PoSH 4.5 how’s bout?

Instruction on Caring

It isn’t just giving-a-shit

it’s balancing Passions

but to care is first

yes, to be moved by something

to move within it.

“if  I- didn’t car-e!” (the opening to Shawshank redemption music)

the experience can’t grow.

it’s mechanical.


let’s now say I care!

I’m moved by the essence you.

is this positive?

obviously positive

that’s a judgment best guessed at

so mostly the good stuff.

what if it’s ’bout you?

uh oh second time guessing

two must now so choose

here’s a rub  waiting

to rugburn your soul bleeding

others don’t choose like you.

can I stlll like, um, Care?

SURE you can care! and please do!

but watch out others don’t

there is pows paradox

bywanting and believing so much

opposites succeed too.

so it is but a guess

yes, bet on you you own pony

jump cheer or get back up.

but be careful now

we bugs chase the light success

not shadows we’ve losts.

or, a foot awaits

to kick you when you’re lowered

or cheer youlight bright.

it’s magnets this life

we call to ourselves power

both yay and the nay.

so holy rollers?

do you chase the light shining?

damning the darkness?

I’ve lost and felt low

my feelings call more again.

but am I a light?

how to be yourself

is knowing power we call

and growing choices.

whoops one lemon

await your sour return

but move toward sweet

recognize pattern

I do x I get y ay.

hated algebra?

recognize pattern

I do x, I get the y.

for it is patterns

but do please please remember

there is a nays and yays about

we wont win but opinions.

so yes, youwill try

it might be theb estplay ever

and no one will cheer.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “PoSH 4.5 how’s bout?”

Very, very nice! Subjectively speaking, of course. 😉
I am slowly learning the lesson that shooting for the appearance of something is wholly damning to that thing. So, just care very selfishly, because the rest is a sham. heh

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