What I Get.

what I get:

ButterKauss above butterkase…whatever, see, I knew :p good fruitcake bread lol cheasww only because of the spelling. it is good fruitcake bread cheese.

Apricot Walnut Bread.

mmm, get some.

republic of tea’s

apple cider tea is good.
for those of you who remember, David Rio tea of sanfranscisco’s Fuji Apple is my mmm heaven apple tea but republic of tea’s Ginger Peach with eggnog is damn fine and probably the reason I would try a chai and thus make milked forays into tea.
I also went out thus being late to my goal of visiting the Japanese market… but the sandwich was a E and G shop sis said was the “devil” competition… they did have horseradish for roast beef which I immediately got.. but the eibert &Gephardt name is not easy to remember and to me sounds more like cheap brandy… E&J 😉


420 up in smoke.

I just paid that slashing more than in half the remaining balance of one of my loans.  Of course I feel the urge to say that in marijuana-speak because I’m soooo much more interested in my couch lately even if I don’t smoke grass….little problem of it makes me suicidally sad the day after the day after.

In other couch news:  I’ve been turned down on my borsch offer as the lady neglected the vegetarian notation.  she did make off with the pack of dill.  so soothing stew is still available.  fireside cheese and bread was available the other day as I went shopping at whole paycheck.  it’s really good bread, apricot and walnut with a bit of a orange sourdough tang to it – available in recipes on the whole foods market site: apricot bread was my search.  the cheese was butterkauss  and I believe the beer was autumn leaves ale..  the next day was riverside picnicking with a round of smoked gouda and boulder Colorado drydock brand apricot blond ale.  somewhere in there was upslope nut-brown ale.  the current beer selection is kirin ichiban with a few coors extra golds because the Crispin ciders are gone along with a Clamato picante to tomato them up.

not so good and picnic-worthy was the chicken McNugget meal as they didn’t have out tea andthis means I’m limited to water or diet and I have had too much diet this week as I have a stomach ache from it whacking my insulin sensitivity or some something.  the nuggets were good but the fries were under cooked. yes I took the receipt but I haven’t found my phone in two days now so um ;)…. it is now a choice to go out of my way to complain.  this paragraph is here to prove not all meals are liquid…thank you very much.

Highlights of my training session were I can add information to better clarify what my activities actually are even if they cross multiple notions.  I’ve been duplicated in action and noted with such even being covered by charting that was there if vague thus I got a big smile from boss.  I thus may not feel overly secure planning ahead but I can plan on working step by step towards more.


curious, I know the answer somewhat but would you find it odd with someone who is smiley who  points out it’s “our mother’s turn” and asks if I remember her birthday and gets me a special trip for Ice?  I resisted the I stepped in it now rejoinder of I believe some paperwork must happen before it’s an “our mother” – may we start with coffee?  asking the resident’s children out is a sticky thing.  but honest sometimes I do feel baited.


I make a funny.  how are you?  tired.  been out partyin?  yeah… got home at 3…way past my bed time- had a date.  oh was it fun.  let’s put it like this it stopped being fun long before it was over… I stopped drink at 10 and it became less fun around midnight only to become annoying around 2am.  bahahahahahahaha was my response.  it is ever so true but there is something about how that is said that reads very very wrong.

it’s a Chicago morning delight…overcast yellow raining and fricken cold.  sis packs her borfriends pants and overgear for the trip to their new home.  tauxillery driver gets a neil sedacca spin  forgetting she’d to watch the critters this weekend and thus wasn’t free…anyone know sarcasm enough to sing I love I love my calendar girl? 😀 I have rent money and coffee up early  lucky me courtesy of a cat ass in the face.  he made sure it was a stroll in the rain wet cat ass in the face too…thank you very very much I love you brother darkness.

believe it or not I am smiling. 

see if you find an absurd smile in I tried so so hard to present better so on with the flowing white shirt black pants shine up the shoes by lighting the shoe polish up to warm it …only to wait an itch too long before blowing it out so I had burning shoe polish all over my finger….whoppie 😀  from the unsauve files of course.

I am an activities person for a living this month being my extra hours on evening activities so it’s…. singalong night.  the only one that shows up to golden oldies is a dude.  nothing like singing to love songs when its two dudes…. neither of which who can sing.


well out for a puff and stuff so I can love up on my internet love affair which sstill says nice things.