there are words to make ideas of hinted at notions



Like a circle, ellipses are part of a natural world.  They offer something of a truth not so circle of life or death! Feeling. But expansive!  Problem might be they are egg shaped and thus some ideas might be…. rotten! … rotten eggs how fart at the natural hot springs smells like a nasty fart.


elipse serves a purpose of allowing truer motion thus is perfectly circular but just as perfect a system.


but I’m thinking … right on schedule… house


most lots are thin as in not square but a long thing far longer than wide.  I want something that allows me height so I must have length as I think out of the box as jokes go telegraphing… the access ramp to a second story is but 1 inch to 12 inches x to y x being height or depth and y length.  There are stop/rest breaks required but in principle this is the needed notion.


How on fits in with what one might get.


so far fighting tooth and nail is not the way and oddly I saw the prize I wanted connection in a simple nap I dreamed long before I came.  It’s no surprise planets align but when a function of effort and timing. Too much wrecks the motions equilibrium lost..  but so too can one collide which is a disaster I e crossing paths.  Oh well that addendum makes note sense but is without explanation.



gravity draws me to drift in my lanes.  It seems like bad luck just as I asked for the prize but in reality I got me a cosmic wink


Wide 45×67 deep is

half a square or side by side 45’s is 90 by 67 there are set rules of structures to meet codes for set backs… bit


but I have an elipse or a half of an idea going

both literally and in a tied way emotionally to events unrelated.





no to watch what comes.


perhaps I am as I know I am right but impatient thus apain  – but so be it I’m not after just any path  or any celestial thing

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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