Trompe loeil

Passive-aggressived again and again!
Sure “maybe’” is slipped when though… comes ‘bout when?
I wonder some on dreams invested to be
Now the shoe is dropped – what have I to see?

Do I court afresh trancendence glowing
Or just the old mess clueless. Unknowing?
Is it a break made of the best I be
Well, cupboards display what is this mug tea

I don’t know – I don’t – and I’m square today
By some slow burn truth tells of… maybe.


By day Trompe-l’œil lays in wait
Ordinary or extrodinary … wait
By night starksodium vapor flowers
with a few ghastly bine weedies underpowered
It’s not nothing nor refined or delicate.

Sink (three well stainless affair) brightens with steel wool and so far takes a bit scrub as it was let go.
Scorch lighted to near gone on panels.
You don’t where you once did. It’s all grime gum – I’m half tempted to clean with everclear but yeah fire! That’s hard to see thus put out. Nah

Ilist this as I really do spiritually wonder if the other shoe so to speak dropped and I like head up my ass missed it!

I’m close to formal dinner and company switching my space shared or not.

It’s not glorious it’s just steps in a specific row ( charm, returns, outcome.) ((say, then do))

The new moon brings a new world. At least there is a dream beginning to appear from grimy shadows

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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