one handed texting cont.

Morse code isn’t a “signal” persay… it varys in speed thus is nonstandardized – next the charaters are?  varying lengths.  as is then this would be trialsome to utilize for one to consider a methodology of using the historic to usher back in the modern… the idea of using one hand to type/text messages on a “celluar phone safer than viewing the phone not the road and taking both hands away from proper operation of a vehicle- we all know only the driver whom is busy is the opinion anyone wants. 😉  however with the exception of the airforce morse code is defunct no longer being monitored for by the coast gaurd and otherwise required in any way legally such as previously required for an amateur radio operator’s license – all this is per USA usage.    boy scouts still offers the badge for those whom make the requirement of proficiently sending and recieving  at 5 words per minute speeds… obviously too slow to send a meaningful text, however at least the delivery can be standardized   into signals of -‘s and 1’s or in a methodology utilizing the idea if not the alphabet.  the hardship is to not charge something that needs changing to be useful again.  thus hopefully there is a simplified code such as unicode or ascii types which would swiftly do the same thing at least for geeks wanting to utilize a  novelty that is as useful as anything else.

braille also fails in this regaurd  to a degree as it’s methodoligy reuires stil one hand oand thus 2 characters with some method of tick and tock to indicate a character in progress of being inputed and with 11– contraction standard and non standard is…quite a steep learning curve and a lot to ask of someone for a novelty of semi safe multi tasking. – which is of course not safe at all in operation of a motor vehicle so even I’d legalese you with demanding  a yes I understand i can not text and drive safely 😉 thus wholy defeating the sale point of any such system ;).


so, morse is closer but it’s actual code cant  – converting to something in use as in html/ascii coding that would be both robust but not impossible hard to learn nor non standard so much it wouldn bar use .


for instance eight dots is a prosign for error. most numbers and punctuation vital in this modern world are five characters either dot/dash and letters can vary between numbers of dots and dashes it seems upon scanning.. I admit I’m not experting just note taking.  this 3,57,8 etc swhatever junk is useless as would using a five characture signal to make ONE single character… slow even grade one braille doubles the a through i /j to be that with a number character.  thus trying to combine the best of morse code and braille and perhaps the recognized as much as possible unified standard codings out there would make this idea code across the computering languages…not just english.  I am not seeking to reinvent the wheel here.  just make a fast enough methodology I can use anyone can use to send a damn text that we’re leaving or there at the expected meeting place so friends oh crap i’m going they’re there or whoops missed them ;)…sorry dropped my 148th phone in the toilet on purpose not really lying again. or I wouldn’t choose til you committed and then decided against it, needed to brush my hair. 😉


no one wants a voice taglet, just a few words where and confirmation you’re there.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 replies on “one handed texting cont.” this is precisely where morse code’s non uniform number of digits is blissfully unhelpful… however utilizing the idea isn’t providing there is a non better pattern available – dot 1 dash zero or binary, so needing sixteen different characters for imputs means? 2 to which power equals sixteen? 2 x 2 x 2. x 2 or four either dots or dashes is the bare minimum for to make out intelligable characters. however the element of timing here means to make a fifth dot dash to acheive timing without a lot of error / guesswork. thus either a-f would have to moderate to a five unit code or, one has to simply memorize by wrote the entire codeset of 177 numeri representation of the hexadecimal chart above far easier that braille’s upwards of 1100 contractions standard or not. providing minimal controls/commands but otherwise a method of typing. afterall, punctuation is braille’s numerics only needs a shortcut aof the zero and one and imnput x x x boom done. xontrol characture or whatever is achieved within a different conceptual and yet within the same keys available. thuse a thumb index and middle finger might toggle it all. effectively three keys. now so far that’s good excepting unicode for chinese simplified or otherwise characters which wiki lists as 83– some or x,xxx, a brutally long set of characters to utilize – even if the japanese not chinese use a kanji or phonetics as well which would allow say some asian character users to more like english type…. I personally wouldn’t be able easily to learn the conversion for chinese to such a length of eridition. but english oh yeah. still possible 😉 idea not dead but learning ten to fifteen codelets within a second chart to represent would still be possible.

Okay…this is too numbery for my little pea-brain late on an Easter Sunday night after a busy whee-kend! Filled with “whee”! 😉 😛
So, I’ll try to read this tomorrow night or the next night. 🙂
HUGS!!! 🙂 obviously, there is no need to even invent the wheel either if one followed the requirement of morse entry being unuseful more than likely do to the non-standardization of it, braille entry also unhelpful in that it’s two rows of 3/4/5 depending on superscript or subscripting shifting or actual code… either way, it just is more comfortably a two handed entry… this leaves ten-key by touch from way way way back in accounting school… low/average according to answers is 8kPM 10k is fast and 10k PM works out to 40WPM typing speed based against these conversions given. 10k is unrealistic for the majority of people to utilize/achieve.. morse code type entry would require one tocut the speed of entry as in only one set of 3 fingers would be used and there isn’t a sescond set of three to double bubble obviously. for most of us with only five fingers… so this simplifies it to be not more than a tenkey by touch number pad with a imput or two shortcut or whatnot keys. good such means one isn’t reinventing the wheel but also requiring on to learn xxx, for 177 characters, refer to hexa decimal chart above in comments, this is fine but 8300 simplified and or traditional chinese characters is a xxxx set so hopefully maxing sure one zero’s the first entry always this is five keystrokes per charactuer and thus 8k for mild proficientcy works this out to 1200 letters or wow 1200 baud which is for me at under 300 wpms per minute reading speeds just a touch too fast for me to read – but the real concern is that most would translate this speed to 300 baud which even i could read as it came in as it was far slow. – so, the point is simple technically speaking the idea is uselessly dead as it can not technically translate the world over and actually be faster… it comes down to time to learn both codes and that complexity as well as develop proficiency which even still requires one to now realize it’s thought intensive initially and thus speedwise 40wpm isn”t good enough it’s too slow by a factor of 3 for the majority of people i highly doubt there is any money in the novelty of this for the geeks that wouldn’t be instantly borrowed legally thus. as a personal sure, a profitable idea less so. the only methodoligy left is to mechanically utilize the thumb in a gearshift pattern of “three on the tree” for those of you old enough to remember we didn’t have six or seven speeds in a manual transmission back then “” but from left up going down then right/up then down you’d have a “x4” or four different positions/meanings of code this with four other keys or andther x4… 4 x 4 is sixteen or hexadecimal again this would still limit speeds to the speed of a thumb needing more complex motions than the other finger’s simpler tap or don’t tap. – this would look different than a ten key by touch layout …but still wouldn’t fundamentally be any faster… infact slower considering the importance of multiple motions with a thumb. but even still the fundamental power here isn’t the ten key entry but the two characers required to code the first letter or number- this 1a or 02 etc means a fundamental slowness of the large array of symbols one wants to use. but if anyone understood that it wasn’t that anything is bad about specific languages, but it shouldn’t surprise one now that english has been the language of business – it’s systems use it well similar systems do not work so well for other language’s symbology. but ultimately it isn’t the ability to utilize code- but having it functionally symple for speed is. morse’s 5 dots or dashes is five strokes bad. five simply divides the max speed for end resolut- ten key utilizing a shift key to make the alpha numeric of a-f within the code is braille borrowing easy but the slowness of needing 2 as in 1-10 plus a-f’s or xx to make ONE character…that’s hard to show someone who cant see. you know if theywere xy 1x…shoot where was I? type of moments. this is also inpossible for chinese charaters to an extent and remember technically superior isn’t my choice but socially sensitive is… thus to make it useless from the beginning or appear technically unfair for chinese characture set users of the whole variety not a phonetic alphabet….that’s rude it isn’t intended but such isn’t my choice of perception…someone not me porting it to use for others means their money or multiple marketings – knowing in advance i approach 10 wpm for most usage is embarassingly too slow for usefulness and is double the proficientcy required of these system’s precursors. – – or there is some fun to see if i can’t imput hex/dec directly as if it were a practic of ten key by touch data entry speed which would be fun as drills go for school children using skills in fun but semi meaningful ways like to tenkey touch text at stoplights lol pals from class. might look into that. it’s 177 characters in a xxx format per character as there isn’t enough room to make it xx hex def persay.

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