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PoSH 4.6/7 notes stop-gapping for time.

with a deeep sea creature  or tiger…. #6

the only noted thoughts i have at the moment are:

20,000 leagues under the sea – Jules Verne

a variety of dimly remembered nature vids – deep sea? hmn bacteria.  some sulphurous thus poisonous to us bactueria live about the deep vents in superheated steam of the volcanic upwellings from the interior of the earth.  this means sulphur, hell…. venus wherein the land really is hot as hell so to make it right and or alive there- bacteria.  bacteria digest hell? 😀  otherwise, there is nothing but heat the further one goes  pressure increases tempuratures of course.  makes a gentle breaze like that of a few inches of water enough to under force to knock one off their feet.  giants also live at depths safer from the light.

4.7 ode to something unexpected…. again only things coming to mind here are

love- let’s give them something to talk about – bonnie raitt song.. love is always a big duh and a big surprise.  irritations popping up in the hope for for better like a pin to the baloon.  it was GOING so WELL……makes fart noise.  I’ve been fishing enough that to ever get a nibble is still unexpected even if we plan hope and try for them.  I had a chettinadu dosa the other day, i knew i liked their dosa the last time FIVE years ago or worse…so i got another a different offering….it was unexpectedly good and more so filling.  how can veggie food ever be good or filling?   references california roll sushi. six to eight pieces of light taste that ultimately really does fill.    bad news again when labs show up unexpectedly awful…turns out sometimes they’re bogus but to pay for the privilage as if no one ever makes a mistake… always immediately to bankruptcy emergency 😛  meeting people whom get along with me also unexpected.  to repeat that joy of conversation going onwards – of course the circle of afterwards it was but an isolated evening.  so far on both one chats back and we’ll see if ever there’s interest generated on her iniation  the other hasn’t bothered so that’s like another night somewhere caught by circumstance of unexpected reunion.  the generalized bad seeming yet it really is a blessing – it just never seems so initially when circumstance blocks what seemed like a good thing going- referring to general friendlinesses/neighborsliness then empty- now this if ever read by those too close would be an instant it’s YOUR OWN FAULT..junk- not on that- it just seems odd that things go to good things then disappear as they ultimately aren’t for “me’  but hmn how often have i sat to the best company the balm sought to find it wasn’t a lasting one….that last part is somewhat unexpected – reference a baseball at church memory and the bliss of a cribbage game or 200 only for it to not be for me…why not want such lol but it wasn’t as I needed nothing underlined in life of floating to the finish purposelessly making due with just enough instead of fighting like hell for more.  cross this with a social goof on my choices to spoil a birthday gathering and leave early…for circumstances entirely my fault and this is a skip 😀

hmn. delight or disdans definitely turn out to be so often unexpected.


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

One response to “PoSH 4.6/7 notes stop-gapping for time.

  1. Meeting people who get along with us is always an unexpected joy. Not that we think we’re all that bad, but that someone else can embrace and appreciate our brand of weirdness!

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