What, what?!

I’m looking up nutrition values on I really should! Offer my nice folk what *I* can of a treat to eat I can bake still shimmmy-shake up my oven.

Cream cheese chicken enchiladas

That’s last time’s

The words nutrition are:

65/2 as I never get consistent ones on the tortillas (4.5 inch/11 cm white corn next time? Yellow corn )

110 diced chicken…yes the word is from frozen section bagged

290* cream cheese 3 oz.  Are you kidding me?  Eeesh the calories!! K I’m using 1 oz for two 46 Cal’s but wow.  Yikesy-poo that’s caloric stuff

20 enchilada sauce

155 Munster cheese 2 oz

Possibly olives again (25 Cal’s)

450 / 510  Cal’s a serving (cheese varies widely! In compositions.). 1300! Sodium or so 1600 is my day and we didn’t cook with salt. 1/2 of day on protein cheese! Mmmmmmmm. 19 carbs – the little carb-bomb that actually isn’t horrendous…save for salt.


How to adjust down sodium

Havarti has 2/3 sodium

Enchilada sauce can be whizzed up low/no sodium that gets us 900 on sodium which is about half a day or at least room for another meal.



By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “What, what?!”

You!!!! Hi! Hope so. I’m trying to see. With a newer eye to less expectation of “result” but enjoying still! The journey…. How to maybe give. As in if my result in balance as not rich but who is? A judicious gift to share my love food out at the place keeping me alive bless them for moms sake if not mine! They’re worth it and the true friends too! But they may not be go out buddies obviously. I’m trying to begin engaging again.

The food idea seeks to have the sour cream note from the cream cheese. Chicken n sour cream *I* find good. Muster is my fav cheese but you see I’m on a path to budget better my intake as you know duh I actually can’t to. So the second hope is that I can get up specifically the reduction required for the current best advice in line with proper diet. Yet realize the taste whims of folk might be they appreciate only the effort maybe not the result. I’ve hopefully come along to be able to accept everyone isn’t on my train. They might by whom and it is ok pass on my gifts to the world but respect I gave. Am I ready? To let people pass and enjoy the me meing for me not needing them? ;). But do so judiciously not injuring me meing too much? Let’s enjoy that… And thanks I hope I do spice it up 😉

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