I went to work a week early for working my friday 🙂 :S whoops that’s being too dedicated.  I chatted some and left.  

I went to mom’s why not free day.  I’ve already acheived a nap.  as I have fancified china teacups, tea time.  I selcted orange  spice to go with vanilla flavored non dairy creamer liquid….both being store brand 😉 skip skip skip!  it still turns out exactly like I expected like almost an orange caramel candy ummy. the other offering was twinnings’ irish breakfast tea…an assam but unlike the english or actualy sold to irish people teas such as barry’s gold in ireland which sucks as an iced tea hence the irish revulsion to us what you ice your tea?  foreigner we’ll spot you every time with the ice in the tea! or pgtips which is far milder… but neither  come close to a typical american tea offering which is practically bitter free.

I paid the last of my utilities water power and internet/tv which ammounts to my share of the rent sometimes a bit under. so I’m displaying what i’d hoped, being effectively a month ahead because of two days.  I’ll try to swing being an actual calender month ahead if I can this month but it’s the big push to pay all the high living down.  might as well be pinchy poor in the middle of winter so i can explode to my goals in springs/summer.

now to look up a sound bar/speaker set as I made all the cords of my all pretty 😀 and guess what now doesn’t work?


Super-Puff Certainties

Not Nelson is inclined to hum the new hit…(willie Nelson’s tune ” Crazy” as original sung to different words by Patsy Cline- now recast for lesser glories of not love but national ball)



our Broncos have a date in the big game
Denver Broncos,
Broncos in their Orange and Blue
It’s like getting all you’ve ever desired
well a couple more days
we’ll know we’re champions True

Will it be a game in snow flurries
city planners
wonder if this ‘ll stop our bid too

Our Broncos
are planning some of that sea bird stew
bang! shot ’em down flying
and trampled them ooo that whining!
look up at that scoreboard and rue

Let’s sample some of that sea bird stew
bang! shot ’em down flying
and trampled them ooo that whining!
champ ions and this season’s


Spong-y Spong -y! (Funky funky)

The 80’s Group Information society on their self titled album end it with “Makie it Funky”…”funk..ey Funk..ey!” in what is a preprogrammed computer voice sure then to have been “cool” but now more kinda dopey.  This is the :S squishy smile feeling I have facing sponge painting, my opening day’s activity.  I suppose this is because, I’m out of fancy ideas to  have one think minimalistically in painting…nevermind the medium…perhaps even with a Chinese Flair, or how to conceive and display a scene …Ithinking I have a breath left and time to look up the pointilists and conjur perhaps some splotchy scene of a cross between comic book brilliance and paint by numbers…connect the dots that is…. but in reality I’m fresh out of the vast enthusiasm of this activity…as I’m pretty much out of ready ideas… and I remember it being fun.  and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic for the fun just enough to try it…one more time for …”old” times sake.”

I won at backgammon.  losing the freeby opener, then gained 2 smacks lol of then next’s losses so the other I’ve not seen in 3 years it seems is as usual not really out of pocket  but I’ve won! finally! ooo moral  lol in even vices victory! then another buck directly  and then lost the 3rd of three but only a buck so thus I am the top maker of prizes, the second on the night competition winnings and one heck of a proud backgammon CHAMP.  These are my friends from beginning ten years back… conveniently just as I began what was once the glorious Xanga.  I am glad to share some of the same old song and a new story too.  There was Pizza and Beer.  No, I didn’t cook a thing….I’ll survive 😉  my early mention of blt tortillas wenbt over with fussy like a fart in church 😀 so…. pizza and beer.  papa john’s pepperoni mushroom and sausage green pepper versionss pie and pilsner urqell, batch 19 – coors and wild blueberry, with some gluten free beer odds and suds/sods to start out.  And even though I already knew 😉 the story, the REAL story of how that couch got broke.

I really dig being able to see my side entrance at night – the 1600 *800 by 2* ‘s really are just what I had hoped to up the oomph of light although it’s now white light not golden… I’ll happily survive.

I’ve a mini kick of old fashioned letter writing going again.  I’m laughing immensely as the stationary is somewhat unique 😉  however in one way it’s like a cycle restartiong allll over again. deja vu and I know how it ends too 😉  but it’s fun sitting here nostalgic and new.  I think I might photocopy the early edition of bible themed fun so I can paint by numbers the color code kind Joseph’s technicolor dream-coat.  oh yeah I’ve a closet and it has crtayons!…. somehow that says something I’m not quite leaning into saying…but jokes are jokes and I’ve rubber denial.

on the off chance you’d like a sampling….gag… of the 80’s  want a coke and another reminisce of max headroom?

well, I suppose the only other duties I have then are to finish my letter, look up some art history or any b.s. that keeps me trying after snagging some random interest. playing something inspiring if not literal…shave and a hair cut…2 bits…or the shaving cream, be nice and clean, shave *today* so I should look keen. Keene? oh know I’m thinking Dis ney Tarzan!  ooga booga.

I love the title to this pic…. the train to crazy…spin art.

this is more importantly ranked for ‘spinning tempura’

and I suppose of all the pictures I regret to have lost to the past, 

the day I was invited to a elementary school party and made me one of these but didn’t snag the kindergarden teacher….was useful at least in re upping my lame or simpler art skillz to smudge my picture then into an owl… was fun…and yet another lost to the ages person I was then…. lol even before I once was! 😉

Another reason the new Xanga seems dead to me is the Watch People have found me…and it is only watch people waiting for me there. oh and I’d post a photo of the lastnight… but a rat scampered off with my cord.  

well, it’s 720 or I;ve turned time around twice full circles 😀 gotta get.



Ambling about the internet, I’ve moving evidence of colon cleaNSING thrills…okay perhaps not colonics, but subjects. 

covell offered up a preview of what to expect of their beading training dvd on the youtube

I like the insert for the model T  oooo.

Ever Wonder what the olde time radio shows were like?  or if you’re a dust cougher, would you like to aim for a flat tire down amnesia lane?

so far I’ve had time only to listen to “The Adventures of Phillip Marlow” all the way through and the intro to “Omar the Persion”  the quality of the recordings is listenable to but so far it’d bum me out if I only find 50’s era radio.  I want older ;)…

the marlowe one was like the echo of Sunset Boulevard

I looked up some things like space suits, 27 clubbers janis and jimmy, what the hell a darwn bark spider is….going back to a space suit it’s a type of silk…spider silk and it’s 1000 versus half that of mesh steel….one needs lether but lether that can stop a bullet… or more importantly a puncture which tends to be rather fatal in the lil ballons keeping one alive in space…and of course some soft rock to make me very happy.


I got some.  i new bulbs as I don’t like the look of bare bulbs so I got some cfls with an outter cover that makes them look like theater dressing room type round bulbs.  I also got two big bath towels heh bronze…orange… and darker blue…hint they look like  the broncoey nfl colours and a phone charger… but most happily a bible games book for preschoolers which may come in handy as I don’t wish to be forever static at what I offer.   oh and ooo ooo the evil thrill of math in the morning! 😀  welp,it’s laundry time. 😀  I may have guests later on may not… should have some clothes to avoid nudity for work.


the neatest .thing on the day was reading my letter all pretty and such. it was a presentational  delight


Fowl / foul Whining.

Boin’n’bag Pouching.

Shall I Cook for thee the dinner – poached fowl.

t’aint o’er cooked ever as Maillard ‘s absent

rar’st white innocence ’bout the texture JOWL.

sous vide is as the spam on the croissant

from the englishman now’s Roanne’s moanin.


okay, so I felt like whining about what I grow more afraid to try…. cooking sous vide.  so in proper fashion I’ll just make fun of it. 😀


I wussed out buying dishes at the Kmart and then spent the exact same sum at the supermarket… what a dork I can be…but well fed.  and why yes, I am after some Carlo Rossi Moscotta… in a plastic solo cup.  does it hurt enough yet, Monkey?

the picture that compresses the entire lack of stylishness for this mood is as follows

it comes with a warning to click carefully.

derived from a search for “fat” people in “spandex”…a not so horrible picture really, but a caption that turns milk sour.


My Own Voice.

the coffee wheel changetheths again.  I have macadamia nut coookie coffee!  ikes at 10.99 for keurigs but nnnh – I just am not a pot a coffee a day guy…. hence why I claim “tea.”

of course, there’s my fataterZZvorite, costa rican too.

I just got done with dinner.  I made German-esque.  cabbage, potato and sausage kilbasa up. hadn’t any oil, so butter, salt was not available but soy sauce or brown salt was.  blunt dull knife whalloped the taters and cabbage half…59 cents for a cabbage half. 3 for the sausage, 40 cents maybe for the butter soy and tater. or 1.50 a plate.  mmmm.  I heard a lotta of bullshit noise about burning and stove up too high…. but my potatoes were perfectly cooked through and the cabbage tender but not dead…just like I like them.  sausage just curled and coating everything…. beef only if’n one has some issues with other animals.

I stepped in a big huge steamer at work AGAIN.  I showed something to big boss about taking pictures with a cell phone and was promptly told such is a “no no.”  DRAT!  I have a pretty butterfly sticker on my time card because some arse always re-alphabetizes me during lunch breaks so I get a missed punch 2 a pay period is a suspension….pay clerk duties annoys the doer a bunch.  I however didn’t have a boat load of b.s. to hear about all my horrid sins – so 😀 I’m far happier.  

clannad’s robin hood tv seriers theme/album is on.  someone just handed me some bulleit bourbon and then….  it went into the freezer unopened… thanks for your confidence 😀

it’s long since turned from the above into bertie higgens’ key largo after some david lanz valencia. or here we go go again with whack soft stylings…. ahhh.

well I’m half a wine in. and I’m well aware at least to know this… I’m out of stuff to say except to here my own voice.  night night.













Riotous Re-writes

Rorey Riff-Raff-erty Ruins The Hits….
sentiments become impersonal with Gerry Rafferty’s tune Right Down The Line
Downed Power Line.

you blow – who needs you, shove. you got nothing over me
shorted; down in the mud, soon enough broken – you’ll leave
its the end of you or I’ve no life, sory better luck next time
t’wont be you Chargers, downed power line.

I know we’ll lean on you, Everyone will see
Chargers just got ran through with an L for thee
Here’s your diapers as youre incontinent – ooo and that post game WHINE
t’wont be you Chargers, Downed power line.

Listen to what the fates say
we’ll enjoy seeing your hopes grey – Want more?
Yeah that’s the way
you’ll not be gellin’ today – try not to be so sore

Your town’s in for some darkened night
Here’s a bitter beside thee – so you can cry of the plight
clutch again next year your crazy dreams with hope’s design
t’wont be you Chargers. Downed Power Line

I know we’ll lean on you, Everyone will see
Chargers just got ran through with an L for thee
Here’s your diapers as youre incontinent – ooo and that post game WHINE
t’wont be you Chargers, Downed power line.

Let me reaffirm you with my belt each and ev’ry first down
You’re just a whistle-stop to the big game’s crown
clutch again next year your crazy dreams – with hope’s design
t’wont be you Chargers. Downed Power Line


a Lil Anti broncos sentiment is what catches me hell but 😉 I’m not a big sports fan these days…

the fragment as I have not internet at work…. 

Grey Dark-Hearted Speweths the hits…

Ray Parker Jr.s’



Bronc -Busters

I ain’t afraid of no Orange

I ain’t afraid of no Orange

When they spout – about Manning’s Game? Or records broke 

Laugh as they fall

Bronc- Busters!…

I did up another pro bronco sentiment at work to the tune of Tony Bennett’s “I Left My Heart In San Francisco….but someone swiped it and I left the rewrite with a resident  for her amusement and tomorrow’s viz 😉



a different take

I have a blot on happiness sounder and I meant it…as in to write it as I want to convey the latest me has a bit of a feeling of being spiritually out of joy….this is okay! time and moods pass or come and go with waves on a beach.  ho hwever I don’t wanna wet blanket you.

so, would you laugh that one of my christmas presents was a toilet seat shaped cribbage board and hahaha no one in the house can play but me? poop. 😀  or that playing twto people waste the time spades has had meloooooooose every game?  poop 😀  I find it amusing.  come on luck… what kind of poop is this??


the beer’s good

I did my own laundry up a load in tmime for work.


I’m out hopefully for chinese if not I’ll stump to macdonalds or subway… 


just so’s you know I get some hugs into my day it’s just not a day of rest it’s weeks of being run inand not recovering as fast.

butter belly layer…I gain weight so what I feel isn’t all sugar shite run down there too but vitamin something…. it aint A either..


I accomplished NOTHING today… don’t get me wrong, I did a dish in the sink from dirty to clean, I did laundry the same way-amazing fresh smells aboat the place!  har har har. I acheived nothing though.. again no, it isn’t the tasks it’s the motivation.  I acheived the peace of nothing.  I didn’t have to do seemingly anything.

I thus watched  russel crow/e and e robinhood the new way rather intrigued robin hood can or can not be an actual person…. the best bits of legend are friar tuck and maid marion and they only late addditions to the tail…figures.  I suppose it was most apt that the point they harped upon was the archtype of the tale….ultimately the tale is told to it’s times but middle class….there is something above slave/serf and below tugging up god’s underpants royalty.  plus the neat of what bows and stuff were good…

I can’t say my brush with nutrients in the vitamin a laden squash I did upagree with me.  I can’t say I was jazzed hearing and enjoyinging the empty of no one trying it but me thrill me…I can say I haven’t ever toasted squash of the butternut variety before.  those of you who follow me on facebook have seen the pick


yes this is half a squash and 457% of one’s vitamin a.  and every bit too damn much to eat in one go.  it is rice a roni white and wild rice 1 dollar at walmart, rotel mild tomatoes and chilies about a dollar at target andone butternut squash also from walmart and a table spoon of butter courtesy of kingsoopers.  the hardest thing was cleaving the squash in half and the second hardest thing was dabbing and rubbing the yuck off the seeds,  the rice was easy follow directions and scooping out the strig and seeds wasn’t that hard either.  hint while not a vegan dish as it has butter, it is vegetarian.  cleave squash, remove seeds and strings, discard strings save cleaned seeds.  cook rice per package only adding atop it a drained can of rotel….fill with rice mix and bake preheated 375F oven about just over an hour adding seeds the last 20 minutes….careful to not let seeds be a mound  even single layer…  voila.  not hard nor bad tasting veggie dinner…I suppose the complaints are obvious in that a half squash is double what anyone can eat yet you cant bake this as portions or the stuffing falls out….and that if anyone reads the contents of the food the rice mix is higher in sodium unless this dish is strictly 4 portions…enjoy though it gives me gas and I’m not a fan of mega vitamin a Idon’t like liver and am nnh on carrots brocc ecant get the liver downxxtc anything good for my eyes.  I don’t hate the veg while I cant get liver down… but again it’s easy and someone likes something 😀  mmm the seeds tasted hull and all like popcorn

I looked up suiperdobe and I finally see another dream stale some in that it’s possible but something in there seems not resource necessary but what poor people might desire and thus pardon me while I have a little snobby problem instead of taking joy in acheivements of needs met….I might get over it.  however if you watch enough of the vids you see maybe what I do which is a mixed clay be this hempcrete or stabilized earth ala superadobe and…. yeah so?  it isn’t as magic as it felt when it was a house I could afford when the dream of such seemed impossible.

 well, here’s a beer to the end of my weekend your week.


new ripples

I went into work knowing it’s time for my performance review.  I wasn’t reviewed in that way… it was a complaint and unfortunately a series of fairly bothersomely biggie complaints.  I was able and I amproud that I went in with the attitude of where’s mine? oh no, I went in with the attitude of where can I improve….if it wasn’t for that attitude I would have left there upset to not get the rare enough pat on the back and be upset about it…perhaps past employment.  as it is, I am employed and am pleased.

I left to obtain my new glasses.  I have them   I see better, but I am so habitually used to squishing them closer to my eyeballs that now I’m aware that suc h isn’t better but total fog when I do this that lol, I’m going to have to get used to changing a habit.  I am physically able to see some texture in black top where originally I could not.  I can see the outline of my door and deadbolt hardware whereas before I could even see the handle.  I can read a business card slightly further away but overall actual sight isn’t vastly improved.  


I am glad I paid thises or thats early last month as that saved me this month.  I’m glad I have a new plan regaurding how to maximize the startlingly unfair reguirments of being both employed and diabetic.  I mean please understand I feel right now I got some bandaides just in time but I’m saddened that they’re not solutions but bandaides.  and I suppose spiritually speaking I wonder when I went into the weeds of what’s possible to what should be because right now I’ve gotten what is possible and likely and I’m surprised at how meager not miraculous it is.  

be that a nice continuing love interest a world away that strikes me as all of a suddden me being nice when someone else gets the glory/gain.  the real girlfriend where I seem to saunter in come only fuck me times which to my sense of ethics is not making me appear nicec… but heh, I’m glad I can actually read what I’m typing right now or damn close.  I’m glad I’m employed as I have more designs on money spending…and self improvement.  …You might be surprised at how stupidly tied into other’s oppinions I really am and I am pleased to learn I was wrong in a way or at least now as I’m not 17 anymore and oppinions and expectations change in time… but but in a way all of my if onlys seem to be granted me to see they don’t matter now and hint maybe they never did.

if only I made a proper living maybe I’d have been married 20 years ago.

if only I lost weight and thus became instantly sexy/ier I’d have it easier chasing interests

if only

if only

and it turns out I have a descent job  improved my purchasing powers  go me…now to have them free by paying them off again 😀 lol  I long ago lost 55 lbs and never regained it.  😀 I have no more security now than I ever did and yet what a surprise, I do have options whereas once I didn’t but that is it.  I wonder if I am upset that it seems I invest the time and years into what I want and feel jipped it isn’t more.  the answer is of course yes yes YES and get over it chump there is this thing called reality so learn to live with it.

I suppose I should hug myself and be jazzed I get to see what I always wanted to know and was convinced about only to see in a way I’m right but there is a heavy element of timing.  to be me now is fine!  wonderful! I’m truly blessed even if I wonder how.  but I wonder still if I got a few key shafts in opportunity that very much did count but evaporate with time.  like that I literally feel my little accomplishments might be a smile at 21 impressive younger but are years expect in my age class now and I”m slow/ retarded ./ in a way to go joining the party late…. you know when it’s about the kids as my time was over a generation ago…. literally half a lifetime ago.