referring to w16sh, 65, 66, & 67


  • botany
  • beautician, spaceship, hot dogs, Fig Newtons, The Grateful Dead
  • pirates, foil, needle, turpentine, wigs, garden gnome

botany or the study of plants is likely to come up with foil or more properly FOILIEs  which will lead to spaceships of awesome statrek i ness named botany bay which is  the sydney australia harbour and other ships through time.  spaceships… well the star trek has that but space station… that’s a business name of a small mountain town where pot plants outnumber the population so the gas station calls itself – the space station.  you can get fig newtons there and hot dogs.  hot dogs are of course interestingly very much bolgna esque or chorizo esque in that both use very odd parts to make something meat but more like maybe and yet they are good so very very good – excepting nitrates are used to keep them pink to redder, this nitrate action is similar to one sucking down gun powder which for males while fun is a great way to get impotent and stay that way as it affects blood pressure which magically is part of the raise the flag and salute, fig newtons… why not so suspect as hot dogs for fouling up paradise in a one sided way, they are most likely the original fruit of the tree of knowledge versus apples which didn’t then grow in eden of biblical areas.  figs seem to not become fertized until a parasitic wasp takes care of that for them or fig, how to each treyfa insects 😀 ucky.

;irates, i remember a kindly lass who was my boss back in the early me days- her name was jolea kitchen, she sewed herself up the perfect…shut up i never could see enough to be picky… pirate pants and was evil accurate to my sixth grade teacher with the perfect “rise and shine!” when i learned lack of sleep and caffeine bombs aka mt dew wouldn’t save me.. i know this because that leads to a needle and insulin 😉  but what i didn’t know was bromated vegetable oil or ester of wood rosin/resin  this is specifically to hold the essential oil just below the waterline of pop so that when it seperates lol it’s impossible to tell.. bromine fucks with iodine intake and thus trashes one’s thyroid… and also is  in a different bromine substance part of how bakers make perfect buns buns…remember the hotdogs above…ding…tye in.  potassium bromate more so than mono sodium glutamate which go ahead and try to find not in beef jerky…it can be done but it isn’t all that easy to… well, everyone laughed about the meat because macdonalds did use textured vegetable protein which by it’s very nature means it’s no long 100% pure beef no matter what it tastes like… tvp or textured vegetable…soy… protein is disgusting in it’s orangish form and smells?… fish food.  which it likely is. 😀  however in meats it puts quite a tooth to the burger and studies show people love it more until they hear it’s in there.  but ms kitchen, alas i have no idea what time does to people i haven’t seen her nor heard of her in 24 years.  but she makes me smile even if i have to get proper sleep as i don’t get the cheater motor oil salvation coffee chance.


garden gnome – well, they seem inoffensive bbut make it to horror movies too often 😀 this makes me wonder if they’re not realy chuggin turpentine doin foilies and listening way too much to the grateful dead….and unaware that buffy and hildigaurd are really kip and henry… bosom buddies/ tom hanks + peter scolari…others…  abc 82


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “referring to w16sh, 65, 66, & 67”

Are you old enough to remember Bosom Buddies?!
Now I’m thinking about The Grateful Dead taking a ride to the moon in their spaceship “Casey Jones”, eating hot dogs and fig newtons, while their beautician styles their lovely locks! 😮 😛 😀
HUGS!!! 🙂

orginally perhaps not – let’s be fair i probably caught in the 84 rerun along with the hotness of VOLTRON the leftover hitfactors of Men At Work living in that land down under and st elmos’ fire love theme by david foster and such i know that much i wouldn’t have cared much at 8 save that i recognized the tune from a billy joel song and obviously cross dressers aren’t very lol frightening to nine but six? eek 😉 if you remember first grade memories. 😉 I would have to also remember that i busted my arm in fourth grade twice…don’t piss off brother’s pals in the morning before their coffee… sheez. 😀

I think the count was like 18 or something i smash the write and early hand as well as crunching the forearm two…when it had just healed as in begun to fuse busstop tomfollery and a delibberate trip saw that undone and to an orthopedidic surgeon…. and technically i smooshed he bridge of my nose at seven ish to a pwder falling openeyed face first into a headboard…one shouldn’t play on the bed.

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