that’s that

Adventuring about occured this afternoon.  I left for the real movement, across town.  I got there and aback by  bus.  i paid my revolving charge, the last of my cyclers.

Aname change seems to be in order….  i’m not sure my name not “mark.”  before i uttered a syllable, so short-haired  nice lady angled over to my spot at the smoker’s longe mid-yard, Columbus Georgia’s Bus Terminal.    i’m to trust no one and give not a kindness as apparently this town is full of users and drug addicts.  I went a different way than originally hinted at at my next stop and i purposefully walked the big shopping center as i count steps and know also how long it generally takes to cross one of equal size and back… i wan NOT surprised the same face entered in front of me.  i returned home and heard after 2 escapes from this secure base our home had an intruder whilst all were out –  perhaps i’m not suspicious  or maybe i am, but somehow i’m not even remotely surprised by any  of this.

now, in fairness this chat-happy made my day anyways.  I’m not light anything that i know of and it reminded to not be in a hurry to carry large amounts of cash, no point – my cards work and i can easily lock down my accounts some.  and i haven’t gotten paperwork i expect from the gov – dangerous, i have to call them.  I have a newer this area meddigap insurance company to check as well.  not to mention a stop i’d not be able to see i was gifted with information so as to not have to trudge back to.


While i puzzle what it means  when strangers just appear like magic.  Iget to sip raspberry jalapeno tea with almond milk.  odd combination? 😉

Pictures are of Celestial Seasonings’ Raspberry Zinger as part of a fruit sampler, Wyldewood cellars’ Jalapeno jelly KS, Silk Original Almond milk.  around 8 oz. or weaker water to the bag, 3 melon ballers of the jelly which is about a level teapoon, a splash to lighten of that milk.  this leaves a fairly spicy twang and it a bit sweet, the jam/milk.  it is weird and i like it.  I should have tried the peach, but that’s for when i have room to open the jumex nectar of said- that’s for warm bevvie too but this one i want to know if it ices- it’s likely to marinate shrimp ultimately.


I look forward to soon having something spinach  noodles.

I seriously flunked crossing street 101 after the store crossing into what was oncoming turnlane…no, not horrendously close but there sure was a honk or two.  I had to go back and jaywalk properly 😉 seriously, 3 cycles both sides of the street the button actually didn’t work…. but shame on me for assuming just because one cycle’s light has no cars doesn’t mean that far away oncoming wasn’t a threat.  i know to check directionals better than that!.  hmph.

soasside from groceries and smokes i have no reason for a moment to leave the house.  I don’t need intrigues andyet i’ve surely got ooptions with them. and i suppose i have to get a key for here…. it’s decidedly NOT Canada.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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