365 Q 3, 11

Wjat did i find inspiring today?

the aussie’s have NO graham crackers…. oi!

I found

adelaide 5000; noth perth 6000 if you need a location and don’t know any towns/post codes

I found shopping online internationally to make what I know here there.  I warn you that i can not find simple f-ing things like chicken split breast with rib meat because that is a to here butcher term, not there- my better set of glasses doesn’t help me enough with small pictures to recognize what i wont in spite of this at least so that I’m comfortable claiming I know exactly what to buy.  but this isn’t quite the point-  something as simple as graham crackers not existing -albeit sacrilage to me and i buy a box maybe every two year 😉 just gets me.   Mcvities’ digestive biscuits is apparently as close as you’re gonna get.  not the pictured difference with the first link.

however, i did find a way to make chicken tacos MY way- as in homemade chicken filling and simpler shells and cabbage with a small array of condiments feeding technically five people two tacos well loaded with mexican style rice – we’d call it spanish style rice here…another minutie point 😉 but that one hardly phased me- spanish/mexican easy switch.


now understand their minimum wage is roughly 15.64 aud and aud to usd is nearly equal not exactly but give or take a dime.  so what you see for prices on specialty international to them there food would cost 8 bucks a pack of taco shells to my i have to try hard to find them at more than 2 dollars a box… but what store brand?   so


now find pudding.  bloody hell? I got no hits on pudding mix- they suggested pudding milk that got zero hits but asside from not selling jello at this store- you can find pudding as instand dessert mix and they offer choc and vanilla only coffee’s brand or something like that.  no graham cracks and i have to try hard to find a pudding?  bunch of blankity heathens down under.


I was obviously inspired to shop 😉  now I want food, I got my taxes part federal back already if you can believe it 9 days.  I guess karma is what it is, I paid extra and didn’t have to and got lucky with faster service part federal.   I pottied the dogs so I should get after it but sadly i want a beer and not to cross the highway so I haven’t any alcohol serving restaurants on my side and sittin out on the corner with a fourty oh might get me arrested with my tacos and or eat away my tax return.  choices… shopping again there too but a different kind.


chicken filling – split breast bone in skin on browned and boiled in chili water til it falls apart- de boned skinned and shreded and or diced.   this filling is kept in a little of the boiling water so it can stay hot til served.  optionally “pan fried a bit then splashed back alive with boiling liquid water so it has a “grilled” marks and taste.

cabbage is the desired serving filler  – if it is shredded thinly it can be bagged and a bottle of italian dressing drenching it so it “marinates”  this is about all that’s needed for a taco but you can optionally american it up with sour cream  tomatoes and cheese – or mexican it up with arrot onion jalapeno pickle medly embassa cans brands often is the one to look for.


chili water to me is a blend of chili powders and garlic- I avoid an outright chili con carne as it’s usually old or too dark.  but when in rome or in this case adelaide 😉 gettin hold of anything is important.


thusly the other recipe was key lime no bake stoner pie.  it is a graham cracker crust available in the usa premade in most baking aisles but has to be made from scratch elsewhere which is a touch of a hassle to crush cookies they call them biscuits to powder and mix in melted butter and form such on a baking tine – but not for baking but fridging.  this is filled with a sweetened condensed can of milk two pudding mixes and a can of aerosol cream – if making the key lime varient of this it’s jello vanilla and cheese cake pudding mixes they do not sell jello so vanilla only and at that point hassle of hassles i have to soften half a block of cream cheese and blend this smoothly into a can of condensed milk… oi.  what i wont do for love…probably thinking smooth jazz george benson here 😉   now with only vanilla what the hell why not o.j. just a splash to keep it all alive and yummy.  use second can to top pie that sets up in fridge and first can is how it stays light enough to think about eating remember this is a 1800 calories pie or about all a normal adult with a sedentary job should consume in a day… it’s a heavy atom bomb of a pie calorically.


and costs upwards of 30 damned dollars to make!! not a cheap pie! however it costs about 15 hear and thusly it’s likely cheaper there with less fancy ingredients than here with them.  and the chicken tacos also costs about 30 pucks but it at least can concievably feed a family of five for dinner.  either way, how inspiring to know people love my enthusiasm but intrinsically know better to follow all my ideas… they’d go broke!

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “365 Q 3, 11”

A virtual international cooking extravaganza! 😉 Most people in my house object to dark meat, but I like it very browned which means long baking and/or frying times, cooking out all the fat and leaving it still tooth-tender. If I was to do it quick, it would have to be white meat or no one would eat it (but me.) So, no graham crackers in Australia? Does this mean no high colonics either?

heheheh I’m rather sure that they’ve lotsa stuff different but outside saying good arvo to ye and poppin on a paul hogan vid i ain’t been and the whopping three whole people provide actually little in the way of memorable to me life- save that it’s a touch distressing that we get their foster’s but not their emu export draft.

NO graham crackers! 😮 Poor Aussies!
Ha! That is NOT cheap! 😮
Well, your blog posts where you talk about food make me hungry, but, they also inspire me to try new foods and new recipes! So, thanks for the inspiration! 🙂
HUGS and Happy Whee-kend!!! 😀

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