Amnesia lane

sit on ’em, they hatch

No they don’t, Silly! – they’re sweets!

dinosaur eggs, stashed!

(Poetry dump 1 – 3/31/11)

(I remember a yellow not black box…. But oo did I like how the splotchy dyes changed yet it still was a mottled egg… The point of this is how you argue the words…. Bossy Brat.)



The dove was offering up a contest promo for Waldorf Astoria Orlando. I wondered if as it’s the Waldorf, I’d have a chance at getting a “Waldorf” (salad)

Or would the keep theme but go local and offer this areas version?

First the classic Waldorf

Now if you read “farmer boy” by Laura ingalls Wilder you’d know that cider was known and the “right blend” too! Cider being apples once I think New York state had apples! I’m not sure on nuts but would not be surprised.

The classic salad

Orlando is not apple country! It’s rather orangey this Florida. And as I did Georgia which is close there’s a crap ton of pecans! So I had wondered
Mayo? Nope aioli!

Orange (segments)

For the new “Waldorf?” In case i get cash curious.


What was said

Stereo bleeping

Back and forth bird bantering

But what do they speak?