The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers.” […] Matsuo Basho

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I don’t know about you but i felt kinda jipped when tacobell first c ame to town without the actual bell itself but some fascile graphic of one.   It was right next door to a 7-11  and no mini strip mall next to it containing the subway- but if you went further south you had a macdonald’s and then a village inn. southerly at the light was the gold fifties gmc truck for the barber at the hotel of town with it’s sign, “Warning! – microwave in use.” now of course the village in is a brother’s bbq, the 7-11 leveled and you can skip the notherly way to a subway sandwiches or insurance – if that’s your thing.  I don’t know the fate of the hotel/barber either, I don’t live there and haven’t for 20 some years.  But can you still here the temple bell sounding through the umbrella flowers on the patio?  You’ll have to imagine that as I haven’t seen such a thing in ages.

back in time

you sat there outside

with meals

photo supposedly is of an “original Taco bell.  taco bell with bell – the search.   The town i grew up in was Broomfield, Colorado so and the street point is hwy 287 just north of midway avenue – 80020 if you want to hunt a goodgle view.  I actually remember the big tub pot and tub cooker for the beans and ground beef in the very early days.  I know they do not do it that way any longer- but there was a time when fast food was not from a freezer or fridge bag or a just add water- but cooked.  but at this time of gold, you could see the macaws at the pet store and go nearly next door to joyce’s subs for the time when you got yours with submarine dressing not kraft food service tubs….and could dream of vacations at the travel agency…. walk the beer and wine section at the drug store – now it’s 3.2 or full on.  kinda silly.  streamlined life out of living.



book actions

i still cant finish 0 “Death and White diamond” Jeff Markowitz as my kindly birthday audiobook gift from the author- it has a fail in streaming.  I wish I could in a way as i’d like to place a review of it as a proper thank you.  so far i can not.  so thus my review of the service stands as not worth a shite.


I’m ignoring a James Patterson selection sis got me from the library as i just finished a james Patterson/andrew gross “The jester” and nevermind that it was good, it’s the same old story with new to me authors, it takes a bit to read the second book…to risk that different of expected. – if you want my oppinion of the book read, I’ve this to say.  I know the jester is set for the later late 11th century wherein we so to speak fight along side the main haracter through the crusade to return to a new war more important to fight for what he was promised, freedom.  it does seem real to the times and differs from Michael Chriton’s “timeline” which explores a slightly later time period but still the heat of it’s times as Chriton doesn’t center on the character the same way within the same time.  this isn’t a jumble but vary spicific to it’s times and basic expectations.  both have a french previous history.  however this current novel doesn’t delve into a more English life of aires of expectation- it is a most heroic France, feeling…even in a Disney way.  yes, America and Freedom are more tied to France than England.  This book mirrors better this feel “”


I’m really reading, “In search of a perfect Loaf” Fromitz.. a book about the basic LIFE whole souled of making a simple loaf of GOOD bread.  the recipe is useless nearly as is reading a book on what is seen or felt not approached in an intellectual manner.   It isn’t meant to denagrate the gent but he is jewish somewhat and from new york city upbringing – but to celebrate his entry to the search of good bread yet it is instantly obvious that i am not jewish and not from nyc.  I do not seek with zeel this world of up at 3 am to make a humble loaf of bread that if I make it right takes 2 days not1.  I do however adore the stimulation of sheens and techniques because if i have any clue and desire to cook well he covers this slippery result within slippery results .

I am drinking a proper sloe gin fizz.  sloe gin, ice, lemon juice and soda water.  i know of no book that says this is right. but it tastes dandy.


365 Q3, 9/10ths of the law is possession

what relaxes me?

what is the most valuable thing I own?

I’m reading a book

the dusty scent of pages

time to turn and look.


I am not always relaxed by reading by the internal excitement of ideas, however, I do not feel worse for trying some and often find it leads to a nap.  thus in a way it soothes the hungers for ideas and squishes and grinds to dust time.  I can not say that any one book is the most valuable thing i own but no possession can rival the value of an idea. so all together a library is far more valuable than say this tv or computer maybe worth a combined 450 dollars which represent nearly all that I have..  but i have recipes and glassware.  I have stuff to fill them.  I walked to my lunch today last even.  I had the chance of skipping the festivals but went…one knows sometimes the opposit of what one wants is often wrong but not always – for i tucked into froglegs, a bacon wrapped smoked jalapeno and a shrimp po’ boy all of which i hadn’t ever had for a mild cajun=y experience out barring about.  will these ideas be some salvation? no likely not but I know a neat enough place to visit should you wish to know.


365 W3 78 rpms

what was the last song i listened to?

What relaxes me?

the last song i remember LISTENING to not just hearing was Billy Ocean’s Colour of Love.

what relaxes me? refers above a lil music general although music is also stiring.


365 Q3, 5-7

what was the first thing i ate or drank today?

am i saving or spending?

on a scal of 1 hruough 10 ten being cleanest, how clean is my home?

Ithis really is a challenging moment, to try to be tricky about answering a mundane question in some memorable witty way.  what was the first thing i ate or drank this morning?  hmn… stalling for time here….

I drank of the fresh mountain view drifting in and out of a cigarette’s haze.  I physically consumed a belt of grandad’s best grape juice in search of a few tasty olives to nibble?  I should point out that i didn’t get it then but cousin and brother were mimicking grandad’s penchant for always saying “Christ or Chist sakes” when they said ‘Grapes!” knowing well and good even grandmom hung the paddle beneath the sign saying ” never spank a child in the face, the lord made a better place.” hung near where the sauerkraut brewed…I never understood  why she later made the area a shower to aid in caring for granddad, as it was far more stairs to climb than going upstairs or using the main floor bath but, one must remember that a tub is a hard obsticle to negotiate and so is a narrower hallway.  nor did i understand why they always talked about the garden being the pool and yet no evidence of a pool existed…who in their right mind would fill a pool with dirt?… I did learn though of bigger gardens and thus would remember those prizes including the set up for favorit aunts house and here, try this… a tastey habenero pepper blazingly hot – yes hot enough for tears.  and speaking of oddities or who in their right mind…who in their right mind would leave a drain pipe uncovered so i got the thrill to fall down it scraping my shin…it took 3 minutes to bleed but oh did it gush when it did…. you can fill a damned pool but not a drain?  hmph.  just my luck… GRAPES!


am i saving or spending – financially i’m a psender.  I stopped trying to save and budget that way long enough ago.    I save much of my internet memories unlike before where i can’t remember what happened to mrs beale’s letters from England’s souther coastal towns… now I have much of everything.  so much so that it’s shocks me to reread some times knowing who was the prize of them times and then wonder for a moment before it returns with the end games.  I currently muse on whether to blow what bigger wad of cash i have and go travel just in case this is. all the time I got and all the life there is.  I also wonder for a moment spiritually about anyone whom understand the dreadful reality of trying to be wise and or responsible- abundance comes with? not saving but spending so to save anything at all IS to spend like the most fool hardy fool knowing it tends to come bad faster if one does than fears or hordes in case their is a spiritual and literal drought.

on a scale of 1 -10 10/cleanest – how clean is my home?  I don’t have too many wildly disgusting porn searches to horrify you.  nope no beer bottles or boozey dead soldiers lying about.  there’s some texture to the carpet where the dog’s finished some of their dinner.  I cleaned my shower and toile and the sink/counter all with some kaboom and spot mopped about the floor for one of the mom’s to visit. earlier this week.  in any event,  in technical terms I’d be kind enough to say my house is seven worthy.  there is some age monitorable stuff here but i don’t have any cool naked figurines or lewd posters up.. it’s not particularly horrendous yet by tidy standards it needs another tidy.  spiritually speaking the godly spirit of powerfully moving to live life exists around me versus the dirt of depression and despondancy.


365 3.4 regrets.

What do i wish i had left unsaid?  ahhhh regrets.  have i been cussing mad towards my folks-penultimate to some disrespectful? – sure… do i wish i could take it back? nope.  have I the rememberance down to her fragrance when i didn’t say i love you back? yepl  oddly enough even here i don’t wish i could take it back either 0this doesn’t change missing her one ioata and that i do and even you’d skiddadle if it wasn’t ‘what YOU wanted” – but such was what was deadly true at the time.  Do i thus wish I had or hadn’t said things i shouldn’t have? not really.  assinine as i can surely be, I don’t neglect to say or not say stuff- such is a freedom by choice…..not without consequence mind you…and they’re just as grave now as they were at the moment.


365 3,2+3

if i could have a new talent, what would it be?

who is my best friend that is NOT a spouse.

talent, hmn. I was told once, “skill masks talent or that given enough effort, I could be good at things only to hear how talented I am… bunk, I worked my ass off for it.  as i get lder i don’t wish for new talents but to have earned for myself independantly.  so technically the answer to this question is none. but not so fast! what do i want for skills? – well i want the following kitchenly skills

mandolin operation and safety within a modest speed of preparation.  the reason is obvious – i can utilize a knife but i cant cut straight or quickly…however mandolins are duece dangerous machines.

similar to this is a motorize rotary bade or an improvement on the skills using a electric kinfe- why? I’d like to make pretty sandwiches you’d swear are worth cash not just wow you cook good.. that doesn’t pay serving swiftly and better than many is what gets us / one paid, i’d like  these two skills to improve…oh sure I’ll never likely manage the third point which is the ability to work 10 hour shifts with these skills over and over and over again which is the way one makes the pay.  I’m not ever likely to be a pro cook/deli server, etc nothing pro with food this lifetime.  however, i would like to improve anyways 🙂

my best friend.

alright, I spend more time with more often with?

oddly enough not my favorite internet romance but my favorite reader of this blog and of course her’s.  my best friend is by effort given and recieved one doesitevenmatter3.    no wedding is planned, I don’t know her whole name nor have her number nor but vaguely where she resides – no wedding is planned but I would like to point out that thanks are in order. without one Carolyn,vaguely of the dessert southwest, I’d not have had the steady lifeline to someone simply ccaring consistantly.

now mindly this is based against hours a day with messages into the six figures? over years?  that’s my internet romance.  but it isn’t that, it’s not even that she returns the favor with words back… it’s the depth of time spent reading and reasponding- 2 lines takes a few seconds to read and then a minite or two to compose a huge hugs back I mean i appreciate those hugs thank you very much but I can’t exactly say i’m overwhelmed with years of knowledge of who my internet romance really is i may learn 3 new things a year about her which saddens me and proves there isn’t a deep love just kindnesses versus someone whome reads all my typos and still shares back anyways.  the time spend is mamothly different in value even if it isn’t every day nor am i packing my wallet with raincoats for oncoming romance.  such just is a fair statement of the value of time spent, soul shared… it is an opinion.  I don’t know if my internet romance has even the opportunity to be more and I’m selling her short.  I just know i tabulate the obvious and for now it’s not what i expected.


if i were to include others about the house and each word spent not in passing as most are.. it’d be harder to say the above is accurate, however I can say that i probably go out of my way to be in passing around here versus someone going out of her way to read every hope and dream of mine shared.



I’ve filed the federal portion of my taxes.  I’m NOT complaining! i do have minutie though.

I’m told i have a zero tax liability as i am on the system and gainfully make in addition to that less than the taxable threshhold.

to this end i calculate my taxes and have roughly 160 in addition to the federal and state withholdings PLUS social security and medicare tax thus i have withholdings i do not get them ALL back- no complaining here i’m blessed to be able to get  this last year 2 jobs far better than many many years of zero jobs.  nevermind i had many expenses to keep them i also do not get back either. I’m pleased I made anything MORE  yay!

the tax service said it was free to file but you can’t really get out without paying something, is who i chose. and those fees are 34.05 for some form of collected from your refund  fee to pay the 20.5 fee for storage, now again, I”M NOT COMPLAINING!!! far from it- while I don’t see my state taxes in process, meaning I’ll likely have to refile and perhaps repay too the same 100 nearly in fees. already paid plus wait til the first round processes and i get paid, remember I’m a flag for being a ssa reciever and they must report any difference to my pay to hence the flag at irs.  now, this is a delay and a double pay perhaps situation right which is 30 cheaper than the 29-=50 cash i paid to do it last year professionally with about 850 give or take back tween the two if I have to double pay still cheaper than previous professional services or if I skip it, I have 780 coming now with 180 state less any additional fees to pay.  I don’t much mind however if I fail to file state not wishing additional havok, I’m not a state resident checked via taxes filed… 😉 that matters if I chase an in state tuition.


this is just enough as it stands to chase a mid /late spring early summer trip Canada-ing.  if i can withstand the hellish 3 days it is by bus each way and typical spendiness while there.  where in canada? roughly London Ontario….this town’s close to Toronto which i could technically also have as a terminous and chase a visit to niagra falls but this i doub’t I’ve tim or money for.  so new london is posessed of tea places and these sell tea cups which i can add to the minimal collection of tea cups from grandmom’s collection at my mothers currently or have some nice ones of my own.  atop this i have a small arts town to visit and a worthy xanga pal to see listening to far too much loud music and drinking too many beers and food? did i mention I know how to cook? surely I must ‘ve but so does this fellow.  so there is the foodie requirements of learning what red fife wheat’s all about it’s organic and winterhardy thus I hope it’sa return to the original gems of pancakes lite enough baked goods – it’s wheat but non-gmo / organic so while not gluten free, I doubt it’s high as a gluten sensitivity thing.  highly doubt but remember i’m NOT gluten sensitive so i may not be as kind to those convinced they are. shame on me.


I get paid monthly wise in a few days ish so have to get a new i.d. thus a birth cert and then after this my passport copy ..apparently it’s a real pain when your documents all get tossed as trash… but whatever if I want a shot at a p/t job I need documents.  if i wish to travel… yep documents.    again, i’m not complaining.  not at all.  I know how to do this stuff as pain free as it CAN be managed.  i saved money this year and am in process at least?


365 3,1

what is the funniest thing i heard today?

perhaps this old commercial about  going paperless.