Arranging Loads,on%20the%20higher%20loaded%20bottom

it is recommended that a structural engineer assist you with any brick project higher than nine feet tall so that it doesn’t crumble back upon you. and it is about one foot or one third a meter thick of a wall, again double check with the smart guys…. as it’s typically law anyways….to to support 11 meters high black but for a itty spot on his chest and of course grey muzzle beard of a great dane. comfort is sorta ruined except it’s the first time in years he’s stayed more than thirty seconds. there’s more real eastate to expllore heh. taco bell

i’ve a little today to race after the bell if I want. they removed my favorite from the menu the cheap dollar spicy totada which was beans red sauce chiptle sauce and lettuce cheese andd diced tomato … I don’t adore chipotle sauce sauce often didn’t ask get it with mine. this differs in weights from the regularand thus costs double but the regular just had red sauce beans lettuce and cheese no tomato…. I’m seeing green sauce is coming which to me with “mexican” is like white wine with a porterhouse steak….it can be done. I’m just the wrong wine drinker to do it! but it’s not the same.. so. since I’m sinful I’m thinking buritto supreme which is about snack sized anymore… beans red sauce ground beef soour cream and lettuce. and I’m thinking this new covid menu says…why not beans green sauce add steak lettuce and sour cream? if an option add guac. . or whatever avacado sauce they got. yes, I’ll not die if it’s avacado ranch although I’m no fan of rancy really.

november is here. thanksgiving the american kind comes. and next month more numbers for me. no change no word no nada seems to have twinkling lights of fortunes for me. paperwork has begun to adjust my current ride so my home may pursue other lives than my schedules. past friends wish to remain memories. but time passes as does the hell of sorting chasing the pst. pest naw past yeah. and thus my divinations gaslightling of its but a hand held again to laughter renewal etc seems a bit of a gaslighting. I wasn’t about for the thirty eight movie of said story theme notion but it still crops up in popular culture today. helping another believe something skewed….if not altogether untrue. but the response to that is taco bell just as it was the height of delight that moonlit night. tostada or 35 feet ish the highests we can diy with help by law hint code….a structure in residential areas..11 meters it. such also is with fire brick about a fifty decibel sound isolation or taking a siren at one hundred fourteen decibels racing to the emergency doughnuts or accidents… to fifty five decidebels or that of quiet speaking volume. and i’m not even here to chatter about bricks or blocks but taco bell.

I’ve a bedwarmer. a one sixty po

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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