Trying pan


At a Walmart near you is perhaps this mini muffin tin 8 bucks.





boulikos and torpedo rolls

ground chicken

turkey bacon

I will note i forgot the garlic.  *I* am NOT heartburned nor broken hearted.

this is where i got the recipe from and promptly probably forgot half of the details and had to substitute out for what i got.. you’d think I’d get parsley though…nope I tend to almost instantly forget parsley when you mention Italian Flat Leaf Parsley.  I just don’t dig it as much.

baked chicken meatballs

which means you’ll also note i forgot the tomato paste as i meant to get tomato / spaghetti sauce and do these sorta subway meatball sandwich style.

I didn’t really read the picture by paragraphs of that recipe but saw… squeeze soaked milked bread….

so now note the huge sin, I forgot the cheese too!

don’t worry, it isn’t kosher or allowed by those with religious observance to consume…milk bread in meat? no no!


I had a pound of chicken and nearly the whole yellow onion which I should have used and the equivalent of a hot dog bun sliced and toasted..burnt….so it isn’t my night?!  and I cut the chives fairly finely .  fried the onion then move it to the side in a heap and fried the turkey bacon.  crumbled the bacon which meant pulling it to bits laboriously.   sueezed the slices of bread in their chived cream breaking the crusts apart.  tossed in an  egg atop the bacon onion pile,chicken meat and that bread of course.

forming the meatballs then tossing into a muffin tin.

this went with the parchment paper atop them so as to lessen splatters everywhere into a preheated to four hundred farenheit oven.

which is roughly 205C a pound being roughly 454 Grams and i have a softball sized onion and maybe 4 or 5 chives in this.


I liked them as made which is a meatball with sauciness stuffed roll mmmm.

otherwise I’d never make them again more than likely.

I don’t care for oscar meyer turkey bacon that much, i happen to prefer Godschall’s which means I have to visit sams club across town or the military commissary where i am not actually allowed to shop. 😉

I had leftover bacon from the trips here or there.  I have to use what i have too.

I forgot the cheese? such a naughty boy.

I will positively note i have a delightful sandwich for my work lunch tomorrow! mmm 🙂  I may suck at cooking after so many years of not doing it, but I do enjoy this closeness to yum as i’m going to get within what i know now and the dietary restrictions i actually wish. to keep

I enjoyed making a lot of icy Italian Sodas to prepare my trying pan dinner.  i had fun even within surprising results. 😉

they’re not as good as my mothers… drat!  once in a while I have managed that 😉

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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