Sea Cruise.

3 19 51 56 46 55 55 32 76 65 84 46 32 32 45 49 48 52 46 56 49 32 76 79 78 46 32 32 65 68 86 89 78 84 85 82 79 85 83 46 13  3 – code. – lat/long. conversion of  address minus some precision 😛


now if i were really in the mood for super spy, we’d be talking about lemon juice as invisible ink right about now… problem there is all my pictures say it is easier to heat it to make it visible again… um, who wants to inspire their next drew barrymore? *firestarter so, because I took college and it came with the hey go out and find NEAT 😀 I tried and I have? a slightly safer alternative which is of course NOT CHEAPER

there you can see that this passes under UV lighting…or intended sunlight… and becomes a previously hidden color!  this I have not ever seen outside of age restritrive check stamping  at clubs or events.


but this is about a SEA CRUISE 😉 so let’s cruise out in make believe secret adventuring via?

a quicky grab of  a viking long ship?  well a ship anyways.  work with me a bucket ‘ll do.  from where i am to what is possibly cool.

for a mild point of science, quartz, yes the fancy white landscape rock is SiO4…or a silicate, and Icelandic Spar is Calcium Carbonate…. however , the point of adventures isn’t the brand name gucci rocks but FUN. so if one has the magic rock… work with me, I used to think the Dukes Of Hazzard was elegant drama… I can hack only so much now 😀  likely we can have a sea cruise yet. 😀


Destination? sea monster attack – or if your prissiness is into csi accuracy, Orka Attack which of course isn’t likely as Killer Whales aint after us as menu options – but Shark don’t so much mind :D…makes it all the more rewarding when lunch is shark bits…aka fish sticks 😉 ever notice how the fillets always looked like teeth? at least when i was growing up?  power of suggestion people 😀  after the sea monster attack and as i already found America 😛  how about

yeah a lil island all your own… this requires  shave ices of course 😀 a snow cone.

eat that island! or just dream of the biggest sugar rush goin! 😉

3 19 72 65 80 80 89 32 65 68 86 69 78 84 85 82 69 83 33 32 13 3

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

12 replies on “Sea Cruise.”

I’ve been on boats (all kinds), but never on a cruise.
Where ya’ cruisin’ to?!
I never thought about fishsticks/fillets looking like teeth. But, now I will. 😮
That’s a lot of numbers!
Now I’ll check out the links and vids!
HUGS and Happy Whee-kend!!! 🙂

PS…I love shaved ice and snowcones! The photo you shares has bright, colorful yummy looking ones! 🙂 And I love vikings! And it would be cool to see the aura borealis! 🙂 A summer cruise party would be fun…even without a boat or traveling anywhere! 🙂

i’m trying to decide between laced coffee, which yummy tea or sissy hot chocolate or some blend of the three 😀 but in truth yeah a lil sparkler fun :D.. I was hoping you’d catch that i thought it’d be funny if one got a snow cone to look like a snapshot of their aurora borealis.

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