third circle. (120 x 3 = 360)

my Passover wine is bottled…oh boy though as it wasn’t mixed down with juice it’s pucker power!  I worked my Tuesday finally maybe boss got her “day off.”  Thursday half day and Saturday cometh for this check cycle.  …Thursday however is the last day of this month/calendar of events.

I won at checkers very convincingly just as the gals were cheering that other feller on.  naughty me for winning crushingly that particular game.  I tend to lose the first…call it courtesy but it’s really I suck sliped on a banana peel. 


the last test of the wine came out fairly sweet when it was all pucker power earlier.  did I mention I came home to my wine bottled? sweet ;)… well maybe.


this check pays off the loav and my physical rent or the second round of pay up double.. call me nice but the end analysis of sis moving was essentiall 6 weeks on the house plus a freezer.   this is because I can not hand direct cash persay but I would hope she notices she cover the correct month and month in reserve of moving so as to be business square whether the relationship lasts or not.  in that way it’s the best gift I can think of to help…to make it easier.  the logic is sound but the choice is for it to be acted upon or even appreciated which is not my choice.  so enough of that….save that this plus the fight to get a month ahead when all the utilities are a month in advance  is the uphill of three rents to be ontime the fourth being the magic ahead.  of course there is a hope! that after cleaning the room formerly mine will rent very swiftly leaving me  and the house 1.5 rents ahead  plus deposit or 2 rents really  or to blow my little hopes through the stratosphere of achievement…. that would leave my house nearly an entire physical month’s rent or my half paid. plus utilities 2 months paid forward or tantalizingly close to a true homerun of financial security with the knowledge that if that happens I did so with literally no help whatever..not true but so it feels like such… when people don’t jump to our goals.

my wine this weekend may be mom’s for wine spritzers as I made my own wine would ya look and drink some of that?


thus I have stretching  off every loan I’;ve gotten this decade early.  I will haveairfare to visit my internet love affair. thus I have achieved or can hope to realistically everything I needed to happen….a minor bit of or major really bit of fiscal prudence and leveraging it, ….maybe wisely… made wine, …and most helpful of all managed 120 days employed as of Sunday’s end.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “third circle. (120 x 3 = 360)”

I remember doing that 22 years ago. and I kept some note noticing I was an e=trade kind of hypothetical investor I was hlad I avoided that because I would have been the Enron victim. I didn’t investigate the 7 years later trends well enough to survive the 3 years atience to recoup my investments after fees. I was prone to well hidden lies…bilked too easily for to survive the excitement of ab ullish day. this taught me something. the game I dislike the most is blackjack why? it’s mechanical. I’m rather mediocre but I win at it. not big just small and this hedge of small gains is my best investments… anytime I get too big for my britches…lose.

Yay for you and your employment!
Enjoy the wine!
I’m so happy for all the good things and people in your life!
OOH on getting to visit your love! I hope that works out and good luck to both of you!
HUGS!!! 🙂
PS…the math in the title almost scared me off! 😉 I’m not good with Math! 😀

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