I think I’m going out of my head.

Let’s just spin it – old skool.

I set foot in a Korean restaurant. I survived. I even ate well 🙂
Yong Gung
2040 S Havana St
Aurora CO, 80014
apparently previously al bae nae korean restaurant.

I cant say I swam in choices because I didn’t, also the menu is small and properly priced at 6 – 13 with a few knockouts nearly double that if you prefer. there is a quality array of soups to shove it up the nose of the pho places ass this is a bit of a restaurant row. the dishes are picture listed prior to entry into a modern darkwood dining room with bold deep colors. they serve the classic hot tea… it is NOT free. 😉

I’m going to say that while I didn’t adore the feel of Korean dining arrays of tastes there is still something neat in seeing all the classics of condiment come . I was able to guess some of them…one of them with another off the top of my tongue. I guessed the black bean paste woot! the kimchi was on my tongue, I forget what the red stuff was but the yellow raddish and onion was also present.

the tea wasn’t quite grassy but also not quite a liquor either. it doesn’t set well initially with me yet I’ll again grant that the taste fit the ishes well. I got chicken with hot and garlic sauce as it sounded the least offensive as a short winner over mongolian beef which if they adulterated with five spice powder it’d make me cry…and i suspected they would to make it distinct. I do not overly care for the full five spice powder but it makes it uniquely northern chinese and korean bbq. and that last is the least offensive til today of their foods. hence when I could easily see it was NOT chinese I was heading towards and it was that distinctive korean script of impending evil… I was worried. I was very worried.

to allow it to feel like “home” they offered rice. 🙂 I know some dishs do not call for said and thus I appreciated the let ’em be gringos touch. I would like to kick myself as this is the rare place that serves/offers a crab rangoon versus cream cheese wonton appetizer….and I didn’t get any! they spiced the damned eggrolls which meant they weren’t bad fresh but not that magic I’m personally used to and absolutely unedible leftover later. but in absolute fairness what chinese really is as good later? and yet my dish was good later a memory of a fine outting as i my breath isn’t also testament.

after the fine experience of lunch it was to the european deli by my mom’s for the replenishment of chocolates as I made use of that part of door gifts. I got some croatian coffee as I didn’t have time to hit the market I meant to for the bosnia coffee. croat…croapp big oh in crap and it better damn well not be as I’m gonna want coffee 😉

this was previous to an epic shopping for what was to be a case of wine and the rest to make a line on the big shelf of 100 wines mostly empty still at sis’ abode. I failed. I couldn’t find the one’s I looked up which isn’t uncommon but I’m used to a-z with division red and white. these days its all region to regional styleings and rarel y in alpha. this may sound like an epic fail coming but it wasn’t. I didn’t need to spend on a line of wine mainly cheaps. I did however get something I wanted and like – I swear it was called don alliman… not domaine allemonte or whatever that appellation is for alsace… not however that I dislike alsace…oh contraire! so I picked a gwurztrameiner from france 😉 mom her favorite mogan david…but then she likes even grape jelly with eggs. I do not. I am not superior in that I like ketchup with my scrambleds..and macaroni cheese which most think is proof I’m out of my head.

after the deli was a trip to walmart to get…bathroom towels. Mom was convinced she saw this great match for sis’ guest bathroom shower curtain in towels. I went along and got to contribute to this selection by making sure her 78 inch boyfriend got the biggest towels the place offered I could swiftly spot. better homes and gardens plush blah blah 35 x 66 inch honkers. remember I’m 68.5 inches these days if that and most of us in the 30’s waistlines are not even half that on a towel so 35 is luxurious room. sis’ boyfriend’s family is also honker big like him so even if the colors are a bomb, I hope the picking a good towel size makes it a little easier to enjoy the thought that counts. I also got coordinating wash cloths. but really I only went in to get tome metamucil as I just don’t have time for korean montezuma’s revenge. no, while it wasn’t my favorite the meal, it was damn nice and as I say I am not ill just taking precautions as no strange food to me isn’t without the risk it wont agree with me. I couldn’t find til far too late in the game sunflower kernals as mom had a nice rootbeer ala diet in the car so I had no reason to make a third stop. but the towels one’s aqua/chocolate brown…or if you prefer robins egg blue. the second twwel is all aqua the wash cloths are all chocolate brown and a repeat print of the main twel…they did NOT have any hand towels with was stunning to note I cant find the picture of the print but for the colors.

dinner hit likea bomb and I went home to sleep through til 10pm or sleep it off shall I quip. I got up and tried the leftovers and the main dishes good but nay on that egg roll. nay I say.

this morning I got the stuff at walmart to make my door for my resident. 8 is great or whatever I’m calling it for real. display poster board 48 x 36 fully deployed. mainly gold sparkley wrapping paper. the hopefully trick of this is I avoided permanant foam tape…I exhausted what was available – it holds five pounds. the sub color silver is also sparkley and covers 8 small boxes with one 9th visually distinct box. or duh, this is a menora sorta. I have blue ribbon to wrap them as presents proper, I see no need to make further allusion to a menora as in candlabra as is my resident isn’t very religious just wishes it known he’s jewish. I have gold pain for the white tea light thingies battery powered. I ended up not fussing and buing eight rounds of three when I only need 3×3 as I really need the box…dont worry the lights will get to use elsewhere I’m sure. final cost in fairness to what I actually bought was 60 for the door, 40 for the gifts and the paper / tissue paper to wrap them. if I don’t win lucky that guy but… perhaps they’ll sing the Weird AL song, because i’m tacky! I don’t know i might lose I might snatch top prize…mine is to be within my capabilities to be represent or at least hint but also be still innocent of the charge of outright misrepresenting the guy’s faith. I may instead get a bit of wow but boring too. I cant wrap fast I am blind so actual leveling precision is NOT a skil… so that’s why the 10 s2 foam board to hold the paper because it can be measured some and yet go up faster clear neater than scotchin tape segments of wraping paper…but if last minute I have to? I’m prepared. remember not my place so if I’m putting up ruinous foam tape and they say icknay? I can manage. I’m used to having the heart of my plans ripped out and told to keep up the good work. I need only collect the halva. and remember I did this collection? prior to next thurday 7 am needing to be up. … I also have a LOT of wrapping paper and thus i can contribute to other doors if someone might get out the ornaments/ thingums purdy. this way I can do what activities does, try to take a lead in…activities which mainly is any and all parties and holiday festivities…fancy an ex j.w. being mr holiday… I’ll never be even if I’m theologically free to be now.

and now I’m bored out of my head with 8 hours to pack 15 minutes worth of a change of clothes. I don’t like the fancy swedish flavored ciders I got for mom who turns out to hate cider 😉 lol. I mean it is okay to me and I’m sick of just okay…I pay either way full price in both cash and sugar control and thus I don’t like okay. I mean spiritually it’s fine to say “I’m good enough, Damn it.” because it isn’t saying okay… at least to me. but otherwise egads that poem from highschool graduation! good enough is neither any good when greatness eclipses good and enough as in is there ever enough? too uch is never enough is a line from luther vandross 😉 but

happy thanks giving to you. hopefully I’ll be turkey coma’d snoring this time tomorrow night/well by the end of tonight 😀


what it is now.

tick-tocking time-bombed!
clacketing clocks corraling
what’s there to thus be.

it’d be something soup-er
if I could cobble it up
what now has to be fridged.

my morning hero
hot soothing stired back alive
instant coffee bliss

I have to toss the soup stuff in the fridge as I’m damn near late to work as it is. I’ve 40 minutes to be many minutes out the door to my bus… at least my coffee isn’t bitter…even if it is instant. the wind up clocks drive me a bit nuts but the last alarm failed to sound and I haven’t the luxury of just skipping work…I was golden and now I’m not so much as I must survive the stress that is the holidays in full force…. Its ridiculous to know it’s self-induced all our notions of what festive should be and the hell of knowing it requires effort and often we’re not into that but it must be just sooo! this is what puts us into homes…or maybe it’s the thing about toileting so many times a day most of them missed and thus messed…people can so no longer put that original care out there like it was allowed in a homemaker’s arrangement – a dream of a fifties’ bliss which is odd because it’s clear my father’s side was grandma doing the bring up so mom could work and travel which turned into two homes purchased…weird having to piece together the histories which weren’t discussed much….just the snippits that it wasn’t like you think it was since you moved to always crash grandmother’ s house and be in the family….I moved at one so no, I’d not have memories of what it was – just a few sommers over hints. ah but lucky you it’s a quarter til and I’ll be late if I reminisce anymore.


baked soup

I’m too damned lazy to try this “right” I’m thus baking my potato soup. 5 weight russets rinsed. 2 carrots in a foily with garlic. another foily with a whole onion. I should bake the ham – what turn out to be an ordinary ham in every way but I wont as that’s to be fried in butter to mix in the baked medly thus then to add cream and or milk salt and pepper to taste and achieve my voila!…well cheese too, will be involved.
I feel a complete failure because of this not to some vision soup. I will point out though, that it’s precisely this soup…a baked “stuffed potato soup, that I will win. what I win is that it’s not the usual but a child of a lesser god of techniques…and perhaps if I am right, I will win because it is well made simple an at a moment too, elegant. catch me at 4 am for the chearing or the lamenting.

what this is to make is about a gallong of soup deeply thick and rich with a mozz cheesyiness.. all element simple are really just baked out. the advantage is my house will smell baked potates y and delicious. I got up at six pm for this and wont otherwise likely catch any sleep til workday’s end. i have thin food’s otherwise and thus I’m doing what i can to not make this not happen… I actually need food. I also know I can give a shit for doing this “right” as I haven’t the enthusiasm for that. this soup is philosophical in that respect. I just know I can scoop five weight potatoes guts into a bowl and salt season add then the rest slowly with a feel of craft to make what is all the rage.. a stufffed or baked potato soup. my soup is baked for it’s most part.. I may even loft in the ham in foil too just to prove the point….. but that only takes about half as long as the veggies.



what a wonderful day I had! I’m not being a bit sarcastic in that I’m happy/pleased/smug despite the day showing me I’m not really golden any longer. it is precisely because I’m NOT funny that I’m happy to be me and follow with …me-isms.

I was smoking in the boy’s room when this vision of some sitcom scene wherein child walks into mom jammin out to the headphones playing TLC’s “Red Light Special” for that perfect ackward moment of not wanting to contemplate a parent thinking sex. envision if you will, a happy gall swaying to the beat (mouths silently) “I’m gonna give you the” “red” (sways) “light” (sways) “spec-ial” (seated pelvic grinding circle)… Hi mom! … music?”

I managed to not have my schedule written out prior to work and today it counted and I got no quarter on that. I also got to hear how one family member constantly visits so it appears to boss only to visit me activities to complain to my boss about me….I’m too advanced for the bunch. or in short while sitting to the desk like a long ago student to the teacher during detention for some epic fail finished my schedule with an audience…didn’t get to finish my conversation overly so with the new incoming person’s family as I had a ride waiting. and in general left well aware I’m no longer golden to a quick shop for snacks to the effort of putting forth a friend to live in my currently half unoccupied home knowing it was a tough sell – only for my vetting roommates other business of the house soul to not even consider it for an instant and walk over to my house while they finished up and left to watch tv… the damnation of their application, they’re not married. the people I most of all don’t want are married… the house isn’t bachelorly any more it’s christian in the worst sense of the stereotype as in I mean devout… it’s no longer bachelor party green/420 friendly just show up without some drama or nasty record of criminality currently in progress with your rent money… now it’s devout. as I say, I am fully aware I’m not golden work or home.

to add to this, I have a rare enough visitor whom I like romantically speaking and the arrival is always aeftr last call at some liquor perveyor but who cares as I think it was martina mcbride who crooned :there nothing in the world so good as a happy girl” this of course meant I wouldn’t sleep much nor get my schedule written out like a good boy. I also wouldn’t get any. so as I say, I’m well aware and or it’s quite evident I’m no longer golden. so lets tick these off the fingers, not golden at work to the family’s, not golden at work with my supervisor for hopefully no longer than just a moment, not golden in vetting potential roommates to the new paradigm, not golden in the sack. it can go without saying that I’m not financially golden because I’m not touting a lottery win around in my pants…pocket.

but as I say with only a cuddle to get a light throttling, I’m happy. I didn’t lose my temper to here these words or concepts. I didn’t collect my check as no one did as they failed to be delivered today be this on time or slightly late…I mean they weren’t in at 4pm either which is when I departed…payday is technically friday and always has been but the convenient thing was to collect one’s check at the mandatory meeting as a bait to attend…total fail. I’m happy as I can’t move forward in growth while being a golden boy as effectively as I can having that push of oomph to make me either sink or swim it’s showtime! I’m happy enough to post you a CRAPPY parody.

let us just say this isn’t the original digital underground’s humpty hump song but/t an awful parody from Backroom Thunder Sound’s “Lumpy Lump”

alll night
start what you’re doin’
the fresh scent I’ll ruin
without image of the pile I’ve doo dooed
ya know, it’s country money see?
please let it whirl down steady for thee.
not rise up around
overflowiing aint the right sound
but go away silently to its underground
I ate up all the macoroni cheese on my shelf
and it’s pushed through all of myself
ain’t I something some kind of something
now gent’s please! a potty proud song for thee.
barbershop’s four let’s sing one down the bend
oh when toilet walls call…
time to drop lumpy lumpy
just smell the pride down the hall sure is something.
I abuse rhyme
and think I’m funny
no jumping, or I might leave behind something
picture this poetry upon a gum wrapper
disgusting as it is ridiculous
ooo a log from soup and a Whole box of crackers
tell me girls, hasn’t subject made you squimish?
there’s another word for that.
and I still think I’m funny.
just imagine the sound of my phone line busy.
I can chase all the girls from the room
talk about CHEEKs!
lowerin the thunder and boom.
this song up in a church restroom.
quite Crazy
the grace for this amazing.
and if it’s runny – that would change things.
let just say this parody’s also a rant.
do do the the dunny dance.
this dunny dance is my chance to drop some lump.
(drop the lump!…Drop the lumpy lump!)
(drop the lumpy lump. pray you don’t smell my lumpy lump.
all afternoon lunch was brewin.. til I drop this lumpy lump
dropping the lumpy lump. droppin the lumpy lump

Verse Two: would just be more about poo. so, Mercifully, I’m through.


national secrets

I’m in need of a window in which mainly to copy and paste. I’m limited on time it isn’t like this is a national secret, this is just stuff i do to try to plan my month’s worth of stuff to do at work.
first, I’m looking up movies and hope to select a handful of reasonably old and new movies with a wider Jewish cultural influence. why, I have a growing jewish clientel.
te above is a few links into a top 100 list of films that can capture jewish cultural sentiment. but it’s all for naught if this next link doesn’t say something of it’s availability.

remember there is timing issues about ordering the last time it was delivered after I needed it. pissed me the bleep off.
“Jews know two things: suffering and where to find great Chinese food.” – My favorite year.” 1982
in case you’re dying to see the topside of the list and know I haven’t anymore time to spare looking through this list and thus the last movie of any interesteddness to me is following
that is available that is 😀

so, the short of it is
kramer vs. kramer
a gentlemans agreement

why because good bad or indifferent such is what surely has touched people’s lives, relationship issues and a change in what always happened yes but became acceptable if not heroic beginning about when I hit ground that it wouldn’t ever be as it was like it even was but that’s a different point. and who knew that it wasn’t just the black’s getting it in the neck that anyone non0white was in for it? it’s worth it to be reminded just a little of what these folks saw in their childhood or early adulthood coming back from proud service. in many of my cases.n o matter their ethnicity.

of course, the rest of my list is now late and includes choose your own adventure books which may improve my participation in reading but I did that study up on a test victem last night picking a random book up and reading it with fervor aloud …4 am and my guest promptly wanted to steal it then put it down I stole it back and the switching off of pages read aloud became me reading 2 to…nods off how rude – to the line “he was sex walking” too DAMN. the book was Janet evanovich’s sizzling sixteen: a stephany plum novel. I will admit I am interested in keeping reading alive because literary even if one isn’t able to do it like a marathon all-nighter at the pages, still is important and even if we’ve small children unable to read we still want to keep alive the magic that is a good book, I wonder if I’d get eyebrows reading markowitz’ scene where it’s revealed who done it…. his first to my eyes that is. I know harrison t. dicke was a naughtily named sir.

well slug of soda stick of insulin and about my journey towards the meeting.

much of the rest of my activities are prescribed in that art isn’t art but demonstrated motor skills accessed and since my home spun cards flopped so far time for tempura again. I have another activities once soul over in the evening so I wish to kibbitz on that and how to make what is their level of skills not seem so much like patronizing macaroni art but the fun it’s meant to be. so many wish to suggest to me stuff that all the magic is done by me not them…if you aren’t aware of safety protocol, then thankfully you do not care for yourself or others which is left in a small degree in my hands… I like spending my paychecks and feeling important even if such is an illusion 😀


Door Progress

8 for the cup and plate seems to be another fine name not to directly overly hannakuh my Jewish Resident’s door as it’s mine 😀 to decorate…poor sap.  I might even come in around the fifty dollar prize budget alloted too remains to see what I have on hand for shiny papers.

there’s a lot of significant to things.  the first line of symbolism is within color.  if you’re my age or not much younger or older, Bad Company’s Give me Silver Blue and gold, the color of the sky I’m told- my rain-bow is overdue,” lyric covers the major color scheme of color symbolism jewish – by intent or not.  Gold is for god’s glory- thus to make mockery of gold, yellow would be the color chosen to ape gold and carry a far different meaning if one remembers darker times of ww2 era.  Silver is less highly prized but often the real money of the biblical times – silver denotes innocence even if it’s tied to so many things so much less than or anything but innocent.  Blue is the colour of the Law….think covenant law or religiously as well.  But Colours alone aren’t all, the letters of the alphabet thus the words also can be assigned numeric value which meansa word like “living” counts 18 and thus a gift of 1 of something is rather a nice gift indeed. the word life/living in hebrew is and pardon a slaughtering is chai… to my eyes chai as in tea 😀 but I might have an apostrophy out of order 😉  three is another number which while I haven’t the budget to make use of it is interesting in that it means spiritual journey which if thus likely how we all came to know ready steady or seet go or ready aim fire or a variety of things three dark or light 😉  I is after seven thus giving it a regenerative cycle  which is why it was the divine seven but more than that.  of course there is a lot i have to rely upon the accuracy of wikipedia on and thus pardon me if I’m being semi careful to let this be taken as a try from a non jew at something traditional even if there is a lot of religious undertones within it which might not be welcome…My gifts also carry within them an easy symbolism in that they are from all about the globe and also they any one of them by themselves aren’t worth too much note or much ado…yet watch carefully that they’re meant to be anything but gold coin to a guy not really in need in my home to spend coin yet worth a memory be it a new one or a new one evoking an older one or just evocative.  the door is gold the flames silver with a batter  tea light with blue edges and the boxed presents ;cardboard tubes as they’re nicer and more candly0 blue with gold ribbon.  I hope to keep this under 80 but I know how the box mission might be a despicable thing as I need symetry .

the gifts appeear to be

wasa light rye crackers – bannockburn illionois (scottish sounding eh?)

bnei darom olives direct from israel’s bnei darom

russian candy- white wrappered mild choc with a anna looking face- it’s likely from nyc

cxar nicolause 2nd rose and safflower with black tea…likely actual sent from what was once russian areas if we all should know that the tea of course wouldn’t be from russia, just perhaps blended there.

bosna kafa or bosnian coffee

sassnitz germany’s smoked herring

fundy lemon kola drops… I would find it odd if kola meant cola as in flavor or more or less just caffeine present.. I dont know though. from gyal hungary.

and last to acquire is either halva again or toss in a damn dangerous laziza as the gent’s diabetic and that stuff’s all sugar.  I’m not sure.

the tools are also coming just not as a gift for the days… tools are omnipresent and beyond days.  I have a make-your-own-k-cup adapter and can get a teaball or two…and have a hors d’ouvres fork for to do something with the fish to cracker thing.

the significance is:

I’m crackers




and aromatic.

sound about right?


Guessin’ Good

I failed.  😉  I had to get a ride around.  I got up far to late – to manage otherwise.  I found a grand array of CRAPPY gifts for my presents 8 hannakuh door thing.

I hit the European Market so the sign said, @ 5225 Leetsdaale Ave Denver which is turning into  Little Russia. there’s many russian shoppes there…Russian?  Well, East European.  I  was bilked, joyfully might I add, into getting more than I expected and listed to go after….because the lady offered me some of their selection of cold cuts, gratis.  here’s what I got:

Red Cabbage with apple.  for mom.  I know she likes the stuff.

Russian soft Salami.  all the information I obtained …and mmm  this along with a double loaf of russian style rye…MINE!

the hannakuh door:

beni Darom green Olives – an actual product of israel, ashrod is the rearer to on the triangle  between tel aviv north or jerusalem west in the cooperative bnei darom.

Fundy Lemon-kola sugar drops/candy like cough drops.  gyal seems to refer to Hungary’s Gyal.  lemon Kola??.

Bosnia kafa – Coffee from Bosnia.

Smoked Herring, from a lil islad west of denmark  before the polish border north of berlin, sassnitz germany.

I have a tea tin with a make your own k-cup coffee adapter 😉

I expect to hit my mothers east european market for primarily CANDY/CHOCOLATES  I like the apricot kremes (Krem ahs) perhaps TEA, if I find one novel, I like the czar nicholaus the 2nd blue one but the rose safflower one sure is unique. which require a tea ball.   and thus I have to obtain elsewhere halva and one last thing….  hmn… 😉 or, 😀 the tea/ coffee tools are the last gift is worth itself.  BUT lameness 😉  I may breakdown and get a bit of jam.


I stopped off at home depot

I have basic 14/2 romex i couldn’t get 16/2  why this is a /2 when it’s those 2 with a ground 3rd wire I do not know.  I have the blue box for the outlet and a gfi outlet  and basic cover plate….  the wire seems too heavy for the job any of them with one exception the later outlet duplication on the other side of the counters is too close to water for this stuff’s not seemingly rated for this job/water…I’m sure I’m fine but  it’s a concern. but big deal I can deal with that later.  I’m relatively certain that I picked the correct material for my code application currently wihich is to duplicate a non-gfi outlet over 4 feet from water source behind my stove from it’s current floor level to near where a microwwave for over the stove can make use of this power.  I don’t feel like arguing about the 20 dollar is gfi outlet and inches about water versus a basic 3 dollar outlet.  .  I know later my issues of wants are to remove the current porch type light to use this switched circuit for a spotlight type ceiling fixed kitchen lighting.  this too is an easy easy thing to  achieve… a little more ceiling damage to geth the wiring chased but blieve it ornot not horrendous amounts.  the worst snarler is the type of beige color romex for indoor use having to go around a corner through about 8 studs or through the flooring twice to get me other side of my sink outlet so I havent to chase it through 7 studs over a window or worse by the water piping… I’m not sure what I’m allowed to do here but I don’t have to worry. I have enough wire for the microwave outlet and replacing a porchlight to become a kitchen lighting…remember the porchlight is to a connected sunroom with a different light… I don’t have to remove the lamp wiring just the current no need of a reduntant porch light.  thus I just need to be aware of what I can do  thats legal beagle because I do care to do things correctly…I’d not want to burn down my home from stupidity. so from the beginning i have a liscenced remodeeler in both plumbing and electricity to bounce things off of for beer money as he wants to perversely watch me do it myself for the most part… 😛 lol.   similar type but I’d prefer a tarnished brass .  that’s what I mean by ceiling spotlight type lighting.  it’s annoying only in the actual putting in electrical…I don’t want it on the same line/switch as the cieling fan which isn’t enough light.  as I want to be able to turn those things on/off independantly 😀

that’s my outtings.  dinner was mexican and good.  mom’s recent dental work is healing enough to allow corn chips to be consumed :).  so mmm leftovers here soon.


which way did he go george?

I want to not miss this rarer winter pause in the cold weather. 50 degress! digitalgranny / ruth posted a picture of a snarky comment about said, “I refuse to get out of bed when the tempurature is less than my age.” heh, but 50 isn’t to be missed! I haven’t much food in my larders either.

I have/had two places in mind but as such is a snarl of travel, I can’t likely do both.

danny cash hot sayce shop. home of the outrageous but I want some 1%er ghost chili hellfire lava sauce at 17 not including tax a bottle. it’s only 2 hours each way by bus… damn it o don’t I remember when this town was 20 minutes downtown?? sheesh.

the other place is Eurp[a deli/market closer to my job and a target by bus. this place I’ve never been and to ruin it, there’s a russian market / deli next tothe cigar shop area not too far from target where I can consider something I forget it’s name smoked ham/pork loain which is closer to prociutto but a third the cost. I know this isn’t my main outting point but I do want potato soup soon and new ways to be a tad different help but also I’ve never had a rasher either or the cured pork thing similar to bacon but not the same. and russian chocolates and tea/coffee are on my get them list for work gifts. …for those that remember the 8 crazy gifts/nights door decorating idea… trick is to get proper sized things as I am not repacking- that kills the point. but also I’m sooo drawn to pelmini. I want pelmeni.

of course this only works if I get off my computer and go to bed. or it’s not to happen. it’s dark at 4:45pm I get cold fast… and all that wanh. 😀

as you can tell where my heart goes, I know how to hop the busses. plus that particular direction’s target sells all the booze 😀 so oo lala I might get beer for the week 😀 slog slog and toil toil 😀


truth be told

for your 80’s aural edjamakation – – something drippy by way of words surrounding anniversary. – this by way of sensible truths about decisions with outcomes statisttically viable or not.

I haven’t seen a rent increase in 1.5 years and likely wont through the whole 2 years after the first one or through april my end of 3 years here. the law allows rent to be increased 15% per year or more. this is easily $4k I’ve NOT had to pay as so far we’ve improved and upkept the house and stably paid living far more hassel free for years.

as you may notice, I’m determined to have both a safety net and nice things and thus stably enjoy what I have some. to breath easy so I may make lunatic decisions to try and get to this place of peace via frenetic energies and worries misspent or not depending on your point of view.

I see as I was whispered via the tarot that all that I aimed in color not rental white and warrantied appliances isn’t likely to be recieved with glee as the color is either stainless or not very important. it’s either coordinated or it’s not and it’s either new/warrantied or it’s not and thus I’m only the 3rd tier trying wiith my efforts so far. I didn’t buy the top of the line just a good machine well rated and new delivered with warranty. thus I’m really a long way from it’s not all that justifyable to replace or have painted all the appliances in black vs. white as it is either either stainless or it really doesn’t matter so much.

it does to me, I want it better than it was in reality. at least warrantied and newer. damn it. okay not likely of high resalable material and certainly not highly immediately reinbursable or justifyable but dang it, so much breaks and it’s so much hell to be a week without it as you cant find parts or afford to fix with them… I’m sick of being left scratch in a spot without. I will work toward this goal of sane imroved reliable machinery but obviously not at the cost of crippling myself as I see I can not be paid necessarily for said. as it’s just for my use really. but, if it happens and it is in progress 😉 I’ll have it coordinated for under 400 in the other place and that’s it for my three year thing past a new kitchen outlet to hand an over the stove microwave…and replace the other kitchen’s broke from moving in range hood to have cream to black. newer and matched color machinery not rental white. good radeoff really and finally not a crippling financial burden I am ashamed of. good progress. so I may hold off on my wall painting til I have need of a new black fridge in my unit which wont be for a bit obviously as I’d like to be deebt free before another for another big expense. that way the look is justified with the appliance and ties in better than telling someone to dream about it coming soon.

in other pracxtical realities, I didn’t quite make it til 12 days from now still prior to seeing if that marg box was any good and it wasn’t really, so since I didn’t want another damn day of forever being another six shot of drinks or some high number, it was gifted out with my house being cleaned as someone always wants a little – well I got something out of it all, I didn’t have that bottle all in me and I have a cleaner home. I didn’t quit drinking but I didn’t run out to replace it all either and thus by proxy this means since I didn’t buy it, I have to cut down 😀 I also didn’t buy a carton of smokes as I always want to quit a pack in and then dont and I hate tossing 40 bucks away. I mean I can but I just don’t want to always so I got less in case smokes need a rethink I mean to think on 😀 too. I can’t say I managed stellarly all of these things but finally I can make these things not months in advance but also not ruinously settingmyself up to fail either way.

now to get after that range hood, I want that and the outlet plus wiring and microwave purchased or ordered by the end of today so I can say I improved the place in useful form. albeit sixty bucks wow.. big spender! but it’s so many little things to get that real little step forward because in truth that outlet is about all that counts as an an “improvement,” the rest is purely opinion.



Earlier I have up for you that “momentless Moments” wherei you see what just doesn’t seem to jive…it’s just like blah. NOW? Momentousness!
THIS is posterboard, it is not all that sexy. It is vital to doing door decorating IF you want to get it up and more importantly back down again. it is as you see about the proper width of the doors I have 80 x 44 inches which four sheet of fifty seem to cover correctly with little trimming so that swift construction can be achieved….also it would seem that as the supplies cost x, and are in multiples of 10 it seems doors of a 34 room capacity, 31 suckers can purchase this all economically and like get together and share…. hmn, I smell sucker buys this and gives it away and thus with 30 doors covered 4 remain to vie for the unigue standout presentation for the win. prizes are 50,30,20 and it would seem 30 is about the basic cost for most of this stuff per door. do I smell sucker or what?

the online drawing program seems beyond my mental capacity at the moment so imagine mylar gold with silver and blue ribbon effect. 9 spots but eight box gifts about that perfect small size of symetry considered 😉 and again the tea light to say each box opens for the gift but otherwise is a candle point. it seems as if it’s going to be my idea. as I can affix metalic look plastic to paper and obtain cool little things and enjoy being …gag… present.

I did finally make it through the anthony bourdain no reservations kansas city and it did NOT remain awful it just wanted to be what the hell is this whoopdie woo more bbq… it wanted to be what it was that there is some point to this show. I noticed they sent the russian guy a friend of tony’s out to a kc chicken haunt strouds… and then later gathered the elite of food talk and fired off the line… and what if strouds actually had good chicken…. like saying what if kfc made good chicken… bahar har har. or in other words there is a time when it’s touristy bullshiza. hit all the “RIGHT” places and call it a wrap. this does bring up a complaint to me though. I know about some things good food. I know something of fine dining too and it’s fine prices. I know tourist trap too… I’ll still suggest you visit casa bonita if it survives even though god knows why you’d actually want to eat there 😉 it’s mild and the drinks are good and what an ambience! but again the food just plain fucking sucks…compared to the REAL places.

what is so damn wrong about triple d… showing you whats good to eat. I was absolutely jazzed I frequented a place that made it to the show in fact quite a few. just because it’s got some fame now it auto sucks? I mean
sma’s diner no.3 – it’s a diner that has a full bar which is convenient to it’s location near a old farties paradise of live theater…with the less than fine dining and actually what you more often are hungry for …diner food. it’s nicely placed in price to be possible for a teen to hit a theater matinee and have a hell of an experience with the later love of their next five months… you know that romance you still think of 35 years later…the first real love? I mean I wont tell you that a chilidog is the ticket to hot lifelong romance as it’s more likely nightlong heartburn but, damn it, I dig the place.

I dig casabonita too. I laughed inside when this ohio tourist geek just had to black barts cave like she just south that southpark episode and realized it’s a real live place. know it’s the last time I physically have seen my mother’s brother and about the last picture I took of my father alive too. I don’t think I ordered a margarita that evening which is a pity as that’s about the one of two things this place serves for caloric intake that’s any good..the sopapillas are the other. I can not emphasize enough that it takes a hellish talent to cook food more tasteless than casabonitas mexican. your weeny friends will rave about that shite for years and i will still likely suffer many another trip of food pennance there.

White fence farm. it’s like shrouds and well reviewed currently as the best chicken in the metro area… it’s odd watching that episode on kc to know soon enough those who are supposedly in the know about food will desparage it in favor of their career as guru and droves will believe the place away. I know this seems hokey but mega dining rooms to hold 350 guests are helluvah honkin operations to maintain for a profit. even no.1 in town is just not enough to keep them going… it’s peope and that means tourist trap crap. people in droves is that evil family approved bullshit of going out to the best fried chicken in town for the house matron to order fish… this is the kind of tourist trap hell I mean. you can feel it in the room that almost discontent strangling anything it can find to disdain. yet I discovered they make pickled beats I actually like. I hate beets pretty much and have forever only coming close in my lateer 20’s to finding them just plain bland I mention that as my first best thing to interest others in my food was a beet sorta thing and back when I still disliked beets… now I have made borschdt and I mean of cours all wrong… 😀 but I’m willing to try things I never would and love them and ick when someone turns up the snob nose at something that works. I walk around a petting zoo and pet goats I mean what’s not to love? its bucolic bliss at the white fence farm it is a tourist trap, I shant lie.

or lets explore something else annoying if it isn’t a tourist trap of high but corporatey elegance… it’s a hole ine the wall dump… not dive as the guy fieri might say… dump. I mean, where have you had the best tacos? I’ll wager it’s not the respectable end of town. I’m not likely to be able to give you the best as I’m still tring to find a taco mecca. again. I think once a place can afford to redecorate it’s no longer a dive/dump and thus is off the list as the best in town… but I still respect a senor burito taco. i love their one al carbon and adobada softs. mmmm. it not exactly south broadway but its that curious side street where you know the main one. and welll worth the stop.

I wont say I found places like papa dieux’s bad but at 35 a person not including tip to get shit service and made fun of only to get boring food the only thing I could say did well was their fried softshell crab…. but really, to be fair, most of what I know is food isn’t food but service and most places offering the best…well not so much. I had a far nicer dinner getting some surf and turf at the black eyed make me waddle home gcorporate mega crap down to the crappy indie pipe music but reliable rockstar typical pea ahhh. I left so happy I spent money. I mean again and again.

but as I’m more interested again in some boring cards online and a cigarette, it’s time to mention the point. momentous moment found something to care about.. be it whining about the set up suckery at work decorating, or a tepid episode of the foodieisms or whatnot exposition on who cares what really so I can sit heere and soapbox. to feel relevant or at least plugged in.