The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers.” […] Matsuo Basho

a haibun challenge available HERE

I don’t know about you but i felt kinda jipped when tacobell first c ame to town without the actual bell itself but some fascile graphic of one.   It was right next door to a 7-11  and no mini strip mall next to it containing the subway- but if you went further south you had a macdonald’s and then a village inn. southerly at the light was the gold fifties gmc truck for the barber at the hotel of town with it’s sign, “Warning! – microwave in use.” now of course the village in is a brother’s bbq, the 7-11 leveled and you can skip the notherly way to a subway sandwiches or insurance – if that’s your thing.  I don’t know the fate of the hotel/barber either, I don’t live there and haven’t for 20 some years.  But can you still here the temple bell sounding through the umbrella flowers on the patio?  You’ll have to imagine that as I haven’t seen such a thing in ages.

back in time

you sat there outside

with meals

photo supposedly is of an “original Taco bell.  taco bell with bell – the search.   The town i grew up in was Broomfield, Colorado so and the street point is hwy 287 just north of midway avenue – 80020 if you want to hunt a goodgle view.  I actually remember the big tub pot and tub cooker for the beans and ground beef in the very early days.  I know they do not do it that way any longer- but there was a time when fast food was not from a freezer or fridge bag or a just add water- but cooked.  but at this time of gold, you could see the macaws at the pet store and go nearly next door to joyce’s subs for the time when you got yours with submarine dressing not kraft food service tubs….and could dream of vacations at the travel agency…. walk the beer and wine section at the drug store – now it’s 3.2 or full on.  kinda silly.  streamlined life out of living.


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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this is the most unique and surprising take on haibun, ever. Thanks for the link.

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