last call for alchemy: w16shnotes end


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alchemy while the precursor to our modern word chemistry which in all holiness means science… whereas alchemy took to mean chasing panaceas of gettin hold of the gold via whichever get rich midas touch scheme.  it has some word twist ability in that it can mean also the study of the black earth… please of course instantly think of black sands which are very low in golds but can contain it and thus:


oregon beach black gold sand search…  the study of the black earth…alchemy.  – it used to mean any garden but now means fruit garden so 😀 oo lala la.  a field of tomatoes… or a wall along the dining room means… orchard 😀   i good and well coud make my yard all saucy… or bask in the bliss of toasted triple decker club sammiches 😀

denial – what is that, a river in egypt??  someone already made use of the haha DAMN! 😀  okay, de nial  i know de mean not so lets actually look up the word and avoid being a turd…  lame lookup actually.

while I’ll get no scholarly link to this lol ember and embarass/remember  don’t combine depite being similar sounding words and interestingly leave quite a lot to burn.  ambarass to burn with shame or remember to have a small ignited thought that burns…i’ve heard well both used this life.    however yes ember means small burning thing.  so you can of course say mmommma alit with the raging fires bring daughter ember along… it was an exciting time even if oh oops, we burned the place down… 😀

last call, in american liquor law – there is a point by which no more can be sold that business day- thus before this time, last calls are given.  same thing could be said before the close of a retail day  last call! people.  however the term is alcohol laden in connotation.  interestingly enough my irish pal said once…last call?  what’s that?  the bar owner simply closes up shop outside allowing no one else in and stops charging for booze and the party simply rolls til he wants to go home.  what last call? 😀

insomnia -interest how it’s an IN  and somnia/ somnilant  in or within sleep is a poor way to translate meanings but none the same insomnia to mean inability to sleep.

pigeon – a gullable person… be this a clay pigeon for firearms entertainments/practice… or stool pigeon for someone being led down the garden path… which as we read above would have been orchard path earlier 😉  however  one can see that pigeons mate for life and share responsibilities and are quite clean and capable of getting places well… or believe for yourself if you’re a carrier of antacids to dupe the pigeons into dying for dinner or calling your love with the hope you can have  you and yours a set of pigeons 🙂    but as i say idiom is well deivided good and bad about the bird –  but it would stand to reason that if a carrier say of messages pigeon was the prospects of high officials or kings, these birds would gain idiom either way depending on how much you were into your monarch at the time… and why are they  as in kings/royalty known as butterflies?  thats mcdumb.




By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

8 replies on “last call for alchemy: w16shnotes end”

lol, I wouldn’t know, the furthest consistantly foreign I’ve been is windsor ontario canada… i know I’ve been further not quite say to london ontario but well into the lands for some fancy canadian dining where we had to use lemon juice water fingerbowls to keep appropriately cleanly…grandmom insisted we knew something of non american standards…and oddly I never though to in my time remember in the 80’s if they served more ketchup than vinegar, however I didn remember to see a vinegar pack at a mcdonalds… now ketchup hath cought on there. – speaking of foods and monetary savings, sis who was checking to make sure i didn’t take up with any ldr/s for her to complain about…lucky you girl lookout 😉 says if you need a line on food savings, she suggests sam’s club where for an evening you can sample the joint out and buy perhaps only a dollar fifty soda or something. I shopped at one a grand total of once really so I wouldn’t know. but seeing cheese building blocks for 4 bucks would perhaps only save you 2 dollars versus store standards but surely even mediocre savings add up broviding you’ve a storage system paradigm and or plan. 😀 what i do know is, while fangobsmackingly expensive things can be, you sure do get better cuts of meat at club joints versus retail more often than not. and outside of eggs which spoil too fast you probably could fid value within a place.. gas savings via costco- which also has some home end stuff mainly for order and blah blah blah.. i do not know but maybe and it’s worth sharing.

I’ve been no place foreign. It would take a lot of lottery money to make that happen and for some reason you have to buy tickets to actually win. I have a Sam’s card but I don’t go there often. I spend too much money considering their bulk items and honestly they aren’t always cheaper. Of course I do get some items there but that may come to an end soon. We will see how that all plays out as I likely wouldn’t pay for a membership myself (yes – there are things that may play out). They do a lot of samples though if you hit the weekends.

wouldn’t know i remember feeling 20 dollars lighter hefting 140 pounds of groceries bag boy style on the train and up the stairs the only time I went 😉 I miss samples as i can’t chaswe the aisles to spot the blighters with i didn’t know i wanted that hummus dip! 😉

Good notes!
I’ve been on white sands, but never black or gold sands.
I think pigeons often get a bad rap. Have you ever eaten squab? I have not.
I wonder if pigeons ever have insomnia. And if it comes after last call. ???
Why do I take all the “words” downhill to SillyLand so quickly?!
Pigeoffs-HUGS!!! 😀

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