Under doggin’ and boggin’

it dusted snow in south east metro edge Denber about 3 weeks ago and thus heralding the coming white. I’m sometimes so dry i cant breath well. I was shifted dialysis centers due to a burst pipe even though my conspiracy radio soul insisted it was cause I heard my next over treating as well soul had had a positive coid testing…which while true, it was over two weeks previous and in a hospital not releasing said soul til they had positives go to negatives and all our best protocols.. by missing a treatment as a second reschedule occured and wouldn’t it just figure it’s after a beer a thon which is 12 oz is 355 ml for the rest of the world and annd my intake was 18 ozs give or take…or i very much can look to the world i was hung over and brown bottle flu ing…oooo what a good boy! even at 28 oz intake I didn’t get a buzz and I’m about 145 pounds or sixty five kilograms small boy these days. thus you can see I was bogging for plopples not apples of high repututation.!. now by undoggin title I went and watched a movie on my current shortlist. joseph king of dreams. the songs jangled some to me even if I allowed show tune itis of saying the same thing as the last given dialogue in a now drawn out song! and it felt at all times like a bad church play. I mean the show not the story. yet by underdogging sttandards, I’ll be very fair and say I was still moved even by a biblical myth tale and had a dash of fun contemplating the tale’s import of forgiving others…in that I’m feeling all churched up.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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