levitating parsley

whoops blurry pic.  it’s a Salmon Blt sandwich wth white cheddar mashed potato.  it had to come with a french onion soup with a bit of melty cheese and fried onion topping.

Denver Chophouse and brewery Denver International Airport.

and I fishinished HALF this so if traveling don’t neglect a split meal option versus strictly settling.  I hadn’t that luxury traveling solo but heh oh well, it is something NEW.

I mailed some chocolates out. lucky you if i had your address and a bag of chocolates i needed less of 😉

that was a fine stroll from ten til eleven thirty

I looked up a pay my card for amazon before i left but no actual bank branch was close…via mom’s satelite finder anyways.

Igot a window seat for my return, it was cloudy alllll the way there til well after dark nothing lol then a glittering jewel of atlanta surprised finally…now daylight reveal for ME!

I was able to find with help my shuttle which I made early and while the first was full, I got to chatter with a nice lady – on the way to visit the grand kid one facing a difficult proceedure to save an eye.

I got to mention acb which has a big building in the town there in case one seeks services or aides to living. 😉

and heard of an issue bother her her whole life.  I am capable of chatty.

the second driver for the station in town for the shuttle to my spot on the base… he’s up to about where we came from to go gokarting with the family kids and perhaps later to melborne fl for the more speedy ones.

as i said, i am capable of chatty.


thus, i learned much this trip of what i hadn’t heard and that’s a tad of a shame.  I missed a bit of sickness chance here, gained more mom time spent. andabout a fine array of places.

like hiro – a asian buffet offering a LOT of seafood and perhaps even  😉 all you can eat sushi.within that.  I did stick mainly to chicken and fish as such is my diet but oi don’t travel on newly began antibiotics! oi.


thus in a way i return for a breif moment reset  including gaining access to my old facebook account. only ninety five updates 29 messages and 15 friends pending.  mostly from people refriending after the political season lol.  i was gonewell over a year.  that’s just a bit of proof how relevant we are but only in the context of time!



step away with me from my usual of not a real breath in a couple of months, hardly any treasable news save forcing some to keep me optimistic 😉 and thus some fine successes moving through mmuch of the gloom of change.  yes time to re rewrite the scorpions wind of changer from a positive highlight of then glastnos…the fall of the berlin wall… ahhh to the gloom of cange 😉  har har har nah smile at the thought and play the original along with me

Ifailed yet again to leave denver on an airplain – this time it was a force to get to the gate even knowing I missed the flight to be where rebooking was 100 not my full trip cost again.  or improvements problem solving 😉  only to find the real fast security line which caused some of the mess in the first place! after 😉 lol

Ivisited with one of mom’s neighbors gaining a ride to the store which was helpful and a nice chat.

I hit some old and heard about rarely visit places, or perennial favorites too like sopes at the little red now building losmesones….but it’s legal name is little rodeo two… not their first rodeo? hee hee.

I came home to a light on and through the front door.

pity even early i must leave out soon to a doctor’s visit. heh. so maybe a short kitty kip/nap.

curious what bp is on this or that new stuff.  have to get the rest of it too.


the body mind and wellness fair was fun I’ll see which pics com and or not.  I was happy i suppose to hear much of the current moment ont neccessarily occur like it seems it shall. this doesn’t mean hope returns for the change already in works or moves made.  but it’s nice to know there yet may be a better outcome than what currently seems in progress.  it might not be sorting out to be perpetual gloom with rain predicted forever  drip drip. 😉

we shall see or such is what i saw.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 replies on “Home”

That looks fantastic.

Excellent time for a wellness fair. They should canvas the country.

Second rodeo. hahaha!

Could be an interesting challenge to put gloom to that tune.

I may be out of order with my comments.

You chatty?!? I’m shocked! 😮 😀

I love salmon! 🙂

Yay for being home! Home again, home again, jiggity jog!

How are you feeling today?
Fishy-HUGS!!! 😛
PS…I blogged about what could have been a stinky stanky end! 😛

Thanks I’m so wayward but I want to be nice so 😀 thanks for the aid. me chatty, i heard you’re glad for unlimited phone time if one’s not careful with keeping up with YOU 😉 because you said so! 😀 well as to how i feel? that’s a blog but nah. – check your mail or bug me in an hour if you’re still waiting blogs take me a while to type so poorly 😀

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