Preliminary PFTt!

NAND Gate Operations

opening maintaince from a holiday move-in  upon the 4/ish? – today with the you may be charged if we don’t have something scroungable /easy?  PFT.

Preliminary investigations  say rehabilitating patio furniture with stunning new  – any one with a brain smells the detail that new never fits old perfectly – is asking many hundred for off the shelf, spankin’ new is thousands on top of each other in some cases and cobble custom  is as follows: –

this may not be your colors nor even mine, it is simply to list an example pickable to check by sample/s  if one starts realizing it’s far more effort than it seems at first thought to get it even CLOSE to acceptable.  90 bucks just for fabric not sushion pillow thread piping/edging, buttons   or30% best guess initial savings at best and hundres outlaid for simple things approached with care – please remember i have used a sewing machine and surely can again despite having sewn myself and quit in disgust…   so cushion can be  managed providing I’m not too techie about design…this begs the you can dream bigger than your current proven skills allows, beware!

  • pft. –

I’m reading up on how to recast ideas i’ve liked  either flogging again what’s done with now my voice or with the hope it’s new and engaging to a bunch…. pft.

it would seem i am only lucky enough to notice that  most just sit back and wait to sue competitors for more than ever they managed initially on their own *referencing magnovox oddessy -an early video game console.    selling maybe 350K units if you believe the founder/inventor for about 100 usd  but netting triple over the years that intake suing competitors….reference wiki if you want I may have read too swiftly.  pft. obviously one has any number of rights to protect their interests or not but it seems retard how sue-happy a world i came into  *reference about the only time you’d think I’d seek redress is a high high expense of new glasses and dental work only to be told my case starts out looking more my fault so pay to play or double what you already have issues affording. – I chose against pursuit. 20 years previously currently*

Now, the point here isn’t PFT!  it’s approach-  obviously someways work and some work less so and rarely is the magic  happy anything less than a joyous surprise…or a “bit of luck”  please not the etymology of that word “luck” it means smug advantage over another.

I set a tacit budget say of obtaining a smoker.  I had most recently seen a barrel for fire/smoke then a complete barrel for the smoke alone with a chimney type at a visit meandering about the usa.  I have viewed a miniskul bottom fire upper single barrel  with containments at walmarts and similar stores big enough for a turkey if barely and a small one for about 80 bucks.  I then went shopping after announcing i wanted something and all items looked at were pencil choices at 250 ish or MORE and electric cabinet type wood pellet things… ug.  as luck would have it, flea market on the base came and someone was selling the type i liked  the little and bigg barrel kind for? 100 and 10 for an asssortment of chips.  leaving about ten more for a slab of disgustingly good food porn ribs .  or to me, in budget as it was about the usual a bit more tug on the wallet as there’s always tax and extras 😉  or, you’d say even with a heat make the paint disappear around the smoke to the cooking barrel place deterioration which i saw on any of those and thus noted wellllll, they mean it when they expect you to SLOW smoke or the cooker itself is ‘smoked” lol  or i got what i paid for and it’ll manage nicely for a good enough time to enjoy and is rehabbable for enough longevity to last it’s throw away life in this modern set of times.



I’m not original in this but i want something I can manage that isn’t the same old same old exactly, yet simple enough for me to fall into my ability to resonate with it.  salvo is an early version of battleship played on paper before becoming the navy board game many of us enjoyed as younger folk.  I’ve played it, i’ve drawn so much later litter of it or dirtied white/chalk boards with the game it amuses me to know it was originally to us as said, a paper game, not a board game.  I well aware games in general are meant to divert/ pass time, so i’d like that resonation with things i think of as i spend quite a lot of time learning if only to pass time.  I want to include and thus others to interact/ be a part so, games.  if you translate this to thoughts on nanowrimo which I haven’t done one in 8 years, and probably wont have the time to try so much again as i want other things that don’t lead to time spent these ways chasingwith all the time in the world to just enjoy it…. so a game of, i already know i haven’t difficulty talking but allowing a word?  oo.  not stealing all your time?  ooo.  or to follow both as pft’s  to keep in blog-theme PFRT


so choose your own NE adventure.  anyone whome knows that 80’s series that helds on into today even if a gasp of the past, knows it’s fun but the concept wears as it’s either too simple or far too complex.  well, i won’t win any logic awards so it’s to the simpler games and just an awareness to cast my yarn of ideas into a net big enough for a dinner of your attentions yet a satisfying death of your minutes or perhaps dollars at the time. 😉

now back to  the above – it’s all cool to barrow from others by liscense and thus comes another pft, if you want to ask, expect a number usually unaffordable so as to be if you have to ask the answer is…no.  pessimistic?  not entirely but to say why is a lot more words.  so, while I don’t have to keep to a concept of choose your own someone else’s idea i can keep that feel of interaction alive in a game which must be simple yet yours to play with- I don’t expect to be original to anything but a different take on the same – there isn’t actually anything new under the sun.  water coolers predate facebook yet zuckerberg has billions for his tucker surely.  facebook is in fact for most cheaper than long distance rates/party lines…anyone remember those?…they went eHarmony.

now back to the notions gamey, you have a race i haven’t decided if it’s dominoes or backgammon – i favor backgommon as to dice, but such leaves me to concieve in logic my strongest flea of ability not.  but dominoes as i know it is italian/western even if the idea of a game of dominoes is chinese or eastern.  and more of a simpler cause effect choice versus a dicier way.  it a race though to get somewhere, it’s still that always… be the first to see a neogeo and understand it WAS the arcade in a box but at what was it a grand in the nineties when we made 3 an hourish?  ouch  and then back to old things.. verse  odd to write a crapton of prose on something meant to ve verse driven, but  I read a book partially called the golden gate done up all in iambic pentameter losing interest as the lovers drift towards some later resolution…. well, i can’t keep interest in iambic nor write a book’s worth in a month coherently and involve dice somehow and race you by your actions/choiices  — haiku starts and ends, chasing you all around ’round … passingsmiles shining. –


I can write haiku – never mind. how well!  it’s helpful as   a page has only so many lines and haiku likely only fill so much of them .    so, what to i care about enough to yammer about…. pft to that, what  captivates ME that is usualy an interest to another?

well, i can see how this fogs  or blases moments away… if for no other reason this is how convoluted it is to get anywhere with a thought that doesn’t come with 30 others.

pachinko, dominos, seven histories of video games/systems a varieties of books as choose your own adventure the original run is 184 books long with five or more sub lists big and small. dominos dates reliably to the SONG dynasty or high midevil times- yet NOT  in the west from marco polo and has oh, 10_ vaieties  in the west and the chinese versions a good five schools more and touches more on playing cards than that of the scoring game we in the occident orientation understand…love flubbing terms.  math has to mention,   and painting… as most of our evidence is art of a secondary mention of people playing.  backgommon touches a LOT of similar games through ancient world and times….heck even dice figure in books of american natives of at least florida the first north americans people of the lightning &book seven*  by k.oneil gear and w. michael gear –    and if you think i can tie in a microwave to mention food because it’s timers are in fact computery.. I can food it up too. but ew, trying to explain computer theory in a haiku might be a bit ponderous.  if and nand brainfreeze!- crystalizing into acocoon of of sleep’s death.


well, such is here so i shouldn’t have to think exactly again on this this way.  and i may change my mind well before you even get to this line say … yep… pft.  pft   pft to the sheer nonsense of the notions nifty ’nuff now…. somewhere still tuesday morning.



By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

8 replies on “Preliminary PFTt!” for those who have netflix this is thee most boring show ever hiss boo! and I’ll still suffer it. tradional food… versus this upstart new fangle fushion bullshit? bring on the the lobster thermidore! I can’t eat your hippy shitty since i’m devouted for everyone should be a votin – authoritarian. you tell me my beer and sausage is actually more authoritarian than it is new fangled and i might have to have a philosophical cry…. although tonight is was some upstart of the internet chicken chili which actually was good. anyways before one can speak of tradion one must understand something of the heart of it which is why reading that richarf fucking townsend ..ops f. townsend book is so tedious as he chose a theme and every scrap of decency must glorify it …figures he’s speaking of religion embodying life at it’s core in this book…. but ew tedious. which is odd because a spirit within a normally plodding tedious souls…is unique i didn’t just say admire the dump trump… but he is playing a bit of the paradox to the very heart of what he’s selling…. it’s so radical! it’s called old school or regression which while not bad in it of itself, it led to the social abuse and murder of millions by naughty more than attitude/dismissal… naughty more. millions. repression for centuries isf not millenia on end and it’s therefor the oldest game in the book and the canidate embodies that “new’ thing called old school. millions yearn for it instintively as they idylic their former days. but again, tedious as to be tradional is also to be authentic. to control to snob out anyone else. but hearing a theme i used in my writing presenting here oi. food is the tapestry in the primal thread of need to survive and it’s color of culture varies brilliantly. food is the very heart of culture if you want it shorter. puke to hear it read. this presentation flogs me word for word with something i must believe, I think lifevantage seminars and amway is far more engaging. i now morn for a curry.

lordy, this may take me a few minutes to figure out and through. 😉 so…they give out awards for logic?
i just asked the mate re the salvo game; he and his dad used to play it on graph paper.
i hear you re finding a decent slow cooker/smoker. we might need to weld you one. (-:

make that long left at albequerque and end up here,dog for pillow/blanket plenty of chances at the rest and a hose for fire control and a spare concrete pad for PROJECTS! close enough to 110 so you hopefully can manage with that or we’ll have to go gasy. 😉 i have a charbroil here it’s the patio furniture on the cheap i’m conflabulating about 😉 more 😉

aww shucks and i’m not in tennessee. lunch-break lunchburg, tn…jack daniels distillery or yucky hate crime pride town. … you do realize though, saying I’m large brained is saying I’m SLOW 😀 thanks so so much – here’s a hug. I feel slow today. i blew my wad of brain power cooking up that excitement. now I’m idling about after dumplings… and dreaming illegally for the house tastes I might add about pork has to cook tonight but I have this i want cream cheese sauced pasta and have a jar of jalepeno jam. this means that contrary to typical mac and cheese, i have butter and parm shells which might actually better fit that taste and the jam inclusion… my sister recommends i go to b ed. I posit it this way, jalepeno poppers made the most typical way for us at home is a pasta dough sheet wrapping of not lasagna but wonton but close enough. pasta is ? like the same thing. cream cheese with a dash of spiciness is tasty with wontons and cream cheese. so in effect i’m only really sounding odd but no, not really 😉 but with pork… hnow that’s a bit of a stretch. i’d have to cook up rice and braise pork with something .. i’m not currently being looked at as if i might not hurt a poor tastebud 😀 hug.

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