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365 Q4 1-4

Laughter I inspire/d?  oh of course and it was intentional however, the intentional humorousness perpetrated by me are often NOT why I’m inspiring others to a joke….I’m far too odd and find things odd/funny others scratched their heads…. but I can sure say something funny!

what  makes me sad?  if you mean the blues, let’s keep this a tad more orange than this and cover only the things others might say are geeky happy and or nerdy WIERD.  well, I went to Ikea nearding out at the 270 sq foot model space noting that it was not quite 1/5 mom’s in the doorway high — this is significant when most spaces’ ceilings are NOT so high which saddened me as it took away the idea of the bed above the seating area for the livingroom.  noow, it’s not a total loss of concept- the space con convert by fold down the couch, and pulling down a matress platform.  I also am on a kick of investigating vegetarian options, so veggie balls with seasonal vegetables – I couldn’t eat half of it– it was supposed to be Quinoa, so it might have been and I didn’t adore the Quinoa, the sauce was tomatoey seeming with black beans…or almost a chakalaka sauce.  was t? dunno, didn’t ask but unlike last time I didn’t adore the lingnon berry drink this time boo boring.  I did see a affordable floor lamp which I do need one – I chose to say no, of course this means it’s NOT available for sale online… I’m choosing whether I need to part with 70 bucks to go again.  that not nerdy enough?… normal almost?  well, I wrote another notecard letter in petscii code so I can eventually not need the reference chart wich largely I don’t buti t’s still slow.

was today typical?  if you meani n the sarcastic sense nah, if you mean in the literal sense nah.  I was able to get the checks of mom’s exercise gizmo communicating- I repeat not to you but in general, I didn’t do it! MOM did.  I helped last time and I know my brother redid a forgotten point of access, I didn’t doi t.  I only check to make sure it worked and others did their homework 😉  I’m sneaky this way because otherwise there is not any learning or stable joy something works.  I visited brother too and got to hear about the latest opinions and also be helpful with paperwork for needfuls.

who I trust?  I begin to trust this year’s horror scope might be true- it might just be a year of slownesses and or restriction wherein I must patiently wait to work even still to make what I wish come about.  patience in positivity …  irritating challenge, irritating attiudes.  but ahhhh challengen one the same 🙂

w – and it’srea son?  my next deadline  I suppose the stupid haha answer is I need to get to bed so I can get up tomorrow.



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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 responses to “365 Q4 1-4

  1. Interesting Q’a and A’s!
    Some forget that those who often make us laugh have their sadness, too. The “clowns”, the up-people (not Up With People…wow! that’s an old reference! 😮 ), and the optimists have their deep sad places and often need someone to cheer them, too.
    I appreciate how your blogposts bring me joy, food-for-thought, learning new things, laughter, etc.! Thanks, J-Man! 🙂
    I love black beans! Quinoa not so much.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • I remember when multigrain bread started to be the rage.. I took a little while to discover I couldn’t stand the white sand grain…amaranth. very much time movred along and I got this indian yummy- deep brand chikki the amaranth kind…a brittle just not peanut brittle.amaranth brittle. never can seem to find it anymore…save amazon at elevated cost shipping extra. I traditionally am tepid on mushrooms, I can stand a mushroom cheese pizza and mushroom cream soup stuff but on their own or as a topping such as for steak or burgers…I pretty much despised beets til I managed a first praised dish of using it’s pickle brine as in for Harvard not yale beets…the principal difference tween the “schools” is yale beats include orange juice in the pickling and harvards don’t. now, pickle brine with cranberry juice and hot sauce is a fine marinade for pork… I can’t remember whether I read this in soup a yong adult book series OR Robert a Heinlein’s starman jones the idea you can use beat bits to “sweeten” the pork. but, if you wonder how original I am, even I read things 😉 later long after the b.s. line in star trek’s deep space nine where sisko’s dad said you don’t like beets,then you ain’t had them made right… blah I did come to like a beet about 2004 ish at a rare moment trying them at an Italian place then lateer at a fried chicken fancy place – white fence farm, oh lordy, thems were good beets! but that was about 2010. or, a LONG LONG LONG time between tries to like things I don’t. I still can not stand livers in any way save cooked with wthings but removed. I still can not stand a can of mushrooms being opened. but largely I have tried to find good within stuff I don’t adore. but I suppose the point here is I don’t want to bash other’s joys save as a b aseball esque chant mock as in you know I’m just not on “that” side but that’s almost like rooting for MY side. almost 😉

      • UGH on canned mushrooms! 😮
        Hope your day is going well and better than well! 🙂

      • While the ladies here had wine and cussed *we were playing UNO, in their defense* and because last outing I got to be thee arse after a drink too many, so none for me plus one just doesn’t overdo somewhere if you need a double favor…we’ve dog separation help needs and likely I may have to help – so again none 😀 you can imagine my smile as it was partially my fault …this cussing 😉 or I’m having a fine time 😀 even minus wine.

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