Gadet odessy. “goo”

idiocies electronic. Ahhh.

Such as a backyard mini drive-in theater by by hilly tech woodburning hot tub.

Has ttobe roofed for my area but that requires thought winds yearly hit 85+ plus mph gusts.  That means


Metal studs with simplistic yet cheap rugged construction.allowing stone face one side and barn wood the other.  Greencrete (shower/wet drywall) simple lights and gadget charge electrical (a solar panel be nice 1000 watts is 90 bucks so it’s conceivable inverter battery etc can 300 ish.). Cisterns and mini pumps adjust power available few hundred each. Thus you can quicky shower dress after a romp in man cave and all is french able or if I’m dough lite I can build in stages.

Ah gadget idiocy.

Propane fridge. Smetà 3.5


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

One reply on “Gadet odessy. “goo””

The idiocy is that to me and I really do like you go around pros cons pros cons…etc that a cobbled together from scraps stolen at that as yes pallets sometimes are free they are but most of the time theyre not discarded lying around trash. So while I could home Depot the wood now the project sounds boring as if it isn’t making something of nothing. ;). And this is just one go around! The next is this idea as written is 4k far above my current means. It doesn’t seem like it but there’s metal studs, met track to hold studs. Some thermal cushion as metal is strong but thermally conductive a bad thing I housing where we want control in that even if this is a she’d or purgila sounding thing please feel the tiny flophouse if it’s not a real one playhouse would be a better word but flop house as it has to have a fully extendable 7ft person tub why not impress or extort a smile out of 6’7 brother in law? That’s a bench long enough to sleep on. Shower, duh… Now a fully functional kitchenette? (Propane fridge but also a shower means sink possible) and o m g a solar panel for gadgets power? Of seeing my yard you understood as I muse it no such way to legally plumb and heat a what would count as new residential construction at that point so, all of that means cistern for new water one for grey water and an attempt for grey to be grey but black handled as a destrol toilet like greyhound exists cheap enough and incinolet brand toil we ts exist too 1800 second ninety as they require the second solar panel to run hahaha. It’s 300-400 not including screen cheap but not free. And believe me dim pictures aren’t in. 150 lumens not enough 600 is the never enough 60 watt replacement LEDs so I’m being careful to remember myself I sit close dim isn’t in… Oh and just as you see this as a few eff it concrete bags away and a basic update onsafely walking back there? You know it’s a good idea when now the house talk is a bleep bleep Chicken coup with chickens that brought the rats the wrecked the plumbing… Which is why the tub is a walk-in shower….and I a soaker. Brother is a faster builder and I swear determined into the heavens to misuse what he has. 60 on a chicken saves money it actually does but 20 days a dozen eggs 1 dollar. 60 *20, 1200/365 ,3 1/3 years and a chicken dinner. House nearly in ruins within 2 this last save money
Remember I lived away fighting other dreams…but yeah I heard…. I was away hoping I’d find support for my hopes and instead am upward and onward ;). So laugh as how a simple reminder Best buy sells cool stuff? And I await clucking noises instead. And it’s cheaper to wire out a spa power on a quicky slab and just have one delivered!…not a involved mock home.

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