Dreamtimestarmanjones on bingo

I also exist on as My biggest project in recent pre-xmas efforts is to develop not trivia in the you need out research me guessie-guess history trivia but lookie lookie what happens through the numbers of when ! Little kibbles of history.  As bingo.

Right now it’s Springfield and greater Illinois.

1957 Bunn the coffee maker company for commercial food service comes about.  Many of us know that joy a hot fresh pot.  Because of Springfield Illinois….ñow creston Iowa.  Bunn also makes the tubing for your hillbilly woodburning stove heated hot tub… It’s amazing where coffee takes us.


But right now it’s manufacture.  Some thing come and go sad life is that way but

No use crying over spilt milk

Yep Springfield Illinois seems to be a Mecca in vintage turn of the 1900’s milk bottles!


Is the ceramics did of searching… This is ohio not on the Wabash railroad but the place for your tour of America in fine bone china…. Whoops, we didn’t rival England’s royal Dalton or Wedgewood.  But such is how you seek info big interests.  They come and go


Another is sugar beets.  Loveland Colorado…shoot, not Springfield Illinois!!  Hahaha. The area tried big sugar and flunked.  But they grow anything for a buck… Turns out 1870 wasn’t the 1888 of success.  Michigan got the big sugar beet sugar stuff.


But such is life big ideas don’t work for all times.  And thus I look into that, what came and went.




By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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