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Captain Obvious

some days it’s great being the chief officer of my existence…c.o…. or captain obvious.

I find the financial institution conveniently located to the super market.  I walked by it twice…albeit on the opposite side of the street and I sure don’t see well and yada the signs aren’t familiar smears.

I know you will smile when this foul whining of first world wanh issues continues with?  oh that bus, the heavenly ghetto get-about  runs hourly and even with the few blocks i have to walk from where this route turns, it’s literally a twenty minute diversion for an hour wait til the next installment of don’t you really wish you had a car?

laugh with me as this is really how easy it is to slide into negativity  versus the positives available.  I want to know if the super market carries curing salt – yes, you know some of that no no nitrate action!  as i can’t see well, this will take a bit more time on the  what aisle was that on?..everyone loves new to them stores! 😀  oops on the positives exuding 😀  so I can seriously kill precious time otherwise spent stuck at a bustop in a crappy neighborhood- god bless new stores to me so i can waste  necessary time being lost.


please note I haven’t left yet even and i’m already dangerously close to whining…wait already doing that I mean wining, not winning, wining as in wine 😀    just imagine the fine for me not you bliss of high class srewtop specialing it down the road  burp like a frenchman.  alas i must walk it off if that potential arrest includes some inexpensive hamburgers…you know, gut grenades?  belly bombs?   slide over a small fortune for some indigestion!  I actually like krystal’s hamburgers so much so I have forgotten a lifetime’s love of white castling because quite frankly they never often were much of any good and a real commute cross country to get – now i ‘m like I’m there! and  what? a cheap burger can taste cgood? whee!  – but not counting a salt search and banking fleecing of the accounts to carry revoltingly large for me sums of cash in a crap neighborhood to make bill paying a snap  – thus having the privilage to take yet another bus  to forever … ahh


i’m actually happy, just being prepared for the incorrect attitude which is correct for any bus adventure – why? if you’re happy on the bus or worse waiting for one, you might as well be rolled right there.  you can’t be happy in the ‘hood!  and yeah, i’m actually happy. i have a few dollars to try after my requirements and get to have some FUN exploring.   only the usual logistics to be aware / timing etc location.  don’t blow my cover! the captain’s about to be obvious.


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

8 responses to “Captain Obvious

  1. Sucks not seeing well. In high school a group of us once left the Teen Center on foot to go swimming at the lake. I was in the lead, running. I saw the turn-off to my left and took a big leap… and it turned out to be the ditch, not the turn-off… Fortunately only my roommate saw me go neck-deep in weeds, but he laughed all the way to the swimming hole.

    Speaking of eyesight, for being the blindest guy on WP you also have one of the toughest blogs to read. Why don’t you use a bigger font for us astigmatics?

    • Forgot to say that my misadventure was at night and there were no street lights on the mission base.

      • oh drat! many more of my blunders are fully lit…. like miscueing a street crossing with oncoming honking …thankfully I didn’t miscue the the start so even if i flunked where I was i could have darted safe enough either way.

    • I’ll check into that – the bigger font.. bummer of that then in your summers though 🙂 *I once did a bunch of skiing and point out my treeless record…but shh, the lifetime is still young…however i don’t do much skiing 😉

  2. mcbery ⋅

    Ah, so it’s a secret mission you’re on? 😀

  3. Better to be Captain Obvious (sarcastically or not sarcastically) than to be Captain Obscure or Captain Out-to-Lunch! 🙂

    I admire how you adventure forth! I admire your good attitude! I admire your determination! ETC.! 🙂

    We all miss things, pass by things, get lost, can’t see the obvious, got in the OUT door, go out the IN door, push on the pull door, etc.! (Well, I do all of these things.) Part of life I guess. 🙂 And I can add naive to that…I’m always amazed at how naive I still can be. And duh’y…sometimes people say in response to me, “Duh!” 😀

    Keeping being happy! Keep having fun! You know I’m a fun-pusher! Ha! 😀

    HUGS!!! And Happy Almost-Friday!!! 😛

    • lol count on that – despite a seemingly that’s that as in that’s the end of that…it’s not… just dang annoying, it’s too late to not push for more. too late 🙂 this fun pusher is decidin on dinner but is about to drop another blog for you to baggie up and 😀 see that it get’s to the right spot. and yeah yeah on the paperwork blog, but hope with me, i’ve one whole week to fix it if i applied and they reject the application upon the merit of my reason to apply earlier than the window.

      and another hug to make sure you can want to be pushing that fun on 😉

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