365 Q 3. 24 – 28

Why? – Why ask why, Drink Bud Dry (r)   – I really don’t know but in all fairness, this isn’t all that concerning.

If i could read One person’s mind today, whose would it be? – Mine? less confusion trying to sort out anothers 😉

What was the easiest thing i did today? – I suppose this is challenging as philosophic traps go as simply waking for the day was about the easiest thing i did…thankfully many functions of life are somewhat automatic.

Did i think of Someone today?  – yes!  I sent area specific reminders for later travels to one to hopefully have new things to hear about in common, I researched som on a project thus thinking of ME, I tried to ease some of the current computery issues for mom, more to do there tomorrow but progress! 😀  I wrote my favorite nearly daily internet pal after having a fine outting yesterday that led to an early nap which meant i missed a moment yesterday  aw shucks.  I thought of a person i’ve not heard from in ages as I walked an old mall where i got to meet up with her for that first time…kinda odd malls, they aren’t the same anymore…bit tired of a concept…

Did i work hard today?  no, not especially.  I would rather avoid some mismeanings here but often I wonder if hard or exertive toiling is a bad thing to mean not invigorating but draining.  I don’t want to say I worked “smart” either in some disney joke of taking suspenders and making a belt drive coal shoveller to a steamboat race where the other side sacre blew it.  I don’t wish to think Idid anything but live.  not even so much achieve/d either just lived.  this isn’t to say I’m not old enough to mistake specific piles of achievements for actual work when such really is somewhat meaningless philosophically most often… doing ONE thing well might matter now or then again 21 things done might be that magic… each day has it’s notions.

I have me a lil project to occupy my mind of how I might make up a one handed transcription device/ system for to text via phone as such is irritating currently and  I want to think on it.  puzzle it a better way maybe.  to this end, barnes and noble had no book on braille.. not in braille, on braille.  obviously i have an array of sources extra to check and did.  having 1100 important contractions/abbreviations to utilize within the basic 3 grades of Braille is cool but that’s a LOT of learning to text a simple hey we’re x place at this x time I’m wearing blue.  I’m also sure that standard codes arent five finger easy so…. I’ll like end up working the long way round to find something “easy”  easy can be hard work!  – I also looked up the notions of language learning… maybe.  dunno.  but anyways.  there is much to know and fun to find out even if I don’t think I’ve the right path this shiny instant.    the reason i say this is obvious enough, I had a LOT of actual difficulty when i tried learning the grade one braille halfway through the basic alphabet….suddenly thinking like I’ll learn 3 grades of it swiftly is worth noting prior experience warning me otherwise… also while knowledge is good, simplistic systems have to be both fast AND easy.  learning 100 things isn’t beyond many but 1100 would represent a comprehensive year’s type of class to gain the knowledge then the proficient speed utilizing it in graduating steps to a specific purpose which texting a beer buddy on the fly wouldn’t be worth a year’s hell nor pay any bills…yet to push to be a court stenographer? well yeah that’d pay bills but I’m somewhat deafer these days… an example of this is I got the mailing info for our now serving army guy… one of the lines was “echo Company” of which I heard xo company and wrote precisely that/including repeating it back.  I do not hear as well 😉  yeah haha. the kisses and hugs company…the Army suddenly got all softie.  and while hexadecimal entry is good, I’ll need a facings 4 digit  two digits make a character code that is robust enough to encompass basics of asii representations, yet not 500 steps long to learn or some such… simple and easy for effective and worth perhaps someone buying MY bobble yet others perhaps choosing the far easier speech to text available with increasing accuracy these days…one must be care to be clever and usefull.  but 100 characters in a minute which one handed is fairly speedy,  it’s 35wpm or so, not fast by any stretch of the imagination…. yet, when conventions say text so i can skip a wasted 3 minutes talking/hassles?  such would be cool. perhaps worth 9 bucks discounted or 13 full price and should I walmart mass win, perhaps a few million in my pocket.   but such gets ahead of the work, to find a system simple and easy then make the works then  hopefully leave proof of viability  so instead of woo big edison inventions…nope just a swift hey buy me and a infomercial.  a few fancy pays for me and money for all.    well to nfb i return and also to bed I’m thoughts out.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “365 Q 3. 24 – 28”

That WOULD be cool!
Well…good Q’s and great A’s! Sounds like you’ve had some good thoughts and good things happenin’!
No one should work hard on Easter Sunday except The Easter Bunny! 😉 😛
HUGS!!! and Happy Moan-Day!!! 🙂

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