Deeper in

I’ve walked the streets including the by streets along with riding along them too.  I have been to the gas station exchange.  i have looked at the map.  I have gotten lost without leaving my chair looking at the map.  I finally after finding the address to that gas station I’ve been to, plugged it into the map and voila.  i know this sounds hilarious but i finally got to directions to somewhere i’d want to go …after i’ve been there and had to gather all that aid backwards.  Welcome to army life/living.

I start my new next month here monday.

each twitch a smile

your image stirring smiles

hope is such like aids.


this month 2 is about i had the chance to see it as it is / was, now it’s past time to get busy  doing something anything substantitive.  the reality of work here is such seems possible only after the thing’s i’d work for are achieved…like i’d work to move out independantly of this place to return to pay for that privilage – but as i point out above i have to do it backwas- get the place so i can get work at all. 😉  that’s not entirely accurate but it is close  I am NOT complaining.  I have a good month begun actually in researching info as i’ve done off and on for ages  so to continue possibly to put some of succinctly down for you?  we’ll see, it requires editing and all those rules you rarely see me employ.  Ihave to make something and my suggestion is  sopes as i moaned about them enough and can cook blah blah move across the country what is that stuff situation…  tin ears and useless feelings have me remember language is NOT a strong point of mine – – so while you see i’ve delved into the idea i have to really redouble the efforts as to go that route has no clear advantage for me past it sounds fun a generally poor for longevities  sakes notion for some avenues of efforts.  and then it is the third monthly beginning and that of the begin of the holiday season.  if i can at that point stay here i will hapilly attempt travel.  if i have to move i will lay low so as to get thestuff achiebved you know pay up gather etc .    I guess it’s just the generalized feelings on adventuring.  will it lead to more or what?


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “Deeper in”

I’m feeling a tad cynacle. wow, directions finally to where i already went! 😛 well, being anywhere new can result in “lost” for a spell. 🙂 now for that delicious hope there’s some pun-themed ice cream treat to walk to mentioned store fore.. galaxy crunch. nebula and nilla wafers… something! 😉 the old standby pun of going out for a milkyway is possible but i happen to like snickers more…so i may just….snicker and go get the half i bought earlier. frazoen delightfully. mmm.

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