out of the bun

I was previously unaware that samsa was just one language point to the wider known samosa.  however, sometimes things just don’t look anything like themselves….  yes for whatever reason food came to mind and trying to think of something “new.”  I mean I do have that bottle of tamarind soda ….as if I were in the mood for sweet and sour NOTHING *fry bread and vegetables similar to the sweet and sour chicken pork beef shrimp etc chinese-american stuff but alll vegetarian… but i did that already.  so, randomly yammering food – the finer points of meatloaf choke and puke…so disagree..sloppy joes which so sound good…to fancy soup night…then i got stuff investigating Little Russia, aka Brighton Beach NY.


the picture listed the names wrong so I ended up reviewing all the dises as I literally do not recognize everything going.  but i was thinking Pelmeni’s and i got manti, samsa aka samosa and funchoza…yes apparently the Koreans run food in Little Russia 😉   manti means dumpling, funchoza is korean noodle salad but scarily had a chinz supplies thing where they cheated the ingredients and otherwise had high content of inappropriate minerals…bunk noodles… but this a rare time I happen to LIKE them noodles…glass noodles – I was alway told they were sai-fun noodle or came white cooked clear.  and I remember early into cooking I tried duplicating a mongolian hotpot with lamb , them noodles some carrots, green onion and broth straight from that grugal gourmet.  it was the only time so far i wasn’t hit or miss with lamb.  I’m very very hit or miss with lamb – however before my Irish pal passed, he raved on and on about how all over his travels, we had better beef in colorado but no one touched ireland for lamb…however around here we’d more likely get you to chomp a buffalo which wasn’t menu many places initially now try not to find a burger joint with no buffalo burge…not fast food mind you burger joints the land of the over priced burgers.  but suffice it to say I’m not thinking meaty. – nyc budget joint in Little Russia/ Brighton Beach just outside NYC… imagine being able to get lunch at prices not scare your grand children High.  Elza Fancy Food is tsupposedly this kind of place and as I age, I get less and less certain I’ll be toolin around St Petersburg chasing the midnight sun, but lucky I can maybe manage another NYC thing…but this time none of that white castle disappointment but maybe some of those places you hear about.


andways mole is a Mexican sauce – holy mole is better than blasphemy but only just and manti mole might be a combination of monte carlo and holy mole and manti.  I can’t remember if they said in this or another listing if they offered Pumkin manti…which got me thinking mole not because mole is sweet but it’s oddly savory and sweet which can work.  and thus i began thinking of making something pumkiny which I’ve had pumkin ravioli proper and i’ve had that chocolate mole which is toasty, chocolatey a dab spicy and savory toned by virtue of the other liquids and spices…..but making it more of a chocolate with pumpkin pie spices array and thus demanding it look savory but be nearly sweet/desserty. then I thought screw pumpkin a butternut squash one and corresponding red pepper onion medlied ones mole but blonder and still savory too.  then I was thinking toss that why not weird shit no one’s doing…  Florence fennel returns now and again for fancified dining.. it’s almost a celery feeling veg but it’s way huge sweet but can handle a savory tone too.  and drown it in a lemon sauce and then dallop the sour cream or yogurt on.

visions of packing a makeshift dumpling  tent places appeared and were rejected for all the bull pucky of prove it on paper/fees first then try to get permission then if you’re lucky you can have a good time… hassle plus that’s a flat out pain to lug a tent of any kind a couple of coolers and cooking aparatus worth using not using to cause forrect fires.


ah well, I avoid getting to sleep because I honestly meant to be places today.    but, i found the one I met at the bar outting and was rather surpised it must be a slow night to yammer with me… now now people can be actually pretty and also far different than expectations too but I’m not particularly outdoorsey- not to say I never get about in them, I’m not all that outdoorsie…but whatever, i said hello again adding a fb friend and we’ll see if our paths somehow cross again.  moab’s out as in unless you need all the worst travel music ever…I’m in heaven…others use other H words. ;)I rally don’t think bicycle knowing it’s such a hassel to own one and i can not ride is so so many more situations than before etc  I don’t drive so walkabouts is about all I ever was energetic enough for and there is a pretty place or two, I might not be shit out of luck 😀  but thinking of outtings brings me to associate them lol so hence that paragraph.

anyways, be it the nyc transit of chasing the line towards Pelmenis or the more bunkish turdsville of errand running to return books and rnew my I.d. so perhaps then i can renew my passport and sometime before summer’s out use the dang thing.   maybe try and not think what has never sounded romantic or even fun just that urge to do something take a walk and make it somehow…just taking a walk and not a walk down the sunsets of the rest of our lives meaningful/clingy sounding?  who knows.  it seems as if i’m supposed to turn into the life of some party…I thought it odd when i figured out i was. the party as activities….I never remember holidays seemingly or other’s birthdays…shh about it being always on and having birthday alarms all over the place 😉  but, in completely the  right spirit, here I sit trying to think of what to do with my moment out

whether it’ll be the long drawn out blade of b.s. line mouldering at the gov office followed by the homeless shakedown for smokes at the library only to be too damned tired to get excited about  geeks who drink beer trivia at the irish joint at 8…suspiciously stranding me to needing a cab home or both ways actually….. I mean can you just hear the clock tick tock right about now LAUGHING at me saying the time ticks as I sit like a lump of shit whining to no one but my own eyes about the potential for tomorrow?  sad.  but sad makes me think of food and as it’s military monday at the froyo.. that’s an idea.  I’ve a serious hankering for zuchini chips…there is a carl’s jr. available closest thing to a hardees which this place dont get…or remember them burger chef.  I don’t feel like trying to cozy up to some 40 something and try to sneak into costco or waste money on a membership – they can not make my eyeglasses, their computer stuff is not a significant savings and I just can not see 2.50 a hot dog soda combo set of trips 100 more times this year….but larceny does interest me and i might just sneak into places of membership without one here soon.


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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an about 3:30a nap up at 9:30 here for this fine day with an overload of foodism the previous night 😉 it is in a way still sad I DON’T want to do very much. ah perhaps I’m old enough to attempt curmudgeon without the hermit fail 😉 today may or may not be visited errands but will include: hot springs and the puppy thing’s somewhat decided- there is puppies coming and while I’m sure we can wish for better accomadations, they may came HERE but then again maybe not there is previous breeding experience if MIL has sufficiently healed everything but her mind to want to help… apartment dogging is a tad ridiculous. but it isn’t exactly all that easy anywhere…well not easy but uncommitted, the works a touch light but the mess aint. so all the clouds are somewhat labeled at least. thus the if’s are easier- if it puppies here, well sianara job but it isn’t like puppies don’t have a moderate rehoming asked for fee to cover those 8 weeks of vets and food…so there’d be a taste of improvement of finances. if not then freedom and the usual two birds chased into some greeasy bush. as for food. please understand i know i USED to cook but every attempt lately has been less than exhilerating so aside from a deep love of easy bake soft pretzles which is reheating not cooking, mmmm getting fancy and especially to new fancy… might not be a recipe for success. as to society, I get out more. anymore than this is pushing my luck til invited which is I suppose why bars exist no invitation just come on down. many live entirely out keeping home to themselves thus a few visits more keeps me known and the rest’ll just happen as it does. that’s guy pals or gal “friends” matters little social is social and we all fall into the surprise of grand company. yes, it that limited sense it’s sad to want something I’ve inclinations not to chase…if one meant depressed – that’s a no. if one meant down well no not really, it’s been a number of years of complete change- my own little place to a big home lacking the same voice seemingly to a stable job at that time to a switch that actually was successful i enjoyed the mountain time even if forgive me i can not walk outside in neg 18 long and it was getting that cold and sloppy. the army talk became enlisted beginning week 1 zero week being done. the stable for them work and choices begin to settle. I’ve taken it easy and then sometimes burnt the forest of candles down. I still haven’t went on my own to the chinese place…but taco bell caught my business. I walk still albeit not six hours a day 3 days a week… so providing the social lubrications match the health efforts closely enough no deal as in no big deal. and, no I didn’t expect this but in a way it’s everything I suspected and pushed or was gifted after here. but yes, I still have that way of regretting plans made and find it not suspicious at all I’ll have difficulty sleeping say before the work week starts…have for 20 years more and more. we’ll see if there is adventure in me left.

I never heard of gigoloing for costco. I would definitely consider it for the right viddles. Today I think that is a sandwich, as coconutanvilsmooncat mentioned and made me want. Where to get a fine sammy without having to get dressed for it. Home, maybe? lol

yes, clothes are often required. my laundry ‘s in. 😛 I must have missed the extent of the sandwich talk 😀 but lol I think i read a diatribe on why it isn’t mooncat anymore and she’s not interested in putting that iconic meme on a tshirt and probably thinks i wear the wrong style kinds too 😀 but ack oh well. now costco ing or cost ho’ing… I’m not entirely sure i’m down with costco, I’m single so it really is not a bargain for me…4.25 for milk @ 2 gals… I mean that 2.25 more than i pay for the half gallon I might actually use up before expiration. prices of course vary. but i admit if you want some premium hot dogs like say a couple of packs of johnsonville stadium brats – such is your place in that it’s like 40 cents to a dollar off each as a rule but be careful to check!!!! and thus you could stretch with a family some special items furthers. however providing you shop and you work deal magic, costco beats the shit out of couponing 😉 it’s like they clip them for you for a modest fee. but in playground or home furnishings savings now this is thee place! but it’s only after the work of grocery saving to pay for the contract/membership or whatever. but 😉 no joke a hot dog soda combo for 2.50? this is like a godsend of a cheap family date 😀 😀 now to the where it may or may not be a deal but it doesn’t matter part – without fail, cost co for this area is where most pro cooks shop for themselves. this isn’t a surprise as it’s already bulk which bulk is a restaurant man/woman’s life. but curiously it isn’t the slight savings possible but the quality of meat. bar none, you shop at the military commissary? not the best meat not in this town anyways…however it’s a deal and we got a round of fairly good ribeyes once for a mountain steak dinner picnic …sis’ indian pal brought god knew which bf that time flavor of the moment i suppose and or young young geronimo swiped his steak right off his plate before the first bite P:D scamp! if you watch old live chicago, saturday in the park was….evergreen…which was where we were, there is no real surprise that caribou studios is well caribou colorado and quite close to there but was then big enough for a lil turn out concert test for them…. peace quiet and mountains. but meat- so far no one beats costco for quality meat. i beat them for price all the time- but remember i simply cook differently and such not – not all places are everyone’s cup of tea. but a roast pork about a dollar a pound was not so bad and it made some pulled pork slider action! simple boil apart then pull apart and glop bbq in. simple. no not a typical recipe for me but hey, it’s simple 😀 but i warn you their luncheon meats are actually more expensive as a rule than the supermarkets closer i.e. salami not like a ham or something. and calculated price versus the bulk used not given used often show me that people get overly excited about the DEAL yet can not ever fully utilize the food. so, sammich. i mentioned pulled pork. which is a more bun thing. but why not a marinated bricked chicken thigh? debone te bit, de skin the bit soak in italian dressing refrigerating overnight and cook with a foil wrapped preheated in the oven in to the pan atop the chicken brick. put tween lusciousness honky or sourdough with some tomato and perhaps cheese.

Life. Relationships. Work. ETC. Yesterday. Now. The Future. A roller coaster of emotions. Up and Down and Up. Sometimes the tummy hurts 😦 and sometimes it feels the good-butterflies! 🙂
But, cooking and food and meal-gatherings with family and friends or total strangers can be such joy-filled uplifting times in our lives! 🙂 YAY! 🙂
Every time I read you, I learn some things. More than one thing. 🙂
Your mention of CostCo reminded me…when my kids were little, I used to take them shopping with me at CostCo around noon (once a month) and I’d let them eat all the sample foods the employee-volunteers-older-people were handing out…and that was their lunch for that day! Ha! 😀 They had fun and I got my shopping done! 😛
HUGS!!! 😀

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