a chance at behaviour

I’m curious now.

why do I hope despite THAT?

because it can be?

song:  Trust In You

smaller genre of music so note a different not slap a youtube up but a proper site.

I was listening to that on the way to miss my flight home.  I find it amusing that it’s been all day wondering if I miss perhaps sickness at home, enjoy MY moment as it’s never two days off in a row.  or is it just to say hi to one of the neighbors just happy…. I don’t know. I am “returned” in a way / reset FREE! went shopping for chocolates.


Sketchpad time!

why? between this and a book reading, its too late to do anything and it’s barely 10pm




By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “a chance at behaviour”

I simply liked the words… they hit and i don’t like a lot of christian songs often. so it was nice, thuroughly typical christian struggle/sentiment share, I’ll fail at what i want only to have all i need as i am blessed with faith come what may. heh. 🙂 but i suppose what got me the most was the line we don’t know what tomorrow brings? w do there isn’t a tomorrow we already haven’t seen today…that proverbs line… there is nothing new under the sun. take that with each dream not all met/blessed, some mountains not moved so seas not part…it just touched me to rember this isn’t really new but pond ring returning stuff.

Neat to hear, re the ‘why’ of your likeing, of the song. Yah, the dark stuff is never new. Always a good idea to question those thoughts, and return to peace.

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