Aren’t I just Witty.

upon the the Chim chiminey song of Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins but it doesn’t need it, but supposedly lowly scholars turds smart tossing them us their gems of witticism…pot… kettle?  BLACK.  and yes, I’m happy too :D.

bleep simile
bleep simile
bleep bleep, burp too
words might be witty
or befuddle one too.

bold metaphor
bold metaphor
this is that therefor.
slyly chastise us for not seeing it
there! by your nose
which as everyone knows
hides to us what to you glows.

see spot. see spot sit
there on the rug
ennui’s chord is rung
which meaning was flung?

through dictionaries
or thesauruses I amble
and upon pages utter
golden odes or mindless rambles?

bleep simile
bleep simile
bleep bleep, burp too
words might be witty
or befuddle one too.

bold metaphor
bold metaphor
this is that therefor.
slyly chastise us for not seeing it
there! by your nose
which as everyone knows
hides to us what to you glows.

bleep simile
bleep simile
bleep bleep, burp too
words might be witty
or befuddle one too.

bold metaphor
bold metaphor
this is that therefor.
slyly chastise us for not seeing it
there! by your nose
which as everyone knows
hides to us what to you glows.

quick limerick
quick limerick
lazy plodding haiku
what golden threads woven
a rag only to pick up poo

everywhere a poet
flogging us with what/s witty
or word-diarrhea spewed
my words for YOU!
bleep simile
boiled dry metaphor
bon mots poo-pooed.


and now? metaphors

the beer breakfast calls me

ceberate those expectations!

completed and ruined


the truth therapy

needfully saying it said

so in saying move.


-take that deep breath now

sucking in that cool oxygen

breathing away what’s done.

—  I can have my rebelious if really effing retarded beer for breakfast and laugh because it’s doubly silly rebelling with odouls as “beer for breakfast ” as if oooooo, I’m a hells angel on a vespa scooter.  I can also admit that I can do everything ….as in feel that way easily and revel in it but easily enough admit i just wont  be doing THAT that way way or

it’s a minor misery to be on the lower ebbs of vitality.  We all cycle at all times many cycles of life’s offerings – occassionally being pretty much burnt out.  I am taking that momentary restful breath to let it go and breath in that peace awaiting the new.  it’s an inbetween time feeling even if it’s really actually a new time altogether.  it’s going to feel weridly that way, as if juxtaposed as I move forward differently.  I needed to change how I got on because it wasn’t and won’t be working…. well, anytime soon. but i’m left feeling it’s the end when it really the beginning and I’m left feeling inbetween when I’m squarely somewhere entirely.


I managed to not quite quit drinking alcoholic beverages, but i have months in now of a complete dryness and weeks of easily reinforced positive changes to what is a better fit social / whatever.  I can have all the BEER I seemingly want but obviously not anywhere near all the alcohol that usually is in that beer.  I can easily avoid the first drink and usually need to but I don’t have to actually “quit”  shh, i mean I don’t have to feel punished and everything taken away i suck at life, wuit – but simply i don’t really want thtat thanks.  i.e. I can not always walk 18 miles in all situation/terrain barefoot broke and hungry as in with no preplanning’s luxuries – I am not 20….that slipped away.  I’m diabetic for a decade fourty something and there is no extra gas tank of whatever to do it anyways.  I can not also so easily recover from surprise change as i’ve long ago listed and habitually folowed the routines to be blanketed and warmed by routines so change is in fact slower and less welcome.

however, I survived my freedom, my own day dream whims, that booger called reality and celebrate with a beer for breakfast signifying fuck you, world, I’m kicking back… shhh, no one notice that detail the beer’s effing fake as i’m a big huge fraud/sissy.  next up is to transition some more towards the next adventures.

I haven’t yet lived on my own oh god what friends, jesus i never meet anyone so keep friends for decades or more because cahnge and new blow and disappoint.   I haven’tstruggled to make by when there isn’t any easy dime left to solve it.  oh  god what safety net is there…but the one I’ve built in both confidence and or minor credit sorta cared after….to save me from falling into the end of the world abyss?… having to wait a month or more to get something wanted while saying no I can’t afford that evening or this or that… what else is new i’ve never been rich and I’ve never really starved actually either.  or maybe I’ll wuss out and somehow choose knowingly or not exactly the same as i seem to always, not quite what I think i want….as it turns out anyways.  of course that means a modest resetting time to gain that means whilst being somewhere temporaily for that purpose.

and no, what a a surprise there isn’t any lottery win of free sex or piles of cash to just appear.  I ruined that by aging or stopping buying lottery tickets largely as i was sick of winning a third of my money back suddenly…and agin nothing, I’m far less interested in foolishly burning down the night as in effing boring by comparison because I’m too spent the next day to smile or get anything needful done…which is aging but not oh shit a wrinkle kind.  I didn’t get everything I wanted this life which is another well great how much more boring that’d be having no desire whatever to fight for more which is that fire it seems to some degree that attracts anyone..passion.  confidence too isn’t the arrogance or foolishness to throw money at to disrespect the meaning or value of such of anything… that attitude is of course, hmph, I own you which to your face is anything but an affirmation.  modern slave work my weekend while I mismange the fi9rms money on vacation chasing hookers or chippendals. oh I’m sorry I have to holiday this year because you said you wanted time off, there is a thing called responsibility!…..  everyone knows to some degree that attitude that lottery means oodles of money and suspects the truth that by statistic most are broke and bitterly unhappy because of that or by the change of reality versus expectation just a few years later….duh, why?  simple, we have to change with piles of money most of our friends or be bled dry by their help..or family….  there is ease sure but money is finite and easily spent….also just saying bitch i own you here’s your fifty cents isn’t exactly how any of us is controlled as paycheck slaves, it’s a fuck ton more subtle and sophisticated how others by positioning get to enforce their wills.

but anyways, yeah, deep breath, the obvious occured i hoped and reality came to the call.  hope is like whistling a tune home from a date that did or will end in sex but reality the steaming dog shit of getting caught by your wife having a good night out with a potential threat of a coworker INNOCENTLY or worse having the girlfiriend serve you wife at the denny’s….and not tipping hthe waitress.  stories, I’m not and never have been married, I’m told I should stop windging about that and be grateful it’s usually more of a wish fcor cyanide than steaming passions…. except when one comes home drunk not for sex but to still have the hug of someone close tacitly accepting that I took out the tray of triple septic breath snacks and wreak of a good time that I wont be sharing pulling off the swamp foot boot  by the door to trip on to befoul the sheets forever with filth  and then say I feel sick take care of me. burp enjoy my septic breath let me belch the national anthem with gusto! and ferver and fart the state of the union delighted you gag…ahhh


or in actual reality go back to being semi worried I matter not a stitch to the world …which I do and don’t just like we all do and cringe that it’s forever almost hopeless which it is til I discover magically again it doesn’t matter,

it doesn’t

the best way out of a viscous circle is to know it doesn’t matter.  the freedom alone in saying it’s probably entirely absolutely true and it still doesn’t matter.  ahhh.  maybe one more fake beer… I’m trying to avoid being seen today, i’m in my own way.



“It’s The Little Things…”

“It’s the little things in life you cherish” – Galazy Quest, Tim allen…. a scene in which the bad guys get to meet the “rock” and get “theirs”

I do not have internet enough to download from here Ubuntu to update this machine.  I have internet for that at my apartment and I have a payday coming up to buy a “stick” to have this all preloaded. in less than a week.  however, such now means the minor papercut of disappointment that it’s FREE,EASY, I’m smart/genius …etc… or even  THIS is major cool versus just functional… evaporate.


Big Daddy dog came to visit his pups and has major momma’s boy syndrome seperation anxiety  and doesn’t get on with the house big boy who instantly pissed on the dining table in front of everyone right after momma yet again bombed something somewhere.  I had to spend the full 40 minutes with pets and no’s for a minor improvement in NO scratching through the doors and yes, you will have to wait for us to get through dinner.  nothing like the knowing you’ll feel the asshole for abandoning the dog needing you and wanting you and not knowing this is how others might feel about me myself and blah whatever.


the return after six weeks to see if the stress abaits and it isn’t me finding negative attention deservedly or non-deservedly so after the visit to the in trainin husband leaves me booted from the kitchen and snapped at this morning for asking for someone to return me my coffee I forgot… get it yourself you’re five feet away and I ended end serving dinner anyways as a gesture not a todo while sis returns not feeling quite well or relieved of one iota of stress so I’m still one snap away from a major fight and booted out of my home i can’t stand living like this  type of catch hell b.s.


I got a nice gift of a computer new to me if you read above so i can enjoy up here on puppy care vacation.  there is 7 of 11 spoken for pups so right on schedule for tthem I got a nice inclusion of a our serving guy’s unit t-shirt and a neato dice game meant as a thank you for my help letting it happen here. it was sorta a boobie prize for losing at yahtzee so I turnedd around and by the power of mom sitting there made a reversal of fortunes occur.  however this doesn’t jive with my notions of what I’d hoped for of an outcome of this return and last moments of this epic upheaval of life-change and moving forward.  I also won’t directly gain. thus go travel i.e. on my own anywhere so it is again reality versus expectation  i might as well have not hoped.  I tend to kinda know better I tend to be idealistic and then surprised by reality…usually badly.


on the real side of life 0 health-wise I seem to remain deadly stable and predictable even if I can’t do all what it seems i used to.  on the real side of things, oh I can cook, but after years of not doing so more regularly, i haven’t the practice of noticably better coordination or skills to present better so it seems like usual thekitchen god’s are mad me.  it seems as if I’m in this new year meant to pinch as prices creep higher always but my wages/earning/etc remain the same if not decrease temporarily as I no longer maintain a second source of income/job, see me ahead at this instant  of the end of the month versus to start this month behind.  in real terms observation thus it’s obvious it is a blessing in progress even if it feels a let down.  if you understand my method of expression, this means i take a cackly quote that is a touch rude if you will from a funny movie and russianesque black humor of my fortunes and my take on them to say, it’s the little things in life you cherish…cackle.  – hey now – you’re a rock star, go now get paid!  not a rock star, suck now, underpaid.  eheheh  the shape of the finger and thumb as an l on my forehead is dyslexic as well. 😛  so to is charlie sheen’s I’m WINNING!”  when he too obviously wasn’t and later obviously timed to check off the planet as well which he hid.



I didn’t adobada taco week.  I did make the filling, it was for fried rice and slider sandwiches.  I didn’t prepare to the nines this all even totally through but shared those last bits of how it came together.  I did achieve slowcooker use to high success though.


I did not fail to keep another’s home to a level of care within my abilities not once but twice for not just day’s but a week with 14 dogs.


I survived puppy escapes, had no tragedies in a place where hawks circle and rogue dogs visit in the night- even if said dog wasn’t a coyote but a cute border collie.


i’m included in a mix that isn’t always without some disfunction…. even if i am not the king within this circle but it fluxes as I and others move to different dreams.


I survived a solid month of blues as even with medications the uptakes aren’t always full or perfect nor is hoow i feel and yet still knew at the core the expected reality despite the consciourness of day dreams city, therefore didn’t completely disassociate from observations to fantasy… I thus do not yet need rubber wallpaper and a more restrictive fashionable wardrobe 😉  but no, this one didn’t come out to expectations.



I got me a hug and a peck  for my efforts of reasonably straightened home and no tragedies.

I went out for my freedom survived shopping trip

hard salami with cracked black pepper

xing tea mango and blueberry flavored green

black cherry juice

pomegranate refrigerated juice

refrigerated dill pickle for that crisp snap

sour cream tub

vegetable soup mix KNORR’s

box mac cheese of the white cheddar along with cream cheese

diet pepsi wild cherry

tonic water

club soda of the black cherry and watermelon overtones.

you’ll note that i don’t have chips on this list I will get those later

I spotted but didn’t wish to bust into my emergency fund for the blue agave syrup which with lime juice is the non alcoholic margarita tones but far too big a jar of said for me to use and there’s already plenty of honey here and it isn’t a big tea drinking home, me not-withstanding.


I then got destroyed at yahtzee 3 of 3 games lost i had two yahtzee scoring with one game with yahtzee 182 for the big L on the forehead. – looking kinda dumb with a finger and a thumb in a shape like an L on my forehead… 😉 hey now, do you want to be a rockstar get your game on go now, get paid. 😛


crushed at yahtzee only to here the YES! god loves me. 😛


I have a new to me laptop.  it is an older toshiba with a dvd rwriter drive.  it runs windows ten but the earlier version of candy crush than the current dandy soda crush.  it doesn’t have office nor the trial to spare.  I am downloading ubuntu sixteen oh four for it now i may have that in a couple of days if the internet here runs as it does turtle myrtle purpled slow.  this should dual boot so windows only things run which usually just isn’t an issue as much anymore.  I’m fairly sure there will be some mechanical vaguery that will not make me smile but usually everything will be resolved and updated within a day of it installing.    I am not lost in linux save to actually effect it’s syntax i long ago forgot dos schtuff, pc or mac systems as in i can follow fairly complicated tricky directions.  thus i hope not to find the majority of use ever ever giving me a blue screen of death- i got one for netkernal checksum violation?? that’s some effing b.s.

thus i have 20 clams still. I have nearly everything I can think of on hand and a few pennies ahead so far.  thus I should be 20 dollars ahead this month.  not twenty dollars behind like this month’s open.

momma dog whizzed twice and crapped the carpet.  no surprise with me only better about puppy seperation protestss, now with another its again me meme whine only AFTER the deed’s done… i.e. protest no smells of other concerns mind but wow, what a lovely thought dinnner! who crapped on the rug? yeah so hungry now :Dshe was



it was a pretty attempt.  I set out to walk to the closest grocery/convenience and had to give up before I hit the paved road..  I walked by two lakes and  7 beaver ponds. it was snowing after rain so foggy to blur the hills and pines.  I made it 2 miles and knew I had no reason to push til the road that was a fifth mile maybe more no big deal, but wow, it makes more haha sense to say I couldn’t make it out of the driveway heheheheheh so to speak.  I was a few tenths of miles off as to the distance traveled but I didn’t think I chose poorly to give up.  I was dog tired by the driveway home so those extra steps would have hurt a lot more…. you can hahaha the lazy fat and out of shapes all you want, it’s 9400 ft in altitude and I still walked 4 miles not 6.7 to the store but 4.  I hadn’t eaten prior so I’m not surprised I ran out of gas, my token chocolates weren’t enough to recover.  I wondered if some lady was suffering internally to ask me if I wanted a ride but she thought better of it…muddy out and i’d already did 3 miles  in it… or I didn’t look harmless enough  😉

needless to say, big chair anda splash of the soda I should have taken. 😉 2 hours or not 3.5 on a treadmill mph but 2 mph dirt road 😉  talk about scooting along at a scorching pace! 😀


Freedom Update

I took the oven racks out of the oven and fired the self cleaning cycle for the used oven. now the slide out shelf wont reassemble…infernal contraption.

I went to unload the dishwasher it was not ran, weird I could have sworn it had had been.

I am two days nearly with momma dog separated from the puppies and on litghter rations nearly zero water – to kick her out of milk productions – there was only one significant whine about PUPPIES! mmmf mmf.

I had the visiting riffraff pack of doubled trouble two dogs, I saw one clearly enough to be an all well mostly black collie type  but the nose was flatter so mutt and I didn’t get a good look at the second but it had a bufhy tail.  hostess was on phone when they arrived so she called after that the dispatcher gave me enough stink that I said ” call me if you’re NOT coming!  needless to say that was a one-thirty bed to six thirty rise.

I hope to clear the sink and vacuum tomorrow maybe tack a nail for the where’d the other one go? holding the curtain lace.  this allows me to waltz to the closest six point seven miles away each way store. – remember hostess has a birthday one Monday but the when isn’t the point it’s the remember it without help point.  if this goes to plan

Friday I get to dust  perhaps spot shampoo light laundry heavied with my own needs of no me stinky.  if this goes well

I hope to have a shot at a cupcake rum /raisin, with a back up dark rum and cokes availability. this means juice up and a something non alch for me and by gum, I believe that’s all I can carry!  the house wont be in “order” but it again will be tidier just slightly that it was left me.

of course i’d like to oil the floors, soap wash the wood ceiling, power clean the living room mop the lounge, powerscrub the mudroom top to bottom attend the dusting and make my bed up hospital corners… but… I’m afraid I do not posess that energy or skill sets.  I will be able to attend the worst of the pawprinted windows and vacuum and have the dishes emptied and put away and a nice space with all the dogs I was given alive to annoy a person.

to this end I haven’t killed the critrs, everyone is separated somewhere to their adult own ends/paws ran the dishwasher, have my bed stripped to wash the sheets with my robe and then the rest of my laundry  which means much the pup room and walk the tootsie roll patrols, water the flowers tomorrow evening so they have survival til noon Saturday, then get a walk in…yes, real close to town ain’t it?  but it wouldn’t feel like a bitrthday if I hamhanded a ride with the birthday soul for their gift./effort. bit bullshit that.  so I suppose I’ll be a good housepet my own self

if I can at least figure out that  blasted oven shelf!


Tossed Salad

such was an entry for wherein I put my name in the pervierbial hat for contest’s sake.  I got the Thrill of a lifetime in that it placed! and was  for about 400 dollars worthy of a plague and a book anthology placement.  it is about the only picture I still have of my picture piles of artsiness.

this comes from the old version of me on fb from the even older version of me then on  as webshots took my picture piles away and picturecave also too went away. as did a decade of meishness – it is a simple flower planter at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs, CO 6/02 on a camp outing to said zoo.

Where For Art Thou, Spud?

By Kiss Rouge Miaz

Sing to me of spuds, browned by coal-red light
Steaming hot vapors, Rising to the sky
Eve’ning Chill beck-ons, Moonbeam’s silvered bright
Scheming up visions, not of what to fry
Just wipe me one clean, seeing glinted gleams
Trust your oven’s roar, heating up for more
More of what but stuff, stuffed with soured cream
Maybe butter or, maybe salt from shore
Cut down its middle, revealing each half
Scoop out and drizzle, dollop and dust thus
Stirring in liquid to smooth out the path
Sailed in crisp boats, this delightful must
Romancing tummy, which warms many hearts
Those echoing mem-ries tossed in the cart

I offered that to a poetry contest called “A Bed of Roses” courtesy of a skit on ” A Prairie Home Companion”  it was when I thought I might start saving better things for SALE maybe… heh. it went blog where it belonged.  it’s placement on a sister site of by then well complained up for being scamtastic not legit should alert you that I wanted to see if I could place again as an “award winning” anything, I didn’t get so much as an honorable mention nor any effort to bilk me for my billions. hence the kiss my red

Saturday, 25 December 2010  Christmas news was this my next save ’em effort was not publishing because the deal fell through…turns out the principals had this scheme going that they got paid by the word, so lovingly solicited all the poets going so their short stories would get paid and we’d, the rest, might get published and paid too no more than7 75 cents at most 😉  the counter deal was everyone submitting got a book in hopes we’d ALL sell more to our family and friends- but the principals were not getting the  case of beer maybe money apiece… just a book and a better cut at higher sales royalties.  all holy hell erupted and the whole deal was kiboshed.  heckavah xmas gift, the last serious attempt I put out for wider appeal/cash.
∙ seppuku by cylinders
gold­eyed goddess storms
judgment day’s sinister turn
our love now for worms
cold, this hand pressing
caressing this thread and its truth
click. chances progressing
wednesday night whiskey
fiery courage torch­lit truth
click. this life’s risky.
whiskeyed words hang
damning one in the balance
believe, I love you
daggered truths be known
I shiver replaying ghosts
our love on rocks shown
click. echoes return
time soon sums up sentiment
salvation ‘s deferred


now that we covered what I thought was a bit better than usual,  here’s what actually WAS

Originally Posted 8/17/2009 7:25 PM ­ 4 Views ­ 0 eProps ­ 0 comments
a proper parody (complete) of “Fire” by Bruce Springsteen but popularized by the Pointer Sisters
in 1978. Bruce singing his own tune, the Pointer Sisters making his words famous
the hiss as the lid pops off
two scoops in the basket paper
I connect the machine
and wish it to “brew”
oh it so healthy
quintessential desire
soon I’ll be wired
Up all NIGHT
I’m staring at an ashtray
contemplatin’ a wasted day
I swear I’ll quit tommorow
I feel it with all my heart
but on sight of sun’s fire
those blued smoke rings
I was sold on these
right from the start
vices so blighted
I didn’t pay heed to my heart
my nerves all calmed
blissful synaptic fuel
it so much a part of my life
but its just got to GO
Coffee, Tea & Cigarettes
and my alcohol’s fire
I know just the stuff to get
but not how me to deny
my health’ll be shit
and we all know why
but just one taste
I say NO, LIAR
get me a grab’n’go WIRED
Suckin’ down my FIRE
Woo! and am I feeling no pain
killing me, I’m
no pain, but killing me
Who’s hooked on the stuff?
the coffee tea and cigarettes lpart or hook came to me on an old front porch stoop I haven’t lived there since 1991 but the echo of hey try new things literarily perhaps was writing sites on msn groups 2002 and then later 2009 when I got off my arse and wrote this as is out. – the original posting got massive interest! 😉  but do not be fooled, this more than about any other thing gains me the hollowed be thy grace, your name and comments.  I’m better off not being so costrained and thus writing non-tuned stuff like the cat bit my hand I can not jerk off now for two weeks bastard…. or quirkiness like the above.
I made that old Xanga’s number one spot before they closed down and moved to newer WordPress servers… it was a cuss about being misunderstood by that  insert unwelcome language here.  thus only via frustration do I truly garner your chords within mine.
bit of a tossed salad  the bits we save or get to remain.
or, if you prefer about the prettiest thing I ever got out
pork chop with rice and salad or a ladybug with a butterfly.
I was simply looking for this next picture… and thus you get a theme down Amnesia lane.
yes about a place I never lived’s versions of Casserole. WHEE! there’s a lip-smacker, Casserole.
Another example of soon enough amnesia,
a game of codes
oh and 11 puppies, 3 other dogs now is temporarily 16 dogs as I’ve two visitors in my yard that aren’t the neighbors pooches.  someone’s getting a ticket.  I wondered what that wall to wall barking was over.  walk out on a long distance call to I have dogs in my yard… yes, even supposedly friendly  smaller doggies aren’t really welcome when I am not expecting and already have to separate every pooch 😉
minor update – still barking, thus still here, lady from dispatch was worried about their personell and lack of immenant danger, I may not hear back from them nor sleep til animal control hours..  I know this is a telling thing but I just don’t seem to come across as a priority unless I’m that asshole. or unhinged..  but gee, bit tough to be 14 puppies/dogs in with 2 more I don’t know and chasing wire fence access or not in the dark and I can’t see but 1/20th of others and it’s night.  we’ll see if I end up with fox/coyotoes or whatever mayhem.  I suspect after the midnight nap I’ll see someone if only to torque the new guy.   – if you need a reason set why drinking is drying out, you’ll swiftly surely see I have a lack of patience and bright attitude.
Uncategorized thickens

“Free-dom!,” Yells Rocky, the free range rooster.”   To Most of us it’s rrn err rrn rnn rnnnnnnnnrrrn!  which usually produces or elicits a “SHUT> UP!”    I’ve not a free range red rooster in a Wallace and Grommit, I’ve dogs. each and all want 14 first place attentions

Breakfast is served.  I really am most reliably up about 8 about this place high in the hills.  This means most often 4:45 to watch first light become breakfast and so howling.

I enjoyed my leftovers easily reheated, a real thrill of living actually, I have no microwave at my actual abode… it’s denied counter space.  I’m enjoying some evil sounding tendencies and a bit of abusive talk….to the dogs… as momma dog is a forever bark to indicate the way- and I am likely balaam of the bible cursing my biblical donkey/s and the right way because I have a schedule to keep.    Mom is sequestered to her dungeon of puppies and will be as I can’t make magic of sequenceing to dog piss carpet josh clean carpet or josh gets barnyard home and light carpet well marked.  I do not know why this is.  I am physically capable of all the duties, I know how to list too, yet I really can almost only stare at previous tragedies discovered.  I mean I can feed the ups and dogs etc. but i’m not perfectly oiled to follow all these steps.  plus dog momma is  again a forever barker so I have inside time to cut the howl for the neighbors, I can not eliminate it..    the other dogs are Airedales or large terriers which being not happy dopey like dane dogs have different personality needs  one being old male grouch and the other stallion  of the street – both having pitiful barker and yips maybe nips  of pups too all over their sacrosanct abode.  – all need some separation.  and the pill here is momma dog.  no, i’m not out of love which is helpful, I’ve many weeks of the growing bigger arrays of how cute puppies aren’t.

it’s time to check the adult eaters and move the  folks to morning positions part two.  I suppose I should take out a roast for tomorrow I have food to make for me that is.  I have declared that I brought an Asia box up so I can make some sushi ala spicy tunafish, sesame balls, hopefully next month pot stickers pan fried after boil complete with green onioned black soy black vinegar sauce. and of course my main me offering to me, adobada taco/fburrito fillings.  = I add that I need not dessert destroy an array of flowers… I hope I do not channel work luck with gardening, girls like flowers.  but I suppose the deer thinks that’s more tastey than what I hope after to make now and later.

there is much joy in knowing within limits I have a place to be and even explore stuff I like to.   There is no plot of romance more like I can call it romance and be reminded of a look in an older toon of belle rolling her eyes at gastan’s smelly boots before they were eliminated from the room.  it carries with it the anwe/ennui all of which I need save gaston actually being good at whatever he was good at.  probably being evilly good at being himself….looks up to see momma dungeoned and cackles…. it’s not wholely meanness, I literally can not add five hours a day for her to soil the carpets in protest wanting in an out by the moment all of it being NOW emergency!!…eff this, let me back in!  but I admit i’m enjoying lite evil pooing back on her day.    I have a schedule to keep!…Shawshank redemption….evil tacitly or otherwise guards multiple quotations but it a later one of the lesser guard then in charge.

prison warden who likes cartoons… aren’t I a piece of work.  … what is this… silence?  who’s into what badness?



the PLOT.

I have a vacation coming.  I have the whole week beginning tomorrow to enjoy as I please.  I have 14 dogs mostly puppies to care for.  I have a 4-6 weeks home that appears to have been 14 dogs’ed.  I have to eat/ attend my own days too.  the plot is this:

which balance of efforts ddo I get to get after?

duh, I have to not kill the critters. that’s expected.  but can I lighten the impact of their stay?  can I lighten the impact of MY stay?  even if the tasks are achieved, to what reception will they be treated to?

of course I have my own case of smitten with the kindly competent fun hostess.  of course I am not choice prize or even likely all that tempting.  this is NOT a disparagement of my lack of self-confidences which I surely waffle on – it just is true.    so, who would adore their home 14 dogged to barnyard destroyed? maybe I can lighten this but …perhaps…l not to THAT kind of smile.

sure, i’m more likely to be mean as a snake as I waffle in confidences.  do not ever think any of us is immune from “life”  so, as you heard I survived over a month dry and turned around and had a social tipple then a chance for more and was louder but not overly horrid and then all I wanted and was about  suchencouragementsw to atted the game in progress like “move it, Fatty!” not even remotely said kindsly… you can assume for yourself that I’m lucky I have the ability to find it easier to dry out….but it doesn’t appear i’m doing well in general for continuing on as it was.  I’m NOT apparently patient or pleased at present….but more likely about as welcome as recycled cling wrap for presenting my kitchen’s best.

as to demonstrations of skills, I still haven’t failed an edible dinner.  but I suriously have nothing really to crow about truly eye opening successful noshes either.  i’m about able to make reheated from frozen just a tad different than wwhat a typical dinner might be.  i.e. fish might not be spinach and instant mash but fish baked squash with seasoning…yellow neck not acorn… and taking the baked done finally potatoes and then tossing them into some dice and then hot oil for properly crisped but fully done country potatoes…which I never have and likely never will have the poatience to cook only in one pan over time and such.

I’m thus sure that I have limitations.  seriously annoying ones like the simply lack of hey list then tick off list…wow amazing, that sequence thing… I mean I disconnect here and stare blankly.  I can achieve slowly so, I have that week.  I mightly lighten the impact

I might leave more smiles and make tastier foods, hell even explore a slowcooker, I never ever use the things.  I might succeed  in letting the days pass again mlargely dry- it appears if I want to be in anyone’s company I better as I’m not  but achieving slowly poisoning as I apparently feel poisoned by life’s successes achieved and confidences for more to be pleasant company.  I know no lottery of salvation awaits for instant romance as even here I’m not the one to ask after luck

I’vve a funny about that though… luck… I’m gifted many nights for a moment to spend over a few games.  I’ve on my last sheet about 9 yahhtzees and easily can infer that the other sheets have about 0 ish more and thus for every Yahtzee I get it seems I lose a game not necessarily the one in progress but pretty much to the nines, every time I get lucky I lose.  😉  if you think on this and laugh some more, think now as long as Yahtzee is dry which it  is as I usually am of late, this can lead to cussing if I seem lucky which yes makes me happy and I get to adore rubbing it in… but that I’m overall screwed at the moment 15 games ish down?  i’m getting crushed at Yahtzee.  ug.  I bet this is a glowing smile that I otherwise haven’t squished of a highlight of my time.  I’m also due retributions for spoiling that book I spoiled the ending of. and thus can  and surely have earned to be chased all over for giving me back “mine” – providing

the plot is one I cancontribute to.  I have gotten a smile or three and probably am at 4/5 cussings in progress as you can see not all the stress/cuss is mine but general life…14 dogged house etc.  but maybe I can leesen the cusses? doubtful but moaybe improfve the smiles… such is the plot

bet I look insane sniffing a package I don’t then intend to use of dried chilies so I can dream of later dinners.  I can survive the fake beer with a splash of juice.  I teeter some on the precipesses, but I haven’t entirely fallen for gravity of consequence.  I do warn you against fake wine- the MADD of Walgreen’s is  merlot for the red which tastes wretched, doesn’t spice out to be palatable really, doesn’t blend with juices or sodas/sparklers and thus is a torture even at 4.19 ion special.  but again the fake beer’s kinda nice… sure beats thinking nothing of it and being reminded others just might not be me 😉




Hash about Ash… H.A.!

Enjoying embers as I look into your eyes all our lives in a look shared over banked down light. Which I love makes the ropes that bind your stronger, the look of truth as new love roars or how your soul sees forever longer as the pub special sour’swallowed gone and that evening is only short moments left before the rest of your days. enjoying embers as potential came and is spent. enjoying embers as you see the light of pwhat forever meaning meant. enjoying embers remembering the earlier roar. enjoying embers as you’ve only so much more. — anyways…

ever think song and spew soup?  ]

Enjoying embers

as I look in your eyes

Enjoying embers

the last glimpse as bedtime’s  nigh

enjoying embers

what is spent 0once echoes light.

remember the roar of passions new

it still shines even in darker hues

do you tally what we’ll forget soon

that so and so is such a loon

it happened over hotdogs not lobsters

I remember once you wanted that fancy bother

I enjoyed the night I also see the embers of your delight

what more can we do but put this mess back to right


enjoying ember

and wine legsblzing glass trails

Enjoying embers

beer’s foam lace as an artless dress

enjoying embers

as we imagine what’s next


which is better burning out or fading away

most of us imagine only glory rather than ignomany

but think on what really last throughout of lives

it’s the smiles we catch as the fire dies

its that moment of truth finally contrasting he lies

it’s the softer or harder meaning of the nights


enjoying embers

what i’d give me to you

enjoying embers

even if our now is through

enjoying embers

finding forevers truths.


enjoying embers

yeouch! the fire ain’t out

enjoying enbers

the words that mean that couch

enjoying embers

hear my lionor judge me slouch.


enjoying ember

cause passion still flickers

enjoying ember

no, no rhyme about knickers

enjoying embers

and shadow tricksters.


when is your light just right?