PfSH the sure nonsense!

… placeholder for ugh how I’m swamped this second…


Silvered or alive?
Power remains quite the same?
Shelved and placed aside

Jealousy is no
I want or need so
Yet I stare at the prize
A connection easily realized
And revenge’s dish served cold

I listen to the saw wail through wood. I drink my last of the coffee tepid. I saw for an instant the prize of understanding as it went into the same patterns poof.!.

I collected my things. I placed them closer to a new life. And wonder why being right costs are so high. As if I must be atop a mountain before my view is shared.

I say truthful things hotly meant. I mirror the sentiments I feel present. One is suffering to connect when it’s easy it’s not hard just choice little simple ones! Oops no no no! Let’s latch to only fears and not joy. It is so much easier seemingly to stand and demand omnipotent understood and delivered on compliance. I’m here for the good stuff thanks and what!?!?!? Goodbye? It’s just perception and I’ve just not the time?

It’s funny but just as I see the steel breastplate armor I also see the workings of the wellspring pumping underneath. I can face the steel sharp no.’s because they say truly. Yet the acid of …of no to the no seems to drive my life.

It’s easy to run into a wall but so much more glorious to see deftly around them. Of course it’s a risk I can’t but courage is damning the torpedo bubbling to help one to it.

It’s as if I read only of fears as I to have a few yet instead of enjoining the battle to joy it was but a barrel breaking the soul sprung forth to a wasted heaven. Just a sad moment. Just another toast to wet the ground. Yet I see it’s just a sorta sandwich of joy shared away cleared.

Anyways it’s also too much to keep clashing like titans of a mythic time. Simple things lead in a line but to where oh hell no im not so blind! Because there’s a bill unpaid. Fine rest while it’s worked but the death is only the sleep versus a life awakened. It’s only a wall to be remembered when it’s better a garden picnic in the shade of fears lived beyond.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

One reply on “PfSH the sure nonsense!”

In a way Crosby stills Nash sometimes young comes to mind with “ southern cross” we never failed to fail, it was the easiest thing to do! ( mostly because it by statistic evidence is a clear ballpark breached home run! Only to be overturned on review as if al gore won the electorate again! Only to be sued a loser for all time!). The success I see. Heck I’m even blind – it’s that obvious. But to whatever is the forward which is restive death towards some other time/life. I guess – such ain’t my choice. I’m only to listen which only to lose. A fear even I see the cure of and it wasn’t a moonlit night but a glimpse of what I asked and begged after screaming my last pumped seeming blood. When it’s okay I’m breathing its as easy as listening to yet a conundrum of why can’t you see if I listen poof everything becomes but a new version of the same old and why oh why move on a copy of what failed before? Why? If it’s strength then it’s grab not real strength which is to ask. Of course I can’t help but grab. I work against instincts because we become what we train to be! But. I did ask help and thus meaning it needn’t be all or nothing but more in line of listening. But we never fail to fail because trying is a waste🙃😛. Star Wars. Degoba system – Luke- do or do not- there is no try perceptions and self preservation trump trust the hope of life

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