Mahjong, a game of matching tiles.  It can have some Maddeningly frustrating rules, it could be Maddening as in John Maden of the NFL fame where in a punish full on horse-collaring, you family member/temporary Satan should have listened when you said get away from me, Satan!…back to perhaps a point

Early noodling has me interested in what directions of words i might want for the upcoming NaNoWriMo so,  I picked a direction of haiku-ing as it’s not as easy as it sounds yet it’s sure a lot lot LOT easier to read as you just get only so many words to say something.    So, while thinking about “classes”  I ran across FSI – Korean language courses along with a variety of the world’s languages ALL FREE! and available online.  Qualified Tutoring is extra and thus you may learn to READ other languages for free but you might have to seriously seek professional guidance on speaking it correctly so as to be understood.  You might need professional guidance into even what I’m putting down here…shhhh.   It jarred me to remember a point about what is college?  a place if not to learn all the answers, to learn how to ask the right questions and guarantee a process of finding out.  perhaps that is.  resume comes up a lot when thinking college.  har har.  So I looked into the course offering for basic korean Module one and it discusses Hanguel/Hangul or their ideograms of their spoken language or whatever word that is…sorry if I’m ignorant….  It had me asking if I might mirror a book line which one I forget where the person decoded the Chinese in that case alphabet and ordered in their script something not upon the menu.  Simply writing “beef, tomatoes.”

beef tomatoes
Translate from: English



It helped ease my rage at watching this Indian program where everything was done millennia ago so when I said, “beef, tomatoes” I knew to the spices what I’d taste/ was to get… a theme echoed in the Indian program which was rapid fire subtitles that were too close to the color of the presented picture to read easily…hmph… And thus my rage of individuality peed upon, I asked the translator what drunk beef was in Korean.  I didn’t listen to the answer – I simply tried to read it with the aid of a Hangul table.  mentioned in the course available FREE online. from the united States Government’s Foreign Service Institute/ FSI.
and the word’s I chose?
술에 취해 쇠고기
S O L/R   NG, eo, ee | Ch, oo, ee  K h ee  s oee  koee z?ee
I may not be any fricken good at translation, but I gave that a go so i can show you I hoped I’d have a clue how that’d sound… woo, I wasn’t right but I sure feel heartened i was close! 🙂
* basing on and displayed Hangul table below.
Emeril lagasse was the first recognizable recipe to occur which proves precisely the
WRONG point as it’s ISN”T tradition a dish as he’s not even Korean but hahahaha, it comes up already and such is a link to his recipe with a picture.  you might find it tasty looking
as to the day now
tugged about thinking of … of
anything but that!
a soreness unseen
is a desire for you
shadows  are alive
twitching , “bargain SHADE! Right here!”
time tells us of where.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

11 replies on “Mad-Mahjong’in”

That’s a purt good haiku there. I think you are a college unto yourself. The pronunciation bit will get ya! Haha it requires real internet to load. it offers hints. you have to click to pick the tiles to match another and watch them disappear – it is fairly simple with rules to make it not as easy as it seems and obviously at family gatherings WINE would let the kids eventually have the upper hand …and horrendousness of arguing RULES.. god help you if aunty M cheats at the mahjong one more time lol. otherwise seek out a library or community place and hopefully in the communities they’ll have a group mahjonging. hint, this is to say i was aware of the internet ruse of sending you to mahjong solitair gameland as you should berate your starman gently- seriously the wiki describes something that doesn’t easily get found online, a domino game as such is what mahjong is dominoes. but good luck lol mahjonging about – like to the silly gas station even geez. which brings out an odd point. geez or gee both technically from even my churchlier upbringing is taking the lord’s name in vain…as geez or jes’ o pizza pizza being priest is supposedly where all these things stem from- i get it in the neck being like the granddad…biblical though, the sins of the father can be visited on many generation 😉 but enough of odd points.. save such was more a my paternal grandfather with the curses like said. and how many times in your days have you heard that refrane? gee dad, i don’t know” and realized the sex the salation, the letter bomb curses …all of that carefully screened for decency standards and yet it was about as churchly as a punch in the face – hahahaha. g rated my eye. — hug to ya.

and hugs back, star-man. i caught part of an interview with a pastor that i actually like. meaning she’s been through some rough times, i suspect (given that she is former alcoholic) intelligent, laughs and walks the walk, best as she can. Her church: the House for all Sinners and Saints. (-: in denver, CO. we won’t be there anytime soon, but she’s written a book, too: Accidental Saints. And thanks to you/me, I’ve just discovered there are podcasts, too. (-;

Everything is more fun doing it mad! (not like in angry, but like in wild and cwa-zy! 😀 😛 )
Love your poeminess and haikuing! 🙂
I love playing Mahjong online! It would be fun to play while eating drunken beef or while just drunk or with some beefcake or with Emeril or with a cow or I should go now…I’m probably driving you mad! 😀
Sober-HUGS!!! 😛
PS…your brain is amazing! 🙂

well, the conversation might be a bit thin playing mahjong with the cow but you couldn’t help but beef reminded of how you should MOOO*ve) -I was playing one of those 3d cube versions of the solitaire type mahjong and woooo eee am i silly slow at it and waa waa waa LOST 😛 reminded me of an earlier time where the feeling was a pocket full of quarters satiated for a bit… I got really good at Pole Position- which I should have been able to do- i can not see well enough to drive but I could see slightly better then…still legally blind mind you… but patterns practiced enough…. skill masks talent my pundents in training coaches said… it’s a really great line and so funny we all still say it – You’re so talented to a person who has worked the better part of their lives to be anything but talented, or skilled.. here’s you a funny. i went to the sayers memorial library and asked i get to read rthree books on loan for me this time: pigments an introduction to their physical chemistry 1967, breakfast by some englishman with recipes, and unruly places unlike the first englishman publishing the previous in 1980 the last book is 2014. I had 19 minutes and no card catalogue or computer equivalent so i have to grab and get. I studious toured the dewey decimal system for my prizes…or poop. now, i haven’t taken college chem and did poorly in h.s. introductory chem so please understand immediately i won’t digest the better part of pigment chemistry.. however i picked it up purposefully as it will discuss pigments and swiping of as victor’s spoils nazi then spoils of industrial secrets, cover absorbtion of and thus predictability of / color fastness of a variety of pigment which in turn means i may link a lot of chemical names to usages as to breakfast, i hope to gain some whimsey as it helps when considering food as a subject to utilize some references to getting your stuff next to others as some of my more business minded souls have suggested be kept in mind..and unruly places so far has fucking floating islands! HOORAH! yummy. mytnical to me but in actuality real. mmmm. now for the dogs and your next cross me paths … hugs.

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