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i still cant finish 0 “Death and White diamond” Jeff Markowitz as my kindly birthday audiobook gift from the author- it has a fail in streaming.  I wish I could in a way as i’d like to place a review of it as a proper thank you.  so far i can not.  so thus my review of the service stands as not worth a shite.


I’m ignoring a James Patterson selection sis got me from the library as i just finished a james Patterson/andrew gross “The jester” and nevermind that it was good, it’s the same old story with new to me authors, it takes a bit to read the second book…to risk that different of expected. – if you want my oppinion of the book read, I’ve this to say.  I know the jester is set for the later late 11th century wherein we so to speak fight along side the main haracter through the crusade to return to a new war more important to fight for what he was promised, freedom.  it does seem real to the times and differs from Michael Chriton’s “timeline” which explores a slightly later time period but still the heat of it’s times as Chriton doesn’t center on the character the same way within the same time.  this isn’t a jumble but vary spicific to it’s times and basic expectations.  both have a french previous history.  however this current novel doesn’t delve into a more English life of aires of expectation- it is a most heroic France, feeling…even in a Disney way.  yes, America and Freedom are more tied to France than England.  This book mirrors better this feel “”


I’m really reading, “In search of a perfect Loaf” Fromitz.. a book about the basic LIFE whole souled of making a simple loaf of GOOD bread.  the recipe is useless nearly as is reading a book on what is seen or felt not approached in an intellectual manner.   It isn’t meant to denagrate the gent but he is jewish somewhat and from new york city upbringing – but to celebrate his entry to the search of good bread yet it is instantly obvious that i am not jewish and not from nyc.  I do not seek with zeel this world of up at 3 am to make a humble loaf of bread that if I make it right takes 2 days not1.  I do however adore the stimulation of sheens and techniques because if i have any clue and desire to cook well he covers this slippery result within slippery results .

I am drinking a proper sloe gin fizz.  sloe gin, ice, lemon juice and soda water.  i know of no book that says this is right. but it tastes dandy.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

12 replies on “book actions”

Timeline sounds kinda interesting. Do I understand one of the Patterson novels mimics this concept?
Doesn’t really matter, as I don’t read interesting things this month. I read trashy novels. 🙂

The loaf book sounds interesting! I’m glad it’s not about loafing! HA!!! 😉 😛
I’ve read some Patterson, Chriton, and Robert B. Parker. But, mostly I read bios, memoirs, and novels that women-folk like. 😀
Did you fizz out after your drink?! 😉 o_O
HUGS!!! 🙂

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