misguided shopping ideas.

deja  vu returns as it want to do.  I am trying to maximize the feeling so typical to my times in life0 to make the most of the show of what we’ve done with our….you know, mid-life crisis?  I’m considering things like financial safety and stability and a comfortable nicely displayed home and nice chances at memory making.  on the home front, I have one dog tornado and cat scratch devastation so if you think for a minute that any old choice will do,  wrong.

this is the best picture of size and function of  side chairs, obviously 2 grand plus is beyond the budget but trust me if you pull a search for African watchman’s chairs – you will have difficulty seeing these as comfortable because they look like they’re mostly six inches off the ground…..noooooo Bueno!  now think for a moment that this is fine as a choice but think past this to an additional function…. above waisty peg point for easy coat hanging?  who hasn’t used any surface wrong like a dining table for all the mail not to eat on?  …etc.  well anyways I have a hand shaped green chair…so wood grains off a wood floor and two of these type of chairs…lends function and art to the room… plus as is typical in my house 2-3 years later when it’s annoyed someone’s style long enough wood burns 😉 

again not this one but heh, I have a hand chair to lend folks a hand? PUN?  why not an elephant in the room?

that’s a simpler version…

Leather sofa’s used to be beyond many’s means as they were 3 times an already investy spendy price for furniture.  no necessarily so anymore.  Okay first I know everyone is screaming to interrupt that if it’s not expensive it isn’t…it’s cheap.  Okay, I am.  but I saw a nice and affordable couch

I mean I want a nice splashy color but honestly nowadays the easiest sin a person can make is to mismatch colors. symmetry is so easily spotted.  plus and I mean PLUS it’s so easily spotted. so

simpler lines bolder tones but still within the neutral type tones.


 the corner is big enough for a game of cards or lol actually eating at or a small spread too high for little dog to nip at well.  high bar stools. 


now this all means I have more of an open feel yet seating for all but wait, this one I liked.


now this means I have ottomans, I have seating for the house plus guest/s none of it lacks a shot at being durable enough  wood or leather now…   and it is achievable financially perhaps

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

10 replies on “misguided shopping ideas.”

I don’t quite understand the elephant chair, but if you’re one not to want to have your guests hang around long, make it uncomfortable for them. Exciting times! Those prices look really good, and the coffee table with the foot stools looks like a good idea. You’ll have to post before and after photos.

I’m awake and I ponder the choice 😀 the irritant is the . is a January thing as in end of. less than maybe.

the English idiom or in this case pun is – the elephant in the room the very obvious but neglected or ignored main “thing” thus one could say we ignored say slavery as an issue as we had polar opposite viewpoints at the party or never mentioned the elephant in the room… which may be a quote from the movie Gettysburg but I can not find proof at present. and wood planking is comfy but only for so long so on that front lol which is a proven way to just wait for it all to evaporate….without any proof I worked that hard at all. which would you choose. I have no crystal ball. there’s good reason for all above but duh also some fudge room it seems like time … or just leave it be and get the rent a month or two ahead put cash for again the same in the bank watch wait and see?

it appears one way bleek but then under a different entirely and easily possible this and the REAL priorities can happen this season. it is effectively the last season too as I still do not know if I have 9 months to earn anything as in trial work period with 60 months no ssdi if I persue the tenth. currently boss is highly frustrated I’m that close in that I try but what she wants I’m not achieving and she continues to put off this as it appears I cant initially manage thus leaving me solid supposition that this is my blessing and I should work it 😀 I mean it was laughable how fast this or that went.

but I’m curious. you aren’t me, 😀 so how would you prioritize the following, given the above is staved off as in I keep my income pre work in tact, which over time funds one of these notions which would you do? rush to get glasses and complete the updating of my wardrobe as you know all too well it lasts 3 years with great care but otherwise I poof all too soon will have rags. rush around the globe mainly in the thick headed hope there is love out there pretty much smart enough that if it’s this much of a strain or hope it isn’t actually there or soon wouldn’t be; get an insulin pump which simplifies most aspects of m
y little world – careful just as the other options it appears legit that either it’s past time or there’s more than enough to achieve this without putting fire behind the hurry. or put rent ahead money up in that bank and watch nothing materialize and the money to go to some useless lesser evaporation. I have no crystal ball.

my whispers tell me to heheheheh. damn the torpedo full speed ahead.

holy craft those chairs are pricey
we have an eclectic set of furniture, though the dining set matches

i hear you about wanting a nice, livable but aesthetically pleasing home. right now ours is a fucking mess

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