainstorm with me.  I do not do much of that.  I don’t want to be single my whole life so i suppose i might practice socialization 😀