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bye bye hours

I did a dumb thing.  i requested a quote and you just wont believe how fast insurance salesman call.

I started today off with a call to as i never got a correspondance for moving.  no offense, miss a letter  miss a few years reapplying from scratch… i called you would too.  they never sent anything unlike their promise to do so.

Iwas looking up medigap insurance otherwise known as medicare supplimental insurance .  I wanted a quote and wouldn’t you believe it? I couldn’t even open up my spam folder before the phone rang?  upside of this is i did indeed enroll for insurance and due to having recently moved, i was able to get coverage HOPEFULLY soon than the january of next year that i expected.  I want you to HOPE with me.

in between this I was investigating the fundamental accepts my insurance as it was doctors and calling them to make an appointment – they expect one to come in in person and follow a paper process for this prior to making appointments.    I then utilized this to  ask if the insurance offered covered him call.  hint before the doc, get the insurance…life is f’in backwards!    everyone knows you want the doctor then get the insurance oh no, you have to know that then… I mean gah.

obviously, if i intend to visit a doctor in person I need to have a laundry list of previous provider’s information to expidite requests.  I looked up that and called all that required calling which was 80 percent of them as most don’t list a fax number to records.  hmph.


or I MAY have insurance.  I may have a new doctor.  I have started proof of residency with proven legal documented dates already.  II get to print all this and kiss another few hours entirely goodbye handwriting all of this on someone else’s form and endure the obviousness of what’s next- a hello visit.  then we?  go to the bloodwork visit.  then the hey all i needed was my scripts renewed visit and another visit because duh, my labs are going to suck having need of medication visits and likely a specialist visit.  however.


I have waved bye bye to the hours to start.  it was actually fairly pleasant to get through and i would like to take a moment to thank MOM for decades of reminding me about paper hell and to do it right and have it right for when others get it wrong and expect an occassional snarl from incompitants…. not fair…but, your going to deal with it…not them.

not bad for five hours?


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5 responses to “bye bye hours

  1. first response I got to this was – why didn’t you have a medical file? bahahahaha i did, its summary page didn’t list the fax numbers/proceedurals and at least one date of service. or precisely what this upcoming round of paperwork is about….records. so i got that as you’ve read.

  2. mcbery ⋅

    I hate finding new doctors. One of my least favorite things in life. 😦

  3. Good luck and best wishes concerning all of this! (Much of it being part of the unpleasantness in life…at least in my opinion.)
    So balance all of it with some fun! 😀
    HUGS!!! 😛 Happy Fry-Day!!! 🙂

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